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  1. You killed the thread for some reason, but id still like to respond to the points you made, and give you better ideas. Overall Game likes variety of strong woods because they give power for effort (or lots of money like 44k per log) Game likes AI port battles because they take ports away from the "captured 11 months ago" state and give options to small clans in the same nation or in another nation Wood re-balancing is ok especially taking into account forthcoming penetration rebalancing Tutorial rewards were removed because my previous design was bad. No more Karma will be done as it removes tribunals and blocks village idiots from doing dumb things Flags wont be purchasable as we want to slow down RVR. If people were only capturing ports because it was easy to prepare an assault fleet so be it. Taking flag from HDF shown that average players do not want rvr and those who want it will get the flag when they want it. No more free cookies in RVR. 1. Formerly you stated the point was to bleed rich players for reals? is that not the goal now? Furthermore, wasn't this already accomplished through S woods? The game doesnt need more woods. I cant recall a single forum post or ingame player saying "i need more woods". Please, listen to community. 2. As pertains to this, How about this then: If a port does not get investment within 3-6 months, it automatically drops. This provides small nations/Clans with EXACTLY the same chances, but subtracts the need to deal with AI crap. If it just drops and the big clans want it back, less time is wasted. Otherwise, results are the same. 3. Gee, If you didnt screw with the woods in the first place, you wouldnt need a penetration rebalance. It was completely fine before. 4. Gosh, How was it bad? it actually gave new players something worthwhile to start with. Now, they join, they likely take 10 or so tries to do the difficult final exam, and then they get the worst ship in its class with the worst guns and a pathetic amount of repairs. 5. Oh, Nothing you could possibly implement in game will reduce griefing. Absolutely nothing. If a player wants to go out and screw up everyone elses good time, they will do so with 0 problems. Now, instead of being able to grief all nations, they can only grief one, but thats what alts are for, right. Or they can do the classic meme, jump into a loki, demast, de crew, and sit there for an hour and 30 minutes blocking repairs. 6. There is a MUCH SIMPLER SOLUTION. LIMIT THE AMOUNT OF FLAGS PURCHASABLE. If a clan can only buy 1 flag per day, congratulations, RvR is slowed, but the CONTENT IS NOT LOCKED BEHIND HOURS OF AI GRINDING. RvR is literally the endgame, and why most people still log on occasionally. They dont care about trading, they dont care about casual pvp, they dont care about PZ, but what they do care about is occasionally logging on and having a good, quality even match with other players for something that counts. Why would you take that away? Players have expressed their opinions to you. Please, listen.
  2. Wood supply is not as limited as you think, I have already bought up 700ish rangoon, and i know several people with much more than that- someone in my clan has already made 2 african teak santis.
  3. That wasnt what I was getting at. I think DLCs are fine, but for sheer ship diversity I think more boats should be added. And it must be admitted, the hair trigger balance patches are bad for the game and have caused more problems than they have solved. Literally every single MMO adds free content after release to keep the game fresh.
  4. Thats the problem though- Most nations have one good port they will invest in and be utterly done. Why bother grinding privateers for another port when all of your nations big clans have friends list in a 4/4/4/4/4? The only draws to capturing ports are- More locations to base PVP from (dont need to invest), places to stock reps for priv fleets (no need to invest), or just to fight other nations in even linefights to conquer land- (no need to invest). Very few ports are targeted in order to invest in them, and now that every nation already has an investment port, this will soon cease to be a reason. Even supposing large nations were willing to pass on useless ports (they wont be, because it opens up coastlines to attack), a 25-30 point port is useless even to a small nation, as the boats will be of terrible quality, and investing into them will cost thousands of more wood chests- something a small nation would already struggle with. The reality is that large nations wont pass on useless ports. Take Alvarado, for example- 0 money per day, but if a small nation took it, id be willing to bet my account there would be a harsh punitive response. In short, nobody is going to invest in these ports regardless of AI PBs. Nobody is going to casually hand them off to small nations. Small nations wouldnt even want them if they were.
  5. Flags are a cosmetic, they offer nothing to the game besides a brief moment of "huh cool" Of course not all player suggestions are good, but neither are the new woods or the AI port battles. Being fallacious is a 2 way street- If we can be wrong, so can you, and from the results of the poll, you have been wrong.
  6. I can accept needing to farm priv fleets for wood chests as broccoli- theres a benefit to eating it, but you dont NEED to. With AI PBs, theres no choice- you just have it pumped right into your stomach.
  7. We really, really dont need seasoned woods or AI PBs. I cant think of a single reason we needed them. I will give the benefit of the doubt however, just please explain- Why are they needed?
  8. I tagged this thread with PvP only, we dont benefit from PvE changes at all. Admiralty in free towns was nice while i was polish. But PLEASE, remove AI PBs. theres enough grinding as it is, and its effectively killed RVR when comboed with the new flag mechanics.
  9. @Hethwill if you think my poll is biased, by all means make a new one, and we can compare results
  10. You didnt answer the question. How are the answers skewed? its a simple yes or no for most of them, hard to be biased. And my claims are well supported, just look at the poll. If you dont play, why even bother posting about how we should love mechanics you dont experience.
  11. Can we get a response as to why AI port battles are still in the server? 20 more votes in poll, people STILL dont want them. Please, for the good of RvR and server population, remove them ASAP.
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