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  1. Id like transparent masts… but i can wait for the camera. as long as i know its coming.
  2. Funny_Bunny

    Acronyms list.

    RODL: Rolls on deck, laughing.
  3. I am waiting, as stated above. Not much point in advancing it its going to be wiped, and not much point in exploring the game prematurely. I like to savor that whit a character.
  4. I suggest offering amnesty to Pirates once of twice a year. mechanics; Every so often (and rarely) a nation offers amnesty to current pirates. If the pirate crew accepts amnesty, they become members of that nation. (variation on terms and conditions can apply, such as; keep current assets and ship, surrender 10% wealth in taxes, or whatever else was historically offered. Same rules apply now for the former pirate, as to any member of that nation, save that Amnesty will NOT be accepted again in the event that the crew returns to piracy. Aye or Nay?
  5. What is this redeem button everyone keeps talking about???
  6. What in blazes is this "motor vessel" you speak of???
  7. When we are buying goods, can we change it so the slider bar is at the max position by default? That way we don't have to click, move, drag, move, click… We could just click, move, click. Very handy when you are buying 30 of something.
  8. Very nice. One question, What time is tea?
  9. I'd like to see Lighhouses in ports that historically had ones. That would make nighttime sailing better for us.
  10. Im a bloody pyrate! O'course I stole em!
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