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  1. Yeah LokiRune players rocks! Nice golds from fight what I was thinking of NPC fight! Thanks!
  2. I have had most fun time ever in Naval action so far. I honestly wish we all can concentrate to have fun together playing game. I honestly belive that is our all aim and goal. All the best for HAVOC and Sweden for their efforts to defend San Juan but naturally i wish you lose as i see Sweden as my opponent at the moment. I wish you get now good fights and RvR what you lacked in Denmark and what i do admit i would like to experience as i havent done that and i am new in game but i need to find some other means to entertainment myself ingame playing game.
  3. Please see our updated officers and contact persons from above post and direct any DNP discussions and requests to that threat.
  4. [DNP] Danish Norwegian Privateers Founder January 30th 1764 Charter: To seek out enemies of the state whereever we may find them. On the open seas, to their home ports. Never rest, never waiver. We are international, multinational english speaking clan fighting for Denmark-Norway in PvP server. We have both european and USA timezone players but most of our players come from Europe/northern Europe. At the moment we have 5 ports in Virgin Island territory. DNP tries to be active and participate to common Danish-Norway activities, Open water PvP fights or raids or just doing some experience gathering for new players. If you are new player looking to get into game or old player looking for challenges welcome to talk with one of our members or send PM to leader of one of the oficers ingame! Scaywave Leader Svennik Svendsen diplomat Powder Monkey diplomat Shellback diplomat Officers - eurotime Aquatol Spy vs Spy Captain Vay Sorata Officers - US Timezone Shellback We are using Discord and/or Teamspeak for communicating depending of activity.
  5. There is never absolute NO in world of politics and diplomacy and unexpected alliances can be forged during darkests hours, new or old friendships formed again. I will be watching with great interest todays Port Battle of San Juan. I hope there will be stream available. If yes please let us know address. I am sure the is great interest to watch it.
  6. Always a difficult choice (even though you can purchase Profilic Forager and have your name&nation changed) It depends really what you want from game. If you are looking PvP and want to go to PvP server Biggest and mighties PvP nation is Russia so if you wish something easy then go for that Dutch, Great Brittain, Pirates and maybe Sweden after HAVOC clan switch there from Denmark and are nations what can do Port Battles (RvR PvP) and fight for the ownership of ports. I am not sure about USA, probably it should be categorised as smaller? Then there are smaller nations where you will also have fun time if you find good group of people: Denmark-Norway, French, Spain, Prussia and even tiny nation of Poland-Lithunia where people mainly concentrate levelling, trading and doing PvP on open waters what you can do perfectly even in smaller nation. I dont think any nation turns down new players Advice from another new player. Do tutorials and final exams and try to find good clan to join in nation chat. Final exam is difficult but there are YouTube tutorials of it. It will give you nice amount of equipments and rank to command frigates instead of grinding through first levels.
  7. DNP - Danish-Norwegian clan PvP server recruiting. International english speaking clan. Most of the players from europe. Few US timezone players.
  8. Yes, we are still active and visible in Denmark-Norway mighty fighting force. All talks of our death has been premature and we feel thankfull to be able to greet all new players joining Denmark-Norway armada. We are not most experienced or best players and we dont have best ports or biggest income but we have medisterpØlse, smørrebrød and Albani beer and some fun players. We continue fighting to last man standing on a main moonsail!
  9. This is not nation based game but clan based game. Mechanism of this game is extremely broken when clan switching nation can stop rest of the nation clans to defend ports they have owned by removing them from their friend lists. In most of the games that would be exploiting game mechanism and stopped by game mods.
  10. I think Swedish are still licking their wounds as their "major fleet" trying to troll both in Global chat by BORK members and sailing to Jan Juan trying to get it blocked got ganked and sunk by even mightier and double size Danish armada. San Juan cove was full of Swedish ship pieces. I think water level raised at least one meter because of crying Swedish seamen. BORK was awfull quiet in Global chat after that and didn't respond proposal to do it Saturday again. I wonder if that was best what they can gather in Sweden because we had even in DNP more people online same time as what they could gather for joint effort by several clans.
  11. So it was you, treacherous swedes who broke deal and attacked even pact was made? I think if you have played MMO's expecially with this type that you cant control all players what they do, expecially if they don't belong to certain clan. And anyway I go again back to that point that I find it very amusing seeing people raging in global chat if they lose ship in game where purpose is to make naval combat with other players.
  12. Umm, ok I am new in game, just 3 weeks and I did not see these events but why on earth people complain in PVP server if they get attacked? You do realise my syrströmmin smelling neighbour that it is PvP server and purpose is to fight against other players?
  13. At least what I can say that Naval Action works smooth with my i5-9600K and ASUS 2080Ti so cant be anything specifically with RTX series cards.
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