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  1. hey Alcar. took me a few attempts but finally managed to get the mission done, thanks to you! I noticed on the first few attempts I too slow speed wise. and I also noticed that keeping them at 32km + meant I never took flooding damage or damage of any kind. so I dropped the cita protection and a couple of other bits and bats to get a 27knt speed. this really helped as it meant I could keep up with a damaged enemy. I sank the last ship as the yamato class just started firing on me. thanks again Alcar for taking the time out to give me a good build to base mine on, appreciate it!!
  2. I personally think the updates have improved many things in the game but also have ruined other parts of the game. its swings and roundabouts. as ive stated in another post I made, for me the game isn't right at the moment and ive stopped playing, ill wait for the next update.
  3. that's really helpful mate and I shall see if u get the same fortune as you have, but why haven't the enemy retreated like they ALWAYS do when I play this scenario? I have no issues sinking one ship and then badly damaging the second ship before they turn tail and run. it then becomes mission impossible. but I will give your build a try!!! thanks mate!
  4. I sincerely hope this message reaches the guys/gals that needs to see it. I really really do. so, moderators, be a moderator and pass this on. a lot of people MAY not agree with this post, and that's fine. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I don't mind constructive crit, providing its constructive and not blatent abuse, so please think before you reply. but for me, im abandoning this game, at least until I see a marked improvement and also when the the devs begin to listen to the community instead of adding more and more missions to the academy just to try and "keep us sweet". yes there have been some improvements. but nothing that REALLY needs fixing have been addressed. what I want to see (maybe some of the community might agree, maybe not) is the fixing of what can only be described as the "crap" compartment damage model. as some of you might know, my game (reasons unknown) got wiped, so I had to start again from alpha 7. everything is a million times harder than before. this isn't a bad thing, I like a challenge. what I DONT like is the impossibility of finishing a said mission. its almost like you have updated the game to suit the new missions and damn the previous academy missions and the affect it has on them. Im sick to the back teeth of trying to chase down retreating ships and causing hundreds of points of damage with each salvo and causing zero structural damage/flooding until I run out of ammo. its almost pathetic. if I was to be constructive (ive tried to be thus far) then surely if a compartment has been destroyed then any further shell hits to that compartment SHOULD pass through to the next one inline with the shell trajectory, no?? a fine example of everything ive said above is the "the US super battleship" mission. seriously, has anyone even tried it since the latest alpha update? its simply not possible to complete. I have a monster of a ship and I can sink one BB on my own accord. ive got lucky with a flash fire on the 2nd ship. and that's as far as I can get. its either a combination of the above or I don't even get that far before they run. even the yamato class ship that joins the fight later in the scenario runs from me! a ship which with all intents and purposes is SUPPOSED to cause me fear and lots of damage. but all it does is join the retreating ship and now im stuck with the same thing as before. this is just one example. secondly, the secondary guns, the 8" for example are next to useless. they very rarely hit anything and they are a total waste of valuable tonnage and money that could be spent elsewhere. oh, and forget using anything less than an 8" gun because anything less allows DD`s to get within torp range and your guns are still just as useless, I could throw potatoes more accurately. I also think the flash fires are a brilliant idea, but omg they are soooo OP. you've basically taken away at least 50% of the useable warheads because you cannot physically have good enough firepower while having enough protection to prevent flash fires from occurring. you need barbette protection, citadel protection and god forbid if you take super heavy shells with increased ammo along with cordite II. your guaranteed to get a flash fire. it just does not work at all!!! im stuck with using tube powder or the TNT varients. if I don't use this and I use cordite II ive got to use citadel IV at least, along with heavy barbette protection, this severely limits what guns you can use and armour values due to weight and cost. the flash fire chance is just way too high at the moment, at least for my liking. again, as ive said, I know we are in alpha. I know the devs want feedback from us to improve the game. but they seem to be just doing what they feel fit and not listening to the community. this isn't the first time this has been mentioned and nothing has changed. so farewell for now. good luck and have fun
  5. I agree, I play DCS (digital combat sim) there is a bit of a voice tutorial and its done very well indeed. but, theres a ton of stuff to learn. I had to hand write my own tutorial just figure out how to get the aircraft started!! I come from the days, as mentioned above when the handbook was over a hundred pages long. people these days aren't willing to read them. they want someone to hold their hand, its not a bad thing as it makes it a hundred times easier but it does take away the satisfaction of when you get it right when its something you've learnt yourself rather than a visual/voice tutorial.
  6. It's a shame the op feels like this. I totally understand his frustrations regarding the fact there is no verbal tutorial video for players that basically have very little understanding of games like this, but want to try. Not everyone is an expert and neither was I when I first started playing (I'm still no expert) Having said all that the game really isn't that hard to figure out if you give it a chance
  7. well here are the numbers that I just don't understand.....since there is no tutorial yet. please advise..... the first 2 images are the enemies armour, the 2nd two images are mine. how is he ripping through me when I cant do the same to him. both ships (his and mine) are the same angle but he has the advantage on me and I have the better armour….I think.
  8. trying the cordite again atm. reduces cost so I can add more flash fire protection, going well atm, doube the damage tube powder was giving
  9. Cordite is one of the worse culprits XD. ive tried a million different ways mate, I either get flash fire or im good, the latter means they simply run away as I get close to winning. ill try switching to HE if they run away on the next attempt. weird thing is that all the stuff I put on my ship is supposed to reduce flash fires, it doesn't seem to work atm
  10. have another go mate. youll see what I mean
  11. thanks mate, but I can no longer use the TNT because the funds don't seem to work the same and lyddite is a BIG no-no now due to flash fire chance, ive tried it a few times, I get nuked within minutes with that, even with the needed protection. even white powder is bad for flash fires. only safe one I can use that's in budget is tube powder really
  12. Hi guys, I did have a fair bit of trouble with this before alpha 6. it turned out I got lucky with it in the end sinking all 3 BBs with ammo det. however my game got recently wiped (god knows how or why but it did) so here I am in the latest alpha and this mission is just not possible. ive taken the boost tech and tried 16" with more armour and tried 18" with less armour nothing seems to make any difference, I have tried this mission now 20+ times and the end result it always the same...….I can get close to finishing but then the enemy just turn and run. by this time im damaged and I cant catch them and we all know how hard to sink a running enemy is. im must of tried hundreds of different combinations and nothing works. I just don't know what the devs (or the game) wants from me to complete this. the below images are the stats ive come closest to winning with. with this design I even managed to sink all the DDs with the amount of 8" guns I have too. does anyone have any help they can give pleeeeeaaaasseee
  13. gotcha, so I don't need to worry about switching to HE to gain the positive shell pen stat??? that about right???
  14. just a quick one guys, in fear of looking stupid ive held off asking this but im afraid I must ask lol are the warhead (like TNT or white powder) only for the HE shells or does it count for AP shells too?? cheers
  15. some good additions to the game. BUT, this isn't what the game needs. the game has some serious issues which have been mentioned a million times now and STILL they are being ignored. since my game got wiped recently I had to start again, ive been TRYING to do the US super battleship (among others) ive just spent a 1000 shells on one ship and it STILL isn't dropping below 62%. the issue is the compartment damage, IT DOESNT WORK!!! then the enemy runs, making it impossible to sink them. this has been mentioned to you many many times and still it remains the same despite numerous alpha updates. I see patch after patch and all I see is minor fixes and no fixes for the real major issues in the game like the above. the game has huge potential, but its being massively let down at the moment by major issues that don't seem to be getting any attention
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