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    Clan Flag DLC

    If you give freedom to flag design, it's going to be abused and create a ton of legal problems. Swastikas, dicks, hammer & sickles, abuse... You know, the stuff kids need to look 'cool' and show the emptiness of their heads. So whatever solution we'll come to, it has to include a check by devs for keeping the game clean.
  2. In case nobody found that before: Upgrade "Fireship 1-3rd" refuses to be traded by contract. It simply won't appear in the list of upgrades you have when you are trying to put it on the shop. Unspecified "Fireship" does. Don't know if behavior also acts strange for "Fireship 4-5th" or "Fireship 6-7th" as I have never seen such, but should be checked as well.
  3. Cetric de Cornusiac

    New officers and crew mechanic idea!

  4. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Port BR's reduction / RvR alliances

    There have been suggestions for organizing RvR, diplomacy, binding policies for nations. Fighting alts, spies. People argued in favor of their "freedom" and clans being the rule. So live with the consequences of your bad decision. Clans rule. Means chaos on the national level.
  5. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Ship Crafting RNG, Good or Bad?

    You are probably surprised now but I like this! Reflects very much the tinkering and related risks. Sometime you improve the object, but you may also mess it up completely. Great!
  6. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Ship Crafting RNG, Good or Bad?

    For me unpredictability is a game asset. Few games manage that satisfyingly. It's done nicely in NA in a number of things being random. Like the outcome of ship building. But I think the chances to get a high-end quality ship should increase with skill of the shipwright, so a level 50 crafter has a higher percentage for achieving golden class ships than a level 20 builder and so forth. And I suggested sometime earlier what shows up here in comments, thus supported by me, that you could "refit" an existing ship by another upgrade slot when you invest your time and resources in it. Or just do another throw of dice for a price which may result in the upgrade slot being added. -- Imbalance? No. Everyone who crafted long enough can obtain such a ship. A PvP fighter or a PvE player. Or economist. Or someone returning to game after a year of absence, with skills returned to newbie status. Everyone.
  7. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Cannot progress on War server

    No it isn't. Stop treating it as second class asylum. Number of people are indeed happy there. And it is wise of Admin to acknowledge their (our) right of existence there, finally. I read that with pleasure, after someone on PvE pointed at it.
  8. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Sealed bottles

    Certainly got sold by newbie who does not know what to do with a bottle he fished...
  9. Cetric de Cornusiac

    New upgrade slots for particular ship use *only*

    We all noticed with last super-patch we got nice new upgrades in great number, hidden in those mission chests. But where to put them? Most people have their favorite line-up of upgrades already for their ships and there is no place for operating with the new ones without sacrificing the established ones. So there is no win without losing something. So, in my opinion, many new upgrades ask for one thing - the proper place to implement them, or a new row of upgrade slots on your ship. And only on that ship. Now the details... ...don't let that be "just another upgrade slot" added to the existing one, making 6 or 7 instead of 3 - 5. Instead, I want to suggest here an individual upgrade row for each ship. Yes Sir. This upgrade row will not get opened for all ships of that type, but only for this ship alone. Most ships which go through your hands may never see them opening up. Regard it asa characteristic you unleash by learning to know the 'personality' of that ship which makes it different to others of same type. So, even in your own hands, one Indefatigable will after months of use not be like another Indefatigable. You set these individual upgrade slots free by using that ship, your other Indefatigables you may own are not affected and need to have them opened for themselves again. Each time. So it works pretty much like the skillbook slots, but it is for upgrades, and only for this particular build. I hope everyone understands what I mean. This way we have nice and better use of the new number of upgrades without spamming upgrade slots everywhere. I propose a maximum of three slots on a fully 'understood' ship. This idea underlines the personal relation some Captains feel towards a specific ship. Like in real life we treat our car like it is not an identical example of a series of the same. People who just use ships like handkerchiefs and throw them away for "making score" may have no use for it - I do not address them. They will never enjoy the knowledge level of a perfect ship-captain relationship, with full understanding of ups and downs that ship has, and how far the master can demand the ship to perform. Only the understanding Captain will bring out new usability options out of his ship, symbolized by the new upgrade slots uncovered one by one by experience done on that particular ship. Initiative promotes staying with your fav ship. Especially owners of purple or golden class ship will want to max out the usefulness of their premium ships this way. Ah yes, and next we should be entitled to give them names.
  10. Cetric de Cornusiac

