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  1. I thank you for your response. I read on the Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnaughts purchase page that the game will eventually be available on steam in late autumn of 2020. I would be more comfortable buying the game through steam, because I have more experience buying games through steam. When the game arrives on steam, will it be fully optimized? I really like the Idea of designing and building my own warships. I like drawing them on paper. It would be very enjoyable to be able to take the drawings and put them into the game, so to speak. :3
  2. Hello Game Labs Forums, I am making this post to ask a question. I was hoping to buy Ultimate admiral: dreadnaughts. However, before I spend money and preorder the game, I want to make sure my PC can actually run it first. Here are the specs of my PC, as explained on can you run it website.: Running Windows 10. 64 bit Intel Core i7 CPU. 920 @2.67 GHZ. 16 GB installed RAM Video card: AMD Radeon HD 7870 GHZ edition. I have plenty of RAM available, and plenty of space on my computer. My graphics card meets the minimum requirements according to the specs on steam. The only thing
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