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  1. You left GB when it was losing all its ports to Spain. Left Spain when they lost all their ports. Now back to GB. Your leg to stand on doesn't exist. Hypocritical Hardy.
  2. Will this DLC come out before the much needed content patch?
  3. Adios from the VCO boys. It's been boring without you. PS santa marta was an inside job PSS - hello kitty this mouth breather PSSS - Go Giants
  4. Then lets make it happen while we still have some player base left.
  5. Honestly why even bother with suggestions at this point? 4 months we’ve been waiting on changes that were needed on day 1 of release (if not sooner) and we’ve had little to know word on them. Devs rushed an incomplete game doomed to fail so they could cash out and work on other projects. It’s obvious. As for your suggestion, the only way to make this game competitive is to trim back the nations considerably from 11 to 4 or 5 and hope the critical mass of population can fill battles and keep each other going.
  6. Worst part is devs have been aware of these issues since week 1 of release (really beforehand) and we're still waiting on patches. I suppose if they bleed away players....they don't need to support the game anymore. Already got our money.
  7. I don’t blame anyone for showing up or trying to find content. Greg was merely using that as an excuse for why other nations don’t attack each other... which is a crock of shit. With 11 nations and no hard coded alliances and less than 1000 folks in the game....we are diluted and content starved. It’s simply a fact. frankly the only thing at this point that could save what pop we have is if the nations were cut back or some sort of built in alliances were introduced. With the front lines bullshit I don’t even think smaller BR battles would help at this point.
  8. Because those nations have, at some point, shown up to screen at Russian PBs. Cause and effect. If you don't want to be screened out by Russia....it's quit simple. Don't screen against them.
  9. Personally I think this mindset is exactly why we're in our current situation. Too many nations ONLY want to fight Russia. Very little content is being made in the game that does not involve Russia. Everyone else gets bored. So instead of smaller nations fighting a similarly sized opponent, let's use Prussia and Spain for example.....you either ignore or quasi-ally with those who would actually make a good opponent to create content with and then sit around and wait, eventually quit, waiting for some big massive Russian offensive. Want to fight Russia? Go leave your current nation and go
  10. sometimes I hate being right. BL4CK gone after a handful of months. Koltes will be soon. Pirates in worse shape overall. #thankskoltes
  11. If this is indeed LuckyL, this isn't his first or 2nd rodeo. He's actually been warned by @admin to stop griefing. Here's one from recent memory. I know there are others. He also used to amuse himself by staying in port battles for the full 15min duration after the battle was over just to deny the other side entry into the port. ---- As to the realm of screening, the goal is to deny the enemy entry into the PB. Lot's of grey area here. What I do know is that this guy is a 1st class troll who is incapable of winning actual PVP fights and has been warned before for doing sim
  12. I'm told it was an ego fest between Koltes and 7grams. Koltes left BL4CK to make RAVEN or whatever it is, 7grams opened all pirate ports they owned and quit the game. Saviors of the pirate nation.
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