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  1. it will all depend how the game has been coded. if most of it is hard coded then the modding community wont be able to do a thing with it. this however, is a pipe dream. anything like this is a looooong way off
  2. glad your enjoying it as the rest of us are, there are still a lot of bugs to get rid of as yet. and im sure once the campaign mode becomes available the game will have some direction. though im enjoying the game myself it does seem rather restrictive on build placement (imo a BIG part of the game) if your as ancient as I am take a look at a ps2 game called "naval ops : warship gunner" I believe they should implement a build system similar to this. structure placement should be zonal rather than snap points, this opens up a plethora of different designs in an endless ocean of different builds. there are still a lot of bugs in the game (to be expected in early alpha) this is an observation, not criticism …...maybe a gentle one lol
  3. was gonna show more but I got one shotted (never happened to me before) I was even using TNT which has -5% amo detonation. anyway beside the point, here are my first two full salvos, as you can see after the range finding shots you can clearly see all turrets fire...… no problem, as it should be. the the second shot only one turret fires 😕 I haven't changed course ( I know it looks like I have but I have just different camera angle) the one turret that did fire was the aft turret, so again, no structures were in the way.
  4. your issue isnt the same as this. there is a bug that's well known where no guns will shoot at all, your fix is correct, however better to leave it on aggressive to permanently fix the issue. "back on topic" well ive screenshot this happening, on this occasion it seems to be every second shot that only one turret fires. im on the same course, all turrets are locked and they are NOT impeded by any superstructure at all. as it stands at the moment (for me) is a game breaker and I sincerely hope the devs read this! if its happening to you then your losing valuable damaging shots in an already challenging scenario. needs dealing with in the next patch imo
  5. oh I see, maybe im still right in what im saying though, ive slapped on stupid amounts of armour (everywhere) and lets say ive used 25inch on the belt, an enemy shot has still caused damage to the belt armour regardless of me using 25inch or 15inch (tried an tested numerous times at various angles, though not nation inclusive) there deffo seems to be diminishing results above a certain armour thickness.
  6. im not sure if im understanding your post too well. but I will say that there is a deffo drop off point where lets say for example you could slap on 15" of armour and it will still be as good even if u equip 25" armour. same enemy guns, same angle and enemy hits you in the same place, ive tried an tested this extensively with various armour thickness. the results are the same, there seems to be a limit on armour thickness effectiveness
  7. yup agree mate. especially with the placement of towers, guns etc. as ive said before (and this will kill 2 birds with one stone) placement needs to be zonal rather than snap points. i.e you can place a tower or a gun anyway in a pre designed zone, that way it should be much easier to balance a ship. as it is at the moment im having to use bow or stern underwater torp launchers and then increase the torp size just to balance the ship... it can still be tricky even shifting the guns forward bias or aft.
  8. ive decided to re-bump this post as the target switch cost me a battle win today. I`LL decide what target to hit, not some A.I. seriously devs this needs addressing fast, its a pain in the A**,frustrating and totally uneeded! especially when u don't notice its happened like I did today.
  9. right the problem went away, for those that have had a similar issue, pc restarts are not gonna fix this. the game will eventually realise your not ingame and sort its life out. just leave it and it will eventually let u back in.
  10. yeah, im sure the devs are looking at all things like this. aircraft, carriers, coastal defense, subs etc etc, but all this is a long way off yet. don't forget we are still only in alpha 3. theres a long way to go yet. even when the game is released (first quarter of 2020) it still wont be finished but will be much better than it is now, there will be still many patches and the like to come after that. we have paid to get early access for this game, things will come eventually.
  11. hi guys, I had a BSOD while playing. rebooted my pc numerous times and everytime I launch the game it says "in game" cant seem to do nothing. is there a way around this please? cheers
  12. hello mate, merry Christmas to you firstly. your explanation is a bit vague, can you get to the pop up screen that asks you what gfx settings you would like?? or is it a case of seeing the splash screen then crash?
  13. seems to happen to me using any of the guns and any hull. they are not restricted buy super structures in the slightest. as ive said, all guns fire most of the time, then the odd occasion only 2 will fire. im not changing course or switching targets. the problem is a bug nothing more.
  14. thanks for the reply Nick, but the issue doesn't seem to be a gun rotation problem. the guns are lined up, this is a random occurance. ill fire a full salvo 8 times out of 10, but every so often only 1 or 2 guns will fire, even though im on the exact same course as I have been for the last half hour while targeting the same ship, so gun rotation bugs are not the issue here.
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