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Found 19 results

  1. NOTE: table is only current as of 5/30/2020 NOTE: If you find an error please let me know. Also, if you are looking for a specific ship try using ctrl-F. UA:AOS Stock ship loadouts and Gun stats: Stock ship loadouts: 1st Rate Santisima Trinidad-class (144 gun): Crew: 900 Top gun deck: 40 X 9lber Upper Middle: 36 X 12lber Lower Middle: 34 X 24lber Bottom: 34 X Long 32lber Max Speed: 7.6 Acceleration: 6.8 Turn: 3.1 Bow: 31” Broadside: 39” Rear: 15” 1st Rate Ocean-class (126 gun): Crew: 800 Top gun deck: 26 X 9lber Upper Middle: 34 X 12lber Lower Middle: 34 X 24lber Bottom: 32 X Long 32lber Max Speed: 9.4 Acceleration: 7.1 Turn: 3.5 Bow: 25” Broadside: 31” Rear: 12” 1st Rate Victory-class (112 gun): Crew: 800 Top gun deck: 20 X 9lber Upper Middle: 30 X 12lber Lower Middle: 30 X 24lber Bottom: 32 X Long 32lber Max Speed: 8.9 Acceleration: 7.2 Turn: 3.7 Bow: 27” Broadside: 35” Rear: 15” 2nd Rate Berfleur-class (90 gun): Crew: 700 Top gun deck: 26 X 18lber Middle: 32 X 24lber Bottom: 32 X Long 32lber Max Speed: 9.6 Acceleration: 7.1 Turn: 4.2 Bow: 25” Broadside: 31” Rear: 12” 3rd Rate Bellona-class (78 gun): Crew: 650 Top gun deck: 22 X 6lber Middle: 28 X 18lber Bottom: 28 X Long 32lber Max Speed: 8.4 Acceleration: 4.5 Turn: 4.9 Bow: 22” Broadside: 28” Rear: 11” 3rd Rate Ardent-class (68 gun): Crew: 500 Top gun deck: 16 X 9lber Middle: 26 X 18lber Bottom: 26 X Long 24lber Max Speed: 8.1 Acceleration: 4.5 Turn: 5.2 Bow: 20” Broadside: 25” Rear: 10” 4th Rate SoL (68 gun): Crew: 500 Top gun deck: 20 X 9lber Middle: 24 X 9lber Bottom: 24X 24lber Max Speed: 8.5 Acceleration: 5.3 Turn: 6.2 Bow: 18” Broadside: 23” Rear: 9” 4th Rate Constitution-class (60 gun): Crew: 450 Top gun deck: 30 X 6lber Bottom: 30 X 24lber Max Speed: 10.4 Acceleration: 6.6 Turn: 6.4 Bow: 22” Broadside: 27” Rear: 11” 4th Rate 1794 Razee-class (48 gun): Crew: 350 Top gun deck: 22 X 6lber Bottom: 26 X 24lber Max Speed: 9.6 Acceleration: 5.8 Turn: 6.6 Bow: 20” Broadside: 25” Rear: 10” 5th Rate Leda-class (54 gun): Crew: 260 Top gun deck: 26 X 9lber Bottom: 28 X 18lber Max Speed: 9.8 Acceleration: 8.0 Turn: 6.4 Bow: 16” Broadside: 20” Rear: 8” 5th Rate Endymion-class (52 gun): Crew: 340 Top gun deck: 24 X 6lber Bottom: 28 X 18lber Max Speed: 13.0 Acceleration: 7.0 Turn: 6.7 Bow: 17” Broadside: 22” Rear: 8” 5th Rate Dedaigneuse-class (40 gun): Crew: 280 Top gun deck: 12 X 6lber Bottom: 28 X 12lber Max Speed: 10.2 Acceleration: 8.8 Turn: 6.0 Bow: 15” Broadside: 19” Rear: 7” 5th Rate Daina-class (40 gun): Crew: 280 Top gun deck: 14 X 9lber Bottom: 26 X 18lber Max Speed: 7.4 Acceleration: 6.6 Turn: 6.3 Bow: 15” Broadside: 19” Rear: 7” 5th Rate Hermione-class (46 gun): Crew: 200 Top gun deck: 20 X 6lber Bottom: 26 X 12lber Max Speed: 9.9 Acceleration: 7.4 Turn: 6.5 Bow: 14” Broadside: 18” Rear: 7” 5th Rate Unity-class (44 gun): Crew: 240 Top gun deck: 20 X 6lber Bottom: 24 X 9lber Max Speed: 8.1 Acceleration: 7.3 Turn: 6.5 Bow: 15” Broadside: 19” Rear: 7” 6th