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  1. This isn't something that is currently configurable. Can you give me an idea of what you're trying to accomplish?
  2. Realizing that the +ammo bonus of perks does not work is fairly difficult if not debugging the game code, I suspect this is why the issue was never fully resolved by the devs despite them getting very close in the last patch to the game. After that patch several players including myself thought it was working but as I'll go on to explain we were incorrect. What you can do to test it in game is put two units of artillery next to each other, one with the perk and one without. Then you need to let them fire, hold fire until they are reloaded(due to randomized aiming, reload, and volley times), let them fire again, repeat. This lets you count the total number of shots while checking the amount the supply bar drops per shot. If working correctly an artillery unit with the +ammo perk should still be at 50% ammo remaining when the non-perked unit is out of ammo. 1st Franklin is a convenient csa battle for these tests. What you will find if you try to replicate this is that the perks work, under very specific conditions. If you assign the perk to a unit and then go immediately into a battle, no restart, no load, etc. then the perk works as expected. But a reload of the game of any kind breaks it. The issue appears to be with the save/load system as the numbers all look fine when debugging up until that black box does whatever it does. So to be more precise the perks do work under very specific circumstances, but break under any normal use of the game. Technically, if you're using a full disband army and are very careful you could make new artillery units for every battle, give them the perk, and then disband them after the battle. Then you'd make them again and assign the perk. If at any point you have to reload, start the entire process over. I did not check to see if the perk survives phase changes or multiday battles, but I suspect it does not. While not entirely accurate, for the majority of players the perks effectively do not work due to how easily they break. So I've shortened my explanation to they don't work. +ammo from the logistics career points do work though.
  3. Scaling has definitely not been touched unless you enable two config settings. The scaling factors can vary quite a bit from campaign to campaign. Can you share your gaines mill numbers(also which side)? I'm not sure what you are referring to with orange detail. The +ammo perks are the only ones that don't work. Everything else works as displayed in the tooltips.
  4. This bonus applies only when a unit is in the actual charge state.
  5. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/25750-ui-and-ai-customizations-mod-v181/
  6. Save games are generally always compatible unless the devs specifically mention an issue. All that has been mentioned for 0.9.8 so far is a bug fix for the Toulon victory conditions
  7. Some officers have different sizes and if I remember right, the specific officers vary between campaigns. Not sure why.
  8. While not the full curves this is the average damage across 5 points for artillery in the mod. There tend to be small changes each patch so it's much more work to keep any analysis up to date there. https://www.dropbox.com/s/50oqbm52hc7zyn1/RebalanceArtilleryComparison.png?dl=0
  9. As far as I recall the linked spreadsheets are all up to date with any corrections that were needed, so your analysis would have been done with the latest information.
  10. There isn't actually a prisoner exchange. The player is just capped at the amount of recruits they get for captures for balance reasons, any AI men that are captured are fully removed from the manpower pool.
  11. While detached skirmishers retain the stats of their parent unit, minus perks unless they changed that from UGCW, their unit type does change to skirmishers. That comes with the associated benefits of cover, speed, stealth, spot, etc. The spot value should be displayed in the bottom left unit info card when the unit is selected in battle.
  12. The mod made no changes to how shattered units affect the AI, which is to say that the men remaining in the unit when it shatters effectively return to the AI manpower pool. The only way to completely remove them is to capture the unit.
  13. As of the last time I checked they are missing any kind of weapon that gives them more range than regular infantry, so this will decrease their power from UGCW a decent amount. Given the comparative lack of time limit in most of the battles, bringing a skirmisher for spotting and artillery should still be incredibly effective as long as you're willing to wait for the artillery to get there and do it's work. One question would be is the dedicated unit worth more than just detaching skirmishers. The detached skirmishers should have close to the higher spot value while not taking up an extra slot. Though last I checked their sizes are so small that they basically shatter after taking any damage which does make them harder to use.
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