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  1. Two weeks to release! It seems too good to be true! So after almost 4 years of development have we reached the end? Why am I talking about the "end" and not the "beginning"? I will try to explain it ... I don't think that in two weeks the following mechanics can be fixed: 1. Hostility: boring and based on PvE mechanics. 2. Economy: goods to be traded are useless and the only possibility of making money is to go around in tlinxs or tbrigs to make cargo missions or passengers missions! 3. Patrol zones: attempt to transform a sandbox game into an arena game. 4. Reals-doubloons-combat medals: too many currencies and the easiest way to get them is PvE (in a PvP server) 5. Clans: a little explored field that could give a lot to the game, too basic 6. Raids: no one knows anything anymore and it was a chance for smaller clans to have content 7. Elite ships: they simply ruin crafting, perhaps a simpler attempt to solve the problem of lone players? 8. RvR: at the beginning it will be a grinding fest with useless and boring ostility missions and PB vs AIs! We will all sail rattvisans in hostility (who has it)! Then nobody will be interested anymore (except very few cases). The minor ports are almost all useless, the capitals (except some) also. 9. Boarding: couldn't you do better in four years? So it will be the end and not the beginning because for all I said above, and my impression is that you want to release the game to collect what is left and then good bye (because it is no longer profitable) It's a pity because with a little more effort it could have become a "must have game", and instead it will be an incomplete "work" that has not been done well enough! I hope, at least for the sake of your pockets, that once released you will be able to sell thousand of game copies, but I believe instead that there will always be the same players and their numerous alts, which is why the game will languish in limbo for a few months and then it will come to an end, leaving you free to develop your new projects! I hope for you that someone will still have confidence in you (difficult given the importance you give to the commitments made with your testers / customers). Ad maiora semper!
  2. Good fun with our spanish "friends" near Islamorada this evening
  3. If you are looking for a "friendly" clan try to contact us in the game (BASTD), the only requirement is to have team speak (and feel at least a little bit bastard). 😉
  4. Four Noobs (us) against four "pros" (Them)
  5. I reiterate that a decent SoL captain must prevail against a frigate and should also prevail against two frigates. As for me I don't understand how tom can judge my abilities considering that I don't remember having ever fought with him, also I don t remember seeing him in the pvp leaderboard, but being a snow probably all of them "may" be above average skills, and I agree with them regarding their ability to troll in forum and nation chat. Me in a SoL against moscalb and dron in trinco? I don't know how it can end, but I and dron trinco vs trinco I know how it turned out. moscalb? What to say, just "russian magics!" (I'm still waiting for my password) 😉
  6. Sorry but I don't think you're right! If the captain of the SoL is at least decent, surely he has the upper hand over a frigate, two frigates is already more difficult but still likely so!
  7. I have asked the Devs several times ... never had an answer! Perhaps you will be luckier
  8. Sorry I can not understand what you are looking for? Raids must be an opportunity for the small clan with good pvp quality, to them the choice of ships with which to attach, to the defender a small advantage to balance the surprise / organization. Maybe you can be a more putposefull in your next post!
  9. Why do we have to have a fixed br? We must provide a maximum br. To the defender a percentage more on the br of the attacker (as I said in my post). Thus the choice of ships is left to the attacker.
  10. Raids? Yes! Flags? Yes, but only for pvp! Well 5 attackers, choice of ships free, with a maximum Br set at 3000. The defender can join with a 20% more br (or other percentage) to balance the surprise/organization effect. Inside a single circle far from the forts in which to stay for a certain time, with more ships than the defender. Thus the raid is successful and the resources that the port produces randomly can be raided. The winner leaves the raid in the nearest friendly/neutral port (no revenge). The clan that owns the port pays the necessary reald for the extraction of resources + 15% (work hours and avoid exploits). I don't like the idea that VMs doubloons and combat medal are looted.
  11. It is very simple, if you know a bug and you use it to your advantage then it is not a matter of testing a mechanic but it is cheating, and measures must therefore be taken! Using an alt in an enemy nation to your advantage to activate a port battle is against the rules! Insulting players in the forum or in the game is against the rules! Against such behavior, action must be taken, for the sake of the game itself and to restore a favorable climate in which new players can have fun! No one will ever buy a game where it is legitimate to cheat and where rude behavior is allowed! Please developers make your voice heard, the players who follow the rules and who try to create a favorable climate for all ask you this!
  12. I agree, more players more fun! The one I disagree with is 20x20 1rts rates or 25x25 1rst rates battle! Please don't go back to that meta! Please study mechanics for a greater diversity of ships in battle. Only 1rts rates favors large clans that can build them, smaller ships give the opportunity to participate in even smaller clans!
  13. No if you built your base near to a friendly capital and if you try to work with other clans. I see a lot of potential in this.
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