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  1. Just thought I might give you guys a heads up from what I just found. A game in the same genre by a Russian company who make games like Blitzkrieg, might and magic and silent storm. I hope they do not cause you any copyright issues if they still own the rights to the earlier game they published and it's name. Perhaps change the name early on before release to avoid any issues or confusion? http://en.nival.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_Legends
  2. I just read some more of the website and am very excited.
  3. Very happy with this games announcement. I have not played monkey island or any of the other patrician games etc. This though being simulator like in nature sounds like something I can enjoy learning about the running of a ship, navigation and other things from. My kind of game. A game where reading and real world knowledge are useful. Are their any plans for COOP? As in friends being able to jump into each others campaigns with an extra ship and hunt together. A while back Napoleon Total War had a feature where players could "drop in" to a persons campaign as the enemy player to make things interesting. It used to be fun to invite your friends to critical battles because the total war AI was pretty dead pan on it's own. It would even be nice to be given "invitation popups" every now and then to merge campaigns for a mission as enemies, but that would be hard to synchronise. Alternatively it could be a diablo style 4 player coop experience with a town that had a community to trade and talk with? I don't know. I am just thinking that playing a single player game usually get's lonely and if you have friends (like me), you want to play with them. But you don't necessarily want to be stressed by PVP professionals. So single player is good from the perspective of not being ganked, but it is bad from the perspective that their is no real social interaction. One of the things I most liked doing in NA was chatting over text with the community while sailing. But I guess time compression will stop that need. I am trying to figure out whether, without a social aspect, I will find this game interesting enough to play "on my own" for "lonely hours". But I really appreciate the advantages that single player offers. I am probably ready after retiring from PVP in NA. I hope their is an opportunity to be the "good guys" rather than just a raider/pirate/privateer. Hunting enemy privateers without having to raid innocent shipping or simply being in the navy and earning renown points and prize money rather than looting ships would be very cool and give the opportunity to experience the running of larger warships. Perhaps in one of the DLC campaigns? I need to read the website in detail yet... something fun to read at lunch P.S. It is a great shame that NA mechanics are considered sacred and cannot be changed even when the community is getting something new to play with. I do wonder if this game is replacing NA2 or whether NA2 is being developed separately. EDIT: I just saw this pertaining to my coop request on the website: "*Multiplayer (co-op or vs players) options might get added at later stages. " Also “ Other players might visit your world depending on your profession risk and Karma” ” Egalite Multiplayer* Equality in PVP with 100% elimination of ganking Raid and Invade Based PVP Events Company based conquest events and missions Large battle events PVP Progression Duels with consequences”
  4. Excellent stuff. I have to say. Being able to craft ready to go ships makes me more likely to go back to PVP.
  5. Love this idea. It would mean alliances change depending on player numbers in each faction at any given time? If so that would solve a lot of op faction issues. It could even use rank and pvp kill stats for inline players to determine alliances.
  6. I am just going off what admin said about any progression causing outrage over having to grind again, which is what officer or crew progresssion would do. It would cause some sort of new grind to stay competitive. I’d love it which is why I asked.
  7. A couple of questions: 1. Has there been any work on changing the boarding system to 3d animated combat that would also have the benefit of being less ping reliant? The reason I ask is that your new single player game sounds like it may incorporate such a system that I hope could be ported in some form? 2. I take it officer and crew progression is now discontinued because it would br a form of progression? I guess as you say, this is for the best. 3. Does the bew single player sea legends game mean no naval action 2 is on the cards? Med and north sea would have been a great next theatre for na2? If so would you consider making sea legends coop? I find it hard to put time into games which I cannot enjoy with friends in some way.
  8. Amazing news!!! Great to see this game still going strong. Plus we have those other things like the battle sails mechanics to look forward to before the end of the year from the "development plans for the second half of 2019"?
  9. Are you pvp or pve promarily? i do see your point about community. But believe that a greater number of players not playing at the moment because of pvp may have the chance to benefit from a long pve server which is a more friendly version of pvp. Hard core serial trader and seal clubbers would stay on pvp where they can do that I would say.
  10. Papillon I am a Vice Admiral on PVP and have done my share of PVP on the PVP server. I no longer have the time to manage the whole PVP server and it's resources. I just want the odd PVP fight. When I want it I want the PVE time I have been spending to be able to be utilised. Essentially I want the community and the worry free trade with a little consensual PVP on PVE for when I have the time. You see on PVE there are a lot of ships that are plain useless because their is no need for speed, no need for anything really except Hull points. It would be nice to be able to need to use all types of ships either against aggressive AI missions or by taking them into some consensual PVP. On the PVP server however. I can never log off when I want. I always end up playing for hours more than I have. Which starts affecting real life.
