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  1. Halloo admin?? when will be more news
  2. Nick Thomadis can you say something about the Ultimate General Americian Revolution? when will be?
  3. Hi, please more new information about game
  4. Hi when new patch? today?
  5. Darth please add Surrender to game
  6. What will be new in patch?
  7. Hello, when will be new patch?
  8. Game Labs so when will be added new upgrades (Surrendering Units,Unit Formation Line, Double Line, Skirmish, Column ,Wound/Kill Generals,Divisional Generals appear in battle, capture enemy cannons,General Lee and General Meade to appear in battle)
  9. 1)small dead soldiers in melee combat, please more dead. Cavalry also small kill enemy soldier in melee combat 2)please surrendered to soldiers 3)please capture enemy cannons
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