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  1. After looking through the suggestions, I am glad that most other "sailors" here seem to desire the same as me: a most realistic game and simulation about the age of sailing ships. And after reading the developers throught and plans for the game on their website, I am pretty much sure they have that same desire - to move away from the crash-boom-bang gaming, towards a "simulation" about the aera of sailing the seven seas. Some may try to come up with hints and wishes towards the other end - but they can play NAVAL ACTION. Don't underestimate the number of people over fourty,
  2. Yes, I know. I don't even plaid for "not guilty" for Waldron. What I meant to point out was: ANYbody can do that same trick by using an ALT Account - and I am absolutely sure people do it. I witnessed such things several times myself. So either the Devs stop that exploit - or it will be misused again and again. No matter if they "shoot" Waldron or not.
  3. NAVAL ACTION allowed for many tricks in the past, and maybe still does. And some people use that. I do not know Waldron much, but why only accuse him - I bet, that many others did such things with Alt-Accounts. But there you cannot see it so easily. I had such strange behaviour with other people. So, instead of accusing and bashing single players, we should ask the Devs, if something can be done to stop that exploits. But Alt-Accounts earn them more money, and so I don't expect something will happen.
  4. Und was ist mit den UPGRADES, rediii? Spieler wie Du brauchen sowas doch gar nicht, wenn die anderen es auch nicht haben.
  5. Archaos, I don't think so - they could have the "big ships" but couldn't do as much against frigates or 4thRates, as they could do now. And for conquering Ports, they could not work alone - they would have to give the big ships to their Clan members also, or at least those BUILD POINTS. Without a Clan, they wouldn't get very far with the big ships. So, those CRAFTING PERMIT POINTS would be needed for the whole Clan.
  6. Realistische Schiffe durch ein neues Belohnungs-System (Vorschlag eines wahren Fans - keine negative Kritik - hoffentlich wird es nicht gleich wieder nach wenigen Antworten geschlossen) Jedes Multiplayer-Spiel hat ein Belohnungs-System, welches den Spieler antreibt, etwas davon zu ergattern. Bei NAVAL ACTION sind das BOOKs, BONUSe, PERKs, UPGRADEs und so weiter. Leider bringen solche UPGRADEs eine starke Verzerrung in jedes Spiel, denn dieselben Schiffe in NA sind dadurch nicht nur sehr verschieden - sie können häufig auch Dinge, die für den Schiffstyp eigentlich nic
  7. IDEA ABOUT THE REWARDING SYSTEM (A Proposal from a true Fan - not a negative Criticism - I hope it will not get closed after 1 Page?) Every Multiplayer-Game has a REWARDING SYSTEM, with UPGRADES, PERKS, BONUSES etc. The Players want their rewards to struggle for with their activities. So far so good. But - most often, these special UPGRADES, PERKS, BONUSES etc. create a growing difference between for example "average ships" and "ELITE SHIPS". This difference is even more amplified by the fact, that it will be rather the good and excellent players, who have these BONUSES.
  8. Na, bei dieser Wortwahl ist es dann wohl leider klar: wieder ein Herr mit einem Damen-Namen. Schade! Suche seit Jahren eine Dame in NA zum karibischen Flirten - und dann hat sie meist doch wieder Bartstoppeln unter der dicken Schminke. Naja, Damen waren halt selten in der Seefahrt...
  9. So also flirten Admiräle mit Admiralinnen (oder wie immer deren Plural lautet - müßte man die Feministinnen fragen...)
  10. Also, um das mal etwas geradezurücken: - ich habe nicht gesagt, das wir MONKS zuviele seien (was ja schlecht wäre), sondern unser selbst gesetztes Spieler-Limit erreicht haben. Unterschied! - Zweitens: ein Wiederkehrer ist jemand den man kennt - Du aber warst im Dänisch-Schwedischen Krieg, als ich noch gar nicht geboren war. - Drittens: ob Du das nun für glaubhaft hältst oder nicht mit den Spionen ist mir ehrlich gesagt schnurz - es geht darum wie wir das sehen und händeln. - Viertens: am Ende unseres schriftlichen CHATs hatte ich Dir zugestimmt, daß das per TS wohl besser
  11. Why the heck can any silly BASIC CUTTER take part in PATROL events??? Can they earn PvP MARKS with that (never tried yet) - without risking anything?
  12. Believe it or not, but people pay small amounts with not too much worries. I would. Just because it's fun to sail your own PAINTs. Of course there'd need to be some rich choice of PAINTs, and they should look believeable for the time.
  13. PS: I understand that the DEVELOPERS need to earn some money. So two suggestions: - why not sell PAINTS - single for 2 Dollars, or packages. They will sink with the ships and will be bought again. People LIKE such stuff. - or sell red or black sails, or special FLAGs?
  14. Well, I'm not EVERYbody, I'm just SOMEbody - but I never complained about those things. Maybe the devs could find other solutions for those not into crafting. And after all, you can buy many ships in the SHOP - at least in my NATION Sweden. Also, our clan organised the crafting stuff - so not everbody has to care about that. EDIT: don't get me wrong: I still LOVE NAVAL ACTION. That's why I'm afraid it is about to lose what makes it so good.
  15. Two or more years of development have gone into NAVAL ACTION - only to finish it off now? Woods and crafting specifications, reasons for trading and for building ships - all wiped off the table? Now, anybody can come to make some trouble in his HERCULES or REQUIN, and if he isn't pleased with the BATTLE, he'll give up his vessel and hop out, to come back with his next PAYWARE ship. There are SO MANY GOOD and INTERESTING bits in NAVAL ACTION - why is all that never getting finished and improved? Why does a FIRE not make a ship helpless (everybody trying to extinguish it; sails b
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