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  1. I like the ideas. PB and PZ are not funny as they are now. And i like big fleet battles! I really do, but circles... schrinking zones it reminds me WoW. WoW shall stay WoW, and NA shall be different. Longboats, landing troops... It should look like that.
  2. Do you mean lets say... Premium -payed accounts? I'd buy one to keep devolpement running. Many new-commers like to start from Trade missions, being sunk one time after another. I think it would be nice to be abble to act as "Convoy escort". I see it like this: You take one ship to Fleet - an escort. Than you sail away in 1Fleet setup. After being ganked there is possibility to alied players to jump into escort Vessel - so she no longer is AI controlled. more PVP, less harmfull for traders, easier for newcomers. Other idea is to introduce Mercenary system to PB's.
  3. Dear Developers First of all, I'd like to thank you for giving us this great game! I am truly amazed by all the work. I hope you want to continue good job. If you're interested in some ideas regarding game-play, and game itself here you go: Ports: - It would be nice to have some life in ports, isn't it? Tavern - where some melody comes from. Some drunken man thrown away from the brothel, A lady somwhere, Monkey... Life of the Town by the sea. All Ideas regards PVP server: Ships: - Ships are great thing in the game, but isn't sailing a little bit to safe ? Under ro
  4. Thanks for good wishes! @Johny Reb: Weekends we use to play late in the night. So we might to see us :-)
  5. Hello Captains I'm XO of the new Clan in NA. Our adventure with NA has just started, so you may say that we're bunch of newbies, however.... There's many years of playing Arma/ Sturmovik/ SH3-5 and other games that connect us. Naval Action creates multi-threaded virtual reality that we always looked for. There's only three of us and.... so far we want to stay like this. We want slowly train us in naval tactics and create some infrastructure, before we start inviting some new players. There's no secret, that currently we seek for strong alliance to take part in conquest, and to help d
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