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  1. It's EZ having ports make you money for no effort.
  2. I think the hostility part of the map may be broke...but maybe just me?
  3. It would work but would get old quick without massive content being pumped out. I remember when World of Tanks was Germany vs. Russia and I played the absolute crap out of it back in CBT. Now it's just blueprint tanks nobody's ever heard of, or money grab paint-it-black copies. WoWS is kinda better at it but it's also much less popular.
  4. I think it is quite clear that the Dutch can give Russia a decent run for their money, and generally it looks like they can field larger/more numerous screen fleets. The difference is Russia is attacking stuff for content and the Dutch are not. It would be the same narrative if the Dutch were steamrolling the map.
  5. And some of them can be pretty decent. I got a Fir Fir 3 slot Ocean and a Fir Oak 4 slot Ocean...no port bonuses of course, but really that's not a half bad ship and you can toss some cheapy mods onto it.
  6. Not really. For me it is impossible to have crafting homes, resource ports, and 'fun'/strategic ports with only 8.
  7. It's been suggested before, but can we have some options with free towns? Either make them free by default or give us a couple extra "free town slots" for outposts? So we could have 8 regular outposts (where free town outposts can also be built) and 2 free town outposts. More content and such...
  8. Ooph
  9. Oh the irony.
  10. Fort will always attack the attacker, not shoot at the defending side.
  11. I agree with Snape...don't get us wrong though, we appreciate you streaming the PBs. The thing is, PBs and large-scale battles (like the Carta screening yesterday) have to be streamed differently than normal hunting and PZ stuff. Most people just want to see the roster and as much of the action as possible (obviously tough to do when you're still alive and trying to command your own ship). I say this as a person who can't even stream port battles due to frame rate so...take it with a grain of salt. I appreciate the effort though (and thanks for streaming GT)!
  12. My request before it was 'released' was give the people participating a couple chests or something...gold/silver...at least it's 'somewhat' worth their time. /shrug
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