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  1. well to be fair this is the creator of UG Civil war and Gettysburg
  2. is that including or excluding the lordnelson class
  3. I disagree the main draw of this game is the customization. It is an important part. So you cant separate them. If your so worried about cvs making ships obsolete you might as well remove all the destroyers and crusiers. The final missions already show that BB make every other class obsolete. Also unlike some im still going to play the game if i dont get what i want . You want a good game that has all this without the carrier you have rule the waves 1. I plan on picking up rtw2 instead of the first one since carriers are in
  4. Name them plz i can only think of one game that lets you customize your ships like this game and has carriers in. Funny thing same games predecessor is the exact same one your calling for but no carriers so plz enlighten us to these many games.
  5. I think rule the waves was a small team or even a single person could be wrong other than let play from tortuga havent really delved in yet
  6. Basically saying he would be happy if it turn out to just be rule the wave but 3d
  7. if both are in range you were comparaing the weight of shells to bombs and torps. you guys were bascily trying to compare an alpha dealing ship to a dps ship lets also not forget you can shoot down a shell so you would also have less planes making it to the attack and less plane for the next
  8. You seem to forget you not fireing just 1 shell from a battleship iowa was fireing 9 shells on a broadside how many can be fired in the same amount of time it takes a plane to get to the target and back to rearm
  9. And they still got the job done and dropped bombs The aircraft carrier HMS Furious, with seven Sopwith Camels on the flight deck en route to the Tondern raid, the first ever aircraft carrier strike
  10. I can say for a fact i wouldnt be betrayed thou some one has stated they would be out if carriers were in. Lol
  11. The first strike from a seaplane carrier against a land target as well as a sea target took place in September 1914 when the Imperial Japanese Navy carrier Wakamiya conducted ship-launched air raids from Kiaochow Bay during the Battle of Tsingtao in China.
  12. Then they might as well end the game before ww1 there were sea planes making raid during it.
  13. If your that scared of what planes can do then put anti air equipment on your ships or build 1 carrier with nothing but fighters. This would also give reason to use dual purpose secondarys
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