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  1. @Ink I was idling in front of Baracoa port while watching netflix on my second screen and waiting for a suitable AI/player ship to show up so I can fight it. Then comes captain mmzhlb looking like he is being chased by 1 large French ship right behind him from the NW direction towards Baracoa. At the time I do not think far enough for the possibility that they are friends. I see a bunch of small/medium sized pirate player ships (that was idling) sailing towards captain mmzhlb to help. It is not clear to me who tagged who but the battle sign pops up in the open world. 3~4
  2. Other players also accused him of doing this. This happened to pirate players near Baracua A player named "captain mmzhlb" from the BARMY clan baits a couple of his ally faction players into a PVP battle against his friends in a different faction. Then he leaves without fighting. The enemy player do not even attempt to attack him! They just type chinese to each other. Please see attached screen shot below I am just a noob player but I love this beautiful game. I have met helpful friendly experienced players that accepted me into their clan. I am still grinding for xp mo
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