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  1. As it turns out the base game update controls are not the issue. I know how to control that. But, as I'd feared its the workshop mods, I run 35 of them on Stellaris, and that's a average to low number compared to others. Workshop mods update no matter what when running steam online. So have to confirm a work-around for that. None of the above addresses what I view to be a GameLabs issue - none of my other Steam games crash like this when I run offline, some of which I haven't played at all. For UA:AoS all I did was check integrity and open it, everything fine, then closed and left it for
  2. LAVA. Thx for response. Will watch video to make sure I'm not missing anything on verifying game integrity. Question on your practice and experience with Steam updates and workshop mods - to confirm my impressions. Do you do this my editing the acf file or through the settings menu? Also, if you apply a time limit window for downloads through settings does that apply to the game AND the workshop mods associated with that game or just the game? - that's my biggest concern - running 35 mods can make the game+mods a bit "humpty-dumpty". Also, if you run steam with
  3. Have had this happen twice now. Don't open the game for a while off-line after doing successful launch, then try to as I did tonight and game crashes to desktop. None of my other Steam games exhibit this behavior, what's going on? I play off-line to avoid the auto-update of other games, specifically Stellaris (lots of frustration toward pdx right now with their endless changes that break the game I like). Is there a way to check steam files without triggering update of all steam games? Wondering if there's a pathway back to playing the non-steam version of this game - was
  4. The strength of the one I quoted is that its a late war (1944) training manual and it walks you through and breaks down all the parts that go into naval munitions and fire control. I've had an interest in WW2 ships for over 40 years - built a bunch of 1/700 waterlines even in jr. high, but this game has really made me realize how shallow my real knowledge was. The really essential books for this game as base source are two of Friedman's earliest ones I think: One on firepower: Naval Firepower One in general on battleship design - this one should be foundational to anything going
  5. It would be helpful for devs to clarify a little more on what is what in our choice of ammo "explosives" as they are now. I can track Lyddite, and Cordite ok - the latter seems more like a propellant certainly than a shell filler. But what is "High TNT" - is that TNT with RDX in it? Tube Powder certainly is traceable and its German, but why does that mean heavier, less ammo det chance, and better penetration? I'd be happy with the devs just giving us more of their rough note research and interpretation on this and why they named stuff the way they did, or just bullet point a little m
  6. Nick. Hope your programmer gets well soon, and hope its not the covid plague.
  7. I agree on not letting it out into the wider world before getting it done in workable form on the campaign. I should think the campaign will have to deal with introducing land, islands, coasts, ect. Unless campaigns are just going to be WW1 North Sea like. The armor system and maybe the propellant/explosive system needs work. Reading up on how real armor schemes were really clarifies the need on the armor system.
  8. Here, Here. This is a big one for the advancement of the game. If the omni-direction-choice is too hard for the above. Might be an idea to trial some new naval missions with developer fixed designs rather than AI fixed designs, so some relatively accurate historical battles might be better set-up. These dev-based ship designs then make a start on getting to a ship design data base - some of the first of these ships, if the battles are picked right can go into subsequent new naval missions of this new type.
  9. Just playing Dreadnaughts vs. Modern Cruisers and have to say the way too high speed issue for AI ships is still alive and well. Plain and simple this just needs to be fixed for this game to be a serious treatment of the subject. You've got BC's going speeds that would make some destroyers embarrassed. Its just ridiculous when combined with their supernatural ability to hit at that speed as well - like they are taking no penalty for that high speed. I'm sure these comments are repeated above, consider them reinforcement to the point. Also think the cruiser modellin
  10. I think the trick on the forward turrets for the US Modern DD problem described is to use the control button and move the forward most turret forward a little, then things seem to work. Nice work on the Destroyers devs. Notice the flash fire effects are quite significant across ammo types - white powder now isn't so perfect anymore. Tube Powder advantages for risk are now more significant, TNT also better that way too. You really take your life in your hands now going super heavy shells as well. Going forward seems like there might need to be some work on matching turre
  11. Appreciate you for keeping to bang the drum on those issues. I'd like to see this game be as accurate as it can be. I remember Fighting Steel Project for it really working on accurate portrayal of gunnery, even with the limits of its graphics.
  12. piotreh1: I'm with you now on the 25% speed move/turning 100% - its the one way to get extra speed and a great turning bonus without burning the improvement slot. Good officers and sword bayonet weapons can get the gunnery+boarding of the hth 2nd level. Well I feel better now knowing I'm not alone on getting 3rd level. Probably going to sell my hth Hermione, so I can get another to get the sailing speed, go hull2-sailspeed3-carriages3, mount Woolich 18pdr-12pdr EIC Carronade combo and crew up to 285 max for boarding, still have good speed. Ship classes - favorites are the Endymion a
  13. piotreh1: I used to not like Porcupines, but then I realized how slow the Cerberus's were, especially when filled up. I like the flexiblility of having the two decks - heavies on the lower, and Carronades up top. Also, found that they can put less burden on your Armory - spreads out the distribution of guns. Your all in and sometimes too heavy or not enough guns with Cerberus's. Too avoid boarding problem on VI I had them already very fast, but loaded them up to max of 210 men, and avoided tangling with the 280 man ships. BTW playing on normal difficulty. Woolich - lighter weight for
  14. Up to retaking Savannah in the American Campaign and concluded the following about ships issued free by Congress: Early on they are welcome and the best you can get, later on they can be a burden. The game lets you sell them and then like every other ship you sell they show up in the Admiralty's assortment and the best available to buy for the most part - nothing much else there. Suggestion. Provide choice at the point where Congress is issuing ships - they can be accepted per current campaign without cost, or turned down for a increase in Prestige points that's boosted by say 50% ov
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