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  1. Here is your problem: You sold the Astarte, which is a merchant, and therefore you received no guns from the sale of that ship. You then bought a 6th rate, and 6 rates require 28 cannons. When you buy a ship it comes without cannons or crew. Since you buy guns by the "deck", you need 28 cannons of the same type to put guns on your 6 rate which has a single deck. When you click on "add cannons" you have a list of cannons ranging from 4 pdrs to 9 pdrs. The list, however, is grayed out because you need 28 of a single type of cannon and not a single type of cannon has more than
  2. The bayonet is an intermediate level research item. Before researching the bayonet (the spike bayonet to be specific) you will still have access to early weapons such as the Sea Service '38 musket with bayonet. By researching Basic tier items such as French Weapons Supply I and British Weapons Supply I, when you get to the intermediate level, you can then research French Weapons Supply II and British Weapons Supply II which will (when combined with the Bayonet research) give you advanced weapons with bayonets. So, no it is not a bug. You do have access to early model muskets with bayonets
  3. What is fairly clear is, the smaller the unit the more likely it will suffer sufficient casualties to cause it to disintegrate. You will thus not only lose the entire unit, but the officer as well. After playing all the campaigns, I was pretty much using only Marine Corps units of 320 men for my land battles. As I look back, that was a mistake. Though you can win almost all the land battles with a substantial Marine Corps, the problem is that every time you capture an enemy artillery unit, it dilutes that unit's manpower by 50 men. The problem with bringing sailors from your warships
  4. We smash the pirate fleet sinking 8 and capturing 5 as the campaign comes to an end. Hope ya'll enjoyed the videos. Big thanks to all the new subscribers! It was quite fun playing the campaign.
  5. Tripoli falls rather easily to my Marine Corps and Fleet. Luckily I capture a 4th rate SOL to make up for the loss of the Constellation! Little did I know that I needed that ship for the coming and final naval battle!
  6. I say Damn the Batteries and ploy into the Harbor and recapture the Philadelphia. Unfortunately, I lose the Constellation! Yikes!
  7. I take just my Marine Corps and barely am able to take the hill and hold it. Still a victory is a victory.
  8. Another crushing defeat as we sink 7 and capture 4. Among the prizes are 2 4th rates and a 5th rate.
  9. With the help of some mercenaries, my 3 star Marine Corps and sailors off the 5th rates USS Essex and Enterprise, we take the crossing, hold it and eventually wipe out our enemy. Casualties were reduced by having Crew Healing at 25%, though we did lose 2 very good Marine Corps Officers.
  10. Outnumbered more than 2 to 1, we crush the pirates sinking 9 and capturing 6. Our prizes include 2 4th rates, 2 5th rates and 1 6th rate.
  11. A fairly comprehensive Port as I sell a 5th rate, bring a captured 4th rate into my squadron, prepare my sailors to keep their 3 perks, reassign officers, and equip my ships with better guns. Later, before the battle, I assigned my Prussian muskets (which I forgot about) and added some modules. Pretty much spending every doubloon I had...
  12. With the addition of the 4th rates USS United States and USS Chesapeake, I sell a warship to get my flotilla down to six, well armed vessels. The following battle at Mare Magnum is a slaughter as I sink 12 ships and capture 4, including a 4th, 5th and 7th rate warship.
  13. I buy a 5th rate to join my small squadron. During the battle we sink 1 and capture 9 including a 5th rate. Unfortunately, I lose the USS Nautilus...
  14. We sink one and capture four during the opening battle of the Barbary War Campaign.
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