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  1. Just wanted to show my support as well. Surprised and glad to see how mature the community reacted. Probably due to the nature of this game. Would love to see the next edition of FIFA or season of Fortnite being delayed by several months Anyway, it's great to see some communication here. I hated it when things got silent and was ready to abandon this game (which I already paid for).
  2. I cannot understand people wanting "compensation". It's an alpha, everyone buying into it knew this. Even if a Steam release in the first half of this year was suggested, everyone knows that games get postponed during development. I'd like for it to be available sooner rather than later, but I don't feel the need for them to "compensate" me. I am more disappointed with not being able to play the campaign so far. I'd relish it, even if it was still rudimentary and/or buggy.
  3. I love torpodoes. But not the way they are implemented in the game. In capability and risk/reward they need to be much closer to how they were in real life. As ships don't react too smart in this game on their own, big battles become unplayable if you have to order all those ships to manually evade. Basically, I agree with what most people said before me.
  4. I really, really want the campaign soon. Even a broken one. But putting it on Steam with the campaign would be a really bad idea. The state the online community is in nowadays means that even having it as beta option would be no good. People would write toxic reviews. The campaign first has to be rolled out here before it makes its way to Steam.
  5. This is why I think the game will shine in campaign mode. In RTW2 I actually love playing as smaller nations like AH, working with small, compact but hard-hitting short-ranged BBs, let's say 2 x 3 turret ships, big guns, heavy armor, low speed and comparatively cheap to produce. I sincereley hope this game will allow for different approaches as well.
  6. I like the inconsitency, not knowing what you are up against, as otherwise it is really to easy to make tailor-made ships for certain missions. However, sometimes this also results in opponents that are easily beat, e.g. an enemy BB with 13" guns while you are already sporting 16".
  7. First, I am not disappointed, quite the contrary. I was thrilled when I saw how good the game already was when I joined. I am by no means disappointed yet. I have confidence that the kinks will be worked out. I just wanted to say that there is probably an internal update every other or third day and I wouldn't mind playing those, even if some of those are (and they will be) riddled with game-breaking bugs. If that's more work to the devs, then that's obviously a no go.
  8. I did paid beta testing in the past (as in: I got paid to do it) when I was young (and weighed a lot less )and was surprised to find an Alpha that was already so stable and had less bugs than some of the betas I participated in. When I signed up for this Alpha, I expected much more frequent updates, e.g. weekly updates. I expected some of them to come with terrible bugs. Some of them to even make the game unplayable for a few days. I was fine with that. I would have loved to have toyed around with an unfinished, even broken campaign so far. The devs have chosen a different path.
  9. Has ist been confirmed that there will be more/minor nations? Which ones? Also, will we be able to grow our empire through conquest and eventually be able to take on e. g. Britain as AH or Italy on more ore less equal terms of power?
  10. Great ideas. I also hope there will be no fixed ending time. It's so anticlimatic to be in a huge game/war and suddenly it's all over because you've reached December 1940 or August 1945.
  11. Weekly dev diaries would be great but certainly way too much of a drain to their resources. However, a general road map would be much appreciated. They are not very forthcoming when it comes to sharing that. I get that unfortunately today people are whining a lot when something was suggested to be implemented soon and then it takes longer. But right now I have gotten tired of missions (I rarely play missions in other strategy games as well). I need campaigns, I need the feeling that the result of my battle actually means something, it carries over to a meta level, here the camp
  12. This is urgently needed. I applaud the general design of this game and the state it is in right now, I think that the bigger issues in combat are most likely going to be fixed. I mention this because I also absolutely cannot understand why custom battle comes with such poor features after several updates. It should at the very minimum allow you to design all your own ships. It should also allow you to design all enemy ships. When I think of custom battles, I immediately think of SSI's Steel Panthers. It had all those options (and even allowed you to deploy enemy troops if
  13. I disagree. Playing an AI has never been as thrilling as playing a human being for me. The problem with humans is rage quits, insults, immature behaviour etc., nobody needs that. But this is more of a strategy game/simulation, where you are more likely to find mature opponents to play with. So this could be good.
  14. Kudos on a brilliant post @Steeltrap
  15. Biggest problems with MMOG is indeed the huge time sink they are. That's fine for people who prefer to focus on just one game. I for instance want to try many different games. I played Naval Action and quite liked it, but at a certain point it became apparent that you need to devote just too much time to it to make reasonable progress.
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