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  1. Screening AI needs to be revamp along with usage smokes. For now it seems the first instinct of the AIs screening destroyers is to activate cloaking devices and bum rush the players fleet and run in circles throwing walls and walls of torpedoes. I know their are valid complaints in regards to the anemic torpedo damage to justify reloads once any sort of torpedo protection is mounted. But imagine if the torpedoes had the lethality that we expected and now imagine each and everyone of those accurate torpedo salvos are a kill shot. I honestly recommend that smokes should be removed u
  2. It seems destroyers has once again swung in the other direction of absurd durability... again. For some reason HE shells are not detonating against destroyers and instead just reads me a bunch of over-pens. I understand the issue of DDs being too fragile but their ability to activate romulan cloaking devices (smokes) and are only spotted when they are in torpedo range means this fragility was justifiable. To demonstrate here is the damage log against an enemy destroyer. 10 HE hits on a destroyer from 6" and 14" gunfire should've left nothing bu
  3. I respectfully disagree, I certainly am not saying that the devs should throw a Richelieu hull to everyone who unlocks the tech for it. Certainly nations should develop their own styles of ship design that makes them unique but it shouldn't lock other out of it. The player is the naval secretary, the one who has the final say on how naval development should go forward on their respective country. Sure the French should have their bonus's such as quad guns and all-forward armament that's up to the player to take advantage of it. But if they want a French style 12 15" Montana then it should be p
  4. Armor scheme currently are just a bunch of modifiers that reduce module damage and increase armor quality. So it's still a bad idea to use AoN with zero extended belt and deck.
  5. First I would like to preface that I understand that the previous modular design the devs developed were found to be to complex for the player and difficult for the AI to make a design out of. I also further understand that hard points are necessary because the AI will struggle building a decent ship without them. Yet despite all of these consideration I find my self dissatisfied with the current status of the ship designer. I find myself making less of a ship completely born from as an original design to just "Montana with 18" guns!" or "Hood with 16" guns!" One of major gripes of
  6. I would like to have the spotting system reworked I find it ridiculous that having an extra turret can magically make your ship easier to spot allowing enemy ships to open fire on your ships with no returning fire because of this artificial mechanic. Doesn't help that light forces arn't spotted until they basically become spotted all at once in torpedo range.
  7. I played a short game before I head to work and I don't know why but screening destroyers keep suiciding themselves into the enemy fleet instead of sticking with the battleships and you know protecting them. I found other issues but I want to play more before I talk about em.
  8. Agreed and most of the super structure we have are big and unwieldy that it makes it hard for me to make different unique designs because SS shape and hardpoints is a massive restriction.
  9. Well at least the Germans have a chance to give a strong argument against Fischer's"speed is armor" concept lol.
  10. Hello everyone I would like to open up thread to talk about battleship development in the 1920s and the pause of battleship construction from the Washington Naval Treaty and how it would affect this game. I don't want this game to fall into the same trap RtWs fell into in this era with AI ships templates going by treaty limits when the player has no reservations to be bound by a treaty that was never signed. The 1920s would've given birth to warships that are the apex of battleship construction and it would only grow from there because naval aviation was still in its infancy. While
  11. I'm not a fan of the fact that captain can magically boost a ships capabilities (rate of fire, flooding). Besides most of these aren't necessary because we will have crew training in the campaign. Which already does most of those things if you invest in them.
  12. Major issue with the Hood hull and towers. It doesn't allow you to fit any secondary below the towers and the max you can place is only 4x3 5" guns. Also I am seconding on the survivability issues pointed in this thread. I am seeing BBs in the 1930s tanking multiple 18" broadsides at close range with negligible damage.
  13. Perhaps feel was not the proper word to use but Roach was correct that I reevaluated my opinions once its been pointed out. What I was trying to say with the damage model as it is now the lower hit rate would make sinking ships a more tedious action unless both were changed together. akd did point out that it can be inconsistent like the 9" one shot example but then require ludicrous amount of ordinance to sink the next game. However the Pre-dread era is much more easy to sink ships because all the background dam con techs hadn't kicked in yet and can be quite fun. Enjoyed these dis
  14. Perhaps, I do know that IRL hit rates were in %5 and that's including advanced radar and fire control. However since the bulkhead damage model in-game requires alot more ordinance to damage the lower hit rates makes it feel unwelcome. We already have ships that can 32 large caliber penetrations and still chug along once the proper dam con tech is aquired. Maybe the hit rate is fine but in that case penetrating hits should be of more consequence.
  15. Light forces (heavy cruiser and below) are still a major contention this update. They are unable to have accuracy above %20 regardless the range and their hulls are tanky enough to withstand a hail of medium gunfire that is 11" the only semi-useful cruiser gun. Accuracy for lower caliber guns need a major overhaul rather than a light step we had this patch. Torpedoes also make cruiser action unfun since everyone is throwing torpedo spam at each other with reload times. All sense of tactics and positioning is useless besides the ungodly micro of dodging torps because formations makes evas
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