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  1. the solution is so simple to this problem. just make separate repairs in a battle have a aprox 45 min cooldown. so if you repair sails, it has to cooldown 45 minutes before you can repair sails again. you can repair hull separately, that has a 45min cooldown as well. this way you do not get screwed by using one repair and both have to cooldown that long. it also limits use of repairs so battles do go on and on and on and on.....
  2. limit all ammunition, isnt there a reason why boarding was the most effective form of combat in this naval period? because ships didnt have ENDLESS supplies of ammunition to circle around firing for hours at a time. the devs would do the game a favor by limiting ammunition to force players to make hard choices and to put more focus on boarding in the game. all of which is 'more' historical and immersive. on that note. there is a reason why pirates in smaller ships boarded much larger ships, because sailors were not marines. sailors were not fighters so an experienced group of cutthroats usually made easy work of a ship without marines.(in boarding)
  3. Not everyone wants to play the game like you do KOC, there is a very good reason why the Devs made safer areas around the unconquerable ports and its working to slowly build up population again. This game will have more people playing if it has a place for both PVPrs and carebears. You have 99 percent of the map that is all out pvp, stop trying to take the 1 percent from carebears it wont help the server or the game, only hurt it.
  4. repairs in the game are out of control and needed limitations in battle especially pvp. battles need to be shorter not made longer with unlimited use of repairs that gets old for everyone. i like the idea of having one or two shots at repairs and thats it! either that or make it so repair times last A LONG TIME like 25minutes to repair that way players need to think long and hard about using manpower on repairs during a slug fest. they also need to give us limited ammunition which would bring a whole new dynamic to the game that would be both more realistic and challenging for all naval battles, as well as correctly fill up those empty warship holds with ammunitions, supplies etc for war, not fish, bottles and cargo.
  5. Im starting to agree that the open world sailing speed needs to be increased , we are in testing so why not try it, yep it may help.
  6. Having NAL as a seperate game from NA is a huge mistake in my opinion. Isnt there some way to make NAL a part of NA?
  7. The devs are starting to create a true sandbox where both PVP and carebear pve is welcome on one map. That will help longterm to bring more people. However, i will agree that PVPrs need more help in finding other PVPrs to fight with. One of the biggest hindrances to PVP in this game is the RIDICULOUS amount of time it takes to sail around just to find action. People are starting to call this NAVAL TIMESINK not NAVAL ACTION. Here are my proposals to help players who want to PVP find each other, bring them together and spur more pvp on the server without impacting the carebear safe areas. Combat news was a great first step in encouraging and rewarding PVPrs. Lets take it a step further with a server leader board for top killers, top damage dealers etc. PVPrs often love recognition for their efforts, so leader boards for the winners is great. Thats just cosmetic though, here are ideas to bring them together. The devs need to realize that the time it takes to sail to find PVP is hurting the game. this is not real life sailing, its people on a computer trying to find fun, sailing for hours finding nothing gets old FAST. Create a pvp challenge option in the UI screen, lets say a player is bored he wants to pvp and doesnt have time to sail around. He clicks on a tab, pushes a button to add themselves to a challenge list and another player looking for pvp notices the challenge waiting and joins it. They could tier them by BR to help make the pvp more balanced i recommend just using BR for your ship and fleet. That way pvp battles can be much more varied. So a 1st rate can face off against a combined fleet of 3 frigates (1 player 2 in his fleet) for example. That way its not just 4th rate vs 4th rate or 1st rate vs 1st rate. it gives players options to do an assortment of pvp battles at small scale. player vs player. Next idea..multi idea read carefully. King of the Hill zones, circles and clan ownership of areas of ocean territory. Create King of the Hill (KOTH) zones around the map. PVPrs go to a KOTH circle on the map, a central circle where players meet to fight each other with their ships. These KOTH circles serve as a gathering place for Pvp but also for control of the map as well. KOTH circles are surrounded by a KOTH zone which is a large area of open ocean that the winning side literally controls. Control over an open ocean area would matter if the Devs could make the zones taxable or tolls. So if your clan takes over a KOTH zone and controls it, any ships passing through that KOTH zone must pay a toll to pass through it. If they dont pay the toll maybe npc ships of your nation attack or something. The idea is to make KOTH zones not just magnets for PVP but also matter in the open world as ways to now control large areas of ocean with your clan. Lets say the ocean territory idea doesnt work for the devs? Fine, but at least the KOTH circles should not be too hard t implement to be magnets for pvp and challenge areas for pvprs to control. I hope naval action legends is incorporated into naval action and not a stand alone game because NAL will spur on more pvp in NA and also be a huge boost for crafting and trade.
