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  1. What? Why? Why does this thread exist? You're upset because you can't make your favorite made up boat anymore and you feel the need to make an entire thread dedicated to how you can't make the same design over and over again? Wew lad. The 'tism. I can't even make any of my favorite designs because the devs won't put their hulls into this game.
  2. So, now we have apx 68 dreadnought, super, modern and experimental battleship hulls, and only 16 pre-dreadnought hulls. @Nick Thomadisdo you ever plan on fleshing out the pre-dreadnought fleet with an equal amount of hulls? Any other pre-dreadnought hulls planned? Or are you content with the content you've got?
  3. They completely are a problem. Ultra fast surface speeds, ultra fast under water speeds, absurdly fast homing torpedos with a really BS sonar ping system? Slow plodding craft with slow unguided torpedos up untill late war when a rudimentary acoustic homing torpedo was invented that had just as much chance to target the launching submarine.
  4. But submarines dho, but submarines! Ha! On man those subs, wew lad. I am just amazed that WG thinks any of that is okay. I was in both closed and open beta for WoWS and have hardly played since, I was considering going back for subs but just nah, I can't even watch submarine game play.
  5. I hope you're right. I really do. All I can do however is base my dispare and regret off my own experiences.
  6. Sorry brother I'm not playing this patch. My SDD died and I'm in no rush to replace it. This game just doesn't do it for me. I'm pretty convinced that its target audience is weird WoWS warship weebs who want to build their ship girlfriends. (No offense weird ship weebs. I've got no room to talk, have you seen the fish affliction) Given that these devs focus entirely on late war ships I can't help but be reminded of tier VIII, IX, X warships from WoWS. Maybe I'm crazy. I came for the older warships, the ironclads, armored cruisers, protected cruiser and pre-dreadnoughts. If there aren't any or
  7. New features: neat. New hulls: Groan. >super, modern, experimental, >pain, despair, disappointment. The only thing I'm looking forward to are some of the new features and even then I wonder how they're going to be implemented.
  8. Devs busy porting game over to mobile.
  9. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.
  10. No where in any of your previous posts do you alude at all to the Noviks being German Designs. No where, saying "you may read some unpleasant things about the Noviks" while holding onto the notion that they were The best destroyers in the world and they were Russian is not admitting that they were technically speaking, not Russian. Nice back peddling. I didn't forget to add anything. You lack reading comprehension. 13 armored cruisers consisting of 5 different classes. A class of ship is a set of ships built to a similar, often times identical design. Do you really want to bri
  11. Of course! Believe it or not, despite my scathing reply above the Imperial Russian Navy is one of my favorite. So many jankey and odd looking battleships. More fish till patch.
  12. Okay, time for me to ramble about Imperial Russian Warships and to clear up some misconceptions, bias and phobia. No, Russia for the most part did not build quality warships in any way shape or form. This is not bias, this is fact. The simple reason, with out getting overly long winded is that Imperial Russia just didn't have the infrastructure or industry and really wasn't "modren enough" to build these warships and on top of that the Russian Navy has always placed second in priority to the Russian Army given Russia's limited access to the ocean. Fact is, for the most part, most of
  13. Look what I found this weekend! I was out with a friend after helping him with some work and he took me to a local Revolutionary War memorial and park, and for some reason.. this was there. I have no idea why other than the city it's in is famous for being a long time US Naval Base. Boy was I excited to see this, I recognized it at once! Off of one of my favorite armored cruisers... behold!
  14. I can't really argue with you that from a game mechanics perspective as we currently know them there isn't any good reason to take DDs over CLs, I can only guess at campaign features hitherto unknown to us that may force our hand to need them. Maybe some sort of artificial restrictions? Tonnage Treaties? Or something like the convoy protection requirements from RTW in which only destroyers work? Maybe one needs to look at it through the lense of role-playing for role-playings sake? I just dont know. And I'm always here, I just mostly lurk, read, hide in coral and do fishy things.
  15. Remember, Destroyers were originally developed as TBDs, Torpedo Boat Destroyers. In short, bigger torpedo boats whose primary function was to screen aganist and chase down torpedo boats. I'd wager they'd have much the same role in the campaign. A light screening craft designed to chase down other light craft but have enough bite the form of torpedos to hamper heavier warships. Light/protected cruisers have a different traditional role, that of scouting and commerce raiding and showing the flag. "Crusing warships" with range as their primary attribute. Both are fast in comparison to
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