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  1. I've seen this reported a few times but haven't managed to recreate or find a cause. Will take a look at the battles mentioned. This sounds like a known issue where sometimes when you give an attack order that forces the artillery to move forward they get stuck. I tend to try to avoid issuing orders like this and will usually give new orders or keep a close eye on them if the moving to target notification appears. Not sure what causes this unfortunately. Yes, accuracy affects all 3 shot types as opposed to only the specific ones. Accuracy should really just be called a
  2. No preset perks are used at this time. Named skirmisher units(anything other than skirmisher) do receive a boost to their weapons quality, so they probably equipped with something decent.
  3. Remember the AI scales off your allied units as well. So it is factoring in the dozen or so additional infantry brigades and their men. But otherwise, glad the config options are working for you. Scaling does not affect the number of enemy units. duplicateRandomProbability in the AIConfigFile controls the chance for any given AI or allied unit to split into two. So the chance could be increased to do what you want. However, on larger battles 100% duplication will result in breaking the unit cap and crashing the battle so you would need to adjust it up and down to have full duplication
  4. It sounds like this is partially an army org issue. You really want to be aiming for at least 30-35 units going into Shiloh. A bunch of those can be just 4-6 gun artillery or skirmishers armed with whatever you have left over. It can also be better to have more smaller infantry(1k-1.5k) units as long as you can manage to get them a perk than a few large(2k+) infantry units. Even on legendary you usually aren't outnumbered even 2:1 normally. At least for the first day overall. In the opening phases you will be severely outnumbered until the rest of your corps are on the field. Usuall
  5. I didn't add the groups into the save object, so the solution here is most likely going to be clearing the list of groups on save/load/etc so that they fully reset.
  6. Thanks for the report, will look into this. Roughly yes, except for the allied units where if the alive men give ~25% and the dead give ~15%. I ran a quick test on MG and by not winning distress call, but still playing the battle you'll likely see more reboreds instead of muskets and 12pdr howitzers instead of 6pdrs. Up to you if that is worth the trade off. Personally I'd rather have the career point and increased rewards from distress call rather than slightly better weapons from bull run.
  7. There is not, player micro is required here. There might be some minor improvements that could be made, but a generic solution that covers optimal player targeting would be difficult to implement and likely would differ by situation and player anyways. Sync in this case has nothing to do with networking. It's just a handy term to describe the end effect in the game, which is that something goes wrong and the visual display no longer matches the actual unit location. Add in the whole part where the unit location now covers a quarter of the visible screen, doesn't trigger melee, etc. Sav
  8. If you are devoting that much to making it work then I'm actually ok with it. The problem was that it could be done with 0* units for a flank shot every time previously. The revolvers can deal pretty decent damage, but you have to have the accuracy perks to support it. Which is mostly incompatible with being able to pull off the rotation apparently.
  9. This is on That added a change to allow the ai to rotate as if running like the player would. Maybe with enough speed perks it's still possible?
  10. This was intentionally made almost impossible to pull off. It used to be very easy which made cav of all types incredibly strong against infantry. Maybe check out the sawed offs? Longer range, harder hitting power, 2 shots and still decent melee though worse than the palmetto.
  11. This is most likely just the late campaign. You can nudge the numbers up and down but the defaults determine a lot of it. With very high training values of 80+ you can be facing nearly all 3*s for the later parts of the campaign. It occurred to me that maybe the better values to change in the ai config file is the max unit sizes for the ai. This is probably easier than trying to find a good size multiplier value and would also let you better try to overwhelm them with low quality units. Yes, though it's hard to do well and the controls aren't the most intuitive. With carbine ca
  12. The UI mod is basically the base game with a bunch of bug fixes, quality of life changes, and some minor balance adjustments. The Rebalance mod includes all of those changes but also reworks all the weapons, perks, and career points. It also puts more importance on stats, perks, condition, and morale. Several new systems such as improved surrender/shatter, better AU charge logic, in battle replacements for officers, and increased adjustments to ai units in battles for greater variety are also included.
  13. This is a known issue that I will probably clean up in the next patch. For the union campaign going a bit under on AO and having fewer, but stronger units is also a viable option up through Shiloh so not too worried from a balance perspective. I do want to make sure the deploy numbers actually match though, so that will get fixed.
  14. No, only size scales. Equipment and experience have defaults that are modified by various factors. The only one the player can control is by inflicting as many casualties as possible in prior battles. Scaling equipment and experience based on the player causes all sorts of bad gameplay loops. This is a pretty much unending discussion even in the base game that doesn't try to support both normal and extra large unit sizes. To sort of summarize, I would generally disagree that the scaling punishes the player overall. However, the way the mod handles stats and unit sizes it is absolutely
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