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  1. @Borch, I did not know that there were even 6th rate weeks. As the reset hasn't happened yet, I checked and it does say 'weekly challenge for rank 6'. This does not explain what I remember from the week before, which I am pretty sure was a Rank 7 week but I will need to check in forthcoming weeks. I think you have mostly answered my question, so thanks for that. Please keep the thread open though, so I can report on the result of the rank 7 leaderboard, in case the top players are still managing results higher than 1200BR over 10 kills.
  2. I have done the weekly light ships event a few times few months ago. Iirc I think I got placed on the leaderboard but around half way down, using a WO/WO privateer with carronades and sinking Mercury, Rattle, Navy Brig and Snows (all 60BR each) to give me 600 point for 10 battles at the end of the week. This seemed a decent reward for the time spent, with better players getting the better rewards; and I am not skilled enough to take on bigger targets. The guys at the top of the ranking were getting circa1200 points for 10 battles and taking on better ships. I had a look at the leaderboard
  3. A visual identification chart is a great idea for out of combat learning, as is a one page sheet for quick reference in game. Would love to see this implemented.
  4. Bear in mind that the questioner is a total landlubber. I have had some replies from chat but there is conflicting information. The Trader Lynx has 8 sails. I would like to know what each of these is for the purposes of game function only, not real life naming function. This is to better know which sails of the 8 it has will benefit from staysails books and which will do so for squaresails books. Eg the 'Treatise on staysails' In my mind a triangular sail has 3 points and a square sail has 4 points. The upper sail in between the fore and aft mast on the T Lynx looks like a triangle b
  5. Some mixed messages there but Admin suit is trumps. GB player's name was James Northington iirc, so sorry for not getting involved. Hopefully you got away anyway. I do have one follow up question for the @Admin. If my T Lynx has no cannon then how do I attack and fight the Russian two decker. Ramming or boarding are all I can think of.
  6. As a GB player in an unarmed TLynx in Yucatan channel heading NW to Tumbado, I come across another GB ship, running from a single Russian both out of Tumbado heading E. They have both picked up a wind boost. Ships are quite close to each other but outside tagging distance. Am I allowed to tag the Russian even though I have no intention of fighting him, in order to delay him and allow the GB ship to run clean away? Ships were two deckers.
  7. Stuck on loading screen again.
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