Rate Porcupine-class (30 gun): Crew: 140 Top gun deck: 10 X 6lber Bottom: 20 X 9lber Max Speed: 9.3 Acceleration: 7.3 Turn: 7.0 Bow: 10” Broadside: 12” Rear: 5” 6th Rate Sloop-of-War (28 gun): Crew: 130 Top gun deck: 10 X 6lber Bottom: 18 X 9lber Max Speed: 9.5 Acceleration: 8.6 Turn: 7.7 Bow: 8” Broadside: 10” Rear: 4” 6th Rate Cerberus-class (30 gun): Crew: 195 Gun deck: 28 X 9lber Max Speed: 7.4 Acceleration: 6.1 Turn: 6.6 Bow: 9” Broadside: 11” Rear: 4” 7th Rate Snow-class (26 gun): Crew: 120 Top Gun deck: 10 X 6lber Bottom: 16 X 6lber Max Speed: 10.7 Acceleration: 7.6 Turn: 7.9 Bow: 7” Broadside: 9” Rear: 3” 7th Rate Armed Sloop (20 gun): Crew: 120 Gun deck: 20 X 9lber Max Speed: 8.7 Acceleration: 7.5 Turn: 7.0 Bow: 8” Broadside: 10” Rear: 4” 7th Rate Brig (18 gun): Crew: 110 Gun deck: 18 X 6lber Max Speed: 11.9 Acceleration: 6.9 Turn: 8.2 Bow: 7” Broadside: 8” Rear: 3” 7th Rate Brig (14 gun): Crew: 120 Gun deck: 14 X 6lber Max Speed: 9.0 Acceleration: 5.7 Turn: 6.9 Bow: 7” Broadside: 8” Rear: 3” Unrated Cutter (12 gun): Crew: 50 Gun deck: 12 X 6lber Max Speed: 13.1 Acceleration: 8.0 Turn: 8.5 Bow: 5” Broadside: 6” Rear: 2” 7th Rate Sloop (12 gun): Crew: 55 Gun deck: 12 X 4lber Max Speed: 12.4 Acceleration: 8.3 Turn: 8.7 Bow: 5” Broadside: 7” Rear: 3” Rough gun stats table: Legend: (B)=Brass; (L)=Long barrel; (S)=Short Barrel; (C,S)=Carrone Carronade; (C,L)=Congreve Carronade; (C,M)=EIC Carronade; lber=pounder All penetration numbers are eyeballed estimates of in-game penetration graphs, Armstrong cannons used for iron cannon values, for accuracy the lower the number the tighter the base shot dispersion Gun Damage Reload (s) Range (yds) Weight Pen@0yd (in) @250yd @500yd @750yd @1000yd Accuracy 4lber 3 86 950 3 24 20 14.5 8 3 1.65 4lber (B,S) 3 72 700 2 22.5 15 4 3 2 2.25 4lber (B) 3 80 950 2 24 20 14.5 8 3 2.6 4lber (B,L) 3 94 1300 3 28.5 26.5 23 16.5 10 1 Gun Damage Reload (s) Range (yds) Weight Pen@0yd (in) @250yd @500yd @750yd @1000yd Accuracy 6lber 5 107 950 7 28 24 15 9.8 5 2.6 6lber (S) 5 89 700 5 25 15.5 5 3.5 2 3.35 6lber (L) 5 133 1150 9 29.5 27.5 22 16 9 1.35 6lber (B) 5 86 950 3 28 24 15 9.8 5 1.65 6lber (B,S) 5 75 700 3 25 15.5 5 3.5 2 2.25 6lber (B,L) 5 100 1300 4 29.5 27.5 22 16 5 1 Gun Damage Reload (s) Range (yds) Weight Pen@0yd (in) @250yd @500yd @750yd @1000yd Accuracy 9lber 7 129 1050 11 29.5 25 19 11.5 5.5 2.6 9lber (S) 7 99 800 7 28 20 8.5 5 2 3.35 9lber (L) 7 145 1250 11 34 32 28.5 20 12 1.35 9lber (B) 7 122 1050 8 29.5 25 19 11.5 5.5 1.65 9lber (B,S) 7 97 800 7 28 20 8.5 5 2 2.25 9lber (B,L) 7 142 1250 11 34 32 28.5 20 12 1 Gun Damage Reload (s) Range (yds) Weight Pen@0yd (in) @250yd @500yd @750yd @1000yd Accuracy 12lber 10 150 1050 15 34 29 21 14 6.5 2.6 12lber (S) 10 129 800 13 29 21 8.5 5 2 3.35 12lber (L) 10 175 1250 16 38 37 32 23.5 13 1.35 12lber (C,S) 10 70 700 3 29 19 5 3.5 2 3.7 12lber (C,M) 10 75 800 4 34 27 15 10 5 2.95 12lber (B) 10 129 1050 11 34 29 21 14 6.5 1.65 12lber (B,S) 10 106 800 9 29 21 8.5 5 2 2.25 Gun Damage Reload (s) Range (yds) Weight