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  1. Once you have allocated a crew to the fleet ship it will sail with our main ship until you send it back to the dock. You won't see it as a ship beside yours unless you get in a battle.
  2. Je te conseille d'aller en parler au devs sur le forum officiel. Par contre quelques conseils: Si t'es trop ironique... ou que tu parles du biais russe, tu risqueras de te faire gicler du forum. Par contre si t'y vas et que t'as des solutions alternatives ils apprécieront ta participation surtout si tu restes positif. Si tu y vas en leur demandant de faire des changements maintenant parce que le changement c'est maintenant. Tu te feras rappeler qu'il n'y a qu'un seul codeur et que la liste des priorités est plutôt pleine et qu'il faudra être patient. Si tu participes aux co
  3. Sure.... but it seems that not everybody can display his frustration without consequences in the forum.
  4. I got inspired by that topic: https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/32592-definition-of-exploit/ and since I didn't want pollute the main conversation I created this one.
  5. I would like to know genuinely what is the community and how we should act. And when acting should we act as one? What do we need to do to be a member of the community? Are we member of the community even if we don't always agree with the direction the game is taking? Does a community member supposed to defend the game to be one? In my opinion we are a community because we play the same game and we took the extra step to create an account on this forum and participate to the varied topics. We are not a community because we all think the same thing otherwise we would live in a echo chambe
  6. The yacht was made available for all of us who bought the game before it's Jan 2016 release.
  7. I have been around that game for a few years now and I can say that we always had diversity... even when all the ships were available.
  8. I say cheaper and no permit.... and I would recommend that for all ships.
  9. Trinc don't require a permit... But a bunch of 5 and 4th rate require one which in my opinion is reducing greatly the choices we make when going to sea. I never liked the Trinc but thank to dev I had to use it. I do have now a few indefatigable (my favorite ex-5th rate) but since it does require a permit I can't have the best one I use whatever I can get. In my opinion having some ships requiring permit and doubloon to build them is an over kill. At the most it should be a doubloon only requirement. Also, I mainly talk about ships requirement permits you can only get by random drop..
  10. Our only power in this forum is in giving feedback and suggestion. I just do my part.
  11. I think nothing should stop us from making those suggestions it is our right .
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