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  1. Very cool. Glad to see you doing this. The personality traits that you chose make great sense. Potomac Fort was awesome. Your use and priority of cavalry coupled with budding up a charge unit with a skirmish unit produces amazing results. I was also struck by your buying of weapons before 1st Bull Run... shows a long term strategy that will bear fruit in later battles. Looking forward to your series. Should be quite entertaining and educational.
  2. Cedar Mountain: Manassas Depot: 2nd Bull Run: Should be fighting Antietam today or tomorrow, so I will see whether this campaign will be more successful than my last.
  3. LAVA

    CSA Career Points help needed

    That's what I thought. Thanks!
  4. So... I figured I get some statistics up to this point. The Union have lost a total of 127,121 Infantrymen; 10,297 artillerymen; 6,727 cavalrymen; 7,045 missing and 410 guns. Total losses including missing is 151,190 men. I have lost a total of 48,352 men and 22 guns. This includes forces not in my army (somewhere around 10,000 men). Including all losses I have a 3.26 K/D ratio. Take away the folks who weren't in my army and it is around 3.94. Got to do better...
  5. LAVA

    CSA Career Points help needed

    Notice how at Gaines Mill all the Yankees are 2 stars. At the next battle (Mulvern Hill), the Union has a couple 3 star infantry, the majority are 2 star, but there a few 1 star infantry and a bunch of 1 star artillery... which I go out of my way to destroy. The problem as you say, is that there are certain battles where you just can't get the result you want... but I believe if you hammer them when you can, you will see a difference. I would also think that though folks from shattered units may not return into the recruit pool, given the AI is playing using the same system as us, then there is a certain percentage of troops being returned to their brigades via medicine.
  6. I dedicate this battle to Pandakraut for all his advice. Thank you, mate! Gaines Mill: Starting to get the knack of using Skirmish units and have also began to use a bit of charge cavalry as well.
  7. LAVA

    CSA Career Points help needed

    Those spreedsheets were pretty eye opening. Back to rethinking again...
  8. LAVA

    CSA Career Points help needed

    Unfortunately, this is not a linear kinda thing, so it is hard to point to firm evidence that wiping out units really has an effect. The waters are muddied by 3 other factors which are not in control of the player... that is first, there are hard coded units which are going to appear, no matter what you do (the Iron Brigade for example), second, troops who survive shattering return to the recruit pool with their experience and third, there are resets when you are doing too well. That is why you might read a captured message which reads "We are sending you 15,000 of the most advanced weapons." Or "We are sending you one of our best Corps from the West." If you watched my Union Legendary Campaign, in which I slaughtered the Rebs at every turn, you will notice that by the time I get to Richmond, though there are tons of Confederate troops, however, the majority of them are one stars. This is much more difficult to do as the Confederacy. For example, when I fought the Battle of Shiloh, I concentrated on preserving my own force and attempting to use my AI NPC troops to do most of the hard work. I caused the Yanks 21,000 casualties, but they had an Army of 73,000 men, the majority of whom were 1 star units. That means that over 50,0000 Union troops (plus who knows how many that survived shattering) walked away from the battle with lots of experience and sure enough during the next 3 minor battles before Gaines Mill, every single Yankee unit was 2 stars. So I wipe them out at 1st Winchester and Port Republic. At Cross Keys I destroy 14,000 of their 20,000 troops. So even though I kill off 34,000 men in those battles, when I show up for Gaines Mill, sure enough, there are all 2 star units. To achieve the results I am talking about I had a 3.1 to 1 kill death ratio playing the Yanks. To do the same thing as the Confederates I believe you must have something like 4 if not 5 to 1.
  9. Yikes! The Blue Bellies are all 2 stars! Port Republic:
  10. The sound is totally messed up. Turn off the sound... sorry! What a shame... it was a really nice game with me staying at distance and using my rifles to just thump the Blue Bellies. I take the city with the loss of 2,025 men. The Yanks lose 10,681 men and 26 guns as their army is wiped out. Unfortunately, I was only able to take 154 prisoners as this scenario normally is an easy one to capture a couple brigades. On the bright side, 4 of my infantry brigades receive their second star. 1st Winchester:
  11. Shiloh: Nothing too daring. Lost 2,900 of my own men. First 3 star Union brigade makes an appearance at the very end of the battle as reinforcements in the top right of the map.
  12. Played Shiloh tonight and will post it tomorrow. Funny, at this point in the campaign I have 2,000 more men than I did when I was playing on MG by mistake!
  13. So... off we go again to guarantee I'm playing on Legendary: Potomac Fort: Newport News: 1st Bull Run: Ambush Convoy: Stay Alert: Was all rather rushed actually (5 games in one night)... but I'm fairly happy with the results although some of the battles were a bit more chaotic than I normally fight them.
  14. Well damn, there is both a good and bad. The good is that the stuff that I started doing about 6 or 7 battles into the campaign, like you say, I can now start right from the start. The bad is the battle of Potomac Fort, but I won that on the second attempt (though by the skin of my teeth). The first battles go rather quickly, so I have already finished Ambush Convoy and headed for Shiloh.