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  1. Yes. Percentage modifiers affect the base stats of the ship. (Unless something changed recently --- [I don't think anything has changed, my percentage calculations still match what I see in game])
  2. DLC pack with the old user interface. Yes, the old blue interface with white/grey text, and no icons or decorative features. The old UI was fast and very easy to manage, especially if you were a crafter.
  3. Allow us to disable random fire in settings. Almost nobody uses it intentionally.
  4. Allow us to mount 2 bow and 2 stern chasers on all ships that don't have any chasers there. (Maybe just one bow chaser on the smallest ships like the 7th rates with their fine bows) Pros: It would increase the use of ships that are currently under-enjoyed, like Essex, Belle Poule, Pavel, and Cerberus. It levels the playing field among most of the ships. Ships that already had a strong chaser advantage like Trincomalee, Ingermanland, Wasa, Rattvisan, Christian, Wapen, etc, will still maintain that advantage. Its historically accurate (captains could move chasers from the
  5. All % mods apply to the base stats of the ship. L'Ocean base thickness is 76. 76*0.07=5.32. 101+5.32=106.32
  6. I want the old UI back. I'll pay DLC money for it. Functionality > Aesthetics. Tabs > Pop Up Windows Names > Symbols
  7. Everything above. Also, double charge, Blomfields, damage to your structure... The good news is, your masts should be immune to 24lb and below unless they build full penetration and are firing at very close range.
  8. Well, the fort almost got two or three of them. But almost doesn't count. RIP my repairs and cannons.
  9. Its not going to happen. As someone who sails medium sized (3rd-5th rates) for PvP, sometimes alone, I do NOT want my time wasted by some 7th rate. For every one 7th rate skipper who wants to have a real fight (and is competent enough to put up a real fight), there are a dozen more who just want to waste time while a gank fleet assembles. And do what with port battle BRs? And doesn't everyone whinge that nobody ever takes 6th rates into PBs? Doing what you say, will only make the Surprise/Reno/Herc shallow PB spam even worse. Sail a proper ship if you want to fight
  10. It is intentional. You need a certain amount of BR in order to tag. I believe the last numbers I read were that you can tag 5x greater BR when solo. Groups scale differently. Perhaps someone can confirm those multipliers, I'm not absolutely certain those numbers are correct anymore. Its done to prevent trolling people. Before that mechanism was implemented people would buy a cheap ship, or even just use a cutter and tag in entire fleets and kite them in battle to waste their time. Realistically, you're not going to defeat someone with 5x your BR unless they're very, very, very ba
  11. Port Battle for Cayman Brac Attackers: British LURE, Commander: Shocktrooper Basteyy (?) Defenders: Russian VSC and friends, Commander: Christendom Outcome: Russia defends Despite not having the wind at the start of the battle, we were able to maneuver the fleet a bit and take the wind before we engaged the enemy fleet. Many ships were damaged, and there were some well-executed blocking maneuvers by both fleets. We sank 4 ships and had a few more of them damaged. Points accumulated before we could sink more. Good fight, thanks to those who made it happen.
  12. Port Battle: Puerto Plata Date: 13 October 2019 Outcome: Russia Captures the port Commanders: Russia: Christendom Swedes: Teutonic (?) With good wind and sturdy ships, we formed double lines and cut the Swedish line in two. We lost a few of our ships early on, and an explosion severely weakened ships on both sides for a bit. The Swedish fought gallantly, but we were able to sink them faster than they sank us, while maintaining circle control. Thanks to everyone who made this fight possible, it was fun. As always, Santisima > L'Oceantrash, as evidenced by
  13. Just go full out clan vs clan. Clan you don't like owns the port? Take it from them. Solo players can hunt whoever. Port bonuses and the other magic just needs to be gone totally. Go back to cookie cutter ships with a small pool of reasonable-percentage mods that allow for customization of performance. Let skill triumph over pretty pixels once again. Agreed on "pass port ownership" option. Should already be in the game. Agreed that we need larger friends list so more clans can be added. Why limit it to 15? Somewhat agreed on having the shielding effect of capital po
  14. Depends how fast you sail, and how far in the join circle a person joins. I've had battles before and kept a careful eye on my speed and direction, and instructed my allies to join on top of the enemy. Its always fun to watch the tide turn so quickly and go from running for your ship's safety, to turning and sinking some gankers. And my allies get to finally make use of that prepared perk I always nag them about (I think its useless most of the time, but it does have its moments). I digress. Anyways, the join circles are positional. If you know how they work, you can gene
  15. Again I suggest we just go back to 1/1 of each and be done with it. And go back to the "tank" of repairs like we used to have. Say you can carry 10 repairs in the "repair gas tank." You can fill these up in any port for a few reals. If you want to carry extra repairs, you can carry crafted "repair kits" in your hold. Just like we used to. Simple, effective, focuses on skill. And it doesn't require you to participate in the "engaging player driven economy" that is essentially price gouging on repairs, which hurts primarily new/learning players who aren't in with clans that alrea