  8. Saying that PVP is dead on a PVP server because of safety zones that make up less than 10% of the server. Then suggesting a new safety zone thats smaller as if that will save pvp on a pvp server? The safety zones are not the problem for true PVP, its a problem for those who want to gank easy targets. Thats why the Devs put up those large safety areas to encourage MORE players to one server. So carebears and new players have their safe zones and options to go outside of them and the PVPrs have the rest of the map to do PVP. Lets come up with ideas that make sense to help PVPrs find each other and fight each other. Leave the carebear areas alone, they are not your problem when you have over 90% of the map and ports to play your pvp games.
  9. Im on board with a server that lets all players have options for play style. The devs are moving in that direction, they are doing a fine job. this game has a bright future for pvp and carebears alike.
  10. Ever wonder how on earth you find the wreck of a ship after finding a floating bottle? Its a neat idea but isnt it time for the game to take a more logical and intersting take on finding goodies while sailing in the open world? Suggestion: Bottles that are fished out of the sea contain skill books, coins, maybe expensive small items. Add "sealed chests" those can be found just like sealed bottles however they contain larger treasures for players to then sail back to port. NOTE: you do not get the location of a wreck from a sealed bottle or chest instead... ShipWrecks are now "discovered" randomly throughout the open world as you sail. This encourages and rewards players for the time they spend sailing around the open world, BUT it also requires them to pay attention. Wrecks would have a vastly greater amount of reward on them too which would encourage people to use trade ships in their fleet to carry all the goodies or be forced to come back with a trade ship. Or to share with their friends a location best they can to come pick up the loot from the discovered shipwreck. Discovering shipwrecks just seems to me more immersive rather than finding the location of a wreck from a sealed bottle all of which have been floating around the ocean for however long, so how could you possibly know the location of a moving object right? I know, its not a big deal but its just an idea to add the immersive value of the game.
  11. Combat news is great. i just wish they would add a leaderboard in the game to give credit to the top pvp'rs. PVPrs deserve credit it drives that portion of the game.
  12. The devs are rightfully trying out ways to combine the pve and pvp servers. Safe areas around unconquerable ports are a way to allow the casual, carebear, new players to "more" safely go about their business. These safer areas made up about 10percent of the map, leaving 90% of the map for the pvp'rs to do their business. The people who want the safe areas removed are not interested in playing their game, they have 90% of the map to do that in. They are interested in forcing other players to play the game how they want them too, Because they either dont have enough targets or want easy ones. The flip side would be carebears saying 90% of the map should be a safe zone. The devs are trying to find a balance to allow all players to play how they want. Thankfully the devs are realizing that in order to increase the enjoyment of "more" players they need to give options to players of very different play styles within the same sandbox. So they are listening more to the idea that give players "options" and less to the players trying to force others how to play over the entire server. PVP'rs have plenty of map and ports to go PVP, my guess is those who want to end or limit safe zones do not want two sided pvp, they want one sided pvp (gank). Which is great, more power to them. However, When 90% of the map is dedicated to PVPrs playstyle, its very telling when they say they want the other 10% taken from other players play style. Will see what the devs come up with next.
  13. The Devs are winning big!!! Cant wait to hear what they have planned, i sense player made nations!!
  14. The deck view in battle is an option, so you or those who want too can use it all the time if they like. I use it in pve A LOT, but not in pvp. Trying to get policy to force all players to play the game how you want is not good for player options or enjoyment. Please dont kid yourself, this game is not in any way historical or realistic, its a bunch of nerds pretending to be on a tall ship , pretending to be working hard in unforgiving sea's with rough men and unlimited ammunition to go win the day and drink rum afterwards. Its a game, and forcing players to do a first person view in battle will only ruin the game for many other players. Lets keep players options open so all can enjoy the game how they like too.
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