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  1. I like the ideas. PB and PZ are not funny as they are now. And i like big fleet battles! I really do, but circles... schrinking zones it reminds me WoW. WoW shall stay WoW, and NA shall be different. Longboats, landing troops... It should look like that.
  2. Do you mean lets say... Premium -payed accounts? I'd buy one to keep devolpement running. Many new-commers like to start from Trade missions, being sunk one time after another. I think it would be nice to be abble to act as "Convoy escort". I see it like this: You take one ship to Fleet - an escort. Than you sail away in 1Fleet setup. After being ganked there is possibility to alied players to jump into escort Vessel - so she no longer is AI controlled. more PVP, less harmfull for traders, easier for newcomers. Other idea is to introduce Mercenary system to PB's.... some nations have money but no warriors.... Why not to buy them from others?
  3. Dear Developers First of all, I'd like to thank you for giving us this great game! I am truly amazed by all the work. I hope you want to continue good job. If you're interested in some ideas regarding game-play, and game itself here you go: Ports: - It would be nice to have some life in ports, isn't it? Tavern - where some melody comes from. Some drunken man thrown away from the brothel, A lady somwhere, Monkey... Life of the Town by the sea. All Ideas regards PVP server: Ships: - Ships are great thing in the game, but isn't sailing a little bit to safe ? Under rough weather sails may broke down, cargo may move from one side to the other and change balast. Of course crew shall react to it, but loosing part of supporting lines may force you to sail down or upwind - temporarily, to allow the crew set a new rigging. Enviroment: -Heavy hurricanes with huge waves, from time to time. With all the difficulties. I see it so: Ship wents automatically into "battle-mode" storm hits the ship. Now, all the trick is to avoid a hit by huge wave from ether of the side of the ship. Sails dropped down to avoid mast damage... Fight for life, against the nature. - Islands... They're pretty nice, but there's no life. Maybe adding some local population will be possible? Missions: - We all do like campaigns, aren't? so... How about a mission available in Port to take. "Captain - on the Caribbean Water there's a excessive piracy activity! go there, and hunt down Pirate group under the command of (in)famous Bartholomew Roberts. Sounds nice... But where the hell can we find a Bartholomew Roberts? here we go :-) In some Caribbean port appears the mission: "Did you ever imagine how it was to be a pirate? In these mission you'll became a famous captain Bartholomew Roberts. On your map, will appear from time to time a position and heading of a trader ship (it shall be player trader on trader mission) go and intercept the ship. Mission shall be well payed in Dublons and Reals. A Ship allowed for the mission, shall be up to 6th class, since pirates used mostly Brigs, Sloops or Brigantines. .... Now it's clear, that our pirate hunter shall get some directions too. How about giving our captain on a pirate hunting mission a tip about a trader ship which is under a threat of attack? He shall see his position on the map, doing effectively an escort mission. A Ship used for this mission shall be not bigger as Cerberus ( again - form purely Historical reasons). Mission shall be payed in Chests (Books, Ship Upgrades). Eavents in game Games MMO/MMORPG use to use a "special events" to keep players attention. So: 1. How about organizing " Trafalgar Battle" in a anniversary of these Battle? Give players a reason and place to fight. Give them some prize to win :-) 2. How about getting old captains alive again? Nelson day, Jean Bart day, Admiral Spiridov day ... For example a Nelson Day could be: Britain gets for that day a special mission available in every British port. for the day all the port battles are suspended, to let the players concentrate on the event. After taking a mission player gets a location of fleet concentration area. After concentrating number of the ships they shall be grouped in a fleet automatically. On the OW map appears a battle area - your task is to control it. When opposite fleet arrives in area (the players shall be grouped in only two fleets British/French in these case to avoid chaos) a sword -battle sign appear at sea and fleets are joining the battle! 3. There must be some ruler of the sea. It seems to me, that today a "Российский императорский флот" Rules the sea. There's no doubt about it. It is amazing to see their huge fleet in action! (However it costs me sometimes a ship :-D) I think they deserve some special attention. - Profits from being a ruler of the sea: once a week there shall came a huge AI fleet from the side of open sea. Big and medium sized trader ships loaded with gunpowder, guns, updates, rare wood, tools, prisoners for slave-work and anything what a Russian colony may need. The convoy shall be marked on the map and appear - For Russians to protect, and for others to attack :-) Convoy shall be created as a group 10-20 ships with 2 ships in fleet in every of them. ...... Convoy arrives the port then it's loaded with gold, silver, dublons, slaves and sails back - again under an escort. So there are two separate events For the time of an event, PB and hostility shall be suspended. 