Pen@0yd (in) @250yd @500yd @750yd @1000yd Accuracy 18lber 12 172 1150 19 38 27 25.5 17 10 2.6 18lber (S) 12 149 950 17 32 26 14 8.5 3 3.35 18lber (L) 12 200 1400 20 44 40 37 27 20 1.35 18lber (C,S) 12 79 700 5 32 23 6 5 4 3.7 18lber (C,M) 12 92 800 8 38 32 16 12 6 2.95 18lber (C,L) 12 106 950 11 44 40 28 20 11 1.7 18lber (B) 12 150 1150 15 38 27 25.5 17 10 1.65 18lber (B,S) 12 122 950 13 32 26 14 8.5 3 2.25 Gun Damage Reload (s) Range (yds) Weight Pen@0yd (in) @250yd @500yd @750yd @1000yd Accuracy 24lber 14 193 1150 23 44 37.5 30 20 11 2.6 24lber (S) 14 168 950 21 38 30 14 10 4 3.35 24lber (L) 14 224 1400 24 47 45 40 30 20 1.35 24lber (C,S) 14 106 700 11 38 25 8 6 4 3.7 24lber (C,M) 14 110 800 12 44 35 19 12.5 7 2.95 24lber (C,L) 14 131 950 14 46 44 31 21 12 1.7 24lber (B) 14 172 1150 19 44 37.5 30 20 11 1.65 24lber (B,S) 14 141 950 17 38 30 14 10 4 2.25 Gun Damage Reload (s) Range (yds) Weight Pen@0yd (in) @250yd @500yd @750yd @1000yd Accuracy 32lber 17 215 1400 27 47 43 37 25 15 2.6 32lber (S) 17 188 1150 25 44 37 23.5 13 6 3.35 32lber (L) 17 248 1600 28 54 52.5 49 37.5 32 1.35 32lber (C,S) 17 119 700 14 44 27 9 6 3 3.7 32lber (C,L) 17 150 950 18 54 52 36 26 15.5 1.7 32lber (B) 17 193 1400 23 47 43 37 25 15 1.65 32lber (B,L) 17 213 1600 24 54 52.5 49 37.5 32 0.95 Gun Damage Reload (s) Range (yds) Weight Pen@0yd (in) @250yd @500yd @750yd @1000yd Accuracy 42lber 20 236 1400 31 54 50 42 30 17.5 2.6 42lber (S) 20 208 1150 29 46 40 26 15 8 3.35 42lber (C,S) 20 136 800 18 46 33.5 14 9 4 3.7 42lber (B) 20 215 1400 27 54 50 42 30 17.5 1.65 42lber (B,L) 20 213 1600 24 62 58 54 47 36 0.95 68lber (C,S) 24 154 800 22 54 38 16.5 12 7 3.7
  2. Notes: If Anyone has any suggestions please reply to this topic, I'm interested to see what weapons the community will dig up that I couldn't find If anyone wants me to go into more detail about anything i happily will. General: -Have multiple styles of guns for each calibre, possibly with different stats like turret rotations and price and visuals. -For nations like Germany and Britain who switch their turret style above 16 inch guns enlarge the 16 inch gun models to serve as 17 and 18 inch turrets - Allow us to use destroyer guns as secondary guns on larger ships such as battleships. -Allow placement of secondary gun barbers everywhere on the ship America: Britain: Japan: Germany: France: Russia: Italy: Spain: Austro-Hungarian Empire: ps. This is my first forum post ever
  3. Whilst building a battleship that should work with cross-deck firing of two side guns, I noticed that this causes a huge starboard or port side offset. IMO the guns as placed in the example below should never have a significant offset as currently defined by the game. The are both well balanced/placed and the weight offset should be well compensated. If cross-deck firing is supposed to cause general ship platform instability, maybe this could be communicated differently? Now I have the impression the game regards this as having a lot of weight only on the Port or Starboard side.
