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  1. The patch notes say "New Special Italian Guns for 3-inch up to 8-inch caliber ranging from Mark 3 to Mark 5." Ingame, while trying to build an Italian heavy cruiser with 1940 tech, the special Italian guns only go up to 6'', 7'' and 8'' guns use the "default" turret style.
  2. As you probably all know by now, Core Patch 0.5 dropped today. Overall, the opinion has been positive, but I personally hate this update. There's nothing wrong with it per se, and I like the features that it added, however it's the features that were removed that hurt me so much. For the longest time, I had been doing some experiments with the French Experimental Battlecruiser II hull to try to create my ideal ship: a fast, durable, and versatile platform that can kill cruisers like a battlecruiser should and compete toe to toe with battleships. This gave me the K-type Battlecruisers, a
  3. Is there a way to revert back to previous game versions? The one thing that I was excited for this update was being able to build a fleet around my favorite ship, but since 18 inch guns aren't available on the French Exp. hulls anymore there's not much of a point.
  4. The French Experimental Battlecruiser 1 and 2 hulls lost access to 16-18 inch guns. Is this intentional, and if so, could you consider giving us the 16-18 inch guns again? They were the only things that made the hull fun!
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