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  1. Here is a recent video series that may help with cross keys or the leadup to it. The carbine cavalry have since been patched and won't be as insanely effective, but should still be quite good. Small brigade sizes are used so it should be a good comparison. https://youtu.be/PiA_8YGx0MA?list=PLF9w8nYzOAnya5tJqhlB0lYHl-LFC7m-m Video would definitely help with identifying the other issues if you run into them again.
  2. Unit hp is stored as a decimal and depending on where rounding occurs you get these of by one errors. I recently made a change so that artillery units would allow the player to top off a missing man, but this unfortunately made the off by 1 instances more common in other places. I'll probably revert the artillery focused change in a future patch and see if a different fix is less disruptive. I'm not able to reproduce what you are describing. The numbers displayed in the armory matched the numbers when assigning a weapon to a unit. Are you sure you weren't seeing the Whitworth infantry
  3. Probably just have to be on MG difficulty then. I'm pretty sure I've seen people get the presidential ending there.
  4. Did you skip, lose, or draw any battles? The endings are tied to some combination of difficulty and career points gained. If you're on legendary you can get the best ending text despite a campaign defeat if you lose late enough in the campaign for example.
  5. 1) Not that anyone has discovered yet. 2) As far as I can tell there the roads are purely cosmetic, the game does not provide a way to track if a unit is on a road vs a field.
  6. Change log Bug Fixes - Detached skirmisher stats should now be correct after battle save/load. - Wounded officers should no longer appear in both the Academy and the Reserve after minor battles. Changelog Bug Fixes - Fix bug with detached skirmishers not having a parent unit present. Skirmisher will now shatter after a short time if parent is missing. - Fixed issue around detached skirmishers that was decreasing performance. Balance Changes: - Volley duration increased for mounted units - AI infantry's rotation speed is doubled as if running.
  7. This is a bug where when an officer is wounded they are getting added into the academy in a wounded state. This makes it possible to buy them and put them in command of a unit, but they count as wounded and provide no command bonus. A patch will be out for this soon, though it won't clean up any of the duplicates. Instead of dismissing the officer, you can just replaced them with a different one and they will go back into your reserve with a wounded tag. After the next major battle the officer will be healed and should work as normal.
  8. This is what has been announced for the next UG game https://www.ug1775.com/
  9. Some other details here. When you add men to a unit there are two different ways that efficiency can be affected. First, adding recruits will average the stats of the recruit and the stats of the unit. For a brand new unit this will result in no difference, but for an experienced unit this will cause the efficiency to drop. Adding veterans retains the unit's stats so no drop will be seen from a change in stats. Second, an officer can only command so many men when assigned to a specific type of unit without penalty. When this occurs, the efficiency will go down and the red bar will be disp
  10. Others have gotten it working, so it's probably just a location issue. The default path to extract to is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ultimate General Civil War\Ultimate General Civil War_Data Make sure you aren't in the UGCWReporter_Data folder as that is a common mistake. If you're still having trouble let me know.
  11. If anyone is looking for tips on recent versions two playthroughs are currently in progress
  12. This is a combined release since a critical bug fix solution was found after 1.27.4 was released through the discord. Detailed patch notes can be found below. Changes: AI Changes - Other than cavalry, AI units will no longer try to charge generals. - Improve AI chain charge logic to check for nearby units that are charging or in melee. - Reinforcing AI artillery should now be slightly less likely to walk into an ambush if they can see your units. Balance Changes - Speed bonus from running no longer applies when a unit is exhausted. - Detached skirmishers now have
  13. Some information on a few of the areas you were asking about. There were several phases of testing. Closed beta, the admiral edition open beta, then early access on steam. Lots of feedback was given and many changes made based on that feedback in each of those phases. They didn't end up listing the closed beta testers in the credits this time around, but there was definitely a group participating in that process. There ended up being far less activity on the game-labs forum because the majority of the discussion moved to the game's discord channel. You mentioned that the game should
  14. Sorry for the delay in responding. Training starts are very strong at at the moment so you can't really go wrong there. The setup I've been experimenting with lately is starting with 2 medicine, 2 logistics, 4 trainining, and 2 AO.
  15. If you select two units those two units merge. If you don't select another unit then I think it merges with the first brigade in that division.
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