  4. Considering that we only have a fixed amount of limited choices for (larger) caliber guns and all turrets of a specified caliber have the same size. Would it perhaps be possible to have a system in the main gun section that ties the specific turret together with a matching barbette? Atm we only have a couple of barbette choices, which esthetically do not match with certain calibers very well. I feel that in most cases just resizing the barbette designs already in the game would work well to quickly implement such a chance.
  5. Hello everyone! The other day I purchased the limited addition of Ultimate admiral dread knots and to be honest its been a huge blast building and playing battleships that never really left plans drawn up by the powers of WW2 such as the Montana class and the Japanese A-150 class of battleships. After playing for a reasonable amount of time now I feel there is something that the Royal Navy needs in game and that's pretty much the topic of what i'm going to discuss here (if you didn't catch the title XD). Firstly I must say that it would be an absolute dream come true if the developers implemented hulls for the King George V-Class of battleships and maybe even the hull of the HMS Vanguard which was built in 1940-46 making it just eligible for the latest year to build ships in game which is 1940. In game currently we have the battle cruiser HMS Hoods hull which may I say looks absolutely dashing but when it comes to battleships there really isn't much to say which is why King George V-Class hulls would be truly wonderful to have. On top of new hulls I was also hoping that possibly with the new hulls if they were to be added that some new British superstructures and towers were made to look like the ones we see on the King George class and the Vanguard. As I stated earlier I truly love this game and so far the amount of hull pieces and different guns could last me a life time however it would just be amazing to have the hulls from some of Britain's most famous battleships like the HMS King George and Vanguard. After playing games such as World of Warships and Atlantic Fleet I've grown a huge love for the British battleships previously mentioned and to have them in a ship building sandbox game were practically any ship design is viable leaves me speechless. One last thing of note about the King George V hulls would be that players could also use the hulls to create even the Lion class of battleships which were mere concepts never finished or the hulls could even be used to create large British battleships with whatever crazy and wacky guns people wanted to place on them. Secondly if its not to much of a stretch I believe if these new King George V's hulls are released they should be given their proper weapons which were 10 x BL 14" (360 mm) guns or to put it more plainly new 14" turrets with four barrels. The greatest part about having these four barreled 14" guns wouldn't even be just using them to recreate the King George V-Class of battleships but to also put these massive guns on other battleship hulls such as the Yamato hull or Bismark hull would be incredible! These guns don't just make the ships look cool they give them some new heavy firepower that would make any Japanese cruiser or battleship cower in fear as massive storms of 14" shells are lobbed at them. No other game to my knowledge has a ship building sandbox were you can recreate these amazing WW1 and WW2 era ships and i'm certain if there is one they have not implemented the massive 14" guns which were mounted on some of Britain's most famous battleships of all time. In conclusion to have hulls and the towers/superstructure pieces from the King George the V class of battleships would make the game even more fun than it already is which is pretty gosh dang fun in my opinion. On top of those hulls to have the signature four barreled 14" guns of the King George the V class of ships would bring so many more hours of fun to this already incredible game and if any developers would happen to read this please take this concept into consideration as most likely not just me but tons of other people would want to be able to recreate these WW2 giants and fight them in battles big or small. No matter if your a developer or just a casual player like me thank you so much fort reading and hopefully you can feel the same way about adding these WW2 metal beats to the game!
  6. Warships in the age of sail are nothing more than gun platforms. ( let's exclude trader vessels for the moment being ). They were designed with usage of certain guns in mind. So the framing, planking and woods to be used all were focused on being able to transport into battle a certain set of guns. My proposal is this: - tie the structural strength of the ship - mainly the woods used can reflect this - with the size of the guns than can be equipped. For example, a USS Constitution built of Live Oak and Oak would be able to carry the heaviest guns for her - the 24's and the 42's. But a Fir and a Teak construct wouldn't be able to carry that heavy armament. Just an idea of how variety in regards of wood choices may also balance the broadside weight. Ships were weapon platforms and built as such. That's why some models that tried heavier armaments didn't go too well and had to downgrade them, IRL. ( carronade introduction is a good example of trying to upgun ships that weren't built to carry heavy broadside guns ) And is all about woods chosen in the construction. So the effect would be: - we can still choose whatever woods we want with the limitation of the gun sizes the final ship may carry with success.
