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  1. To anyone still playing UGG, what do you want to edit or add to UGG? I offer no guarantees that I can add it in but any suggestions will be considered.
  2. The Server is down for now. The devs have already been contacted regarding it...
  3. It works!!! Modding for singleplayer also works. Expect something new to come in the near future.
  4. Probably going to be posting teasers here and there... Feel free to put thoughts on this...
  5. The Lorenz and Enfield are import weapons and thus cost far more than buying other home made weapons.
  6. Repeating weapons are assumed to fire all of their rounds in a volley, hence their high damage, and then they reload their full magazine. That reload usually takes just as long as reloading a muzzle loader.
  7. Small update. - Weapon tooltips have been updated to show a damage range instead of accuracy low, hi, and base damage. - All weapons now have a Range Damage Multiplier section which shows the modifier applied at short, medium, long, and max range. Cannon will also display the modifier at 100 range. These provide snapshots of how effective a given weapon is at various ranges. - The player's skirmishers on hold position will now fire at units in range when hidden without a direct fire order.
  8. @saintpietro Read through this guide to get started. Especially the posts by Tokiedian. It is what I did when I was first starting. Panda knows more about the Assembly stuff though.
  9. I think the enhanced version requires its own scenarios, the base game scenarios will not work with them. If anyone wants to play a play by email game let me know. Here is one of the custom maps:
  10. Due to some forum shenanigans that I know nothing about, I put the downloads to dropbox for now until the forum fixes itself
  11. In regards to officers demoting, I changed the officer rank experience requirements but did not change the reputation officer experience. Currently they will be displayed as whatever rank they are in vanilla. Brigadier and above will definitely demote as their experience requirements are higher than vanilla. It is safe to say that unless they are already colonels, they will be demoted by the game due to them not meeting the experience requirements. Again this only applies to reputation officers or if you load up a vanilla save game (you can do that by the way and nothing will break (I think)). This will be changed in the future but I plan on doing something other than officers for rewards.
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