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  1. The fortifications at Suffolk are pretty good stat wise. 100% cover and 55/55/65 is only a step or two down from the best fortifications in the game. The fortification damage penalty for infantry has also been removed. The issue is that they spread units out and expose them to fire from additional brigades. On top of that the Suffolk fortifications are not positions very well and some of them on the north side of the map can be flanked very easily. The next version will be fixing the damage reductions that woods(and other terrain) are supposed to be applying which should improve fortifications a bit as well. The timer increase for Suffolk also needs to be reduced a bit. On legendary at least I had to basically wipe out the enemy forces before my reinforcements arrived to win the battle.
  2. It depends a bit on what you are looking for in a mod. New battles, factions, etc almost certainly not unless support is built in. However, it is possible to mod weapon/campaign/perk balance changes, UI improvements, some new features, and changes to AI logic. Several mods are now available for UGCW and while none have been released for UGG the same process would work for that game. Hopefully this game does well enough that they are able to support modding more officially though.
  3. An example of how to setup an army and get through Union Shiloh on legendary.
  4. pandakraut


    The manual is available online here: http://cdn.edgecast.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/502520/manuals/UGCW_Guide_v1.25.pdf?t=1515088585
  5. Tooltips should show that increasing it to 3 points grants an extra 50 recon. This only works for the 'add point' buttons. I can't add more information to the summary of what your current points do.
  6. Let me know what you find, the version I'm running is showing it as 50 per but it wouldn't be the first time that I'm running some odd amalgamation of versions.
  7. It should be 50 per point currently. Not sure if it will help in this specific battle to have the extra points, but the effects can really add up at higher levels of recon.
  8. Like most of the hold the VP while being surrounded missions, it's better to choose an area off to the side to defend. I prefer the woods to the east, but I've also seen NW and SW work.
  9. The weapon each AI unit is equipped with is randomized to some extent.
  10. On MG or higher you only capture weapons from 10% of the men killed. Capturing a unit gets you a 25% recovery rate.
  11. Up through about Chickamauga is usually where I have fun. Past that I've only bothered once or twice.
  12. Good to hear that the series is helpful. I might go a bit further, maybe through Malvern Hill or Antietam. Past that point I'm expecting the army to be strong enough that the rest of the campaign is a foregone conclusion given the current balance in the mod.
  13. This is a testing option to stops phase resets from occurring. For example, at Shiloh on day 2 all units would remain where they were at the end of day 1 rather than getting reset to new lines. Seems great, just what everyone has always wanted, but there is a catch. If the map resizes on the phase change and your units are outside the new map you lose access to them for the battle. If a unit's day 1 position is at the same spot as the spawn point of a day 2 unit then they will start the phase in melee. At Chancellorsville, Jackson's corps is already on the field and without the reset there is no flanking attack, etc. There are a few battles where we think it might be safe enough to enable this option, but overall it mostly just adds more memorization for the player to avoid frustration and opportunities to abuse the spawn locations. A good example would be Potomac fort where you could setup most of your units in a perfect defensive position prior to the second phase before capturing the fort.
  14. On legendary everyone I've talked to has used some variant of cheese to cap the point and finish quickly. Until that mission gets rebalanced that's probably as good as you'll get unless you're on a lower difficulty. Skipping is always an option as well.
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