  7. С удивлением обнаружил, что в игре 18ф ядро, которое летит медленно(выпущено из средней пушки) наносит больше урона, чем ядро, которое летит быстро(и имеет большую кинетическую энергию). Где логика? Такое ощущение что баланс натягивали на глобус, когда превосходство длинных пушек не смогли нивелировать ускоренной перезарядкой средних. Предложение: Разделить максимальный калибр средних и длинных пушек так-же, как сейчас сделано для пушек и каронад. И сделать адекватным урон длинных пушек по сравнению со средними. Наверно ещё пробитие придётся добавить длинным. К примеру будет максимальный калибр для деки 9ф(лонги)\12ф(миды)\32ф каронады
  8. On the PVE server access to repairs and rum are really scares. Very few ports drop repairs and rum while guns are accessible in every port. This does not make much sense since guns is not something you need to supplement once your ship is outfitted. So if your are about to venture far away from your home port and consider taking som prizes or sink som NPCs on your journey, you will have to be sure to stock up with plenty of repairs and rum since you will not be able to buy them in any port on your way. Suggestion: Limit gun availability to the home port of your nation or a few ports in each region of the map and make more ports drop repairs and rum, so at least a few ports in each region has them (prices should be set at a level higher than the cost of crafting them of course). Another idea would be to let each NPC carry a few repairs and a couple of rums, that could be looted when you cap or sink them.
  9. Since a couple of days the "1" key apparently does not work anymore in battle. Outside battle mode the "1" key works just fine. Also different keyboards do not fix the issue. This means: I cannot switch load for the "1" broadside. For the rest of the guns I cannot switch back to balls (key "1") once I used other ammunition. In repair mode I cannot use hull repairs (key "1"). Obviously, this creates a massive handicap in battle. Has anybody experienced similar problems?
  10. Currently putting 6 guns of different caliber in their slots is quite tiresome experience, so is keeping guns of 8 different sizes in a warehouse. It would be great to have an option of crafting just a ship, or a ship already equipped with guns. If you craft with guns, a ship could have a preset build (longs, carros or meds) already filled in.
  11. Hey everybody! I brought my Sharps Carbine to the range yesterday, and recorded some shooting! I thought perhaps some of the folks on this forum might enjoy taking a look at the ubiquitous UG:CW cavalry/skirmishing rifle. Enjoy! PS: I'm not a great shot... Part 1: The Sharps, and engaging our friends, the enemy (Confederate plastic bottles) Part 2: Close up shot of the barrel firing Part 3: More about the Sharps, and shooting generally. Trouble shooting new ammunition loads. Part 4: Counterattacking Bottle's Brigade, ANV Part 5: Wrapping up, interior of a Sharps round, and a few more pot shots.
  12. Are there maximum range differences between guns of different calibre e.g. a 4 pound long cannon versus a 9 pound long cannon? Also, can i find information anywhere on how much crew a specific gun needs? Thanks in advance.
  13. This german dude made some pretty cool relevant vids many here would like. Here is one of them:
  14. Will Collister

    Gun Guide

    Ahoy, Here is a link to my Gun Guide. I do my best to keep it up to date and continually updated with correct information. Hope it can help some of you somewhat. Fair winds!
