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  1. Just put in the wave motion gun and call it a day 🙄
  2. I'd really still like to see more focus on historical warships from turn of the century up to the dreadnought era. Super paper battleships are cool and I'm greatful for quad turrets (can't wait to make some French influenced battleships) but I'd really like to make something like the AC1 USS Maine.. or the Spanish battleship Pelayo or the German coastal defense battleship Odin or.. or.. or.. or I could get carried away if I'm not careful.
  3. I'd like to see some older huge guns. The Calio Duilio and Ruggiero di Lauria ironclads had 17 and 17.7 in guns back in the 1890s! They served up through 1910.. so, historical precedent.. Modren what if super battleships are cool and all, but how about some actual historical super battleships? Not that I'd put either of the aforementioned classes in the category of super, or battleship. Or is this just spiraling into tillman specials?
  4. I'd still like to see a bit more emphases on historical focus, in the 1890s to 1910s era. But that aside 20 in guns are neat I guess and quad turrets are pretty cool. I do fancy those three quad turret french battleships that got aborted due to WWI. I guess we'll see how the mechanics work out after the patch, I am guarded on the matter.
  5. Functioning en echelon turrets?
  6. I'd be happy to see minor nations at some point, and with them the Ottomans, the Greeks, the few south American countries that had various ironclad battleships and Pre-Dreadnoughts. I think it would be an interesting angle for game play in the campaign to focus on regional strength, and perhaps if you do well enough as your nations admiralty lord you could see your nation becoming a major power. But if you add the Ottomans, you need the Greeks. Then do you flesh out south America with Brazil, Argentina and the like, so who else?
  7. You want to argue with history? The Battle of Macin falls outside the time frame of the game. The battle of Kaliakra was four Bulgarian torpedo boats vs one ottoman cruiser. One torpedo hit and 8 Ottoman crewmen were killed. The battle of Elli, 1 Greek armored cruiser, 3 Greek ironclads and 4 destroyers vs 2 Ottoman Pre-Dreadnoughts, 2 ironclads, 1 protected cruiser and 4 destroyers. A decisive Greek victory when their armored cruiser, faster than the rest of their fleet took off on its own and crossed the Ottomans T, shot up their flagship a bit which caused the ottoman fleet to ro
  8. The ottoman navy was never big or modern in any way shape or form, I can understand why they didn't put them in the game. Don't get me wrong I'd love to see the Ottomans but they just seem too ancient and too er.. terrible, to be a feasible faction in the campaign. During the scope of the game the ottoman navy is a shell of it's former self having peaked in the 18th century and decayed ever since. During WWI they had one modern German battle cruiser, two very obsolete German predreadnoughts, one center battery ironclad from 1875, two protected cruisers, one modern light cruiser which aga
  9. Yeah I also have some trouble with the confederate ironclad. She won't turn for me, even with the maneuverability mod, just slows down to stationary any time I try to order any kind of turns. Really great mission and cool ship but I've tried all four options and can't seem to get a win.
  10. Well that was quite a rumble, I decided to pause the build of an Onodaga upon realizing I only needed one main turret, so reveling in that fact (having wanted monitor warships for quite some time, albeit not expecting the OG monitors) I went with and oldy but goody and built a standard monitor. And boy did she take a pounding, yet despite the pockmarked surface actually managed to comfortably dispatch the, uh, spanish? ironclad once safely steaming into spitting distance and landing some 12 inch hits below the water line. The enemy seemed to expel a lot of fire power on the wheel
  11. Holy fisssshfins! This is awesome! I am genuinely surprised and pleasantly delighted at this little update! Time to build me an USS Onondaga!
  12. You have to be able to take the negative with the positive. If you only thrive on positive feedback than you don't grow as a company, or in your skill or trade. I know, I'm a carpenter, I own my own small home improvement business. I dig how much it hurts when a customer nitpicks your hard work, when you bend over backwards and you can't please them. It sucks! I get it! And I admit in the past I've said some crass things full of vitriol, but this post in question is gentle. It's also just honest. Do you want me to lie to you? I'm not going to do that. And if you rather me gone than hear negati
  13. I'd argue that a lot of the new hulls you've added are copy paste. Now sure, some of them have been unique and that's been nice even if they aren't ones that interest me exactly as I'm always glad to see new content, but I'd say that's only about half of them. In all honesty, I'd learn to 3D model to make hulls for this game if you guys ever release mod tools or instructions on how to do so.
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