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  1. No if you built your base near to a friendly capital and if you try to work with other clans. I see a lot of potential in this.
  2. I understand your point, the economy must be fixed, even the delivery missions must generate taxes in the port of departure / arrival (if they don't do it now). The concept should be that the more taxes a port generates, the more important is the port, the greater the effort to conquer it.
  3. This is why the BR must be tied to the taxes generated in the port. Small taxes = small battles = space for smaller clans
  4. Just a suggestion, why not tie the BR to the amount of taxes in the port (obviously guaranteeing a minimum br for the capitals)?
  5. What I could see is just your insults, however, if he has insulted you I am sorry, and then you have to apology each other. But let me give you another tip, this is just a game and instead you are always too nervous when the battles don't go as you expect (if you win you make fun of your opponent (and this could be also ok if you like to do so, but if you lose or get "ganked" then you become toxic (and I like this less)). I consider you a good player, but I would like you to be better even in behavior, a "champ" must be an example (positive)! I tell you this for the good of the game, because "active" players like you can be a great advantage for the success of the game, or they can be the exact opposite! Think about it, in what I tell you there is only the desire to have a better game for everyone !
  6. And what would you like? A public execution? 🤔 However I agree that there are things to fix in the game, but it is not banning the players in-game that the game will improve, it is correcting the errors that the game will be better!
  7. You don't understand ... I am referring to the fact that no action is taken against players who behave in a rude manner (or at least not always!)! However, if I can give you some advice, you looked good if you apologized to the player for the bad words spoken.
  8. @dron441 Now do you understand what I mean?
  9. And you call this "hate"? Maybe you don't read the chats these days? Aren't you aware of how many insults there are? Or maybe you close your eyes when it's convenient? If this is "hate" then how do you call insulting mothers? Do you consider it more serious to insult mothers or ask mods to get busy and stop closing their eyes? Before answering, try to imagine that the insulted mother is yours, then you will tell me if you like it and what is "hate"! Then try to think, as in my case, when you no longer have a mother and someone insults your, hidden behind a monitor! Now is it clear to you what is "hate"?
  10. So take care, explain to me how can I be constructive in asking for action to be taken against players who insult mothers? Enlighten me, please!
  11. Banned for what? Because you lost 3 first rank! Lol
  12. Do you have proof? No? Then it doesn't exist!
  13. The problem is that nobody takes action when a player insults or uses bad words! The moderators should get busy, and if they don't have time then they step aside! There are players who are "warned" because they allowed themselves to ask what the official language of the forum is, or why they call "donkey" a player! Then there are players who insult mothers, sisters and various relatives and nothing is ever done! Here's how it works: two weights two sizes, friends and "common" players, streamers and "cannon fodder"! Try to get busy, chats are increasingly full of toxicity and insults, many report and no one takes action! Remember that in the game there are also children, few to tell the truth, and for the sake of your wallet there should be more!
  14. Un suggerimento, approfittate per ridurre le città che non possono essere catturate alla sola Capitale di Nazione e a non più di due porti adiacenti (personalmente preferirei che rimanesse non catturabile solo la capitale)
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