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  1. Agreed. For the Leopard DLC to be available "in November" (as we were originally told), it would have to be released either today or tomorrow (Saturday). If it's not going to be released in November, someone needs to come out and say "it's not going to be released in November."
  2. It would seem those fingers being crossed were unsuccessful. Unless they intend to drop a DLC on a Saturday.
  3. So much for the Leopard DLC coming in November, unless they plan to introduce it tomorrow (Saturday).
  4. I have the same question. There is a high amount of interest in the appearance of this vessel, if the daily inquiries in the PvE GB national chat are anything to judge by. The last information we had, however, was "sometime this month." That's a fairly broad window.
  5. Thank you for the pointers on the clans. I'll see about tracking down some people to speak with. As to the number of enemies online during low ebb times, I did realize going into this that I would probably run into that issue. I'm not a morning person, however, so I usually work the afternoon 1330-2230 shift. Which is why my week day online hours are so wonky. Thanks for the question: I hadn't thought about it when I made my original post. Trade and missions are my usual playstyle but I'm looking to get engaged more with hunting (probably on the weekends, when my hours are more my own and not dictated by work). I'll keep your offer in mind, as well.
  6. Hello All, As the message says, I'm a U.S. player (EST, GMT -5) looking for a clan to call home. Owing to my work schedule, I'm particularly interested in clans in the British or Dutch nations with an active presence on either PvP 1 or 2 during late-night hours (2330-0230 my time) - but not to worry, on the weekends I keep more reasonable hours. I've been playing Naval Action since January and am extremely familiar with the sailing, combat, and economic mechanics of the game (in other words: not a rookie). Looking forward to hearing from clans with open slots on their roster. Stewart Latham
  7. I think this should merit consideration, given how very little attention is being paid to the server overall. As I have pointed out elsewhere, the PvE server often gets the "short end of the stick" when it comes to implementation of new mechanics and features - most of which seem to be ill-thought-out with consideration to promoting activity on that server and retention of an active player base.
  8. When someone asks "what does the pray button do?" in nat'l chat on the PvE server.
  9. I would personally like to see a feature added that is specifically targeted to the PvE server. Judging by what I've seen in British national chat, a strong portion of the PvE playerbase feels the same way.
  10. On which server? If your response is "all of them," then no. Why does the PvE server consistently get the short end of the stick because the PvP'ers decided to whine and complain?
  11. I'm not so sure about this. Yesterday I fished up a bottle while going to a mission, then came up with another bottle while returning to port (after looting the first wreck), and then came up with a third bottle while taking a frigate on a long-range (about 50 minutes) trip to a remote outpost of mine. Today I moved a different ship to the outpost for some trader hunting and was surprised to find yet another bottle in the hold when I arrived at my destination (the joys of afk sailing). My luck with bottles has never been this good before.
  12. I would suggest that clear communication from the dev team is also required as we move forward. Many players I've spoken to on the PvE server had seen Admin's ambiguous post concerning the presence of AI fleets, and were confused as to whether this was going to be a combat event or simply raiding derelict ships on the open sea.
  13. Judging by the considerable fury in the British national chat on the PvE server, I'd say people are a little irked at sailing from all over the map to find empty wrecks.
  14. I have to say that I agree with the idea of a treasure fleet, but to be fair anything would be better than what happened today.
  15. The only naval MMO I've seen different from this, in recent memory, was Pirates of the Burning Sea. Given that the devs have suggested they are trying to make a better game than PotBS, I'm starting to wonder just what their experiences in that game were like. Were they pirates solely in the red all the time, or did they do missions as well?
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