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  1. The ? is an intended change that is related to providing recon with another benefit. If you're switching to 1.27 I would definitely recommend a new campaign.
  2. These values should work regardless. Though in 1.27.3 the file extension was changed from .csv to .txt. I would recommend setting the values to 0 to test if you're in the right file. Files are currently located in Ultimate General Civil War_Data\Mod\Rebalance in case you have a much older version where the path was different.
  3. For changes to take affect, you need to save the file, restart the game, and start the battle. On the deployment screen you should see the changes taking affect. If you're still having trouble with these steps, let me know which values you are changing.
  4. There have been quite a few changes since I made those videos. Many of them to specifically address problem points I found while playing. I basically stopped that campaign because things had become trivially easy. The general setups in those videos, and a lot of the basics still mostly apply, but the finer details won't be the same. Officers is a big one here, as division commanders now give a higher percentage of command to the unit and the battles led mechanic has been added so that there are benefits for keeping an officer with the same unit. So in most cases you want a high rank offic
  5. Perhaps at some point, don't have time for another project at the moment.
  6. Transports receive a penalty when boarding, but you can deploy rowboats, and send those rowboats to another ship that is currently in a boarding action to effectively increase the amount of men available for boarding. Usually only used for capturing larger ships than what you have access to.
  7. Short medium and long correspond to 1/4 1/2 and 3/4 of the weapons listed range. I roughly evaluate weapons by comparing the damage range and the range effectiveness %. If you want to get more detailed I multiply the % by the average damage. In general moving closer will always get you more damage though there are a couple exceptions. Whether doing so is a good choice depends a lot on the battlefield situation. Because of this when I'm doing a quick compare I only tend to look at the maximum range percentage for non-artillery weapons. You can find graphs to help visual this her
  8. It blocks an exploit that is only available in that first phase which I have not found another way to fix. The phase is so short that I didn't think anyone would ever bother saving during it, but apparently people frequently do as you are not the only one who has run into it. I'll look into adding a tooltip to explain why it is temporarily disabled.
  9. Saving is disabled in the first phase of the CSA tutorial battle. It should be working as normal anywhere else. If it's not please let me know where there is an issue.
  10. So skirmish mode is the default behavior that cavalry and skirmishers use. For skirmishers it basically is a check that if the unit is reloading and has equal or less range than the unit it is firing at, it will fall back. Once it's finished reloading it will move forward again to shoot. Cavalry will do this and also retreat away from nearby units to say out of range if they don't have a move or attack order. Many players get frustrated by this logic since they want their units to 'stand still and shoot' but they don't want to keep putting units on hold position. So now the player c
  11. The hex editing is still used for various changes that are prohibitively difficult or currently impossible to change through the dll. So depending on what changes you are trying to make keep them in mind. There is no guide available on dll modding currently. The general starting advice is to use the export to solution functionality in dnspy on an existing mod and the base game dll. Then use a directory compare program to see what changes the mod is making. A lot of the work is learning the code well enough to know what to change where. The issue you ran into above is one of the limit
  12. I would call it working as designed with an unfortunate interaction with adding men between days. Off the top of my head fixing it isn't particularly easy for various reasons. One of those situations where you fix one problem and cause another unless you do a bunch of extra work.
  13. You've got it right. Medicine only applies at the end of a battle and it compares to start stats and to the end stats and hp. But when you add men to a unit, it resets the start state so you won't get the full medicine benefit at the end of the battle. One thing you can do instead is create extra units before the battle starts, then drag and drop your damaged units out of the deployed corps and into another corps. This lets you bring extra men into the fight without losing out on the medicine bonus.
  14. Most of them are minor though some changes to the revolving rifles and the sharps will probably require some adjustment. No need to start a new campaign though. The full changelog can always be found at /Mod/Reblalance/Change logs. Here is the section on weapon changes: - 6pdr and 12pdr howitzer damage, curve, and ammunition count improved. - Napoleon and Henry curves improved. - Sharps rifle is now a skirmisher only sharpshooting weapon. - M1855 revolving rifle is now an infantry and skirmisher only weapon. Shop availability doubled. - M1855 revolving carbine is now a skirmish
  15. Updated to version 1.27.3d Highlights: - All config files changed to .txt. - Detached skirmishers now benefit from their parent unit's perks. - Out of combat resupply rate doubled from supply wagons. - Battles led now caps at 4 battles resulting in a higher maximum bonus. - Added battles led details to officer xp bar tooltips. - Various weapon balance changes. New Hotkeys - Selected units can be assigned to a hotkey group using CTRL + number(1-9). Once assigned they can be reselected with the relevant number key. - New hotkeys to change game speed. Minus sets game
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