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  1. @Borch, I did not know that there were even 6th rate weeks. As the reset hasn't happened yet, I checked and it does say 'weekly challenge for rank 6'. This does not explain what I remember from the week before, which I am pretty sure was a Rank 7 week but I will need to check in forthcoming weeks. I think you have mostly answered my question, so thanks for that. Please keep the thread open though, so I can report on the result of the rank 7 leaderboard, in case the top players are still managing results higher than 1200BR over 10 kills.
  2. I have done the weekly light ships event a few times few months ago. Iirc I think I got placed on the leaderboard but around half way down, using a WO/WO privateer with carronades and sinking Mercury, Rattle, Navy Brig and Snows (all 60BR each) to give me 600 point for 10 battles at the end of the week. This seemed a decent reward for the time spent, with better players getting the better rewards; and I am not skilled enough to take on bigger targets. The guys at the top of the ranking were getting circa1200 points for 10 battles and taking on better ships. I had a look at the leaderboard
  3. A visual identification chart is a great idea for out of combat learning, as is a one page sheet for quick reference in game. Would love to see this implemented.
  4. Bear in mind that the questioner is a total landlubber. I have had some replies from chat but there is conflicting information. The Trader Lynx has 8 sails. I would like to know what each of these is for the purposes of game function only, not real life naming function. This is to better know which sails of the 8 it has will benefit from staysails books and which will do so for squaresails books. Eg the 'Treatise on staysails' In my mind a triangular sail has 3 points and a square sail has 4 points. The upper sail in between the fore and aft mast on the T Lynx looks like a triangle b
  5. Some mixed messages there but Admin suit is trumps. GB player's name was James Northington iirc, so sorry for not getting involved. Hopefully you got away anyway. I do have one follow up question for the @Admin. If my T Lynx has no cannon then how do I attack and fight the Russian two decker. Ramming or boarding are all I can think of.
  6. As a GB player in an unarmed TLynx in Yucatan channel heading NW to Tumbado, I come across another GB ship, running from a single Russian both out of Tumbado heading E. They have both picked up a wind boost. Ships are quite close to each other but outside tagging distance. Am I allowed to tag the Russian even though I have no intention of fighting him, in order to delay him and allow the GB ship to run clean away? Ships were two deckers.
  7. Stuck on loading screen again.
  8. Be cautious of what your cream tastes like - there are plenty of turds that float on the surface. Why did the developers drop the idea of having the new player area on the Pacific coast? Was it too difficult to code, or is there another explanation? It would seem a lot simpler to do it there than in the Bahamas.
  9. One of the things I found refreshing about this game, was that the developer would post in threads himself, rather than using a PR/media hireling to do it for him. This gives a level of honesty and openess that was a change from all the silky tongued PR bullshiz that most seem to spout, with paragraph after paragraph of words but all of them devoid of any solid meaning. Honest jack-tar, rather than effete dilletante. I appreciate the candour. PS: If one thing this thread has achieved, it is to remind me that I have not bothered to write a review for the game and that if Steam ratings
  10. This is not an issue for Tribunal. The devs have defined this issue in their 'How to Tribunal' thread as: 7) Scammers - Currently condoned pending mechanics to follow later The intention here is merely to name the scammer, so that some may avoid him. Scammer advertised his wish to sell labour hours in British port chat. Player called Jack Dam traded with him and lost cash/materials. Scammer gloated about the scam and several previous scams in national chat. No action or comment is requested other than to be aware that the player is a scammer.
  11. I use the colour blind setting. I think it makes a difference in the battles but tbh the world map is horrendous. So many indistinguishable pastel colours - there is no chance to see which nation owns which port. One thing though is that the developers are including a colour blind mode which at least indicates that they are sensitive to the issue. Hopefully your concerns will be taken seriously and they will develope this function.
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