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  1. For example, you need a BG to field a second corps and one is available in the barracks. Buy him up, put him in command of a unit, then create the corps. This will cause an extra BG to be purchasable and now you have access to two BGs. Unless you have been having very bad luck with wounding/death rates, then more focus is needed on putting officers in position to gain experience faster. Not an exact comparison due to RNG and campaign differences, but going into 2nd Bull Run as the Union I have 5 BGs and 3 LTGs. After the battle one of the BG hit MG and another Colonel hit BG. Experienced officers are indeed much more expensive in the mod, but can be well worth purchasing. I basically buy out every officer that can be used to get a unit to 1* whenever they are available. I don't recall specifically but I think I've only purchased 3-4 officers with reputation. Experienced colonels are just as effective at commanding units as BGs and MGs are in the base game. The only thing you are not getting is access to corps commander perks and the rank icon.
  2. Not sure if you're aware, but if no officer of the necessary rank is available when you try to create a new corps/division/unit then a new officer will get generated to fill the slot. You can use this by buying out all officers in the barracks, putting them all in a command slot and then creating a new corps/division/unit to be able to buy a new officer of the relevant rank. Purchasing officers through rep buys being an option worth considering is a net improvement in my opinion. There was basically no reason to ever bother in the base game. Unfortunately I can't do much more than modify the flat xp rewards prior to the battle being played. Corps and division officers gain their xp in a different section of the code than brigade commanders and it's a section where everything breaks if I try to alter it.
  3. Division and corps commanders don't receive experience based on how their commanded units perform. They get a flat value based on the type of battle. If you want to level up a colonel quickly it is usually better to put them in command of a relatively inexperienced unit that will gain stats very quickly. Division officer xp gain is probably still a bit too low despite the increase in 1.25. The BG xp requirement will probably be lowered slightly in the future to make it easier to get certain historical commanders to that rank faster.
  4. Age of Sail has opened up some options. Will be experimenting with a reattachment cooldown timer and reducing the size of the detached units to somewhere in the 50-100 range. Will still allow their use as scouts while significantly curtailing the exploits.
  5. This was an issue in the base game that I corrected the numbers for in the UI mod for the CSA campaign(Union campaign work still needs to be done). The Rebalance mod also has those number corrections, but they break once the deployment sizes are increased to account for detached skirmishers being disabled. While not ideal, the player should at least always be getting at least as many units as the battle displays. Getting the numbers to line up exactly would basically require hard coding dozens of values instead of using a generic solution, so it's not something I'm likely to do anytime soon.
  6. Whitworth are going to be the same situation where you can only get them from one Rep buy and otherwise have to capture them. The CSA do also get significantly better scoped rifles than the union which should also help. It should also be pretty rare that you encounter whitworth or 4.5" artillery during the campaign as the CSA, though it is possible.
  7. Unit movement orders is not something we can really make changes to. Skirmishers just pop into existence and then will start to move so that they are not overlapping the parent unit.
  8. Needed a cutoff somewhere and getting any kind of replacement is already a large benefit to the player. It's also generally not going to come up all that often.
  9. List of CSA Reputation Buys:
  10. This system has been added in the mod, after a fashion. If a colonel or higher is killed/wounded a lt colonel takes over command of the unit. If that officer is killed/wounded a major takes over, and so on. If a captain is killed/wounded then no replacement officer is given. While not assured a promotion, those ranks level up pretty quick so they will hit colonel fairly quickly.
  11. I've tried multiple times to allow units to rout off the map with no success. The engine definitely supports it, but I can't figure out how to make the pathing happen. A workaround we are exploring is having units shatter or surrender at 0 morale. This requires a rework of morale damage as it would occur far to often currently and finding the right balance has been difficult.
  12. By HA I meant that I don't take the horse artillery perk very often. I tend to field a lot of rifled artillery, but I use the t1 canister damage perk on my 24pdr howitzers. In general you will find that infantry units do not stand up to close range canister fire. If the artillery is unsupported the infantry can drive it off, but they will usually take more losses than they would doing so in the base game.
  13. HA is actually my least used perk for artillery. I have it on a few napoleon units but the majority of my artillery uses the other perks. While convenient, taking that perk will definitely slow down your damage progression until you get high enough firearms/efficiency. Getting to 2*s is also essential for a unit with that perk to deal effective damage. Units with horse artillery really need to be getting in close and preferably hitting units in the flanks or in concert with several other units until they level up a bit.
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