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  1. Nice. https://www.sea-legends.com/features-1 Geography High quality historical locations Locations during testing and development British channel and Parts of the North Sea Parts of the Mediterranean On release the game will feature North Sea with its countries Mediterranean with its countries
  2. Just read about the payment model for this single player game. I must say I would rather pay a set DLC fee for things rather than subscription. But if the in game currency is easy enough to maintain for things then I don't mind.
  3. Just thought I might give you guys a heads up from what I just found. A game in the same genre by a Russian company who make games like Blitzkrieg, might and magic and silent storm. I hope they do not cause you any copyright issues if they still own the rights to the earlier game they published and it's name. Perhaps change the name early on before release to avoid any issues or confusion? http://en.nival.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_Legends
  4. I just read some more of the website and am very excited.
  5. Very happy with this games announcement. I have not played monkey island or any of the other patrician games etc. This though being simulator like in nature sounds like something I can enjoy learning about the running of a ship, navigation and other things from. My kind of game. A game where reading and real world knowledge are useful. Are their any plans for COOP? As in friends being able to jump into each others campaigns with an extra ship and hunt together. A while back Napoleon Total War had a feature where players could "drop in" to a persons campaign as the enemy player to make thing
  6. Are you pvp or pve promarily? i do see your point about community. But believe that a greater number of players not playing at the moment because of pvp may have the chance to benefit from a long pve server which is a more friendly version of pvp. Hard core serial trader and seal clubbers would stay on pvp where they can do that I would say.
  7. Papillon I am a Vice Admiral on PVP and have done my share of PVP on the PVP server. I no longer have the time to manage the whole PVP server and it's resources. I just want the odd PVP fight. When I want it I want the PVE time I have been spending to be able to be utilised. Essentially I want the community and the worry free trade with a little consensual PVP on PVE for when I have the time. You see on PVE there are a lot of ships that are plain useless because their is no need for speed, no need for anything really except Hull points. It would be nice to be able to need to use
  8. Because all our resources are on the PVE server. Including the ships we would want to use.
  9. My point is that if you want the odd fight or even just for a taste before moving to PVP you can try it there. Nobody else has to sail in the zone.
  10. It's always fascinated me how the Kormoran won this combat. I would like to try this in game, especially at range. I think in the real battle the Sydney got really close and thus was torpedoed and hit by the same calibre guns as it's own? In practice both died. A Cruiser struck down by a merchant raider (Q Ship) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_between_HMAS_Sydney_and_German_auxiliary_cruiser_Kormoran
  11. I'd much prefer to do it in the patrol zone open world style though it must be said. Don't really think it's good for the game to stay in port and never show your face.
  12. Alternately on the PVE server could we perhaps have the old in port PVP battle queue? Remember when we used to be able to join a PVP battle with a British lions or french fluer de lis flag by clicking a button in port and getting a battle?
  13. I have to say I am surprised nobody on the PVE server would want this? When I was on I got plenty of agreement in PVE global game chat but I guess none of them post here.
  14. Just thinking in relation to my other PVP zone topic, that it would be fun to be able to take a specific type of mission that made the AI aggressive towards you in certain circumstances. They would ONLY CHASE you. Conversely missions could make the enemy could run away from only. Some example missions I can think of: Enemy AI chase mission - Any enemy Cerberus in the OW will give chase to your ship. But your ship only. You must be in a 6th rate or lower. You cannot be in a trader. Enemy AI chase mission - Any enemy nations ships will attack you and give chase regardless of the s
  15. This would have an impact on port battles and such that are coming I would think
  16. I just found out the PVE server used to have PVP missions which used to work fairly well according to those on the PVE server. But that they were removed. So I have some searching to do on the forums here to see what happened exactly. I am guessing it would have been really early.
  17. It's always been a problem getting the balance between PVP play and peaceful resource gathering and AI farming right. I tend to want to do what I have time for. If everybody was allowed to do that I guess their would be no easy targets for the commerce raiders and no 2hr chase by any defenders. Not that their are usually any.. This is why in PVE I would like to do peaceful resource gathering and AI battles while having the option to fight any who wanted to do PVP in the patrol zone.
  18. Yep. You are right. Seems it has been discussed before. Should have checked. Additionally Admin seems to have rejected a very similar idea before in the other thread. I am left between two worlds, too casual (nothing really challenging) or too professional (massive time commitment) for game modes. I will continue to follow and play with interest because I love the game though. I own every DLC available
  19. Because on the PVP server you are not going to ever stop the trader ganking, time chasing, time being ganked along the way etc. On the PVE all I want is a gentlemans agreement to have the "option" to fight other players for fun when and where I want. That is never going to happen on pure PVP.
  20. I am having a rest perhaps never to go back to PVP for now. Because I simply do not have the time to waste chasing and getting held in battle repeatedly and losing time as traders are attacked etc. It's fun but gruelling, you cannot be AFK for the hours of trading, you must be watching constantly. When in battle you must be alert for unwelcome visitors that you cannot see coming in the open world (although if you attack larger ships this is fine). I notice that most of the good players make their money by ganking traders constantly. Rather than fighting warships, which they run from. But if ev
  21. Insurance would pay you and the pirate would deliver the goods and get paid as well.
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