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  1. Updated to 1.9.1: Fixed a bug that was causing the AI units to be larger in the starting battles.
  2. Updated to 1.9 Major changes include making the two starting battles easier, replacing the +ammo perk bonuses that don't work, and adding the ability to turn off or adjust scaling. No scaling mode is not balanced by default, some battles may be far too easy or far too difficult. This is intended to be used in combination with AISizeMultiplier to adjust difficulty as desired. My recommendation would really be to leave scaling on and just adjust AI sizing from there, but the option has been provided as is if you want to use it. UI Changes - Units can be merged by dragging an
  3. Adaptation being on enables scaling. If it's off the AI forces will be mostly static.
  4. Unfortunately no, someone showed a screenshot on the forums and that was about the end of it.
  5. Fairly sure it's possible, someone managed it in the UG:G game. None of the active modders have gone in that direction though.
  6. The first battles for both campaigns are pretty universally considered terrible introductions. Both in that they are more difficult than they need to be and that they don't allow the player to customize their army at all prior to the battle. One workaround is to save and then load the battle right after starting. This results in the reinforcing units being larger which makes the battle a bit easier. The second link below also contains sample save game files if you just want to skip the first battle entirely and see if the rest of the game is something you are interested in. Compared to to
  7. Haven't see anyone else mention it on discord or the steam forums, though that doesn't mean someone else isn't getting it.
  8. Have you submitted an F11 report? Hopefully something that is relatively easy to fix.
  9. Could you elaborate more on what you mean by this? Our options within the battles are unfortunately fairly limited. On a campaign level we're probably limited to the reputation system and casualties. I feel like the issue with adding this kind of thing is that in a static campaign they are just arbitrary cutoffs, since the player can't actually affect how the war progresses beyond winning. Also it seems like these systems would just double down on penalties to the player. Taking high casualties is already bad, losing more rep because of it just makes the death spiral hit faster.
  10. The game is still in early access. A major patch was just released in the beta branch adding mid game saves. Both campaigns are fully available at this point, but big fixing and balancing continues.
  11. There should be a menu that pops up under the Intermediate window that has a cancel and a research button. If you select some of the other research options does it also not show up? Or is just marines not working correctly?
  12. Can be found here, it's the only submod available currently https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/34966-historical-submod-of-jp-rebalance-mod-release-thread/ We've debated it, but it kills off an entire style of play to penalize it too harshly. The battles led change for officers was a step in the direction of providing at least some trade off though. It's not that the AI can't do them, it's just that the player tends to be so much better at setting them up, and at countering the AI attempts do the same that effectively the AI only attacks frontally. Every now and again you'll see
  13. Glad you're enjoying it overall Mounted cavalry in melee against a unit in 100% cover currently have their melee damage cut in half. This value may need to be adjusted a bit. Though in general, my opinion is that skirmishers caught by cavalry anywhere except in a fortification should have a fairly difficult time holding against cavalry in the game. Melee cav is definitely more effective in game than it was historically, especially against formed up units. Some of this is to allow the AI to actually threaten the player with this unit type since the AI basically only knows how to f
  14. Carbine cav are actually proving more of a problem than melee cav given their ability to quickly get multiple shots into the flanks of units and pursue routing units indefinitely. If melee cav manages to actually get into melee with skirmishers without getting shot to pieces, it's going to do very well. Especially if the melee cav has an experience or perk advantage. The key to defending against melee is having units be in position to support each other. An isolated carbine unit is probably not going to be able to get enough volleys off in time to win a melee with their weaker melee weapo
  15. For more details on how scaling works please take a look at this post https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26142-hidden-mechanics-and-weapon-damage-degradation/. The Rebalance mod does make a few changes, mostly around average unit size to account for the potentially much larger units available in the mod, but it's still overall applicable. The goal of scaling in the mod is to allow the player to have success with whatever size units they want. Whether that's small base game size units, the giant units allowed by the mod, or some combination in between. The AI should mostly stay around your
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