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  1. This is missing. It is too much all or nothing right now. Either snipe, or the masts and yards even magically stay up. There needs to be an inbetween point of rigging damage. That is supposed to be part of the use on chasers, shooting at the enemy rigging hoping to carry away a yard or topmast to slow them down so you can get in range. For more, damage the rigging holding the masts to bring them down, not shooting the masts themselves. Shooting the masts directly is rediculous. The biggest danger is the damage to the rigging holding them up. Also, how do you even snipe masts, it is impossible to hit them.
  2. Give us Diana as craftable ship, it is a shame that this nice ship is "reserved"
  3. To echo what Urchin said, it is far from perfect, but it also is good. Being one of the very few Age of Sail games out there, it is good that there is this game, instead of nothing. Based on what you said the PvE server is where you may want to go, and hopefully down the road there will be the availability of consentual pvp action many of us are asking for. There are many, myself included, on the PvE server who help new players get started too, with advice, ships, and combat partners. Looking forward to seeing you on the high seas if you do get the game.
  4. Very grindy. You would expect this much grind from a free to play, so here it is appalling. Actually, I think some free to play games have less grind than this one. Also much of the items are acquired through random loot rewards, so after all the grind, you may not get what you want, or anything even worth it. Other things, including starting money, require hours of just sailing. My friends complain to me about the grind in Elite Dangerous, and I just laugh, as I play Naval Action. A variety of historical ships, from 1760 to 1830 from various countries. A number of holes in the lineup though, as in no true mid frigates, they go from light frigates to heavy with no true mid in-between. Ships are not set to particular nations either, thankfully. Any nation in-game can build the Constitution for example
  5. What rescue option? If you get disconnected, ship gone.
  6. No pre content good reviews, no content. Besides, for reasons I posted elsewhere, the Diana event was a falure we don't need a repeat
  7. seasoned wood revised. Remove seasoning wood. All ships are by default built of seasoned wood. Ships can be selected at crafting to instead be built out of green wood, at a reduced cost of crafting materials amount, LH, and doubs if applicable. Green wood ships would be less srong and slower. Rational: Seasoned wood was not a special secret only available to a few, it was the standard for ship building, and almost any other woodworking. The 'green wood' ships would represent those ships hastily built, either for building speed or by corrupt shipyards not using the proper materials, including not using all the fasteners required.
  8. ??? and useless Loki is still in PvE server, many times as the only loot. So you are saying PvE opinions are doomed?
  9. Various fleet compositions Not good right now: All fleets have the same rank ships Trade ships are never in convoy and never have escorts New feature: Mix up fleet compositions Multiple trade ships trade ships sometimes have warship escorting
  10. Or, too many pvp players will downvote the pve content, just because it is not pvp, even if it does not affect them.
  11. Interesting, but unable to use. To change nation I would need to lose all my hard earned buildings, I am not doing that grind again. It wouldn't make a difference since I am on the PvE server but, Nooo, must be locked or useless, ie. need to shut down everything, because pVp MiGhT AbUsE iT.
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