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  1. shame about only 1 programmer.
  2. id like to be able to check perks while im at sea (button is there it just never works)
  3. If tagging people from far away and keeping them in battle is greifing to you fine experts, I suggest you petition to remove the damn 'area control' perk as well!!
  4. do it when major battles are going on and it can be easy, take 6 missions, 1 per man.
  5. tough to say. I would have to say no because boarding is powerful enough as is, and alot of people rely on determined defender so, eh, if u wanna board a ship with that many more crew then you then just bring some friends.
  6. nations controlling huge chunks of land need to pay for their port timers. This whole thread stems from somebody who refuses to pay for their port timer. He then gets attacked at a very inconvenient hour. Big nations need to pay their fare share of taxes, sorry Dutch Trump!
  7. yeah give 3rd rates 24 lbers or a speed boost. If the new french 3rd rates have 36 lbers on bottom they are going to be the new meta line ship maybe.
  8. take away permit for 3rds and add 4 wasa
  9. Keep first rates strong but keep br low to limit them to make 3rd rates GREAT AGAIN
  10. shame everytime i face pit pinsel its with his wing men.... ce la vi!
  11. look at the boarding mini game.. your gonna have to wait for NA 2 for something this advanced
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