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  1. Look on youtube, no one plays them, they are just too hard. the enemy ships arent the issue at all, neither is anyones build. the fact is there just isnt enough ammo. no matter what i build (and yes im a vet at this game but due to windows format and new pc a few times) it doesnt matter what you build, even taking extra ammo option....you always run out and the enemy ships are no where close to being sunk. ive tried the lot! doesnt matter how i build the ship it makes no difference, ammo is a big issue
  2. I feel quite bad for writing this as overly, it aint a bad game thus far. heres whats getting on my goat. there never seems to be enough ammo on board to complete a mission. i always use extra ammo no matter what and i always seem to run out, or run very low by the time ive managed to finish the mission (yes, ive used the best accurate guns suitable for the mission.....i.e i havent used MK1) it seems to rely on luck. and yes im using the radars and all the other good stuff that would maximise accuracy. ive been playing since launch so please dont say i dont know what im doing :)
  3. thing is i mention this issue in the bugs thread a year ago. got fobbed off by the devs telling me it was structures in the way of the turrets XD. i provided a video proving it wasnt, still got ignored.
  4. been away for a while and thought this may have been fixed by now. i seem to get alternating turrets firing. first shot ill get a full salvo from all turrets. the second salvo only 2 of the turrets fire. it doesnt make a difference how many turrets i have, be it 4 or 3. does anyone still have this issue?
  5. When i first got this game it had huge potential. however, like many many other games each patch makes the game worse than it was previously was, or issues that have been raised by the community go unseen or ignored. each update might have improved the new mission releases and proved fit for purpose. but what they have also done is made the older missions pretty much impossible to complete (i really dont envy new comers to the game at all) i dont go back to these older missions voluntarily i might add. but i have to because of other reasons. for example....i turn on my pc one day and the
  6. given the numbers im seeing i should have no trouble? every shot i land doesnt pen, it just bounces off. yet the A.I shells seem to do damage no matter what. whats wrong please??? also, it doesnt matter how much protection i give my ship in the way of armour or barbette/ citi armour i always get sunk.
  7. sorry, have i missed something??? what campaign? i dont have that option in my game menu?
  8. well, theres a couple of things you could do. i know UAD is expensive for an alpha release, why dont you save that money towards an upgrade for your pc? on ebay you can buy new a ryzen 3 cpu and mobo bundle for £150ish thats really not expensive and although the lower end ryzen 3 cpus arent fantastic, itll be better than that ancient i7 your running i would of thought. bear in mind though that i dont know what the game utilises the most i.e is it cpu heavy or gfx card heavy. if you did decide to go for a ryzen bundle and keep that gfx card of yours then the cpu will be bottlenecked due t
  9. hey Alcar. took me a few attempts but finally managed to get the mission done, thanks to you! I noticed on the first few attempts I too slow speed wise. and I also noticed that keeping them at 32km + meant I never took flooding damage or damage of any kind. so I dropped the cita protection and a couple of other bits and bats to get a 27knt speed. this really helped as it meant I could keep up with a damaged enemy. I sank the last ship as the yamato class just started firing on me. thanks again Alcar for taking the time out to give me a good build to base mine on, appreciate it!!
  10. I personally think the updates have improved many things in the game but also have ruined other parts of the game. its swings and roundabouts. as ive stated in another post I made, for me the game isn't right at the moment and ive stopped playing, ill wait for the next update.
  11. that's really helpful mate and I shall see if u get the same fortune as you have, but why haven't the enemy retreated like they ALWAYS do when I play this scenario? I have no issues sinking one ship and then badly damaging the second ship before they turn tail and run. it then becomes mission impossible. but I will give your build a try!!! thanks mate!
  12. I sincerely hope this message reaches the guys/gals that needs to see it. I really really do. so, moderators, be a moderator and pass this on. a lot of people MAY not agree with this post, and that's fine. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I don't mind constructive crit, providing its constructive and not blatent abuse, so please think before you reply. but for me, im abandoning this game, at least until I see a marked improvement and also when the the devs begin to listen to the community instead of adding more and more missions to the academy just to try and "keep us sweet
  13. I agree, I play DCS (digital combat sim) there is a bit of a voice tutorial and its done very well indeed. but, theres a ton of stuff to learn. I had to hand write my own tutorial just figure out how to get the aircraft started!! I come from the days, as mentioned above when the handbook was over a hundred pages long. people these days aren't willing to read them. they want someone to hold their hand, its not a bad thing as it makes it a hundred times easier but it does take away the satisfaction of when you get it right when its something you've learnt yourself rather than a visual/voice tuto
  14. It's a shame the op feels like this. I totally understand his frustrations regarding the fact there is no verbal tutorial video for players that basically have very little understanding of games like this, but want to try. Not everyone is an expert and neither was I when I first started playing (I'm still no expert) Having said all that the game really isn't that hard to figure out if you give it a chance
  15. well here are the numbers that I just don't understand.....since there is no tutorial yet. please advise..... the first 2 images are the enemies armour, the 2nd two images are mine. how is he ripping through me when I cant do the same to him. both ships (his and mine) are the same angle but he has the advantage on me and I have the better armour….I think.
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