4. In a real life, progress has a natural coefficient, that stops every conquest. It's logistics. Currently there's no such thing and the Port once taken regards no attention. There's no need to keep some forces in it, cause it can not be attacked and lost. I see the reason, and I agree - chaos is the last thing we need, but... Every conquest shall has it end and it shall be natural. There are some ideas: - Robbery. Every port may be robbed. I see it like these: Two frigates are approaching port X. After hitting a button Enter port X (just like we use to do it normally) there appears a battle. On the anchor stays a group of AI ships. now the balance faktor: If in last 2 months of a Open World game time a frigate (lets say) Cerberus entered and stayed in port - there's one Cerberus protecting. If there was 10 Trincomalees - well... the raiders are very unlucky, if in last 2 months (again game time) no warship entered and stayed in port there's no protection. Battle is automatically won. If the battle is won, it gives acces to a port, and raiders are entering harbor. There appears only one active icon - "Enemy Warehouse" - it's a summary (or average if u'd like) of every Warehouse in these port, including dublons and Reals of Clan warehouses in these ports. Of course amount of money taken by raiders shall be lost by clans owning the port and all players having warehouses in it. Given time period of 2 months is just a suggestion. In the end it shall be very dangerous and risky mission. Only possible to do, if a port is unused and not maintained by owners by a longer period of time. 5. I would like to have a possibility to name a ship i produced / bought / boarded... Please Again. Thanks for a game given to us With my best regards Mamertyn
  4. Probably I'am alone with my wisch, but i do like to have possibility to name my ships. I mean... Every ship is different, some has earnd a proper names:"I'm alone", "Armageddon", "Acheron" 😄
  5. Thanks for good wishes! @Johny Reb: Weekends we use to play late in the night. So we might to see us :-)
  6. Hello Captains I'm XO of the new Clan in NA. Our adventure with NA has just started, so you may say that we're bunch of newbies, however.... There's many years of playing Arma/ Sturmovik/ SH3-5 and other games that connect us. Naval Action creates multi-threaded virtual reality that we always looked for. There's only three of us and.... so far we want to stay like this. We want slowly train us in naval tactics and create some infrastructure, before we start inviting some new players. There's no secret, that currently we seek for strong alliance to take part in conquest, and to help develop a nation we play, soooo.... We're asking politely of of support from stronger clans, and for access to investments in some port. Short about us: ZBD - "Zaloga Bialej Damy" We come from Poland. Getting into account a historical background of the game we decided to play as part of French nation in the game, we know consequences. The name of our clan is a tribute to Polish most beautiful sailing ship "Dar Pomorza" ("Gift of Pomerania"). "Zaloga Bialej Damy" means "The crew of a White Lady" - since "The White Lady" was the common name of the ship used between her crew. Any allied captain, can feel himself free to call us for help if we're in the area. We're good guys. I wish you all a strong wind... Since wishing a "good wind" was actually an offense in age of sails. "Good captain can always make a use of strong wind. Only unskilled captain needs favorable wind." >>Cpt. Mamert Stankiewicz << With my best regards Mamertyn Edit: We're glad to inform that The Clan ANCRE added us to Friends. Thanks for support guys! We'll do our best to be as much help as we can.
  7. Witam Jestem XO nowego Polskiego klanu. Dopiero zaczynamy przygode z Naval Action, jednak laczy nas wiele lat spedzonych wspolnie w Armie/ Szrturmowiku/ SH3-5 i wielu innych grach. Naval action tworzy klimat i wielowatkowa wirtualna rzeczywistosc jakiej zawsze szukalismy. Jest nas tylko troje i ... Na razie chcielibysmy aby tak pozostalo. Chcemy powoli sami (korzystajac z bardzo licznych pomocy na forum i YT) ogarnac sobie wlasna taktyke walki w grupie nim zaczniemy przyjmowac w swoje szeregi ew. nowych graczy. Nie ukrywam tez, ze poszukujemy obecnie silnych sojuszy z innymi klanami. Krotko o nas: ZBD - Czyli "Zaloga Bialej Damy" Nazwa klanu nawiazuje do najpiekniejszej polskiej fregaty "Dar Pomorze" pieknie opisanej w ksiazce K.O. Borhardta "Znaczy Kapitan". Biala Dama, to potocznia nazwa tego pieknego zaglowca. Majac na wzgledzie kontekst historyczny gramy w nacji Francuskiej i jestesmy w pelni swiadomi konsekwencji. Latwa sciezka nas nie interesuje, a rozwiazywanie problemow to czesc gry. Polskie statki handlowe i slabsze (polskie) pojedyncze okrety wojenne nie beda przez nas atakowane. Puki co nie stanowimy wielkiej sily, ale rozwijamy sie. Szukamy sojuszu z silnym klanem. Silnych wiatrow! Z powazaniem Mamertyn
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