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  1. I like what the Moray said. As much as I adore CVs and Carrier warfare. (Enterprise, its a sin they didn't save you.) but they need to finish the battleship piece of this puzzle. That being said I wont be mad if they add them, but I want more ships for the ww1 and below eras first and AMCs are a must. Id be okay if Cargo ship refit carriers were really the full extent.
  2. So lets start off with a current aspect of the game that I think the Devs are going to address but im not sure. This games armor system is a bit...limited, and quite easy to exploit. As it stands armor layouts in the game are not accurate in the least. Belt lines cover the entire ship and extended belts and extended decks are far too easy to make impenetrable. Makes battleships and Heavy cruisers rather insurmountable to ships with smaller guns, and super structures dont really seem to get hurt as easily as they maybe should. As we all know the actual armor layouts of warships is quite the com
  3. Boats perhaps die a bit quick in the game right now.
  4. Id Also like to be able to go smaller. If you try to build a 30 or 40s era ship based off a real one, say the Northhampton class, youll find the UA ship to be too big.
  5. Soooo destroyers in the game are currently in a weird place. This place balance wise isn't even a bad place, it makes them quiet strong actually. This place is called Torpedo hell. They exist for the soul purpose of slinging torpedo's and hiding in smoke. This actually makes them probably even deadlier than a BB per pound but its not what DDs were made for. Id like to know if the general UL:A community agrees with me. What ive found is a few things, First Destroyers practically never hit or damage anything at all with their guns, even other DDs. Secondly torpedos are faaaar too reliable
  6. I love destroyers, and i believe they need slight buffs in regards to being just a tiny bit more durable and their guns being a bit more capable so as to ensure they still have a place once they do run out of torpedos. Having one or two reloads should be an option, makes you heavier and more vulnerable to damage but it lets you fire off more of those deadly tubes of death. A destroyers place is to be the scout and protector, not the big stick that beats everything to death, thats the job of the CA, BC, BB. Reloads should be historical option not just a thing that gives you like 10 torps for yo
  7. Armor is currently broken, or not as realistic as it should be. Distinction should be made on the citadels and armor layouts too. Currently its far too easy to give BBs and CAs ridiculous amounts of armor on the prows making them immune to smaller ships. and the ships 'belt' appears to cover its entire side hull instead of just the main belt line. And upgrading from say Krupp 1 to Krupp 3 is a no brainer, even if its expensive because now you're just immune to anything below 10 inch guns.
  8. This, Torp Boats and destroyers still kinda suck. The game is still overwhelmingly in favor of battleships despite cruisers and destroyers historically going toe to toe with them and achieving what seemed to be an impossible battle. Might I reference USS Laffey going head to head with an entire Japanese fleet and causing incredible damage before finally being sunk.
  9. i assume we still cannot modify or save designs for custom battles? Or modify the enemy ships designs?
  10. coverage is also way too extensive I say. The main belt covers way too much of the hull, which we all know is not exactly how it works.
  11. Too me it seems that the armor upgrades in game are a bit drastic. Getting any of the Krupp tier armor makes putting a ton of armor on too easy and it also makes the ships absolutely impenetrable, throwing 500mm of armor with Krupp IV makes the ship only vulnerable to torpedoes and the absolute largest guns. Does anyone else feel the same way? It just feels like smaller weapons even on battle ships, and I dont mean 5 inch guns, i mean the 13-14 inch weapons are just not viable for very long.
  12. Is there currently any benefit yo using different powders besides the 'newest' one for the year? For example if Tube powder and TNT are available, and you can afford TNT, is there ever a reason to use Tube Powder?
  13. So we all want custom hulls eventually. I think that's a given. But id like to be able to personally set the inch or millimeter to a certain type as opposed to all the common types. This isnt too big a deal on the large main guns on battleships, but is more noticeable on smaller ships. For example German cruisers preferred 150mm guns, while Russians preferred 130mm. We have 152 and 127 mm currently but there is a difference especially if you're trying to make replicas. While on the subject of guns, I do want to see little things like AA or machine guns added. Even if no aircraft are added, th
  14. So I haven't seen a popular thread about this so I wanted to make a statement for it. It think variety of looks and the ability to change how certain things look should be considered. Examples of what I mean, the 12 inch gun turret and 15 inch gun turret look very different from each other. But what if you like the way the 15 inch turret looks? Or how its armor facings are? Or cant afford to weight of the 15 inch battery? They should allow us to change and select the different looking things and whatnot for things like turret housings, torpedoe tubes and launchers, turrets, casemates, and even
  15. In the case of Iowa youd need cruisers of equal caliber. Des Moinse class or Baltimore class Cruisers, truly state of the art ships for their time. While say something like a Pensacola Class would get devastated by an Iowa. That's just the nature of Naval warfare is the Newsest boat is usually well above the ones before it in some cases. Like HMS Dreadnought vs any Pre Dreadnought, or USS Iowa vs maybe IJN Kongo.
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