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  1. Yeah I also have some trouble with the confederate ironclad. She won't turn for me, even with the maneuverability mod, just slows down to stationary any time I try to order any kind of turns. Really great mission and cool ship but I've tried all four options and can't seem to get a win.
  2. Well that was quite a rumble, I decided to pause the build of an Onodaga upon realizing I only needed one main turret, so reveling in that fact (having wanted monitor warships for quite some time, albeit not expecting the OG monitors) I went with and oldy but goody and built a standard monitor. And boy did she take a pounding, yet despite the pockmarked surface actually managed to comfortably dispatch the, uh, spanish? ironclad once safely steaming into spitting distance and landing some 12 inch hits below the water line. The enemy seemed to expel a lot of fire power on the wheel house, does the AI target specific modules?
  3. Holy fisssshfins! This is awesome! I am genuinely surprised and pleasantly delighted at this little update! Time to build me an USS Onondaga!
  4. You have to be able to take the negative with the positive. If you only thrive on positive feedback than you don't grow as a company, or in your skill or trade. I know, I'm a carpenter, I own my own small home improvement business. I dig how much it hurts when a customer nitpicks your hard work, when you bend over backwards and you can't please them. It sucks! I get it! And I admit in the past I've said some crass things full of vitriol, but this post in question is gentle. It's also just honest. Do you want me to lie to you? I'm not going to do that. And if you rather me gone than hear negative feedback that really says a lot about you. Furthermore, it's not a few euros. It was 50$ USD for early alpha access, a price tag more akin to a finished game from a big company then equal to anything I've spent on early alpha access. I took a huge gamble on what I thought might be the game I've always wanted, and furthermore it was being worked on by someone whose past works, the Darth Mods for Totalwar were mods I poured hundreds of hours into and highly regarded. It was your good name that sold me, I read everything available about this game at the time, I went over your dev blog in depth, this looked like it was going to be everything I ever wanted in a warship game and I was hopeful on your reputation alone. Now, months later, I feel duped and misled. This is my honest critique and I'm sorry if it offends you. The mechanics of the game are great, I have no nitpick about ballistics, floatability, torpedos or anything like that. I like how you've made it so players cant dupe the range of the warship in academy missions to make them more balanced, I like how you've striven to fix mechanical issues with every path. One patch flat out broke the game for me, enemy ships wouldn't sink and the next fixed it and made it mechanically playable. I'm grateful for these things. The nuts and bolts are there and as far as i can tell they're wonderfully done. It's everything else that falls flat for me. When your devblog says "we've released 7 new heavy cruiser hulls for every country" and I find that those hulls are just battleship hulls and parts that have been rescaled I feel lied to. When I read your devblog about projected features that are never discussed by the devs and bitterly argued over by members on the forums who aren't reading them I feel out of touch. Is what I've read still going to happen? Is what you posted still the plan you want to take? What am I suppose to do and think in this matter? On the one hand I can think "what sold me on this game isn't going to happen" and that leads me to be negative. Or I can think "these people are asking questions about things that the devs posted in their blog about planned game features" and I wonder are those plans now obsolete? You guys don't say anything in regards to that so all I can do is wonder. It's not a good combination. But if you want me to shut up and ship off I'll do that. I'm sorry I've offended you. But you as a developer don't seem to care that I feel I wasted my money on your product, that I don't play this anymore. Each new patch I log in, hopeful and excited, update to see whats new and cool and finding very little that grabs me and shakes me and makes me want to play, I hang it up and wait for the next one. And unfortunately that's going to remain the norm until I see something that says to me things will be different. Unless you'd like to continue to discuss this in DMs this will be my last post on the forums in regards to being unhappy with your game, and that I promise you. I will censor myself, and no longer plague you with negative feedback.
