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  1. I so rarely peek into these forums these days, I wouldn't doubt that I forget threads. That and too many bonks on the head. I can dig it though, I really can. I'm finally getting around to fixing my desktop, so I'll actually get a chance to play again and see what the last.. 2? 3? patches brought with my own eyes.
  2. We desperately need some of them, ahem, "old boaghts" if that's how you pronounce it. 😉 I have multiple resources availed if you ever need them, Janes books and the like. Just give me a ping or a DM or what ever and I'll photo or scan pages for you. If you can somehow coerce the devs to give me some goddang hulls like the USS Maine AC1 I will eat my fin.
  3. Ah good one of the two paid shills is talking out a hole in their backside again. So let me get this straight, if you're a closed beta tester you get full right to be a condensending jackass to people? Two of those closed beta testers are absolutely worthless, one I think quite highly of despite their terminal animuu affliction, and the rest I don't think I've ever seen comment.
  4. Track down a post or two I made in their "blah blah + off topic" thread.
  5. Oh I can assure you I'm no liberal, because as much as I'm against the ultra authoritarian control of the far right I'm just as much if not more so against the far left. At both ends of the political spectrum you find dictatorial oppression. Hardcore commies on one path, hardcore fascists on the other, they are truly nearly identical in the end. No, you moron I'm about as Nationalist as it gets, but I believe in the rights of the people as the nation, not in the state. I'm pro small government, pro open market, and hyper capitalist. It's why I own a small business. You'll never do anything li
  6. Alright, hold tight. I'm here and I'm going to be a dick! Why, because I don't care anymore. @Elrerune The Honorbound Let's make some things perfectly clear. I am approximately 80% ethnically German, with the remaining 20% split up between the Baltic states and Scandinavia. One of my Great Grandfathers was named Ragnar Oskar Wilhelm Lunden, (grandmothers side, so I don't have that name, thus I don't worry about it being public knowledge) he - and that side of my family were born in the German Empire. He and they came to the United States while Germany was still an empire. The
  7. I haven't even been able to play this patch, my desktop ate it a few days before it dropped. My laptop can't handle it. Have shramp.
  8. What? Why? Why does this thread exist? You're upset because you can't make your favorite made up boat anymore and you feel the need to make an entire thread dedicated to how you can't make the same design over and over again? Wew lad. The 'tism. I can't even make any of my favorite designs because the devs won't put their hulls into this game.
  9. So, now we have apx 68 dreadnought, super, modern and experimental battleship hulls, and only 16 pre-dreadnought hulls. @Nick Thomadisdo you ever plan on fleshing out the pre-dreadnought fleet with an equal amount of hulls? Any other pre-dreadnought hulls planned? Or are you content with the content you've got?
  10. They completely are a problem. Ultra fast surface speeds, ultra fast under water speeds, absurdly fast homing torpedos with a really BS sonar ping system? Slow plodding craft with slow unguided torpedos up untill late war when a rudimentary acoustic homing torpedo was invented that had just as much chance to target the launching submarine.
  11. But submarines dho, but submarines! Ha! On man those subs, wew lad. I am just amazed that WG thinks any of that is okay. I was in both closed and open beta for WoWS and have hardly played since, I was considering going back for subs but just nah, I can't even watch submarine game play.
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