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  1. I wish I had some feedback or something to say. I'd post fish but I got beaten by the mods last time and had a gag on my posting abilities for a few days. I've played less than 10 minutes. Um, okay. I know. What is up with the new pre-dreadnought hull for the Russians? I just don't get it. Why? Why the long rear deck? For what purpose? It's not even based on anything historical. Furthermore I'd still like to see the ability to put predreadnought era turrets on predreadnoughts. I know it won't happen. I give up. I'm done. Peace! Fish out. I'll poke back in
  2. Yup it's a patch. Is there any way to change turret appearance? I would like old styled turrets on my dreadnoughts.
  3. A fish a day till no more patch delay!
  4. Waiting for fish flakes, er, patch. Waiting for patch.
  5. You're a good fishy. Keep up the good work!
  6. I know I'm somewhat grumpy at times, however I genuinely like just about everyone here, and furthermore I know exactly what I was doing and that my comments broke the rules however I'm pretty chapped seeing such crass abuse of some pretty good members. Someone had to say something and I'm always happy to speak my mind - damn the torpedoes and everything!
  7. I get temp banned and my post removed, but this respectful, honorable, upstanding, kind forum poster is fine. Eye roll. Ah well. Good luck Games Lab with your merger, hope it works well for you.
  8. That ship has sailed my fishy friend. This journey hasn't been terribly exciting for me.
  9. I hate to admit this but I kinda fully lost faith in this project a while ago, thus my scarcity on the forums for the past many months. The things I'd really like to see, the things I've been actively asking for (as have many others) since alpha 2 have fallen on deaf ears (mostly the call for older predreadnought hulls and ironclad hulls(((en enchelon turrrets bloop)))) the lack of communication and any information about the ever distant Campaign hasen't helped. Honest to fish, the last time I was truly surprused and very pleased with this game was the ironclad battle patch
  10. What is: a deadline for 1000 pts? 17 months and counting and nothing significant has evolved. And 60$ for that privilege too.
  11. While this quote wasn't even aimed at me, Ill say this: no. I know personally, Ill update, check out the new hulls, (I am excited to see a fuso and tone hulls) but realistically Ill say "neat" futz around for about 30 minutes and then hang the game up again because, while this is a nice looking patch on paper and I'm grateful for the new content, it's more of the same. You build one super Battleship you build them all. I'm pretty bored at this point playing the same custom battle editor and academy missions. There's nothing here that shakes me by the fins and mak
  12. I'd love to see some ironclads, specifically some en enchelon ironclads. The USS Maine.. the Dingyuan.. HMS Inflexible..
  13. Sounds pretty good to this fish.
  14. I dig buried in work, I got customers coming out of the woodwork on me to the point I'm having to turn down gigs, that coupled with lodge opening back up full tilt boogie now that the lock downs are lightening and close to ending in my state, and with me being an officer in a few different lines and bodies.. my free time is rapidly dwindling. That's good to hear though, hang tough! I'm pretty excited for the supposed Deutschland class cruiser hulls that were teased as a possibility for this upcoming patch. I can't wait to allocate about a half hour of time to play lol.
  15. Eh, I have no comments or criticisms in regards to the current state of the game. If I've touched it once in the past two patches I'd be surprised. Most of my free time gaming energy has been on table top wargaming and deep rock galactic. Though, rtw2 is calling me again.. you can play as china now. How about yourself?
  16. Oh I'd love to see 1945 to 49 expanded into the game. It would be great to spend those years scrapping, mothballing, slashing your budget, having tense minigames where you need to justify your fleets, nuking your fleets, you know that kind of stuff.
  17. I'd really just be happy with getting what was advertised, and not see resources diverted from doing that to do other stuff. A campaign focused naval wargame and ship builder. A cammmmmpaaaaaign and not some pvp melee rumble. Besides, you think fighting fish flopping stupid clown car AI designs is frustrating, just think of what you'd fight from some cheeky tailfin who decides his goal is to troll the hell out of you in a pvp where he can build his own designs to his hearts content. You're opening pandoras box here and you're going to be horribly disappointed.
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