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  1. Christendom

    Hercules OW Spam

    Of course people are going to sail hercs. It only costs them store bought cannons to redeem and be on the water again. Which is kind of the idea. Quick, easy access and disposable ships are what's been sustaining PVP for these past few months. Especially now that doubloons were chiefly gained through PVP and the patrol zone (where you always sink)....so of course folks will be using stuff that's free. I'll agree that the herc is a bit OP relative to other frigates of its class, but I think the point is it performs well as a disposable boat you don't need to put mods on to compete with.
  2. Christendom

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    yay...my exile is over and I can post! Not really a fan of the renno and surprise in shallow fights. Just like what happened when the herc/requin came out, they immediately replaced rattler and niagras as the ships to use in shallow PBs. This would effectively kill 6th rates in port battles. Now if they were restricted from shallow PBs and just allowed to cruise in the OW, I might be ok with that. Though they would adversely affect screening I think.
  3. Christendom

    Naval Action Meme collection

    this used to be a meme thread..
  4. Christendom

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    "the person who enters the battle should fight in it" nuff said
  5. Having lived in Florida for almost 20 years, I still have yet to see a hill or a mountain 🙂 I actually think it's the flattest state in the union.
  6. Can Florida keep it's mountains? I rather like them.
  7. Of all the things that could be added, removed or even changed to vastly improve the game......removing the trader's tool just doesn't seem like one of them.
  8. Christendom

    War server player stats.

    7up is and has always been a EU clan. JAGs was able to play during those times. WO/Blanc did well because they were the evening “Zerg” snapping up most of the good players on global that weren’t pirate (even some of them) and re-joining the EU server at the start of the merge with critical mass and a PB fleet ready to go. They easily snapped up the decent ports at night and have held them since. I don’t particularly begrudge them for recruiting... but those timers are indeed too late for most of us. Texas is right. Unfortunately when my guys went Russian at the start we didn’t have enough for a decent fleet at night despite beating them once or twice (Hat Island maybe?). With 7up in VCO at the time we were mostly doing EU battles. Our intention going to the the US after Russia was to use their numbers to help take back the coast....and failed. The US had too many paper leaders and not enough people willing to fight. Bring 1st rates to grind a port and half the US would use aggies. Around this time Rax and the lost boys joined the WO/Blanc guys and solidified their numbers at night. We said hello kitty it, went pirate and just started PVPn, giving up on RVR.
  9. Christendom

    War server player stats.

    Or we keep 4 starter/PVE nations and then create an outlaw faction for anyone interested in RVR. Similar rules to the current hardcore nations. You said earlier that the top person on the list averages 5 kills a day. Sure seems like 11 nations and 400 people aren’t giving him lots of targets anyway.
  10. Christendom

    War server player stats.

    11 nations with a population of 400-450 people max is really hurting this game. We need 4....MAX.
  11. Christendom

    War server player stats.

    Time for @Polish Privateer to change his name to Banished PVEer
  12. Christendom

    War server player stats.

    The solution would be to make these mods purchasable in the PVP store with doubloons. If we want to have a skill based game as @admin here has said he wants, then all players need access to the tools needed to put themselves all on equal footing. Skill will shine.
  13. Christendom

    War server player stats.

    We used to get nothing for our kills. I enjoyed it better then and liked to cap ships. Now they're just sunk for magic coins (or pvp marks). Our current system encourages unfair fights and dominance by the veteran players. It might make for better streaming, but the game play clearly is not enjoyable for the other 80% of the players, as seen by the continual drop in player numbers. If we must have marks or doubloons, they need to be given out on a sliding scale relative to each player. Ram Dinark should get nothing for killing 3 spanish noobs. He should get something for killing a player like Captain Reverse (They rarely fight and are usually on the same side). On the flip side of that coin, those 3 spanish players should get more marks for killing a player like Ram. Other games manage to achieve a balance like this and it makes PVP a little less one sided. I'm ok with all of the above. Remove 3-4 nations and trim the map and we're golden.
  14. Christendom

    War server player stats.

    The player base was larger when we couldn't repair masts ;-?
  15. Christendom

    War server player stats.

    A reputation system would work. Other games would call this Fame. Lower the K/D ration of a player is, the less fame it pays out. Higher the K/D, the more fame. You clearly are able to track the stats as seen by the screenshots in the thread, why not put them to better use?