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  1. yet it created a need for additional crafters in the clan rather than alts + labor contracts. Also helped new players earn cash (that's how I started out) and allowed them to learn the ropes with entry level crafting.
  2. I think you're missing the mark here. This is a conquest game with a winner take all mindset (old dogs like us call this full loot MMO) and has been designed to give nations an edge over others. A crafting system is necessary to this style of game. Personally I've disliked all of the crafting systems post fine woods patch. I thought that blend of modest difficulty, logistics and various bonuses for certain regions was the peak of NA crafting. The only downside was durabilities on most of the ships. Bringing back that system + removing duras would be a major success IMO. The flaw in the current system, which is why I support removing doubs, is that ships (and even more so with seasoned ships) are simply not accessible to the smaller clan/solo players with relative ease. We currently have a blend of expensive ships, cannons and mods and NO durabilities. We need either expensive ships + duras or simply cheaper ships. Having seen what goes on behind the scenes in the RVR juggernaught that is Russia, it's not all roses and daisies. Anolytic and company put in many hours on multiple characters to get things done. To compete you need to treat the game like a job, which I don't think is ideal for long term viability.
  3. https://gyazo.com/232a36d5a742db16bc14a9dec4793796
  4. This is a step in the right direction at least. Now let's get rid of permits and make shipcrafting dependent on various trade goods around the map as it was when the L'Ocean was first introduced (remember it needed french wine). Make trading great (necessary) again.
  5. 1250 wooden chests...... Cost of investments was already too high relative to the risk and ease of being able to lose ports (Take a look at how many times SdC changed hands). Now with wooden chests added into the mix the costs are astronomical and it appears flipping ports will get even easier. Also the trinc? Talk about underwhelming. At least giving us the ellusive Diana would have been appropriate I think.
  6. Yea I'm with rediii on this one......sounds like a poor replacement for the amount of fights screening used to generate.
  7. Winner take all system does exactly what it's supposed to do. It makes losing not fun and losing ones investments, which take a considerable amount of time and effort to build up is even less fun. Sure everyone plays games for the "mah immersion" and the challenge, but ultimately we play them to have fun. This game makes losing very difficult to bounce back from and it stops being enjoyable and starts becoming a full time job....which for most of us is not fun. Games that manage to check all the boxes...fun, rewarding, challenging and difficult.....keeps putting fans in the seats over and over. NA is missing a few of those boxes and we keep seeing the playerbase fluctuate as a result.
  8. Winning the war > giving up after 3 days. BSTD owns San Juan. It would appear that someone new owns SD. PS - By joining GB....aren't you now a vassal of Russia too? At least Massimo was a vassal before it was cool 🙂
  9. Did Sweden really earn that port though? Was there a great PB for it?
  10. so the 50+ brits who showed up at Belize didn't care about losing yet another crafting hub? Or the Spanish trying to take the port really didn't care either? hmmm news to me. I know that I cared so little about the Swedes taking ports in the gulf that I showed up to screen every single time.... Does it really matter either way? The crux of my argument is that screening creates content. Without that content the game stagnates, as it currently is doing. Unless Admin has some very special ideas cooked up for this new variation of the flag pulling, I'll remain a bit skeptical given how some of the past improvements turned out.
  11. I was outside Baracoa on my pirate account when Russia took it the last time. Pirates had at least 2 full screening fleets + a couple other clans that didn't join the big groups + a AI Patrol fleet + some swedes screening. Numbers were even. End result was...Pirates lost the PB anyway. Take all that away and you'll still lose port battles......but the content for the 60+ OTHER players that show up, won't exist. Now you'll lose them to 15 on 15 while the rest of us watch on twitch. Perhaps that's the whole point of this anyway. Screening is the great equalizer to elite port battle fleets. The Ram Dinarks and Reverse's of the game need another group of players to get them into port battles to win them. The rando Russian, Pirate or Brit that used to help out in screening and is trying to learn the ropes.....has no purpose. This is critical I think to the games survival because as we've seen with the slow down in the Russia vs Sweden and now GB vs Spain wars.....no port battles = no screening and the game pop tanks. Some of my more enjoyable fights have been 1st rate screening battles outside carta before DLC ships and Capturable 1st rates made screening a joke and slaughter fest and I'd rather see those change instead of just tossing out screening completely.
  12. Screening has been one of the most...if not the most consistent source of content creation in the game thus far. One could also say that the current downward trend in game pop is directly related to the lack of screening opportunities motivating players to log on. While we don’t really know what the proposed flag system will end up looking like, I’m one of the guys who remember the old system and wasn’t too sad to see it go. The introduction of the hostility system and 24/48 hr PB was a big plus for those who wanted to plan content ahead and not sit around in port all night every night. If you think this will help against the Russia Zerg.... I have a feeling it will end up benefiting Russia in the end. Ultimately the flaws in screening as content were DLC ships, capturable 1st rate nukes and a rather unclear definition of what’s griefing and what isn’t.
  13. *repeated alt farming
  14. Listen, if the annointed one himself KoC couldn't get it done....we mere mortals stand no chance.
  15. I dunno....it seems rather simple. Hey guys we need your help in multi flipping Russia. In return, maybe we won't gank your screeners. Nope.
  16. Tell BORK to get their eyes checked. And I thought Gentlemen weren't supposed to lie? (ps. these are just ones with BORK members in them). Anyway your poor recollection of the facts....as usual...is wrong. It would appear that I was indeed in more fights than just Haulover. - Note you (Latron) do not appear in any of the above screenshots for a guy in "dozens'" of battles. I'm over this discussion. You're wrong. Now back to Spanish salt.
  17. Only 1 huh. You sure? Just a quick look at my screenshots and I've run out of digits to count battles on so I can't go that high. I do actually only see you in Haulover, which is odd. You must have been afflicted with the same illness that prevent's KoC from accurately calculating port battle BR. Those in the battles I think might have a different opinion. You probably want to get that water checked over there in Gustavia. Brain eating amoebas perhaps. Regardless, I think @Comrade FrosT has put it succintley enough. Guerrila tactics might have provided less than glamorous screenshots, but ended up being a success. something something lose the battle win the war
  18. I'll wager I was in 2-3x the amount of battles you were there chief. And I've been enjoying doing nothing during this great peace. However if you're going to criticize the Dane's tactics, you should acknowledge that they ultimately ended up achieving their goals.
  19. ever hear of frosted tips?
  20. FYI it's spelled R U S S I A I also have better hair than that guy.
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