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  1. Should have been a lot easier, nevertheless, I sink 7 and capture 7 to win the campaign. Thanks to all who watched my videos. Hope you enjoyed them.
  2. The battle is kind of a mess, however, we sink 7 and capture 3.
  3. To save the defenders at the fort you need to place your warships in positions where they can destroy the attacking British without having to use any of your crew. With well placed ships, this is an easy battle.
  4. Played at 3x speed we manage to take Mobile. Not my best land battle.
  5. We sink one and capture 4. Our prizes include a 2nd rate, 2 3rd rates and a frigate. Our navy is now a potent force and I expect some excellent battles as we are on the final push of our campaign.
  6. In this escort mission we capture 5 5th rates and sink 2 smaller vessels. Towards the end of the video I give a tip on how to maximize the buying of weapons for the minimum of reputation.
  7. As a larger naval battle rages between the British and French, we attack a flotilla of frigates and are able to capture a 3rd rate and frigate. Winds prevent us from helping the French finish the main battle.
  8. We capture six ships including our first 3rd rate and 3 merchants ladened with 115,000 in gold. Unfortunately, one of my Captains is wounded.
  9. We are ordered to retake Savannah. My Marine Corps, assisted by 4 regiments of French Royal Fusiliers, do so with not much resistance.
  10. We capture 3 frigates and a brig and then run away from a superior force.
  11. Another crazy battle... We attempt to try to capture at least 2 merchants but only get one. We do capture 1 4th rate, 1 5th rate with more tonnage than any of my 4th rates, and an additional 5th rate. At battles end, the USS Bunker Hill is captured in a boarding attempt and we have to recapture here... jeez!
  12. In this tutorial I explain how I chose my officers. This is especially important when you have a new ship enter your fleet of if you suffer a loss of 4 or more officers in a battle.
  13. We capture the merchants Goodwill and Catherine. We then confront the small British Squadron coming to their aid and sink 2 and capture a 5th rate frigate.
  14. We surround the farm and destroy the English garrison. Fairly difficult battle as the Brits are sporting 2 stars.
  15. With a little help from the French, we slaughter the British Fleet sinking 4 and capturing 3, including a 5th rate Hermione Frigate. An easy battle as we had the poor Brits outnumbered and outclassed.
  16. I decide to destroy the British Fleet. We sink 11 and capture 2, a 6th and 7th rate. Interestingly, I lose the USS Spitfire with its 3 star crew from my fleet. (grrrr....) Though I did get to keep the USS Connecticut and Jersey.
  17. This is an extensive port video in preparation for the Battle of Valcour Island. Although you are given 3 ships to fight the battle, their crews are only 1 star. I show how to give them better crews (3 star) and prepare them for battle with the best fighting ships I can. No reason to give the AI an advantage... this is after all... war.
  18. Hi mate, What the guide is trying to say is that (for example) if you put a low ranking major into a unit of 2,000 men, you will see the efficiency of the unit will drop because that officer is not capable of commanding that many troops. In this situation, if you look at the unit, there will be a segment of the efficiency line which will be red. If you mouse over the red area of the efficiency it will tell you exactly that. It will say (more or less) "this officer is too low a rank to command this amount of men". Efficiency represents the overall skill of the unit. If you take a batt
  19. We are tasked with taking a fort on the coast of Nova Scotia. Excellent gunfire support from our fleet makes this battle a breeze.
  20. Assisted by the French we take the town of Beaverdam.
  21. In a desperate move I use my last remaining 6th rate as a fire ship to take down a British 3rd Rate. It's a long hard battle but we sink 2, capture 2 merchants, a 5th rate and 2 4th rates. We also pick up 65,000 in supplies. I can't help but feeling my campaign is on the knife edge of success or failure.
  22. We attack Block Island and successfully capture the port.
  23. We manage a pretty decisive victory sinking 5 and capturing another frigate.
  24. The Divisional commander shares his leadership trait with the brigades under his command. Leadership, of course, is extremely important as it determines the efficiency of the unit. For example, a brigade with 26 leadership and 35 efficiency will operate as if its efficiency is 26. So it is a cap, if you will. Clicking on the info button at the top right of the unit icon will show the units stats during a fight. You will notice that if the brigade has lost its brigadier, there will be a large drop in leadership (it will be shown in red). The remaining leadership is provided by the Divisio
  25. Nope. You have to win every single battle in the campaign. Can't skip any battles be they minor or major.
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