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  1. Correct, Tsushima was the last known naval engagement where in warships of one side surrendered to the enemy on the high seas. Though, in that very battle the Russian flagship Knyaz Suvorov carrying Admiral Rozhestvensky, head of the Second Pacific squadron was reduced to what onlookers described as "an island volcano in eruption." Despite this she too continued to fire every serviceable weapon untill finaly being finished off by Japanese torpedo boats. She took with her all but 20 wounded officers, including the Admiral, who had been evacuated earlier on in the battle.
  2. First full proper battle. The Chinese turret ships, Shiyi and her sister Hualong steam out in the early morning to engage a large group of Japanese heavy cruisers. Out numbered and out gunned the older turret ships put up a valiant fight before each succumbs to fate. Shiyi sinks first after taking the brunt of the enemies attention, defiant to the last she slips below the waves with guns still firing. Her sister Hualong follows quickly behind, as a lucky Japanese 11" shell finds her primary magazine, the extensive flooding caused from the mighty explosion take her with all hands.
  3. My attempt at a ... well I'm sure you can figure it out. 6 guns is not as good as 8 but she still looked nice in the end. Alas I quickly quit out of this battle once the large fleet of german heavy cruisers came into view and I discovered all of them to be heavily rearmed and rebuilt kaiser friedrich III class hulls from 1890 that I had no interest in fighting.
  4. Okay well I'll probably get some flack for saying this but I have to be honest. I'm not thrilled with the content I've seen thus far. I'm sure the battles are great, I haven't gotten to them yet. I've spent several hours just building ships in different eras in the custom ship builder and I've several points to pick at. I was under the impression with the patch teaser that there would be considerably more freedom in where one could place the super structure, barbettes, and turrets as many players were asking to be able to build ships akin to the Nelson, and it seems we can now do that. On only the super battleship and modern battleship hulls. That's disappointing. Further, I'm sorry oh lords of the admiralty, but these limiting snap points for various structures are a heinous warcrime. Some of them are so limiting on some hulls that if I want to try and squish a pair of super firing turrets on the bow of the ship it causes the ships weight to be offset by absurd amounts. I smooshed a super firing pair of twin 14's on the battle cruiser III hull and got it bow offset by over 45%, despite having three twin 14 inch turrets on the midships and stern. They also just get in the way of each other. No you can't put that superstructure there because this barbette can only be placed in one spot on the hull, which means you need to use a smaller super structure because you can't move it back further to accommodate that one locked in place barbette. I can understand, to a point, why some things are limited to the snap point, but why barbettes when turrets can be placed end to end to end down almost the entire center line of the hull until you get to the border.. which brings me to the nest point. And then there's the dreaded snap point that actually overhang a border. Want to put any sort of guns on those snap points that sit atop the sponsons on some of the armored cruiser/pre-dreadnought hulls? Still can't. The modern secondary tower II, the long flat one with the slot for the super funnel that's clearly japanese in design, if put it on a modern battle cruiser none of the available funnels are small enough to actually fit on it. The Modern battleship hull has 2 snap points way in the stern that if you plop a mega pagoda tower and a small secondary tower also obscure all the snap points to put the funnels on. The German pre-dreadnought battleship III, based off of the Kaiser Friedrich III class has 2 bridge snap points, front tower III can only use one of the 2 points because the bridge overhangs the hull border on the point that snugs it up tight to the hull seamlessly, but the second point leaves a noticeable gap between the bridge and the hull. These just name a few, there are several others I found that I didn't write down. I hope the naval combat part of the game is better at least. I haven't actually gotten to any of that and that seems to be the main focus on this alpha. Keep up the good work, despite my lamentations I do think you guys are doing a great job. Uh, just maybe dial back all the love you're giving to more modern warships please, I'll be brutally honest and I know many will disagree with me but that modern Italian styled cruiser hull is kinda bland and feels very limited in it's design possibilities (why can't I put medium barbettes on its stern, for example). Give some more love to the older ship designs.
  5. "Released most possibly" isn't "guaranteed release on". Either way I also look forward to the update once it drops, I haven't played in days as I've been waiting on the patch.
  6. Funny way of spelling Warspite and Guilio Cesare.
  7. Ahem. Suez, Panama and Kiel canals would all like a word with you. Also over night? You mean 16 years from the launch of the last of the Nagato's to laying down the first of the Yamatos? They used over 140,000 tons of steel for just the two battleships, not even counting the Shinano which was converted to a carrier. That's a lot of steel, even for pre-war japan. No other country would have done it because it was not practical. Half the point of the various naval treaties were to put an end to empire ruining spending. Even the most powerful obsolete weapon is still obsolete.
  8. Just read up on Operation Praying Mantis.
  9. Okay, I'll do my best when I regurgitate massive ship posts in the future. I have all my pics organized on my pc so it wont be too hard to note whats what.
  10. I fishing despise WoWS, and I haven't played it since beta. I'd be crushed and reviled if this game got a multiplayer that was anything even akin to the clusterfish that is WoWS. I could rant and rant and rantandrantandrant for hours about all my nitpick issues with that game ranging from its "fee to play" model to its painfully obvious Russian bias, as while I don't play anymore I do keep up somewhat with the news goings on about it. If simply because I need some YouTube on in the background while I paint 40k... But look at me, I've gotten so off topic here, please ignore my irate noise. With that being said, I think we've given OP enough of a sound verbal thrashing.
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