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  1. I just hope this thread will slowly die, I was not well enough informed about de Ruyter. Nelson was great, I just feel that he wasn't the greatest of all time like many people make him out to be. Nor do I feel that he was the greatest British admiral, that would IMO be Blake.
  2. I guess I'll just add the dates of the Spanish admirals. Blas de Lezo - 1689-1741 Cosme Damián Churruca - 1761-1805 Dionisio Alcalá Galiano - 1760-1805 Ignacio María de Álava - 1750-1817 (66 years old) Federico Gravina - 1756-1806 (49 years old) Álvaro de Bazán - 1526-1588(61 years old) Antonio Gaztañeta - 1656-1728 Jorge Juan - 1713-1773 Juan Ruiz de Apodaca - 1754-1835(80 years old) Cosme Damián Churruca y Elorza - This is the exact same guy as the 2nd on the list. Antonio Barceló y Pont de la Terra - 1717-1797 Juan Leon Fandiño - Couldn't find any info on this guy. I thin
  3. I've found two pictures of a ship of same name from 1736, both ships are 50 gun and they look rather similar. http://www.artvalue.com/image.aspx?PHOTO_ID=3769600
  4. Plans: http://orlogsbasen.dk/visskib.asp?skib=Fyen&la=1 (Click "vis" on the one from 1745) Information: http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=747
  5. I'm pretty sure the Bismarck wasn't in an April Fools joke, that would take far too much time. EDIT: Thought you meant that it was added into the game.
  6. I had never seen the Sky Mountain before, but now when I have I can't help but think it looks big. I need to travel to more mountainous regions.
  7. Perhaps you could also add these Danish admirals too - Herluf Trolle - 1516-1565 Christen Thomesen Sehested - 1664-1736 Steen Andersen Bille - 1751-1833 (81 years old) Also, I know he's a bit outside the time frame, but the Austrian Wilhelm von Tegetthoff, 1827-1871 (43 years old), really deserves a mention as one of the greatest admirals of the 19th century. Perhaps you could also add Willem Joseph van Ghent (1626-1672) for the Netherlands.
  8. I think you should set Suffrén as the greatest French admiral.
  9. Plans: http://www.orlogsbasen.dk/visskib.asp?skib=Tre%20L%F8ver&la=1 (The one at the top) Information: http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=736
  10. Ages for Danish admirals - Niels Juel - 1629-1697 (67 years old) Peter Tordenskiold - 1690-1720 Cort Adeler - 1622-1675 (52 years old) Ulrik Christian Gyldenløve - 1678-1719 Peder Skram - Between 1491 and 1503-1581 Olfert Fischer - 1747-1829 (81 years old) Christian Carl Gabel - 1679-1748 (68 years old) Ivar Huitfeldt - 1665-1710 (45 years old) Søren Norby - 1470-1530 King Christian IV - 1577-1648 (70 years old) There ones where I've written the age is because they died before their birthday that year.
  11. You can't have a game set in the age of sail without the flagship of Tordenskiold.
  12. And as expected the 3rd faction in WoWS will be the Soviets.... What a surprise, WG, what a surprise.... To be honest, I don't plan on playing WoWS. I got pretty tired of both World of Tanks and War Thunder.
  13. There are many great war movies, many of whom have already been listed. Personally, I love Rod Steiger's portrayal of Napoleon in "Waterloo".
  14. The Kronan is unfortunately outside of the timeline, but something on the Udema would be nice. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Udema
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