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  1. Thanks for correcting, so the obstructing ship does have it's armor, but gets all shots once crossing the red aim line because my ship guns simply fire straight along it without any dispersion as it's switches off if the targeted ship is obscured. Which makes me wonder about the red aim line's "magnetism" that causes all shots go perfectly along it than somewhere.
  2. Developers should definitely apply some rules or ranges outside of which installations would not be happening. Appears to me that the way AI designs ships is simply dumping whatever fits.
  3. It's frustrating that for Russian hulls of 1890-1905 only turreted 51-76mm deck guns are possible to be installed. Not only they look just wrong, out of time, but also oversized & in many cases simply don't fit to mounting points for 51-76mm deck guns. Many predreadnought hulls of other countries have only 76mm front-shield gun & partly shielded 51mm gun, some have these guns in both that & turret versions for installation, yet only Russian hulls have them as turrets! I always have to exclude installing these 51-76mm deck guns for many predreadnought Russian battleships/cruis
  4. I wanted to write about it, but then kinda found my answer, but still not sure... This ship has like 15% structural, some 5% float, on diagram it's showing almost all red & completely on fire, but I see the losses' count & it shows some 23-25% at max. How's it possible? 75% of virtual crew is somehow still on board performing their duties? Also noticed once ship's status becomes "Sinking" it's losses suddenly become 100% even if it was some 15% a second earlier, I mean it's not like that ship suddenly blew up or something. And I don't see any lifeboats floating near.
  5. Was thinking about this... (it's better seen for 1890s battles with closer distances between ships) You set aim at some enemy ship like 1km away, guns start shooting at that ship, taking into account own guns' dispersion, accuracy based on distance & that ship's armor thickness - all 3 factors because the target exists. Then another enemy ship passes in-between closer to the targeted ship, obscuring it - that in-between ship doesn't exist for my ship's guns (because it's not targeted) so accuracy, dispersion & armor regarding that ship also don't exist for my ship's guns.
  6. "It seems to come pared with a bogus "some parts are badly placed" error" When I get various errors popping out of nowhere, I click at the bottom on a hull part I'm using, so all fake "errors" disappear.
  7. Could there be an option in Settings to manually switch on/off damage from collision of either side's own ships? If your 2 ships accidentally collided with each other & one sank while the other one is heavily damaged, then so be it. Same for enemy ships. It would add so much more realism & thrill. Also it'd be cool if AI could be even more aggressive in certain conditions. Like if there's one enemy ship that's close to getting destroyed & there's my ship near it, then that enemy one would try to ram my ship before it starts sinking. I actually haven't seen anyone ram
  8. Agreed, once a CA design is added to collection of saved designs, the game will be showing that error unless CA design is also selected for the custom battle. I have such for my French 1895 designs which include many BBs, CAs, CLs, TBs, yet I don't have this error for my German 1895 design collection where I have only BBs & CLs - I can easily select 1BB vs many various enemy ships without error.
  9. I would like to have that if "Loose" or "Normal" was set to "Tight" then forward ship(s) would automatically slow down until the far ship catches up & then they all go back to same speed.
  10. I think expanding to at least 1880 would require way more new hulls (and sail rigs too!) than how it is for 1890s, because ships were less standardized & each was almost unique.
  11. Seems like what I would chose if I wasn't restricted in weight, looks like I made the ship overweight with all the guns. Regarding guns: all main guns should be of same caliber or superfiring ones better be lighter (less barrels or lower caliber) like side ones? Should secondary guns be around half or of main guns caliber? Looks like I have a habit of including everything as the mounting points allow.
  12. BB Kearsarge had such: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:USS_Kearsarge_(BB-5)_1900.jpg
  13. From someone's video: - notches for side turrets are empty - oversized turrets placed at sides in a way they can't even rotate - oversized barbette just to have that tiny turret raised.
  14. Something should be done about this French "Battleship IV" hull... It's still there after the 1.02 patch & there's like nothing useful enough that can be made from it now that French predreadnought battleships have their own unique turrets/towers/funnels. This hull is perfect for recreating the Russian battleship Tsesarevich, which was based on French battleship Jaureguiberry. However trying to built that ship is impossible because in side sponsons can be only placed 178mm turrets than 279mm ones & aft side notches now can't allow installing 152 or 127mm turrets because
  15. Actually the same rounded grey torpedo indicator as currently in UI could be used but divided into 4 segments & with green/yellow/red numbers in them for ready/reloading/empty/destroyed & a total number of torpedoes on board below as is. (about underwater torpedo launchers)
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