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  1. Adding more battles appears to be impossible so far. No real ability to alter spawn point locations or objectives is the main limitation. We can mess with timing and unit types/numbers so the overall experience of a given battle can be altered decently at least.
  2. There were no damage changes to skirmishers. Detached skirmishers will get stat bonuses to damage but not the parent units perks so their damage will never be great. t1 and t2 general perks apply to the entire commanded corps. T3 applies within the general's aura radius.
  3. 0.6.2 rev.33322 changed the save game structure. The issue I described also occurs with saves from the previous patch, 0.6.3 rev.33327 since the transport was saved with a maximum crew higher than the 0.6.3 rev.33421 minimum. So any change to the crew appears to be enforcing the new minimum and the extra crew vanish unless the action was to send them to reserve(sending to reserve is speculation, have not tested).
  4. The UI & AI Customizations Mod is mostly bug fixes and quality of life changes. It leaves the original game balance relatively intact, though some of the major balance outliers and exploits have been fixed. Past that it comes down to user preference. The Rebalance mod adds numerous features and changes up quite a few things, but it tends to be more focused on gameplay over historical accuracy. There is also a submod which focuses on regiment sized units and is a bit more historically focused which can be found on the mod's discord. All mods are standalone and cannot work together, though many of them share the same quality of life changes. Installs are manual zip extractions or file copying.
  5. Was this on a new campaign or loading up a save from an older patch? When using older patches I was seeing the crew value update to the new maximum if I made any change to the ship.
  6. Detached skirmishers were re-enabled for scouting and screening purposes now that the majority of exploits attributed to them have been fixed. I still use them very rarely myself. Detached skirmishers should be too small and do too little damage to hold off any real force of AI units for very long. They can take a few volleys at most on legendary without shattering. If you've seen different results more specific details such as difficulty, side, battle, and situation would be helpful.
  7. Best experience is usually with a fresh campaign, so if you've got a good one going on the prior version then it makes sense to finish that out first.
  8. It's a beta, finding these things so that the devs can fix them is part of the package. Now that you've reported it they'll get it fixed as soon as they can.
  9. You can basically accomplish this by dismissing the unit with an empty reserve pool, and then creating a new grenadier unit from those reserves.
  10. It sounds like these comments are based on 1.25.2? 1.26 just released and one of the changes is that there is now a stealth penalty that stacks each time a unit fires within a short period of time. AI units are also given a spot bonus when they take damage, so it should be much harder to fire from cover and stay hidden with normal rifles. The latest version also reduced the max player skirmisher size to 750. This is still a bit big when compared to base game sized infantry units, but as you noted it's a compromise so that they can still be useful when 6k units are running around. Max size skirmisher infantry replacements is not something we really want to encourage, so this may need some adjustments in the future if they are still a problem. Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear you're enjoying the mod overall.
  11. While I don't agree on the control issue, if you miss click unintended things will happen, changing charging to require some kind of momentum or build up time to grant the full benefits would be good.
  12. The amount of supply that can be put in each corps wagon is now determined by points in Army Organization and Logistics. 5k can be added per point. After every battle, if a supply wagon is not completely full, the cost to refill it will be deducted from the player's money. This deduction occurs after battle rewards have been given to the player. The cost to refill is 30% - half a percent per point in AO, Logistics, Politics, and Economy. For example, if you have 3 points in politics, 1 point in economy, 2 points in AO, and 2 points in logistics. Each wagon can hold 20k supply. If you use 15k supply, then after the battle you have to pay to refill 15k * (.3 - (8 * 0.005)) = 15k * .26 = 3900 This change has been in the mod for a while and applies to all unit types. What it means is that no matter how many men or guns you add to a unit, you still end up dealing more damage than a smaller unit. Diminishing returns means that as the unit gets bigger you get slightly less benefit for each man added. To make up some numbers: if a unit with 1 cannon deals 25 damage per shot then a unit with 2 cannon would deal 25 + 24, 3 cannon 25 + 24 + 23, and so on.
  13. - This is the first I've heard of relatively small infantry armed skirmishers being that good. Do you have them setup as snipers or are you using them differently? - The 14pdr has been toned down a bit in the recent patch, but it's still probably the best of the 'early' tier artillery. - Eventually I start using the charge perk for some dedicated melee units, but early on as the Union I agree it's hard to justify anything but the accuracy perk. Though once you have a MG in charge of a corps you get a bit more leeway. - Early on as the Union at least 4-6 points in training feels essential. I usually start putting points in other stats instead of maxing it after that though. - Massacres will still be relatively common in the current version unfortunately. There's a larger rework we'd like to do, but just haven't had the time to get it worked well yet. Glad you're enjoying the mod and thanks for the feedback
  14. The latest patch reworked the fatigue system.
  15. They've been trying to quash that bug for a while now. If you didn't report it at the time you can start the game up again and report it now and they'll still get the logs. The most recent update feels like it helped a lot. Still plenty of bugs to quash, but I'm sure they'll get there.
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