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  1. oh Admin is I'm sure, well aware of the problems with the current game. How could he not be with every third post on the forums complaining about it. There's not much profit in him changing things up however, so why would he? They've got our cash. and our DLC money and because most of us are stupid we'll buy the new Leopard DLC and use it until the population dwindles as he intends while we wonder why our purchases are not being reinvested back into the game.
  2. Well, we’ve been requesting pirate changes for 3 years. Maybe if it involved a DLC we’d get something.
  3. RIP to the last unique thing about pirates. #justanothernation
  4. Guys...Don't worry. After 2 long months your concerns and feedback have finally been answered. You asked and the Devs have delivered........a new DLC ship for you to pay for.
  5. Ed Rose, could you please report your involvement in the Benghazi Attacks?
  6. First we whine about no fights. Now we whine when there's fights we didn't want. Sometimes I wonder how much more peaceful this game would be if PVP and RVR was restricted to certain zones/areas/regions on the map in a system similar to what most high level MMOs have out there.
  7. Atreides seems like a fun guy to have a parties...
  8. PVP turned into a merciless gank fest the moment they introduced pvp marks/pvp rewards. Game was designed to look good on a handful of player's streams and screenshots, everything else is just chaff.
  9. The most active time period of RVR in the game was probably during the fine woods/alliance period right before the wipe and server split. 25 on 25 1st rate battles happened multiple times daily. With a population significantly lower than our current one. Major changes since then? No alliance system, significantly higher cost of crafting ships, 3 more nations, absurd repair/mod meta, PVP rewards. All of the above have contributed to the decline of this game and RVR in particular. The days of stamping out 10 Oceans for a PB the next day and easily filling it with 50 players outside screening simply don’t exist Why they were changed, I have no idea. The focus of NA seems to have shifted towards more of a warships style sink everything arcade with horrible ROE and high level content created by devs that don’t understand what the concept is. I miss the Castries battles with 50 1st rates inside and 200 screeners outside with both sides trying to stop each other. Somehow with cheap ships and no timers we had 10x as many battles as we currently do despite all these “great” changes. Changes requested by many in this thread. The high BR PBs isn’t really the issue. It’s the fact that filling those battles is now a chore and only done by those clans dedicated enough to do so. The lower BR fights helped with the current system, but bringing those back would be a bandaid on a wound that needs stitches.
  10. Good thing no fixes are in the works. But you do get to pay for a new ship soon. Priorities.
  11. There's a pirate port in the shallows right now with a 1-4 timer. Why haven't you attacked it? US have evening timers. Why haven't you attacked? Plata has evening timers. Why haven't you attacked? WO knocks out GB evening players a week into the release. That GB clan says yea no thanks to the zerg and swaps to another nation. WO then allies with the US and uses US/Prussian and even a couple swedes to screen while attacking Pirate ports, including a main crafting hub, then that pirate clan says no thanks to the zerg and swaps nations. It would seem that you've allied with the majority of the US time zone players in the game and then bullied the remaining ones to other nations. Now you weep for a lack of content. It's astonishingly ironic. The only constant in all of these scenarios is.......you.
  12. Whether or not that was a "promise" could be open to interpretation. I can appreciate the complexity and man hours that was involved in creating the paints/DLC, but it's not like these were made for free. It was a paid DLC after all and it seems it was a pre-funded DLC. Apex Legends is F2P and makes it's money off cosmetics and various loot boxes. Naval Action is not F2P. I fail to see the correlation.
  13. any BR updates to PBs on the war server? I hate being that guy, but another ship that we have to pay for is cool and stuff....but we REALLY need to have a little more balance to RVR while we still have a pretty good mass of population interested. just my 2 cents
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