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  1. Congrats at getting through Union Shiloh on legendary at all. Not many people have been able to. Giving up the VP early in either first or second phase results in your reinforcements being delayed by however much time was skipped when the phase ends early. So in both phases you want to try to hold the VP for the majority of the time limit. I tend to fall back behind them with around 15-20 minutes remaining. Unfortunately, it's not possible to adjust the spawn points based on where the player has positioned their units and this specific spawn cannot be made to have units walk on from the map edge. So it is necessary to delay the AI units long enough for these units to make it to the field and be repositioned to wherever you want to defend from. This is one of the downsides of not retreating to the landing as it leaves the AI units further away from where your reinforcements arrive. You were still able to nearly wipe out all of the AI units and that is how the timers are generally setup. Enough time to get close, but short enough that you are under pressure to get a full clear and have to judge if the extra casualties are worth doing so. As opposed to prior versions of the mod where you had so much time that you could cleanup for basically free. I buy every single BG and high level colonel officer the game offers in the leadup to Shiloh. These officers allow you to get more 1* units which is one of the biggest power spikes you can get early game. I'll use the rep buy officers for this purpose as well. I rarely spend money on infantry weapons this early except what I need to top off units. For Shiloh getting another 1* is usually better than keeping command high enough for 10 or so points of efficiency, so I'll put the bare minimum officer in div command if it gets me a better brigade. Another thing you can do is disband Walton, or one of your other starting brigades, and use those veterans to create multiple strong units of other types. Since it's not possible to get Walton to 3* by Shiloh anymore, this is what I'll often do. For comparison Forefall went into Shiloh with four 2*s and ten 1*s. I went into Shiloh with three 2*s and 18 1*s Forefall's campaign is on a slightly older version, so there will be some differences, but he also plays ironman so that evens things out a little bit https://youtu.be/lqW-75A5zrA?list=PLF9w8nYzOAnweSC1uRFura2d0d_Mzm7d- If you haven't seen it already, Gonzo Gamers videos are also full of good information on how to min/max unit xp. Though he plays on MG so you'll have to adapt things a bit since it's harder to be as precise as he is with keeping casualties down. down. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl4SUThfUcx1nI0f7fm9Hcw
  2. That sounds like you probably have the wrong folder. Make sure you're in ultimate general civil war_DATA Here is an old install guide video that should still work as well https://youtu.be/QQr4BN3i8zw?si=HcLHCOYig9Zbi0Zn
  3. Changing the types and amounts of the rep buys can presumably be done in the assets file, though I have no idea where that information lives. Some of those changes are in the j&p mod but they were done by editing the dll using something like dnspy. Changing the amounts is much easier than changing the types, but both are going to require some programming knowledge to figure out.
  4. MG light is the only difficulty that has a definitive number here because it was created by basically just applying the size and xp modifiers. It is -17.5% size and xp compared to MG. All the other difficulties have a variety of factors so there isn't a set number that will get you the equivalent. BG has increased battle rewards, higher weapon recovery rates, cheaper officers and such compared to MG. Several people have tried to do what you're asking about though. You either want to pick MG light and further reduce size and xp using the configs. Perhaps another 10-20% and see how that goes? Any config changes you make will stack with the default difficulty modifications. Going up from BG is harder because the gap is so wide. Somewhere between 1.25-1.5 size and/or xp seems to be where people have ended up. But it may need some adjustment as you go.
  5. The shatter/surrender chances for when a unit is at 0 morale can be modified in the /Mod/Rebalance/ConfigFile //Base surrender and shatter chances when at 0 morale. zeroMoraleSurrenderChance zeroMoraleShatterChance You can turn it off entirely with updateShatterConditions Not sure how well things will play with it turned off as a lot of the current battles are tuned around not having to grind units down to 10% remaining hp to shatter them. You may want to try lowering the shatter/surrender chance a bit first. The system is designed so that when a unit is at 0 morale(broken) it starts making checks to see if it should shatter or surrender. There is morale damage resistance that applies as a unit gets closer to 0 morale to prevent it from being too easy to get units into that state. The better the units officer and stats the more damage the unit will have to take before it can start making checks. So for example a 0* unit can regularly shatter with quite a few men still alive, while a 3* unit will have to take a lot more casualties first. Being in melee also increases the chances as well.
  6. Chancellorsville scales badly because the player has 4-5 corps and the ai has 2. Adjusting the max ai infantry size is the approach I would recommend. You should be able to edit the file, save, then start the battle again(go through the corps deploy screen) to see the changes.
  7. You have the veteran box checked, that means that you get charged to convert the stats of the recruits added to the stats of the unit. For units with high stats that can get very expensive. Especially if you haven't invested in training.
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bdhrdcok4vd60ow/RebalanceModV1.26.1GoG.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/qvrzz5bhp65fhbf/RebalanceModV1.26.1.zip?dl=0
  9. In the mod, adding more men always results in more total damage, though there are diminishing returns. How large you decide to build in the mod is more determined by how many weapons you have available and personal preference on unit sizes. The mod let's you make very large units, but this is more about choosing the size tier you want to play in. You could go through the entire campaign with 1.5k units for example.
  10. No option to escape these currently. Just have to wait out the timer(on the global map) and hope you survive. This is something that will likely be updated in the future.
  11. Not sure if the half point has any effect by itself
  12. The custom bonuses that I added probably aren't checking that the perk is still active. The normal bonuses don't apply to the unit if the perk is grayed out. Thanks for reporting this.
  13. If enemy units run out of ammunition they reload at 1/3 the normal rate just like the player, so depriving them of wagons can be very effective. I don't understand what you mean about using supplies during a battle. If you capture their wagons you can use them to resupply your units like any other wagon.
  14. This isn't something that is configurable currently. Points in politics, economy, logistics, and army organization will all reduce the amount you have to pay back though. If you can capture enemy wagons, using that supply first will also always be more efficient than using your own.
  15. Need two of them to give a full +1 factory
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