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  1. Thanks for defending us, tough to defend ourselves when Admin banned 90% of VCO.
  2. I agree. They can release redeemables for the rank XP increments.
  3. Hell even make the max rank a year wait for the hibernating crowd...cya in a year!
  4. I guess so. I haven't invested the hours other people have so I feel more for them. But I don't want to be forced to PvP because Combat Orders are gone, or I could spend hours chasing around Open World ships or one of 250 people that are online. I get that Combat Orders made it super easy to get XP, but for the more casual player that was nice to be able to hop on for 30-40 minutes and grind, not stare at the ocean in an empty server for that long. But hindsight is 20/20...if you upset your supportive player base and they all quit, you don't have to support the game anymore. Win win perhaps?
  5. Not all MMO games do this. And the ones that do I'm sure didn't guarantee to allow testers to keep multiple aspects of their progress and later down the road renig on that guarantee.
  6. Well...reviews are supposed to be truthful. I'm not going to lie.
  7. Well, if the company would like to renig on their statements and promises, can I renig on my purchase? Conveniently not.
  8. I thought commander XP (rank) was not going to get reset? Or will it get returned upon release?
  9. I don't think it is smart to poke the bear when you can only defend 2 of 7 days a week.
  10. I mean technically it was a question in response to a request.
  11. Strange...I recall seeing a different post just a few minutes ago and now it is gone.
  12. I mean isn't this the reason we have a test server? To avoid the issues on the live server?
  13. Yep...I thought about it too. I know that the whole concept isn't to have stuff inland, but it would be nice in the future and would open up more opportunities to add new things.
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