  11. Because all our resources are on the PVE server. Including the ships we would want to use.
  12. My point is that if you want the odd fight or even just for a taste before moving to PVP you can try it there. Nobody else has to sail in the zone.
  13. It's always fascinated me how the Kormoran won this combat. I would like to try this in game, especially at range. I think in the real battle the Sydney got really close and thus was torpedoed and hit by the same calibre guns as it's own? In practice both died. A Cruiser struck down by a merchant raider (Q Ship) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_between_HMAS_Sydney_and_German_auxiliary_cruiser_Kormoran
  14. I'd much prefer to do it in the patrol zone open world style though it must be said. Don't really think it's good for the game to stay in port and never show your face.
  15. Alternately on the PVE server could we perhaps have the old in port PVP battle queue? Remember when we used to be able to join a PVP battle with a British lions or french fluer de lis flag by clicking a button in port and getting a battle?
  16. If their was a flag for pvp or peace on the pvp server traders would not be killed anymore. Because all trading would be done in peace. I don’t have a problem with this as I don’t think the trading is working very well. I think most trading on pvp is still done with no escort and knowing they are no contest dead if caught. Which happens a lot. So people are basically just giving away kills knowing no help will get to them in time. They may as well have a no pvp flag on them. You could call it a flag of neutrality. The reality of this conundrum though is that there are a lot of people that love attacking trade. Perhaps a better idea would be to have a killed once a night perk. Which only allowed traders to be killed once each maint cycle to let them get on with it in peace. On warships I guess a flag allowing pvp or not would be great. Allowing both pvp and pve populations to co exist. You want a peaceful night of fighting ai in your limited game time window. You can now do it. Blood pressure too high, doctors says you should stop playing? Now you can. When you want to join pvp to help the nation? Untick that pve box. Practical or a dream? It would certainly make for less targets for the hunters on pvp. So probably not practical.
  17. I would have said that Loki being non-consensual PVP is not a great example or test of the peace server populations keen ness for some PVP. A fair few of us from when I have been talking would not mind the consensual PVP zone opened up. But I must admit a fair amount are also solidly against a move like this. Why? I think because they think it will bring disruptive personalities from the PVP server. But I do not think that will affect people too much unless in chat other than making people stay away from that little PVP zone circle. Where those of us who like a bit of PVP dabbling may choose to meet and duel there. Leaving the others in peace to trade and fight AI in peace. I would also venture that things are not so black and white (PVP or PVE). There are a lot of people who are not for or against PVP or PVE. Liking both. But more in the middle ground like me (these days I cannot even make PVE port battles most times) when it comes to wanting to choose when they have the time to have a PVP battle. Hence the PVP zone on the peace server idea. My 2C anyways
  18. I would also love to get hold of your sources fluffy fish. edit: and they magically appear above. I must get the above book. However of the admiralty reports exist for the ships of Nelson they must exist for the entire fleet? I have robert gardiners book on frigates and it has some speeds but nothing comprehensive. Surely somebody somewhere has access to those admiralty records. Fluffy Fish, I am particulary interested in merchant ship performance with and without cargo in this era. I have a friend who says with cargo ballast, a lot of cargo ships perform faster with cargo than without by design.
  19. Koltes are you saying you would prefer instead of gusts that the open world have different wind speeds and weather that moved around the whole map? This could also then have speed modifiers for small or large ships applied for different wind strengths.
  20. He sail "almost gale" most likely meaning the upper limits of what it is practical to sail in?
  21. I also seem to remember reading that part of the problem for Frigates in Gale force winds is that they must shorten sail a lot more than SOLs or risk losing their masts. P.S. It makes me happy when you mention NA2
  22. Koltes the example I remember was one of a 74 catching a frigate. "A spectacular proof of their value came in september 1806 when Sir Samuel Hood in the Centaur led the Rocheford squadron, which included three other large 74s, in the pursuit and capture of four 40 gun frigates; in heavy weather even frigates could be over-hauled by Large Class 74s." From: Warships of the napoleonic era, design, development and deployment by robert gardiner.
  23. That is a shame. US Military playing pirates is also a bit strange . I guess sometimes you have to play the bad guys. But that is not a conversation for here. I understood thr pirates were collapsing anyways. So I doubt even if they say, that it was just these game changes.
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