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  1. if u cant beat em, join em. get those turn mods installed and strap on those 42 lb carros!
  2. no pls, reason is that people with tons of alts will create tons of clans and have unlimited ships on hand.
  3. have a list by nation of who is online, that might help?
  4. When will we be able to check our perks when in open world? I really really really need this to work to improve my quality of gaming level
  5. do foreman if u play constantly, do overseer if you only play casually.
  6. lets get Portugal in the game :S
  7. pls pls dont make crafting harder, keep it the way it is.
  8. guys, the privateers are A.I. that are hired to attack enemy players near capitols including traders. Just AVOID enemy capitols and you will be completely SAFE! Capitol waters take up maybe 1% of all the ocean in game, please learn from your mistakes and move on 🤸‍♂️
  9. go to pzone if u want pvp instead of farming new players at capitol ;0
  10. 88% of players are afraid of pvp or to leave their care bare areas it seems. Do some port raids and get your season wood!
  11. people whining about alts are beating a dead horse. They are here to stay and its not going to ever be revoked. Dev's don't seem to care about forcing a penalty on the top nations in game so its up to the players to do something about it. (which is every so slowly seeming to begin)
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