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  1. Retaking the XP thing: League of Legends made a wonderfull solution for the leveling on the accounts. Before you would hit level 30 and get stuck there, with the new changes they made leveling something that wouldn't end. This means you can get to level 456465456415645456 and you will still be leveling. Every level you rise up, you get some reward and every 20 levels you get a bigger reward. We could have something like this in game, of course addapted to a nice XP/Lvl ratio and every X levels a nice reward. This would give the XP some use beside opening slots on ships and it can be a nice way to spread special paints and ship notes (Diana)
  2. VOX, SH and LIBRE: Hey, let's flip some Russian ports because we are mad about some Santi lost in OW PvP. Russia: I didn't want to attack you but since you're doing this ok, let's do this. HAVOC: Damn russians you bullying the small nations.How could you be that evil?
  3. Hazte un PC con los componentes, no te compres una torre directamente ahí en el mediamarkt o sitios así que te timan de lo lindo
  4. Todo no, se ha cambiado el sistema sin avisar a nadie y ahí están las consecuencias... Muchos puertos sin timers.
  5. Update: Today I went back to the guy who checked and ran all the test on my computer. The BSOD was killing me today, whenever I started Naval Action I'd get blue screened even before I could select server. It was almost mathematic = I start NA and I get BSODed in the server selection screen. So I went back to the shop where they checked the PC and they could see the BSOD themselves. They decided to check the OC settings in my motherboard and disabled the "Intel Turbo Boost". Right now I've been already 10 minutes into the game and no BSOD at all. I'll keep checking.
  6. Sure I'll try as soon as I can I will try to remove all my GPU drivers but I've always been in the latest version. Right now 436.30
  7. Yeah, everything seems to be correct. Will try both and see what happens. Thank you very much for the answers guys!
  8. Sorry yea, it's a RTX 2060. But this is weird as hell because I've been using that GPU since February and I had never had any problem with it and Naval Action. That GPU is the only thing I kept from my previous PC. Did you have the exact same problem? BSOD and whea_uncorrectable_error? Thanks!
  9. So hello everybody. 2 weeks ago I upgraded my whole computer. My current set up is an i7 - 9700k, z390 MSI Gaming pro carbon and I kept using the RTX 2060 I bought on February. For some reason I'm getting Blue Screens while playing Naval Action. After I spent more money getting my pc checked by a professional who ran some test on the PC and told me there was nothing wrong hardware wise, today I took it back home. So I installed steam and went straight to play Naval Action. After a while playing, I started a PVE combat and after 10 mins of fight my PC shut down. This time my screen went grey, the pc restarted itself and since I was in a combat I hurried to log in NA again to save the ship. As soon as I started the game I got the BSOD: whea_uncorrectable_error. This has been happening to me for 2 weeks already and I don't know what to do, I've checked every hardware, reinstalled Windows several times but it keeps coming again. Everything is updated and today I tested playing other games, The Division 2 and some League of Legends. So far the PC hasn't crashed. Hope you guys know something about this! or where to start looking for! Thank you
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