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  1. Is that really a bug? or just not having good enough towers on your ship to counter the enemy's maneuvers throwing off your aim?
  2. I would love to see 1960's 100k ton warship built in 1930 being sunk by my 1960's radar guided antiship missile built in 1930.
  3. So you got this ground game going in the Ultimate General series, and you got this engine, armor penetration mechanic and accuracy tables in the Ultimate Admiral series. Now start the Landship Committee and roll out some tanks! You can also plan some DLCs: Landship Committee - World War 1 era to Interwar, exploring a variety of possible decisions like multi-turret, infantry/cavalry tank combination, different suspension choices, tough decision choices due to limitation of railways and bridges of the time Panzer Vor - World War 2 to Vietnam War, with emerging technologies like Gun Stabilization, Infrared Sighting, Tank Gas Turbines. New E.R.A. - World War 3! ERA/NERA, active suspension, ATGM, active defense, countermeasures Skynet - Proliferation of unmanned tanks, crew reducing systems, cross platform datalink, active camouflage plating
  4. Also, weapon arc display is especially important when you have ships you did not build for yourself, also especially true for torpedoes. It's often hard to tell which torpedoes are functional, and which ones are destroyed, making it hard to maneuver the ship to line up for a torpedo shot.
  5. When you're angling the ship to maximize your armor, you often have to ride on the edge of turret's arc limits, and it is often hard to tell whether the targets are in the arc of every turret or not. I would like to suggest that there be some kind of indicator on the ship status display, of whether the designated target is in the arc of each turret. So that you know if you need to relax on the ship angling to bring more turrets to bear Also I would like a display of what the turret arcs are on the ship model itself during battle or the ship's status display. Ideally the arc display is hidden until you mouse over a weapon group, to reduce visual clutter.
  6. I don't think you would need that for most of the campaign, "Long Range" probably means something like I-400 crossing the Pacific to bomb the Panama Canal sort of range. Most of the battles in European waters probably falls within Short range, and patrols in the Atlantic would be Medium range.
  7. Could have a mission system like Kerbal Space Program. Where initially nobody takes your air force seriously, and you have to scrounge for funding by doing recon and support missions with balloons and unarmed planes for the army and navy, but as you build up your nation's aerial infrastructure, you become and independent force that can set your own goals and requirements.
  8. You got Ultimate commader games for land and the sea, now make one for the air! Start with World War 1, with missions like dogfights, close air support, strategic bombing. With campaign layer activities including research and construction, logistics, and interactions with flak or anti-air missiles. Then you can add DLCs like with war thunder. Rise of Flight -ww1 era biplanes to WW2 monoplanes and strategic bombers penetrating a wall of flak to flatten cities. Jet age - Me-262 to Mig-19 era with heat seeking missiles, with high altitude jet bombers making ground based flak obsolete so great powers race to build fast and high altitude interceptors Lock on - Mig-25 to F-22 with radar missiles and attempts to spoof radar with stealth and ECM, and the need to set up air defense to counter the threat of stealth aircraft Unmanned - Proliferation of unmanned aircraft like early cruise missiles all the way to unmanned stealth bombers that is cheap to build and can be expended without regard to losses, calling for to need of new tactics and equipment to counter the threat
  9. So, Lyddite boosts HE but reduces AP, TNT buffs AP but doesn't do much to HE. Why not just choose Lyddite on HE Shells and TNT on AP shells?
  10. These were some of the cutting edge naval propulsion technologies available or plausibly available around the time period, suitable for making very fast torpedo crafts, weren't developed for military use in the real world, but were plausibly available to build had the need to do so not been superseded by aviation. Hoping to see these in game to ruin a battleship's day, particularly in the possible absence of airplanes. Hydrofoil, 35kn in 1909! Imagine That! Ground Effect, this one is technically a plane though. Air Cushion, 70 knots in 1930!
  11. That's this one. There is no English version I believe.
  12. Ahh, yes! All this talk made me fire the game up and have a go at the game myself. Carriers are even more powerful than I remember. Even this puny 26 plane carrier wiped the floor with the boss ship. I was careless and took a lot of damage from land based missiles, and almost died. No idea why it's got no sound, it was booming loud in game and I couldn't adjust it, guess the game's just too old.
  13. Yeah, but how much do HE shells penetrate? the game doesn't say
  14. It seems that HE need to penetrate to do damage? But what is the penetration value of HE shells? Seems like 1-2 inches it will go through, but exactly how much?
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