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  1. Love everything about this game. Last Thursday, due to the long server down time, was the only day I have not logged on and played since release. My thanks to the Devs for putting together a game that beautifully simulates a topic Ive been reading about for 40 years.
  2. When i first started playing after release i used the Fishing perk for over a month. I only found 2 bottles the whole time. I stopped using the perk and i started finding bottles all the time. Couple of weeks ago i found 4 bottles in one day. But i played damn near 20 hours that day. (Ive played over 1,300 hours since release) Shallow waters around islands seem to yield the most bottles. Based on my experience i would say the Fishing perk does not help with finding bottles. Its all about getting lucky and doing a lot of sailing.
  3. Well, the beauty of MMOs over solo games is that you have deal with other human beings. If you don't know how to be diplomatic - if you just go around pissing other players off, with no regard to the wishes of other players - then you will have to pay the price of being ostracized. We have enemy players coming into our ports and placing low ball contracts on all our important resources. Only makes sense to me that the port authority would have control over port business transactions. If you do something to turn the port owner agsinst you, then thats own you. It just doesnt seem right to me tha
  4. Enemy players and alt players are setting up contracts in ports trying to commit economic sabotage. Port owners should be able to cancel contracts in their ports. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the response. It think it's caused by minimizing the chat box with the curser still in the typing field. I found that if I open the chat box, click on the text box to put blinking curser in text field, then click the OW screen to remove the curser and closing the box restores the keyboard to OW function. So I think the problem is caused by not exiting the text field before minimizing chat. Love this game! You guys did a great job. Congrats.
  6. I've tried it all. I verified on chat that others experienced the same problem before posting it in the forum. Sometimes, if i wait long enough, the keyboard functionmight come back. Usually, i just log out and sign back in; it's quicker.
  7. Keyboard stops working after using chat in OW. Only key that works is the Escape key. I have sent a dozen bug reports about this. Please fix this. It happens ALL the time.
  8. Or they could combine the 2 on the PvP server and have a "Cartel Ship" dlc available which prevents the players ships from being attacked by other players. I have nothing against PvE, to be honest, so far I've basically been playing PvE on the PvP server. I just think an Arena option would help keep the game alive and atttact new players.
  9. I'm playing US and I can sail up and down the coast in relative safety. Yes, there are enemy ships cruising and I have lost several traders to raiding, but that is to be expected when your nation is at war. I complete way more missions unscathed than sunk. I don't travel far from the US, but if I'm a noobie sailing an unsecorted trader full of valuable cargo into the heart of the Caribbean then I'm asking to get ganked. I have never been attacked coming out of Charleston. Being ganked has not been a problem for me in the US, but maybe ganking is a real problem for other nations. But before we
  10. I'm good with OW. I'm an Age of Sail hobbyist and this is the game I've been looking for all my life. I just want to immerse myself in the world of sail. I don't mind the sailing grind. However, I get that this is not what a lot of gamers are looking for - they want Arena style immediate combat. Every day when I log on I see the PVE server population as Low. So why not just do away with it, and use that server for arena combat. When you log on, you can choose OW or Arena. Advertise NA as having both an OW and Arena option. I believe the Arena, along with OW, would make money. I don't see mysel
  11. So, if I vote for the bottom one Im voting to keep it as is? Not sure what you're asking.
  12. I've been on WOT for 2 years. The entire time - from day 1 - people were saying it was a dying game. Still seems to be going pretty strong to me....
  13. Finally - a reason to actually use the Twitter account i created 5 years ago and never use.
  14. Yes; and in the Battle of St. Vincent 4 merchant ships carrying mercury (which the Spanish fleet was protecting) were thought to be SOLs by the British and it influenced where they struck the Spanish line.
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