  5. I'd argue that a lot of the new hulls you've added are copy paste. Now sure, some of them have been unique and that's been nice even if they aren't ones that interest me exactly as I'm always glad to see new content, but I'd say that's only about half of them. In all honesty, I'd learn to 3D model to make hulls for this game if you guys ever release mod tools or instructions on how to do so.
  6. I'd love to see some more of these wonderful pre-dreadnoughts. We've had a huge influx of modern hulls but I bought this game originally to play in the pre-dreadnought era. I really want to be able to build ships like the ACR1 USS Maine but at this point, heck just to be able to build en echelon style warships in general would be neat but given the trend of the last few patches I doubt I ever will. I don't think we'll see any really interesting or unique hulls like these, that doesn't seem to fit the idea the devs have for their game, and doesn't seen to fit the interests that the majority of the players on this forum want. Shame really.
  7. The new missions in the past 2 or maybe even 3 patches have been really... boring and feel very samey. So many of them have been "build some kind of super warship" and I suppose I'm in the minority here, but I don't find doing that over and over to be all that interesting. The vast majority of them seem focused on "Build a super battleship for this nation" "build a super battleship for another nation" "build some super cruisers" and etc. I keep seeing a trend of modern, modern, modern, and it's getting really old. I've only beaten 14 missions, and those 14 were ones available in alpha 2 when I started playing as these newer missions are just so boring as to not keep me interested enough to finish them. Though the German raiding squadron looks like it could be an interesting mission, as does sink the raiders, I've still not been inspired enough to give them any real amount of time or effort. The problem I have with the new missions like the German Raiding Squadron is that the tools you've given us are in themselves boring and samey. Take the new German light cruiser for example, how much diversity in parts does it have? Two identical front towers, one smaller than the other. Three rear towers, two of which are identical but different sizes, and one funnel design only. That's nothing, that's boring. When your options are only "you can put these three key components, that all look the same, in a scant few predetermined slots and that's more than half your ship customization" doesn't really make for an inspiring or creative experience. And I keep finding this limitation to be the case with other new hulls and warships in other missions. The availability of parts for these new ships is nill, saying that a ship has three different front towers to chose from but making all three be the exact same tower just slightly different sizes with different stats isn't providing the player with three different towers. It's giving them one, with three different stats. Same goes for all the new hulls released in the past patch, all these new heavy cruiser hulls are in most cases identical to preexisting battleship, with identical but scaled down parts. This is boring. I'm really starting to wonder if I made a mistake in buying this game.
  8. I like the oldschool armored cruisers and pre dreadnought hulls the most. The HMS Warrior hull is my current favorite, with the pre-dreadnought hulls based off the Brandenburg class being a close second.
  9. I'm very impressed at how well prepared my enemy was, they even brought a spare turret with them just in case one of the other two got wet, or misplaced. Stuff like this kinda pulls me out of the mood, ya know what I mean?
  10. The blog post says that there's 30+ new hulls, but I'm having trouble finding them all. I see a lot of copy paste, but so far I've only counted about 9. Am I missing them? Are they only available under very specific years?
  11. Modern tower II, III, IV don't fit on the heavy cruiser III hull at all. Tested with Italy.
  12. So out of curiosity what will be limited to specific nations? I'd hope that in the campaign each nation comes with it's own unique pros and cons, boons and challenges and unique flavors outside of nation's flags and global positioning. Also, alright, getting the game patched now. How exciting, this patch I've been looking forward to. Okay so right off the bat, love the HMS warrior hull. But I've noticed you still can't put guns in the modern tower casemate mounts for the Hood style superstructures. No casemate guns are even available for them, and none of the secondaries fit.
  13. Close.. But my meaning was screen shots of the new hulls in game as one is based off the HMS Warrior. Good try and thanks for the effort. You get the booby prize, one wet cigar.
  14. I'm at work, though this gig might get paused soon. Anyone want to help me scratch an itch and post some SS of the HMS warrior and possibly some of the Heavy Cruisers/anything that looks predreadnought/early dreadnought? I just need a lil hit to get me till I get home.
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