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  1. It's partially fluff, but it does have impacts on future battles. The recon report army size is basically a snowball factor for the AI. After every battle it goes up from the reinforcements and down from the number of men you kill in battle. There are minimum values based on the timeline so you can't drop it to zero. As a rough guide, you want to try to keep it around the minimum of 50k, but it's also tends not to have all that much impact unless it gets over 100k.
  2. The AI charge logic is based around the firepower and melee power of nearby units. Size influences this somewhat, but weapons, stats, and perks also have a major impact. Generally the only way to cancel charges is to drop line of sight or have more local strength in an area so the AI decides to stop. It's really hard to compare playthroughs since so many factors could be different. Even with values cranked up you're probably only looking at a 2:1 or 3:1 disadvantage at river crossing. Even with base settings the initial phases at Shiloh can have you outnumbered by 5 or 6 to 1. The AI also
  3. This is a bug that is either inconsistent or with somewhat obscure conditions. If i figure out what causes it I'll fix it.
  4. Sorry, I did miss this. @PauldD is correct that medicine only applies at the end of battles, so if you refill between days you'll get less total return out of medicine. Certain battle phases are marked as refreshing ammunition and others specifically do not. The multi-phase multi-day battles are complex enough by the end of the campaign I'm not surprised there are various issues. I've cleaned up a few where I can, but truly fixing it would require a lot of extra work to track various stats.
  5. It can be done, the historical submod goes more down this path. Scaling does take into account the number and size of the brigades the player fields, so roughly if you build small you face small and if you build bigger you face bigger. With various ups and downs depending on battle and specific setups. One of the problems with making this more dynamic is that changing the number of brigades that can be deployed in a battle results in a giant mess of trying to get all the units to show up at the right time. The deploy system is just not setup to be easily adjustable unfortunately.
  6. Will see what can be done when we get around to some kind of bonus system for division commanders. How small are you trying to go? Despite the significant size increases provided by points in AO, there's no need for the player to use those sizes. Would probably need to use configs to reduce the size of AI and allied units if you want to use the absolute minimums. Shifting to a system like what the historical submod for dynamic splitting would unfortunately be quite a bit of work. In terms of # of divisions, you'd probably be more constrained by battles deploy limits more than by p
  7. If you hover over the XP bar of the officer in command of the unit, the tooltip has been updated to show the bonuses provided by battles led. Stacks provide increased XP towards a star, increased XP gained by the officer, and increased command. Moving a higher ranking officer to a new unit or divisional command can be the right choice, bit there is more incentive to leave officers in command of a specific unit for longer periods. Adding new battles or even adjusting the map boarders has proven impossible so far unfortunately. The amount of brigades/divisions provided by AO is se
  8. If they had any prior stacks of battles led, they will retain those stacks when placed in command of the unit again. Not sure what to recommend for '63 onwards, those levels struggle to hold my own interest as well. We are continuing to work on the next version which includes an adjustment pass on all the battles to clean them up a bit and add some more variety to the scenarios. This has been progressing slowly though as it's very time intensive. The CSA campaign up through Antietam is done, but taking a bit of a break before pushing on through the rest of the battles.
  9. Myself and others have been able to make these kind of changes in 1.11 without any issues. 1.10 to 1.11 did feature changes in the assets by the devs, so if you're navigating by offset the old offsets may not be valid anymore. Alternatively, perhaps one of your changes invalidated the asset file? Have you tried restoring your files from steam and retrying with a basic change to see if that gets you working again? Here is a more recent modding guide than the one you referenced that has a bit more detail. You may also want to consider using my UI & AI Customizations mod as a
  10. The reason this occurred is that the 0/20 is actually showing you the total number of brigades from the two reinforcing corps. So it would be more accurate if each slot displayed 0/10. You ended up with 11 instead of only 10 because of some stuff around how supply wagons are handled. I can only change the existing numbers on the deploy screen so there isn't a good way for me to make this more clear unfortunately. There are various exploits around crossing borders and impassable terrain. Trying to prevent these tends to end up causing even more problems that affect units that aren't
  11. This is a temporary fix to resolve a battle crash that was caused by giving detached skirmishers their parents perks. Turns out it has more frequent side effects than we initially realized, sorry for the inconvenience. This will be fixed in the next patch. Which difficulty were you playing on? Usually these units have a high chance of charging when you are using 400 range weapons which fend to have lower melee values. Close is range 100 for artillery and range 50 for other weapon types that display it. Those ranges are basically the peak of the curve, they usually drop down to
  12. Not really, sizeIncrease is intended to be used for custom battles instead of when scaling is enabled. AIscalingSizeMultiplier should allow you to make any necessary changes in the campaign. This caps at 1 FYI This battle doesn't technically scale so those values won't have any affect.
  13. I've seen this reported a few times but haven't managed to recreate or find a cause. Will take a look at the battles mentioned. This sounds like a known issue where sometimes when you give an attack order that forces the artillery to move forward they get stuck. I tend to try to avoid issuing orders like this and will usually give new orders or keep a close eye on them if the moving to target notification appears. Not sure what causes this unfortunately. Yes, accuracy affects all 3 shot types as opposed to only the specific ones. Accuracy should really just be called a
  14. No preset perks are used at this time. Named skirmisher units(anything other than skirmisher) do receive a boost to their weapons quality, so they probably equipped with something decent.
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