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  1. but the compenstion is far from enough to rebuild all buildings I cant even rebuild one shipyard to lvl 3
  2. What is the point of a 30 min warning before maintenece shotdown when yhe server close down 13 min before that?? it is now 11.52 CET and the server is closed
  3. I was i a 4rt fleet mission on the pve server but i was locked out due to maintenace. is it possible to get my reward or is it lost. picture attaced for evidence
  4. I totally agree with you. The lack of Danish and Swedish ships in the game are ridiculous. and the talk of adding Portugise, venician and prussian ships make even more so
  5. if you start introducing things you can buy with real money they wont stop with paint. soon there will be ships, cannons upgrades ect.
  6. please do not make this a pay to win game.
  7. You could easely take out an pavel in a bellona . I do it all the time.
  8. I was one of the Danes in the battles and i lost my Bellona. I stayed in the battle scene so I could see if my team mates would make it. with about 18 min left on the battle timer we got the connection lost message. I was then spawned in OW on my fully repaired Bellona I tried to send a F11 but I dint know if it went trough
  9. And I know that we have the ingemanland and the wapen, which belongs to non game nations too. but those could be replaced with ships from in game nations
  10. that corret, but Portugal and venice are not nations in the game, so why not consentrate on ships from nations that are in the game.
  11. there are at this moment no Danish or swedish ships in game
  12. I would like to see the Danish 2nd rate Dannebrog the Danish 3rd rate Dronning julianne marie 70 guns the Danish 3rd rate Holsten 60 guns and the Danish 78 guns Norge and the Danish 4th rate storman 44 guns
  13. I would love to see elefanten, soeridderen and Dannebrog in the game along with a couple others
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