  15. There is some wonderful art work in these ships that the NA artists have captured nicely (imho). I was wondering which ship(s) are your favorites and why. I'll start: 1) the Bellona has captured my imaginings as a beautiful ship, the NA ship itself is very nicely done. In battle it almost seems immoral to hack to bits and sink one BUT this is war after all. This ship has nice handling vs gun balance and really nice to sail. 2) the Victory- it's just a nicely crafted ship, the looks are wonderful and for a 1st rate it still handles reasonably well. And the Guns, guns, guns... need I say more. 3) the Rattlesnake, Niagara and Mercury - are nicely made and look cool graphically. The Rattler because it's fast and low and the Merc due to it's good guns- handling balance given it's rate. 4) the Bucenture/Ingermanland, I think they look great for big ships and still hold their own in battle. Both have canons that should rate them one level higher but I'm glad they are in the rating they are. 5) the Trincomalee, a real life ship that NA has captured very nicely in game. I have crafted many and its' construction has moved up the crafting rank to 50. 6) finally the Snow, only because it started my Naval career and has lots of pebble throwers. Nicely done to all team/graphics departments for creating these wonderful works of art. Now if only I could sailing (more often) in real life it would make my day. My least favs are: Santi - a fortress doesn't need maneuverability. L'OCean - same as Santi. Indiaman/LGV - but it's for movin cargo Cap'n. Lynx - delicate and good for learning, not for battles imho. St Pavel - kinda homely looking but has strong guns and armour, to bad about the front chasers. Ships I would like to try but haven't: St Cecil, Agamemnon,and Heavy Rattler (I know it isn't out yet). Good hunting fellow Captains, Let's Splice the Main Brace soon.
  16. So, the more i look at the 36 longs and mediums that the L'Ocean can equip the more I think....whats the point, are they "special"? the longs have a 1 second quicker reload than the 42's have 7 less pen at 50m and do 1 less damage. Whats the point???
  17. Gentlemen, Our ships are overgunned compared to the historical loadouts the captains of the time used. Currently, the game uses the “if it fits, it sits” mentality in regards to armaments. However, the captains of time certainly did not. Take captain Hull for example. First thing he did was to get rid of long 18-pounder battery on USS Constitution as soon as there was a lighter carronade replacement available. Why did he and other captains of the time generally used lighter armaments that were technically possible on their ships? Answers I found could be summarized as follows: Less crew – On a smaller sized ship (think frigate), it actually got logistically quite difficult to carry complement that would be able to man all the guns, if all the guns were long guns Performance – The ships speed, heel and manoeuvrability was heavily influenced by the armament as the carronades were third or a quarter of the weight of the long cannon of the same ball weight. Damage to the ship itself – As evidenced by the French ships (which tended to use the “if it fits it sits” mentality at some points) that were captured by the Brits and underwent their general repairs, they were in considerably worse shape than their not overgunned counterparts. If you compare the forces that are applied on the ship when firing 12 pounder and 18 pounder, the increase is exponential. You fire heavier shell, which is going faster from a heavier gun. How to address this in the game and thus impose realistic armaments while keeping in the ability to choose the loadout? Here are my proposals: 1. Crew capacity is based on the hull, but the requirement is based on the guns. I.e. USS Constitution can carry 450 men, while each 24 pounder requires 12 men, 18 pounder requires 10 men, while 32 pound carronade requires 5 men. Therefore 30 * 24 lbs + 24 * 18lbs = 600 men, therefore the ships is crewed only as 75% and suffers those penalties. However 30*24lbs + 24*32lbscar= 480 men, therefore she is crewed as 93.75% and suffers less penalties. 2. Make the speed, heel and turn more dependent on the gun and where are they placed. This means get rid of speed mods and present large difference based on the built wood type. The subtle gun type effect gets overshadowed quite heavily by the +5% speed overall, so either get rid of that, or get rid of that and make gun, ballast distribution, trimming and fiddling with ship part of the game :-). 3. Firing heavier guns than was historically correct for the vessel will damage the ship overtime as a random leak (not an armour decrease), with each shot fired, compounded by the built wood type. I.e.: Oak Belle Poule with 12 lbs (as she was built) has a chance of 0.1% for a random leak. Fir Belle Poule 12lbs has a 1% random leak chance. Oak Belle Poule with 18lbs has a 3% random leak chance. Fir Belle Poule with 18lbs has a 30% random leak chance. (The numbers should of course be adjusted, however the idea that overgunned ship built from low quality wood should be almost guaranteed to have random leaks during engagement should be preserved.)
  18. I've started to time the reload of the guns in the game. Anyone can view the chart published as a website by Google drive: Maybe some of you would like to participate in completing the chart? You need a Google account to ask for editing access HERE.
  19. Just a little thought/irritation: The gun ports on the lower decks of trading vessels (e.g trader's snow) are open when there is no armament on those decks. It would be more appropriate, in my opinion, for the ports in question to be closed. Also, maybe gun ports should be closed in the open world as well, because men of war of the time would rarely sail around with open gun ports before they had 'beat to quarters' Opinions?
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