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  1. Point taken, but there were still Naval ship to ship encounters and Blockade runners to be hunted down, I think the game should be continued through to the 1812 War with America and through to cessation of Napoeonic war in 1815; then ongoing suppresion of Pirate activity in Asia and Africa. Additionally some "What if" scenarios, What if some French Ships refused to surrender and went rogue; What if a rogue French ship engaged the HMS Northumberland carrying Napoleon to St Helena exile and more such scenarios. IMO UA Age of Sail is a great game that could be both enhanced and ex
  2. A great game if one's into Napoleonic era Sea campaigns as I am. Question, after completing as the British RN at the conclusion of Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, the Chapter ended. The Napoleonic War didnt finish until 1815 can anyone advise me if theres a continuation after Trafalgar in the game ?
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