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  1. This is exciting news. I'm glad to read this. @Nick Thomadiskeep up the good work! I'll paypal you a tip, personally, if you manage to sneak functional echelon turrets into the game C;
  2. Lol its from a different time. I loved it when it came out, the crazy armed airships and flying aircraft carriers.. heh, but that was a long time ago. That was a great game but I liked midway a little better.
  3. I have been summoned, thank you. I've sat and chewed on this topic for a little while trying to figure out what to say. First off, I fully agree. The ship designer needs a heavy duty overhaul, and I really like a lot of what @1MajorKoenigand @Cpt.Hissyhave purposed. I have several of my own ideas but they coincide with a lot of what's already been said. I'd be so happy if they really overhauled and redesigned the ship designer, as its just really clunky right now, though the issues with it have been so frequently aired that they don't really need to be gone over again. Despite that
  4. Yup. It's a patch. Finally beat the first casemate ironclad mission, through endless partial pen chip damage and I survived with 0.4% structure remaining.. Furthermore I don't know if it's a bug or a feature, but I've always had all the missions unlocked and accessible, which is neato. Don't take it away from me.
  5. @SonicB @Cpt.Hissy either way it provides enough evidence to justify amidships barbettes.
  6. Merry Fishmas all who celebrate and even to those who don't, and yes even to the devs, despite being on the naughty list. Merry fishmas to all, and to all a good night.
  7. I'd really like to see a whole lot of open barbettes and armored gun houses for main battery guns for 1880s through 1900. I'll post pics later.
  8. Don't twist my words to suit your needs. Oh boy, now everything looks and is built the same but has the inclusion of 400,000+ AA guns, and a catapult recon plane. How exciting, fresh and new. But in all seriousness, please explain to me how the inclusion of aircraft are going to keep the game fresh and interesting post 1930? If after the dreadnoughts, Iowa's and the true and tested designs a standard shape and design emerges as you say, and if this is the same for all classes how is that not going to be the same for the aircraft carrier and air power and how to deal with airpower? Yo
  9. Spend political points on war propaganda and war bonds, reminds me a lot of HoI4 and I support it.
  10. I'm still helplessly flailing about in the casemate ironclad mission.
  11. I don't really care, I just don't want to see aircraft carriers and subsequent aircraft becoming an obnoxious pain in the fin that doesn't do anything more than diminish game play. I can see aircraft being an enjoyable element of the game, I can also see them being godawful irritating torpedo spewing bullshit. But eh. I want airships, blimps and zeppelins in a perfect world. Keep in mind that I think there's a grand total of three people who are doing all the coding and work on this game full time and about 6 people helping part time. Fully functional airpower in any way shape or form is
  12. No ill will or disrespect meant to all the different commanders, admirals, fishies and other ship designers but.. wow everything kinda looks the same, doesn't it?
  13. I'm going to poke my head in here and give you the bad news. First I'd like to say I'm by no means a dev, or related to any of the staff working on the game, I'm not a moderator, I'm not an admin. I'm not even really that useful a member on these forums. With that out of the way, I can tell you No, the devs tend not to comment on much of anything. Most of us have no idea where they are, and several seem to think that they're nothing more than myth and legend. It's like hunting for bigfoot. Every once in a great while you might see some sign that a dev was here. Broken branches, a strange foot
  14. You want to know what modern naval game play would look like? Read up on Operation Praying Mantis. The largest US Navy surface engagement since the second world war, to summarize, it was a quick and dirty knife fight using anti-ship missiles fought between a carrier group of the USN, and the Iranian "navy" in 1988 during the twilight of the Iran Iraq war. TLDR The US sank half the iranian "navy" in a few minutes, which sounds impressive until you realize that half the Iranian navy consists of 1 frigate, 1 gunboat, and a handful of speed boats. Modern naval combat is really just hurling AShMs a
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