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  1. Have british Mk3 guns gotten bigger? At present it is impossible to build an Invincible- or Indefatigable-inspired design on the Battlecruiser 1 hull, simply because the side guns donĀ“t fit in any way approaching the real ships. Some patches ago this was easily possible.
  2. Stationkeeping right now is attrocious. Even changing a squadron's speed is likely to break it up, let alone something as simple as a 8 point turn. On a similar note at the very least the options to turn in succession and to turn together are a must when maneuvering.
  3. Hey all, I'm having a lot of fun trying to recreate historic ship designs, but a thing which bugs me to a probably unreasonable degree is that 9 inch guns are listet as primary weapons for BBs. As far as I know there was no ship with 9 inch primaries built during the relevant era anyone would call a battleship (please correct me if wrong) and building any proper Semi-Dreadnought is almost impossible due to this, even though there already is a hull based on the Lord Nelsons ingame. With exception of Spain, China and interestingly enough Germany every power in the game built at least one sh
  4. But it severely reduces usable hull volume for a given displacement and means quite some volume can be flooded without even penetrating the belt. The first point sets off the weigt savings gained from being able to angle the plate, which anyway is only really that effective at rather long range (longer than practical battle range even for many WW2 ships)
  5. The shell did not act as intended, threfore no, it wasn't a hit. And while damage to White Pains was considerable her combat ability was hardly impaired, so in that sense it can be seen as minor. Yamato or Nagato (? i think it was Nagato) would certainly have scored direct hits in one of their next salvoes and one proper hit would certainly have been enough to sink her, but observing the explosion and the smke from the damaged engineroom they switched target, so White Pains was probably actually saved by the incident. Those are the facts as far as I know them, i dont think they diminish t
  6. Actually a near miss that got lucky, the longest range confirmed hit in naval gunnery would bee a tie between Scharnhorst and Warspite, each hitting at about 24 km (that's 26 thousand yards)
  7. I feel like heavy and superheavy shells shouldn't do more damage than normal shells, but rather less, since the only way to increase the weigt ofg a shell of given caliber was to make the explosive container thicker, thereby decreasing explosive yield. The superheavy 16' shells the americans used on the iowas for example had a similar explosive yield to contemporary british 15'. Shell weight should mainly be a tradeoff between damage potential and AP-capability.
  8. Actually on all but the smallest ships there wouldn't be anyone on deck during combat, simply because the shock of their own guns firing could be rather hazardous and even misses could generate quite some splinters. the only places where you would see people in the open on anything larger than a light cruiser would be open spotting positions on some early masts and the odd secondary and AA-gun without an enclosed gunshield (although often the lighter secondary's and AA crews would take shelter deep in the ship when they were not needed in combat, which in later periods (due to extended effeci
  9. Hey, I seem to have a similar problem, also still waiting for the activation mail
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