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  1. Been streaming this every time a new update comes out. Here is the whole playlist. Oh and for those talking about the music issue. Yes youtube will demonetize your videos even though you are perfectly in your rights to use the content. And yes, they will re-monetize it after you provide them with the info. But, in my experience at least, it will take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to be sorted. Cost me a few hundred dollars waiting for them to fix it. So instead what I did was just turn the music off, and play other music in the background. Simple as that. My music of choice is the Victoria 2 soundtrack.
  2. There is one bug Id love to see fixed that Ive gotten to appear pretty regularly when I stream then game. Well, a few bugs. One being guns getting stuck in perpetual ladder shooting, never getting their target locked on. The other being turrets only firing one shell.
  3. Yesterday while streaming I noticed a bug I had not seen before. 3 gun turrets only ever firing 2 shells. I watched the guns firing several dozen times, counted the shells in flight, counted the splashes, then to be double sure watched the ammo counter. I restarted the mission to see if just a quick turn it on and off again would fix the problem, same results. Rebuilt the ship, but removed the turret that was giving the issue, the bug moved to a different turret, removed that turret, and it moved again to a third turret. Easily repeatable and the entire fiasco was streamed lived to see.
  4. I see that happening all the time. Very annoying because you loose your aiming bonus when that happens.
  5. I feel like the more freedom you give to the player to play with designs, the better. I want to be able to place everything myself and not be restricted to span points. I understand why we have then right now, I just hope in the future its opened up a lot.
  6. Ive seen large HE rounds penetrate up to 18 inches of armor (10 inches + 80%). And smaller amounts on the regular. I was really hoping with this patch that the current HE meta would be improved upon, but I still found it crazy effective to only fire HE because the shells can reliably penetrate, start more fires, and bounce/shatter less.
  7. Agreed. Small ships with max bulkheads can be crazy difficult to kill. Ive had then take multiple torpedo hits on top of multiple large caliber hits (12 inches+) and just keep on going.
  8. Awesome! I cant wait to play Alpha 2. Nearly everything I noticed (and discussed a length in my comment section) is getting addressed.
  9. Ive noticed the same issue. On some of the later missions the enemy can fire on you the moment you load in. And can reliably land long range hits by the second salvo. Last one I ran by the time I had the enemy zeroed in, my 14 inch guns were firing at 11% accuracy, as opposed to the enemies 95% with 18 inch guns. Couple that with the wonky penetartion at the moment and missions can be down to just rerolling till the enemy gets ships that dont have sniper cannons with 24 inches of armor.
  10. Can confirm, that one mission crashes for me everytime about 15 minutes in.
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