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  1. Now now one mustn’t tell lies. I’ll send you to detention with Professor Umbridge. That user was expelled from Hogwarts and his wand broken. You can keep prating on about the not protecting capitals all you want. It’s not the communities job to ensure new players stick around. Retention is a game design issue. Or lack of one in this case. You gank noobs 3 to 1 in the Bahamas We gank 3 to one outside KPR. Same shit Let’s give the current status quo a good month or two. We’ll see if the hit factory has staying power and we’re not back to similar population levels. I suspect it will, though Id be happy to be wrong. I have a hunch the devs should have listened to the “should be” crowd, as you put it. But we’ll see.
  2. As predicted, in mere hours the vets were out slaughtering players in DLC ships. The Capital protection squads everyone claims will happen, haven’t. The current in game system of clan owned ports specifically pulls people away from capitals and offers no incentive to safeguard them. Safezones were implemented horribly and as is tradition in NA, with the least amount of manpower effort needed. A true fleshed our safezone that is actually safe would be invaluable to the community right now. But nope. As we’ve seen patch after patch the NA community will eat itself from within via Capital ganking and winner take all zergs on the RVR front. You can’t blame the players for playing the game. It just isn’t designed like a proper MMO and will continue to bleed off critical mass.
  3. While the final exam isn't really difficult, I do feel like the tutorials beforehand do a poor job prepping for that exam and the 4 previous trials. Presumably the tutorial, Exams and Final exam are the first couple hours of a new player's NA experience. While they may seem trivial to us vets, I'm not so sure a new player with 3 hours experience is really ready to tackle cheating AI. If a player that just picked up your game has to search for youtube for a video in the first couple hours of gameplay you've perhaps failed at the tutorial. It's been suggested on here before, but never really got much traction. Tutorials, Exams and Final Exam should all be separate of each other and come into effect in various stages of gameplay. Tutorials get the captain on the water and teach them how to navigate and open outposts/buy stuff. Player gets a rank or 2. Exams come into play as that player graduates out of cutters. Final exam gets them into frigates. Also the final exam should give a ship that is not already a DLC one.
  4. All this lack of advertising and updating is ruining my ability to make new players quit in game
  5. Seems like the Dutch became a decent sized zerg, maybe now someone will have the RVR presence to fight Russia rather than picking on the bones of GB and Pirate noobs. Server spread is a lot better than it used to be. For now.
  6. A potions professor can surely handle being a forum moderator right?
  7. Good news. NA website was updated yesterday/today 🙂
  8. Sigh. 7:30 EST on a thurs. no love left for the US players.
  9. The screenshots I have of you talking to certain members of ours about not wanting to join pirates with us because “WO will fight us no matter what nation we join” must be a figment of my imagination then. You remained US and continued to help them by......quitting. it’s been a few months since we’ve seen you on dude. Welcome back. All talk and no walk Budgie. Always saying who everyone should be fighting, but when it comes to being the battles you’re always absent. Anyway, Good to see you back in game again. I hope you stick around this time. We extended a hand to you a while ago to come over pirate with us, you chose to just whine about fights you’re never in anyway. You won’t be extended another opportunity to join us this time around. Best of luck in the US.
  10. Ah Budgie. The guy who wouldn’t join us because he was too scared to fight WO. Then criticizes us when we stopped fighting WO. Drink a coopers and make up your mind mate! Rule #1 in The Art of the Deal.... be open to all deals. We’ll deal with anyone and everyone. Provided they don’t like mayonnaise.
  11. Utter domination of the frenchies at cap francais. LV in his prime
  12. Trying to satisfy both has been this games biggest issue. Attributes from both types of games don't really mix and the line should have been drawn somewhere 3-4 years ago when it was decided what time of game this was going to be. It's a shame legends was kind of a half baked idea and didn't really work out. It would of been nice to have the ability to please both types of game play without having to develop both into 1 game.
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