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  1. Some factors to consider with who will win melees. 1) Unit size 2) Unit experience 3) Unit perks 4) Unit weapons 5) Morale when starting melee 6) Condition when starting melee 7) Equipped weapons ­čśÄ Terrain Depending on those conditions 900 men could easily route 3000, or the reverse could occur. The base melee damage values are in the /Mod/Rebalance/unitModifiers file. You can compare to the unitModifiersOriginal file to see what the base game values are. meleeRandLow meleeRandHi damageConstantMelee A variety of changes are in progress, no ETA on when it might be ready for testing or release though.
  2. The wrong mission text is getting pulled in here
  3. You can find, and change if desired, the probabilities in the AIConfigFile. One word of caution, don't make the duplicate chance to high or you risk crashing the game on the larger battles. sizeRandomProbability, .15 weaponRandomProbability, 0.2 attributeRandomProbability, 0.3 duplicateRandomProbability, .2 The mod does make Union Shiloh much harder. Those odds are not unusual for the opening phases and a fighting retreat until at least the hornets nest is pretty much mandatory on MG and Legendary. The Union start in general is significantly harder because the perk and experience advantage of the CSA troops matters much more than it did in the base game. The CSA start is relatively easy in comparison, though Newport News, Stay Alert, and Shiloh are not exactly easy either. In the base game the CSA campaign starts getting harder around Antietam. The Union number advantages and smaller recruit rewards start to add up at that point. Many of the late game battles can turn into brutal meat grinders unless the player has properly prepared their army and is aware of the strategies to avoid taking those casualties. This kicks in more on MG and Legendary, on BG you can get ahead enough that the AI likely never recovers.
  4. Sorry for not seeing this sooner. These should be the full instructions macs. You'll have to move things manually since the zip files are setup for windows installs. 1) In Steam, right click UGCW and select Properties. 2) Click local files, then select browse local files 3) right click 'Ultimate General Civil War' and select 'show package contents' 4) navigate (relative path) to /Contents/ a) Place the 'Mod' folder in Contents/ 5) navigate (relative path) to /Contents/Resources/Data/ a) Copy the resources.assets file into /Data/ b) Copy the /Managed/Assembly-CSharp.dll file from the mod release into the /Managed/ folder, overwriting the existing file
  5. Yes, as long as you restart the game and then start a new battle the changes will apply.
  6. Would recommend that two different auto save slots are used. One slot whenever you start a battle, one slot whenever you end a battle. Multiple post battle autosave slots would be even better. If the player plays a battle to completion and doesn't like the results then they can go back to post battle autosave 1 and try a different setup. The current system would have overwritten the autosave already and unless the player created a manual save they would be stuck.
  7. You're in luck, between my being lazy and not having time in general they'll probably remain named as is That setting applies post all normal scaling calculations. The only battles that have all scaling factors turned off outside of the difficulty modifier are the allied unit only battles. I could add an option to disable scaling entirely for every battle, but having seen the default unit sizes you'd be looking at an easier version of colonel.
  8. Yes, unfortunately that perk does not work reliably enough to be usable. The latest official patch did appear to fix it, but it wasn't until much latter that I figured out that there was still a problem. The perk works when initially selected, but any kind of load or battle restart will break it again. Same for the t1 supply perk for generals. Career points in logistics do work though.
  9. Instructions here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1069650/discussions/3/1744521326156241406/
  10. Nur ein dummer Name, den ich mir ausgedacht habe, als ich jung war. Das Profilbild war ein gl├╝cklicher Zufall von einem Schweizer Cassino, den mir ein Youtube-Zuschauer Jahre sp├Ąter zeigte. Meine Mutter war Deutschlehrerin, deshalb verbrachte ich viele Sommer in Deutschland und lebte auch dort einige Jahre. Mein geschriebenes Deutsch ist leider furchtbar, aber zumindest kann ich die Sprache noch benutzen.
  11. This guide has the timers in the base game, so add ~30% onto the end of those. Some battles that has been overriden to be shorter, but in general you should have plenty of time in most battles in the mod. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1396453437
  12. The mod definitely increases the impact of scaling. Since the unit size caps have been increased, the AI is able to scale larger than it would be otherwise. The varianceMode also gives a chance for AI units to be larger or duplicate so with some bad luck you can end up with unwinnable scenarios. This is by design as the goal was both to increase difficulty and reduce the players ability to know exactly what was coming at them in every battle. MG in the mod is probably at least as difficult, if not more so, than Legendary in the base game. Your casualty ratios so far sound fine though. The major tip for Crossroads is that you don't have to hold the VP and that you have far more time than the timer indicates. My preference is to retreat the starting units back across the river and wait for the reinforcements to arrive. Then I'll cross along the bottom map edge, hopefully trap the AI cav in the corner, and then setup in the tree line to the south of the VP. This lets you fight against units in the open from cover and only parts of the enemy force will engage you. This example is on an older version and it's almost certainly not possible to get a result this good anymore due to various exploit fixes, but it shows the basic idea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2XGuCoqg5A&list=PLNFTAFys32_8_OFQir6FNqGoo0y13UZMm&index=8 Getting away with so little infantry is 100% not viable anymore. One thing you'll notice is that I'm facing significantly fewer men than you. Part of this is the 750 man skirmisher units you are using. These are an advantage at Shiloh and Distress Call since the AI has no skirmishers to scale, but it does mean you are facing 3-4 very large skirmisher units at Crossroads. The player is free to go up to max size units relatively quickly, but be aware that the AI will scale to match those sizes. As long as you can still beat them, it just means more xp and weapons, but it can make things harder when you are still at an experience disadvantage. One other thing I wanted to mention, is that there are configuration options for toning down the scaling if that becomes a sticking point for you. If you've got any other questions just ask.
  13. You'll want to transition from the xsolla version to the steam version then. You should have received an email from xsolla with a key, if not send Ink a message to get it sorted.
  14. If you are running the steam beta branch then updates will be downloaded automatically.
  15. The scaling factors increase as the difficulty goes up. This doesn't mean scaling can't be affected by player actions, but it does make it harder for the player to affect the AI ships in a given battle. It'll be easier to push scaling up rather than down on hard.
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