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  1. I would like to report player Valheres from the French clan LBR for loot stealing, 3 tmis I asked him to leave the battle, He did not respond to my request and proseeded to loot one ship and board and capture the second https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/795387612587515339/D2EB215096AEA21EF2B2E35FAAD503EF977DA82F/ sceenshot for evidence
  2. if you have bought the game on steam you wont get a refund if you have played the game more that 2 hours
  3. my clan dont demand anything from small clans, but if small clans dont wont to contribute or invest in ports. why should they benefit from those ports
  4. it seems to me that you are just angry/ jealous that you clan dont have enough members to take and hold a port of your own. as I remember you startet a tread about the same issue yesterday
  5. if they should change anything to make the game more realistic they should rate the ingame ships correctly. the Aggamemnon a 3 rate and the constitution and uss united 4th rates
  6. another thing you should take into consideration is that many naval battles ended with captains surrendering rather than ships being sunk.
  7. the amount of powder and shot in this game is realistic for a 90 min fight, HMS victor carried 35 tonnes of gun powder and 135 tonnes of round shot when it was fully restocked
  8. OFC they will. as soon as there ahs been enough whining
  9. well leave to pvp whiners to get a ship ruind. every time we get a ship that's fun and worth sailing, you cant count one some pvp players to start whining, buhu this ship is to OP we can't defeat it in battle it must be tuned down at once
  10. The dev has already from the beginning made it clear that whaling and slave trading wont be a part of this game
  11. I'll trade you my gift ocean on pvp for it
  12. according to this list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ship_launches_in_1799 there was no ship Named New York lunched in 1799
  13. All ships even 1st rates can be killed in one broadside, it only takes skill timing and a little bit of luck
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