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  1. Ya, not with that attitude. You seem like a triggered mental midget that has completely ignored PC gaming trends over the last decade. One of these "everyone needs a trophy" types ranting about how the game is going to work. Yet totally bashing the idea. Laughably IRL no one cries about "game balance" maybe you should read up on the the Battle of Midway and see how a vastly out numbered and out skilled and dated Naval force turned the tide of the war with superior tactics. Simply it was an idea to add to the game for people that want to be competitive and work with others in a mass
  2. For all those triggered people, wow you are overly sensitive. I never said you had to play the multiplayer game? I said this: By not adding multiplayer you are seriously limiting your player base. Adding, guys, not limiting to multiplayer only. This means if you want to play a single player game it's still there for you to enjoy. FFS Instead of actually reading the post I get a dozen negative responses from Anime avatar nerds. Just playing the tutorial missions was boring. I play a round or two and then go play something else. In other games, I might play for 3 or hours. So for
  3. So I probably triggered a bunch of people already. I dropped my $50 on this after watching a you tube video because being someone that was an original tester from WoWs I have seen a lot of "stuff" over the years. I'm not going to compare the two games because they are obviously different. - But if you allow both of these game to shag and they popped out a baby, it would be pretty awesome - Playing the game for a short bit of time and completing only 5 of the campaigns was not exactly exciting. Sure it's neat to build your own ship in a restricted sort of way to fight AI but I'm
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