    New upgrade slots for particular ship use *only*

    That is human. Very human. Do we have to assume Captains back in 18th century were eager to risk their ships? No. On the contrary, they were even more careful, because their very physical life may depend on it. Lucky we - our lives or health do not depend on sinking with our virtual ship. What I want to say is - the fear to lose something you cannot erase. And a sound understanding of how far you can go in risk belongs to warfare.
  11. Cetric de Cornusiac

    New upgrade slots for particular ship use *only*

    I want people have a closer relation to their ships. Emotion is always fine for a game. Indifference and treating ships like handkerchifs is the opposite. And what do you do with the many new upgrades then? Just put them in a museum?
  12. Cetric de Cornusiac

    New upgrade slots for particular ship use *only*

    There is a top level of effects to every sort of characteristic which can be influenced. Speed, turnrate, reload etc . You will just have more variety. Who can be against more variety? Possibly just poor sailors.
  13. Events - Weekly competitions light ships/ frigates/ lineships: (1) Calculate the score not just by sunk BR, but relate that to the BR of the ship having been used to achieve it. Smaller/weaker ship should produce higher score than a bigger/stronger ship in relation to the sunk opponent. Example: player (Snow) sinks Renommee. That is 80 versus 177 BR according to wiki ship list. Compared to a Player (Frigate) sinking same Renommee. 155 versus 177 BR. Snow did a harder achievement than the Frigate. Proposed modifier has to be increasing with BR gap between killer and victim to reflect a pay off for using weaker ships. Like /177 - 80 = 97 BR in the first case and 177 -155 = 22 BR in the second case. Modifier is added to your score. Gives first player 177 + 97 = 264 BR for that battle. Second player receives 177 + 22 = 199 BR. Now what happens when player uses stronger ship than the sunk adversary? No bonus at all. Idea is to promote underdog confrontations with weaker ships for more heroism. (2) To avoid 'pay-to-win' reproaches, exclude DLC ships completely from scoring in the weekly competitions. As in PvP, players don't care about losses when using them, while caution in using a ship you paid ingame for or crafted plays a role in combat behavior. As they are not closely so expendable. DLC ship users have an advantage. (3) Modify calculation in that way that multiple kills in the same battle weight higher than kills of handpicked single combattants. Because obviously it is harder to achieve the kill(s) in combat against several adversaries in same instance. Examples: - player was in 1 vs 1 battle (duel situation): no modifier - player was in battle against 3 AI. Killed one and escaped: medium modifier because supposedly 2 AI helped the killed one. Like, add factor ten percent achieved BR for every opponent having helped the sunk one. Here factor x 0,2 (two times 0,1) would be added, makes for a sunk Renommee 177 BR x 1,2 = 212 BR counting. - player was in battle against 3 AI and killed all of them: heavy modifier because player had to struggle the most, against whole group. Like, add factor fifteen percent for every member of that fleet being sunk. Here factor x 0,3 (two times 0,15) would be added, makes for three sunk Renommees 177 BR x 3 x 1,3 = 690 BR instead of regular 531 BR. (4) Reduce player score if he had fleet ships helping him. Every ship also scoring damage on the target reduces BR score by twenty percent. Or deny that score completely to promote single ship entries in the competition.
  14. Cetric de Cornusiac


    Good idea. Let the costs for calming your men down rise with every day on the sea. No shore leave certainly adds up to malcontent. So, after making a stopover, morale counter is reset.
  15. Cetric de Cornusiac

    PvE Invasion Fleets (New Epic Event)

    What about the invasion fleet having a wandering safety zone traveling with it across the map as it approaches target capital port? Like a circle of 10k around it which prevents anyone attacking the fleet, AND nationals of the nation the target capital port belongs to, from being attacked by other nations? No ganking, no alt spy effectiveness. Only targeted nation deals with the threat. Once invasion fleet gets attacked by sufficient BR provided by defenders, or after it reaches the target port, its safety zone will collapse.
  16. Cetric de Cornusiac

    PvE Invasion Fleets (New Epic Event)

    Exactly. Into that direction went an earlier suggestion about introducing "consensual PvP agreements" on PvE Peace server when two players meet and agree to fight it out. No force. But this just as a side note. Don't want to deviate this thread.
  17. Cetric de Cornusiac

    PvE Invasion Fleets (New Epic Event)

    Just a general observation. New ideas popping up. People saying "but the alts..." . End of discussion. Isn't that deplorable? - Fight Alts seriously and don't have to bother about ruining each and every idea... I've seen it quite often.
  18. Cetric de Cornusiac

    PvE Invasion Fleets (New Epic Event)

