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  1. Well... I'm quite hyped. From what I can tell, this game will incorporate an Operational Level between the Strategic and Tactical levels. The Operational Level combines Strategic decisions (such as movement, supply and intelligence) and ties them to the Tactical Level (battles). If your troops don't have adequate supply (food) then you are going to lose men by attrition. You don't have adequate intelligence and you are going to blunder into superior forces. Many games have tried to incorporate the Operational Level in their games and pretty much all of them have failed. As an example
  2. I'd fight it again... and see what happens. Nothing wrong with re-fighting a battle.
  3. If you put more than 3 divisions in the first Corps, the 4th division will not show up for the battle. Essentially you have 2 principle Corps to attack with and they will only bring 3 divisions with them. The reinforcing Corps will only bring the first 2 divisions to the battle. That was a change to the battle set-up as long ago you could bring everyone you could muster and it was quite easy to outflank the Rebs with just the 1 Corps and win the battle. Yep, you can still win by outflanking the Rebs, but it is a much harder proposition as before you can take the main objective, the Reb
  4. If you want to max out Yankee unit participation the best you can do is put 3 divisions in 1st Corps, 3 divisions in 2nd Corps and 2 divisions in 3rd Corps. There are a number of battles which were changed from over a year ago. So be careful which videos you watch.
  5. Hi Mark! Been awhile... hope you are well!
  6. Great use of your sharpshooters and artillery. Am pretty amazed with the amount and quality of these brigades and also your cavalry arm. What I found very interesting about this battle, and which I never thought about doing, was substituting brigades in multi-day battles. Lots of good information here for pretty much everyone to learn something. Well done!
  7. By the time I got to Richmond in my Legendary campaign, I had a full division of cavalry. Though I used them mostly against skirmisher units, they were invaluable for destroying isolated brigades of infantry and artillery. Of course, they are also great for stealing supply wagons. I found in major battles it was nice to put them all into a single division because instead of having to "rope" or click on them individually for control, you only had to click on their division, and all units were selected, allowing greater ease of control. Never thought about trying to charge fortifications en mass
  8. Blackwater Heights: 1st Franklin: I capture 4 3 star Yankee Infantry brigades at Blackwater Heights and 1 at 1st Franklin. In both battles I wipe out the Blue Belly armies with a K/D ratio of a bit better than 5 to 1. My army is heading towards Chancellorsville, but an elite group of 3 star Union cavalry stand in my way at Rio Hill...
  9. LAVA


    Perhaps a little help might solve the problem:
  10. LAVA


    Yep, it still happens. Confirmed with a save I had from my Union Legendary Campaign. Unit stats go wonky if you lose Supply Raid. Guess you are going to have to win!
  11. LAVA


    Could you be more explicit concerning what stats you are referring to? A screen shot of the problem could also be very helpful.
  12. I am heading for Chancellorsville now and I will probably buy more weapons but I don't think I have to if I don't want. I don't expect my army to grow by much for that battle (I have 49 brigades of which I can only use 48). What concerns me is afterwards. I will have to expand my army and my reserve recruits are slowly being depleted. At Blackwater Heights I capture 4 3 star Yankee infantry brigades, but overall my capture rate has been underwhelming, thus leading to a slow but constant reduction in reserves. Yes, I have also had some pretty bloody battles as well and suffered more casualties
  13. Everettsville: Stones River: I am fighting my battles more methodically now. In the Union campaign it pays to play very aggressively, however, in the Confederate campaign I believe you must be more deliberate and seek advantageous situations which are in your favor. Though at this point I don't need to, does anybody believe that at some point one should expend reputation points on men and not weapons? I have economy at 10 and training is almost at 10 as well. I am heading for Chancellorsville and I believe I will be able to equip my army without using the rep
  14. Campaign continues... Note the last 5 minutes of Fredericksburg is without sound... so no analysis of the result there. Corinth: Prairie Grove: Fredericksburg: So... it appears I was able to recoup my army from the bloody battle of Antietam from 40,000 men and 128 guns to 43,000 men and 140 guns at Fredericksburg. My artillery really shined there (especially my 3 star 20pdr Parrot which was whacking the Yank artillery good in counter-battery). With 48 brigades (27 infantry, 15 artillery, 4 cavalry and 2 skirmisher) I am happy where I stand with
  15. So... I had some stuff come up and the campaign went on hold but I am back into the fight. Chantilly: Weapons Factory: Antietam: None are particularly great fights. Overall I am fairly happy with my army. My artillery now has 15 brigades including a 3 star 20 pdr Parrot brigade. I need to upgrade some guns and increase brigade size though. I have 12 20pdr Parrots, 12 24pdr Howitzers, 45 10pdr Ordnance, 33 10pdr Parrots, 10 10pdr Tredegars, 8 12pdr James, 12 6pdr Field and 6 12pdr Napoleons for a total of 134 guns. I have 4 Cavalry brigades, 2 s
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