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  1. 1) In Steam, right click UGCW and select Properties. 2) Click local files, then select browse local files 3) right click 'Ultimate General Civil War' and select 'show package contents' 4) Select the Ultimate General Civil War_data folder and copy the downloaded zip file here. 5) Extract the downloaded zip into the Ultimate General Civil War_data folder. You should be prompted to overwrite Ultimate General Civil War_data/Managed/assembly-csharp.dll and Ultimate General Civil War_data/resources.assets.
  2. Weapon recovery rates are not currently configurable. The values are definitely in the assets file somewhere but that would involve a decent amount of hex searching to find. The rates do change by difficulty. One of the features I'm testing for the UI mod is a config option to adjust AI unit sizes. This would allow players to play on lower difficulties while generically increasing AI unit sizes to whatever they feel is appropriate. This would likely get included in a future release of this mod as well. None of the difficulty modifiers are currently configurable. These values are also in the assets somewhere. Battle rewards can be changed in the assets. Theoretically additional officers or units could be gifted but it's unknown if it would end up breaking something as we haven't actually tried it yet.
  3. The system was designed around players optimizing xp gain for their officers and has some issues when players are not utilizing those methods. Officer xp gain is based on unit stat gain during a battle. Stat gain naturally slows down the closer to 100 the stat gets. This means that the fastest way to level an officer is to place them in command of a new unit with low stats an then put that unit in position to gain as many stats as possible. Using this method along with other small optimizations it is reliably possible to raise an officer to MG by Shiloh and LTG around 2nd Bull Run. With some good luck you can even manage to have a LTG by Shiloh. There are some changes planned to make this a bit more accessible, but both Jonny and I have had very little time to work on the mod recently.
  4. This happens sometimes and is very annoying. Saving and reloading should stop break the unit out of the glitch.
  5. Very good luck on that infantry unit, I've seen them mostly get stuck doing nothing a few times which certainly helps. Good work on getting through it. AI cav usage is definitely an issue. Haven't figured out anything that I can do to improve it unfortunately.
  6. From when I last played it, the only real way to deal with the infantry is to focus them with as many units as possible, especially the artillery to drive them off quickly. If both rush you at the same time you're probably dead. Your infantry are very good, but you want to avoid them taking damage as much as possible as that's where a lot of your firepower comes from. I tend to leave them in the two fortifications for the extra range, reload speed, and protection. You can usually rush your cav forward to get some free shots on the enemy artillery as it moves up right at the beginning which can help a bit. This can also do odd things to the AI deployment in the south which can buy you some time if it goes well. It does sound like your army setup is driving up scaling a bit. In my old saves I was only facing ~26k and the skirmishers were a more manageable 500-600. It's still an extremely tough battle on legendary though. One thing that can help is restarting until you get a favorable split. If several of your units end up splitting, especially the infantry that can help a lot. Though if those AI infantry units split its probably a restart.
  7. Yes, the values are just straight multipliers. Brigade officer xp was decreased. Corps and Division officer xp was increased.
  8. Another player was testing something similar a while back where the AI units were always max size no matter what. I can't recall if they were on MG or Legendary but they made it through Antietam at least. So it's possible at least, but probably not recommended for most players. Good to hear it's having the effect you were hoping for.
  9. Great! If you run into any issues let me know, otherwise I'll fold it into the released version in a week or two.
  10. It will ignore the force pool. It's a straight multiplier to the number of men in each unit. Can you try a larger number or something like 0.1 to make sure the size changes? If it's not there's either a package or an install issue.
  11. Here is a test version which adds two config options. enableAISizeMultiplier: set to true to enable AISizeMultiplier: set to the value you want to multiply all AI unit sizes by. This will override scaling. Max unit size is still the normal caps. https://www.dropbox.com/s/14xfaxgemw15mzm/CustomizationsModV1.8.2Test.zip?dl=0
  12. 14 is still accurate if you're playing the unmodded game. If you're using either the Rebalance Mod or the UI & AI Customizations mod the size curves have been replaced so that adding more men/guns always results in a damage increase. Diminishing returns do apply though.
  13. The Iron Brigade is a reward for winning Antietam. The only other case where this occurs is for the CSA at Shiloh where you can get Forrest's Brigade. Capturing enemy units will give you extra recruits as a reward, though the max amount is capped at 1000.
  14. Perhaps eventually. I haven't had time to even get back to my Union videos recently though. If you haven't seen it already, check out Fiasco_Games content. He was attempting a legendary run, ran into a dead end and is currently progressing through a MG run. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8mo0bLvCR-45MPnvQtVaJw
  15. Not sure which battle you're talking about? Is this Shiloh? Which side?
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