    Basically every idea can be doomed by "alt abuse". Why we have to hit all the time on the obstacle "alt abuse" if it keeps us from fresh thrilling ideas? Time to fight alts. Once and for all. - It's like one group of engineers inventing a new engine and another group of engineers saying "But the brakes. It will only get braked by them. Needless engine improvement."
  19. Cetric de Cornusiac

    PvE Invasion Fleets (New Epic Event)

    Let's not rest on memories of things going wrong in the past, let's focus on ideas like that proposed in OP to evolve. -- I think there has to be consequences if the huge campaign fleet arrives intact at the capital. Not just vanish. People don't care if nothing happens to them in case the fleet gets through. What about halvening stocks in all warehouses the capital has, in case the enemy raid is successful? Symbolizes the enemy has sacked the capital. Now that's a reason to try seriously to prevent that and start fighting back!
  20. Does it matter if players take fleet into their weekly competition battle and let them help him? Actually ships sunk by help of AI fleet should not count, I suppose. Or people sailing alone would have a serious disadvantage opposite those who have 2 or even 3 assistants.
  21. Community on PvE Peace Server seems to agree upon the impression AI has been improved in performance lately. They are getting more humanlike: idiot captains, average captains and genius-almost-PvP-player captains. Just like us, I may add. That is great if the observation is true. But it's just a sum of subjective impressions and devs know better. If we just imagine this to be, it can be scored as successful programming as well. This thing about AI sailing through land does not bother me any more. I regard it as compromise to game performance. Much more complicated routing for NPC would mean more need of calculations for more than thousand fleets and game performance suffering, I think. So if we have to chose game performance or AI sailing through land, the latter is obviously preferable. Critics: - traders should not have marines on them. Marines are for the navy only. Actually private business owned ships such as merchants should be considered poorly equipped most of the time because of cost factors. So marines are not correct. And making it harder for new players to take those crucial first captures. Indiamen may have them though, as they are run by West India Companies who employ their own military, thus marines are in order. - if AI ships have stern chaser slots, you will see them firing in battle from there, but after you capture the ship, you will always find there are no cannons mounted as stern chasers. - all NPC ships are unaware of the circle-of-death in patrol mission battle and will sail outside. Means an exploit by the player who can lure them out for getting an easy kill. Even worse with traders, because they will just flee as always and perish out of the circle. - I tend to see the incredible advantages of AI ships in battle, like firing angles and turnrates mentioned by other commentators already, as compensation for our advantage, which is the ability to repair. Still, it's strange to see them perform wonders. Maybe give them (unbuffed) repair opportunity as well instead? - if AI ships find themselves in hopeless fight, give them a decision to flee (for warships that is), triggered by something. Like, when most of their buddies have been sunk. Or when player ships are much larger and stronger from the beginning (SOLs versus small frigates and such, who would dare fight this out?). It would look better as simulation of a survival instinct instead of pointless heroism. - the need of 25 ship fleets for clan activities has been discussed elsewhere at length.
  22. Yes and No. Single ships are meant for beginners. It's them they are attacking first and growing in game by doing this. If single traders would all have armed escorts, newbies would have much more reason to fill overpowered and get frustrated. So, some of them maybe get escorted. Not all.
  23. Cetric de Cornusiac

    PVE AI?

    AI is plenty enough to find on PvE. No worries. Just some people want to have the feeling of sailing in a bathtub instead of a wide ocean and experience 'rush hour' traffic jams in ships. Fortunately, we don't have such. And: if people would not have to search for ships occasionally, they just would hit on this forum complaining about "how boring everything " is, in the words of admin, to "be fed with a spoon". Abundance spoils.
  24. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Questions to developers

    So why do it at all, if the effect is such short-timed and some feel sad their golden class ship, only one of its kind in a year of playing before, was taken away from them?
  25. So I read yesterday here "PvE (peace server) is boring/stupid". Which it isn't, when you are inside and know by own experience. One of the factors assuring this has ceased to exist with the big patch. Fleets are no longer 1+24 size (large or medium ships), now maximum we observe is 1+10. Fun as seen in attached images. The French Faction on PvE hereby asks devs to bring back the superlarge fleets (all others are fine) as they served so well for clans going out on the hunt together. They were inviting independents like me to participate. Now no more, as 11 is just enough to serve the clan members exclusively. I am confident the situation is similar in other nations on PvE and you from those other PvE Peace server nations are invited to express your feelings here, too, if you want 25 ship fleets back in OW. -- Le Nerval and others also want to use other means to contact devs about this, but I think a forum suggestion post is the best way.