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  1. The 3rd Rate HMS Agamemnon makes her debut in the Escape from Toulon and captures 2 ships. A fairly short and very sharp battle with 2 French warships suffering catastrophic damage. Really fun battle!
  2. With the Republican assault destroyed, our marines flank the Republican defensive positions to win the battle.
  3. We send in the Marines to support the French Royalists at Toulon. In Part 1 we hold the line against the Republicans seeming endless attacks.
  4. With the help of 2 fire ships I annihilate the enemy fleet. It is a bitter sweet victory though as I am unable to capture any of their frigates and have to do with a large merchant.
  5. In this video I save the Blackpool and capture the USS freedom. With plenty of time, we get a bunch of sailing practice and a little gunnery practice as well. Don't be fooled by the Capture Fisher's House Message. I believe you can just run away from this battle and win a bunch of money. The winds in my favor, however, so fight the enemies lead element and manage to capture a frigate. Then it is time to get away from those 3rd rates pressing down on me...
  6. Hi folks! In this tutorial I will be looking at the relationship between the Admiralty and your Career. The focus will be on officer selection, training and career points. I will also be looking at how you optimize buying and selling items such as ships and weapons.
  7. I lose some good officers and men in the capture of Savannah. All my Marine Corps units survive! Our mortar proved it's worth killing over 500 men and gaining a second star. Notice how I kept my ship Captains out of the fight. Losing them would really hurt and be difficult to replace. 3 more subscribers! Hope you enjoy more of my videos in the future.
  8. This is an in-depth video on what I did in my harbor in preparation for the battle of Savannah. I discuss fleet management, unit creation, upgrading, perks, career points, research and my naval and Marine Corps strategic vision for the future of my campaign. Note there were a number of mistakes in the reconstruction of what I did in my Harbor during the video, but you will see how it actually came out in the video.
  9. Pretty easy action here... almost a give away. I capture 3 prizes, and the 7th Rate Brig HMS Pearl and 1000 ton merchant Whitby are added to my fleet. Now to prepare for the Capture of Savannah!
  10. In this short battle, a heavily armed French frigate, thankfully departs the battle or I would have taken some very bad damage. A premonition of the future?
  11. Playing this game like crazy... luv it! The 5th Rate Frigate HMS Bond makes her debut appearance as we destroy the French and American warships harassing our merchants at the battle of Ontario Express. We also capture the French 5th Rate Frigate L'Ambitieuse.
  12. Fight and win the battle of Filthy Smugglers.
  13. In this video I prepare my ships and troops for the next land battle: Filthy Smugglers.
  14. In this battle I destroy the enemy fleet, capture a large merchant, assault the pirate's haven inland and steal their gold!
  15. Yikes! Tried the land/sea Snatch battle last night and though I won, my Marine Corps of 4 units took a real beating. I thought about bypassing the land battle there, but will try it again with the addition of my sailors. Definitely need to put more resources into my land army in the future.
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