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  1. I have always said it should be free of charge to switch to a 'lesser' nation. That is how it was in Uncharted Waters and worked well. DLC would still be used to go 'up', but it is free to go 'down'.
  2. I think you forget the other half of the story which includes BL4CK paying Spain to take it, then using alts to intentionally die in hostility missions. Then BL4CK owns it but loses Santiago de Cuba, has a intra-clan fallout and splits up, quits the game, and opens up all BL4CK owned ports for all to use. Also, that is incorrect. Nuevitas was always able to be pulled along with George's Town and Morgan's Bluff. For proof:
  3. When we went to Russia we did not bring over the main Pirate crafting port, no. When did the clan that you used to be in do this? I don't remember bringing any ports over in our switch to Russia.
  4. Kind of lame to take the port with you and screw over the rest of your nation, or what's left of it. At least some ports are now 50 points.
  5. The wind boost should be for traders only. Why in the world would you allow 1st-3rd rate ships to get uber speed boosts like that?
  6. It's EZ having ports make you money for no effort.
  7. I think the hostility part of the map may be broke...but maybe just me?
  8. I think it is quite clear that the Dutch can give Russia a decent run for their money, and generally it looks like they can field larger/more numerous screen fleets. The difference is Russia is attacking stuff for content and the Dutch are not. It would be the same narrative if the Dutch were steamrolling the map.
  9. And some of them can be pretty decent. I got a Fir Fir 3 slot Ocean and a Fir Oak 4 slot Ocean...no port bonuses of course, but really that's not a half bad ship and you can toss some cheapy mods onto it.
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