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  1. so essentially we're looking at community managers, which I think has been suggested here for years. I'm not sure about moving over to discord, but having a group of mods vote on decisions would be a smart move. You could even bring back global and have them monitor chats. Maybe throw them a bone or 2 in the form of a fancy ship for their efforts. Couple of suggestions - 1 - active mods. Our last mods were not. 2 - multiples as biases will always be a thing 3 - mods vote on action taken and submit higher up if discipline beyondt their scope is needed 4 - we need a set of
  2. Last I looked over there I was banned, not even sure why. I think that's the idea though right? Ban someone they simply just can't create another persona.
  3. Solution is fairly simple. Have flags given as rewards for hunt missions. Kill x amount of HDF 1st rates and you turn the mission in for a flag. Would also increase the amount of flags given out and hopefully increaset he amount of port battles.
  4. You should have figured out this flag exploit before 30 of us got a couple week forum siesta IMO
  5. Was that before or after sweden was screening Spain into their port battles? Surely if Spain's ally can join in, GBs was welcome also right?
  6. Personally I think every nation essentially being turned into an impossible nation by relying on capturable player owed ports AND then doubling down on that crafting by even more extremely expensive port bonuses is and has ruined this game. Spain lost a port, died. Danes (1st time around) lost one, died. Sweden lost SJ and went to sleep for a while. VP.. and Prussia....same. Loading all your crafting needed for RVR in a suped up port and then being able to lose said port in a matter of days is just an overall poor game design decision for repeated gameplay. Maybe Swerg 2.0 is pulling a d
  7. Sweden yes. Swedes also lost their 55pt port, though how much that matters right now I'm not sure. France is basically being allowed to craft because Russia didn't feel like taking Bridgetown. The same could be said by a few nations I think. The fact that weeks of work on a port can be lost in a couple of days is not a very good motivator to want to improve said port. The clan that owns the port can straight up decide to remove a clan from the list regardless of what that clans contributions might have been. The whole system overall is just poorly designed and not ideal for susta
  8. Port bonuses was a mistake. Fine Woods 2.0 and 3.0 was another mistake. These new enhanced port bonuse are perhaps the biggest mistake of them all. The fact that a new player who is working on crafting and building ships can only craft basic non-port bonus ships in a capital port amazes me. For that player to craft anything on par or better than what he could redeem with a DLC he/she would need to join a clan or get on a friendslist. This is a mindbogglingly poor decision and probably one of the reasons why new player retention is abysmal. All apsects of crafting are tied to
  9. ah the old Russia abuses everything line huh.... (insert dead horse pic). A few of those alts from the "other side" that showed up in HAVOC/Swede battles occasionally must have been figments of my imagination I guess. Definitely. Only the Russians do such naughty things. In a game that has 6 or 7 nations too many and a population substantially less than 1000 players at peak it's bound to happen given the necessity of built up crafting ports and the ease at taking them. As long as they don't manipulate hostility or kill alts.....no harm no foul. At least I'm open about my other accou
  10. I was in 3 or 4 Dane PBs vs RHB. Not a Kemo/REBEL in sight. The RHB players confirmed as much due to "internal struggles" aka you calling that clan a bunch of traitors. Not to mention a multi flip where REBEL failed to show up...again. Talk shit...get hit. While I agree about clans holding others hostage with the current stupid in-game mechanics your situation is of your own making. Enjoy!
  11. Personally I dislike the entire clan > nation themed crafting and port ownership type of model the game uses. We need either a full clan based system (no nations) or a complete nation oriented one. Not this hybrid of both where it seems we get all the downsides and none of the upsides. The doubling down on crafting ports in the most recent patch means there won't be a resolution for you in the near future. Also the notion of pirates owning crafting ports and being involved in RVR seems bonkers to me....but that's a different discussion that's lonnnnnng overdue I think. Howeve
  12. A good opportunity to make pirates great again. Allow them to attack and remain enemies with everyone (including other pirates IMO) and then remove their ability to RVR and give them a couple of static ports that cannot be lost. A true reaving PVP nation as they should have always been.
  13. so I mean I kinda get where this is coming from. Most MMORPGS have some form of reputation system that is a hard check on no limits PVP. I feel like this system would work if we had an alliance system in place that was only tied to RVR with Allies, Neutrals and Enemies. Allies would be hard coded with an RVR alliance, but OW PVP still exists with consequences. Neutrals would be all other nations that are not declared enemy. Sinking them also has consquences. Enemies are fair game - nation x and nation y are allied - player from nation x sinks players from nation y conist
  14. yet it created a need for additional crafters in the clan rather than alts + labor contracts. Also helped new players earn cash (that's how I started out) and allowed them to learn the ropes with entry level crafting.
  15. I think you're missing the mark here. This is a conquest game with a winner take all mindset (old dogs like us call this full loot MMO) and has been designed to give nations an edge over others. A crafting system is necessary to this style of game. Personally I've disliked all of the crafting systems post fine woods patch. I thought that blend of modest difficulty, logistics and various bonuses for certain regions was the peak of NA crafting. The only downside was durabilities on most of the ships. Bringing back that system + removing duras would be a major success IMO. The flaw
  16. https://gyazo.com/232a36d5a742db16bc14a9dec4793796
  17. This is a step in the right direction at least. Now let's get rid of permits and make shipcrafting dependent on various trade goods around the map as it was when the L'Ocean was first introduced (remember it needed french wine). Make trading great (necessary) again.
  18. Winner take all system does exactly what it's supposed to do. It makes losing not fun and losing ones investments, which take a considerable amount of time and effort to build up is even less fun. Sure everyone plays games for the "mah immersion" and the challenge, but ultimately we play them to have fun. This game makes losing very difficult to bounce back from and it stops being enjoyable and starts becoming a full time job....which for most of us is not fun. Games that manage to check all the boxes...fun, rewarding, challenging and difficult.....keeps putting fans in the seats over and
  19. Winning the war > giving up after 3 days. BSTD owns San Juan. It would appear that someone new owns SD. PS - By joining GB....aren't you now a vassal of Russia too? At least Massimo was a vassal before it was cool 🙂
  20. Did Sweden really earn that port though? Was there a great PB for it?
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