  16. Now THAT is something I (and probably many others) could go along with. It should have been in the game a long time ago, IMO. If within looting range of a (still floating) friendly ship, you can trade with him. Even go a step further, and allow us to trade with enemy ships in battle. Chasing that trader who swears he'll pay you well if you don't sink him? Have him heave to and you sail near his ship and trade with him. Then you can choose to be the honorable captain and allow him to go on his way, or be a cutthroat pirate, throw your honor out the window, take his money
  17. I don't think you understand what I mean. You damage me. I repair my ship. My alt brought repairs in a fir/fir requin and joined my side. My alt repairs my ship again. I get 2 repairs for the price of one. Or you damage me. I repair my ship. My clanmate who hasn't been shot at because everyone focused me lets me have his repair. He repairs me and plays cautiously for 12 minutes. Meanwhile the enemy team is doing the same thing. Nobody is sinking because even focused fire of 4-5 ships against 1 is not enough to sink it the moment it turns away to angle and repair. If your goal
  18. No. Repair meta is strong enough as is. Crew 4 + Northern Master Carps + Carpentry Combat Reports + Carpenter perk is too much repair spec as it is, yet everyone is running that (or the poor man's version of that) anyways because its the best. Better idea as I've suggested dozens of times already: Go back to max 1 repair of hull, 1 repair of rig in battle. No necromancer Rum repair. No cooldowns. Reduce mods to a maximum (all stacked) of +/- 5% Result: Game goes back to more skill-based combat, not repair and gear meta.
  19. Battle: Cayman Brac Attackers: Russia Defenders: Great Britain Outcome: Russia successfully captured the port The British fleet appears to have been composed of mostly AI-captured ships. I'm all for making first rates available to the masses, but I'm not sure this is the intended result. But this was definitely more enjoyable than a no-show like many of the smaller PBs are. So props to the British fleet for creating some content with us. And thanks to everyone in the Russian nation who helped out before and after the battle.
  20. It seems some folks are really out of touch. Whilst in Pirates, VCO fought plenty of nice battles. And not just against the garden variety noob, as BL4CK has always done. Off the top of my head: Prussian wars, Spanish Wars, British wars, US wars... I seem to recall fighting quite a few good fights. I don't know though, if BL4CK says they've done more in a few months than we did in two years then they must be right! Before we get to that though, I think we need to have a quick refresher of what happened just before BL4CK went inactive in the second half of 2017. It
  21. Oh, but things have changed. BL4CK has been out of the game for too long, and has gotten rusty. If the most they can manage out of this fight, having more BR than us, is to sink only a DLC boat and an oak/crewspace 3rd rate, then I fear you best curb the trash talk before you embarrass yourself further. I look forward to seeing how long it takes for BL4CK to figure out how to play again. Oh, and feel free to duel me anytime and prove what terrible players VCO are. Everyone knows I'm literally trash, I lose to AI all the time . Surely you would defeat me.
  22. CLEAR violation of the rulings of the Cap Francais no cannons fiasco. Surely similar punishment will be fairly given in this instance. As an aside, I'll echo what some of my old clanmates have already said above: I used to proudly uphold the BLACK banner on PvP2. I was honored to be an officer in that clan, run some port battles, wreck some folks in the duel room, etc. It was great fun. I sailed with some good people. So I was thrilled to see my old friends back in the game again, and I'd hoped we'd work closely together. It became obvious very quickly they had no
  23. No. It doesn't quite work that way. Ships float at a designed waterline. If you make the ship lighter, you add more ballast so it'll still float at that waterline. All building out of a lighter wood does, is make the hull itself lighter. Which means you carry more ballast (or stores/cargo); which brings the center of gravity lower and makes the ship stiffer (sails better). Fluffy Fishy had some more insight into why lighter wood types were sometimes faster the last time this topic came up. Perhaps he'll chime in. The idea of lighter = faster is something people get in their head and can't
  24. Increase moulded dimensions of timbers = can carry the weight. When substituting weaker woods, boat designers tell you, (often its right there on the plans), to increase dimensions as necessary to compensate. Better solution: wood type has little/no effect on ship stats at all. LO/WO is +5% HP and Thickness, --5% speed. Fir/Fir is -5% HP and Thickness, +3% speed. Simple, historically accurate. No magic or artificial limits.
  25. Clan owns port. Clan can do whatever it wants with the port, up to and including burning it to the ground. No rules were broken in the taking of the port, no rules were broken in the continued ownership of the port. Case dismissed. In fact, the only one around here breaking rules is you (using farming with friends to farm combat medals and manipulate hostility [see the tribunal post about it]). If you wanted to control the port, you should have put your name on it when you had the chance. You call VCO an alt clan, yet they seem to be doing better in pirates than your clan is, even a
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