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  1. I start to like these toxic, the Spanish group has brought a lot of quality, well done
  2. @admin Your desire to give ports to smaller nations is commendable, in fact the game absolutely needs mechanics that balance the strength of nations. But you don't listen to your players, I don't like rediii but his proposal on corruption was liked by many, as well as mine on the civil war, but no we have to go back to the PBs against the AIs that nobody likes! Frankly, I don't understand what players' ideas are for if you're not interested. However your game, your choices and your consequences, but don't complain if the reviews suck.
  3. I have only one request, please leave a wood that gives thickness to the masts. Now we have the sabicu and the frigates are back to be important in game. Please don't go back to mechanics that only reward big ships and easy demasting tactics vs frigates.
  4. Don't think too much about bastey, he's just a young boy looking for attention, maybe when he grows up he will understand that there is a difference between playing and knowing how to behave in real life
  5. I tried to make a tribunal because some players insulted my mother. Result: the post has been deleted (in fact my posts must first be approved and then go online, because I am a notoriously "dangerous" player). What I find even more offensive is that I wrote to ink to find out why my tribunal was canceled, and after 12 days no one has yet given me an explanation. Then I have a doubt: different players, different behaviors? I hope I'm wrong
  6. Credo allora ci vedremo spesso a Baracoa 😉 Buon divertimento e ben venuti nel gioco!
  7. @Swedish Berserker I feel that you are suffering too much, poor orphan without dreams of greatness!
  8. @Comrade FrosT As I said let him cry and dream he is harmless 🤣
  9. @Aquillas don't worry about him, he cries and dreams all day 🤣
  10. He will never stop crying, it's the only thing left for him to do and where he can claim to be a champion 😂
  11. This is the right attitude! Fight and never give up, even if it means losing your ports! In the end, whoever holds on and does not give up wins. All my respect for the French fighting, and I'm sure the Russians will never attack Bridgetown.
  12. Judging by the number of insults you dedicated to me, I can say that what I said hit the mark! Usually your comments are less rude, but maybe the subject is too painful for you. You were too used to winning and now that you've run out of underwear you're hiding behind easy excuses (like the one you stopped playing before losing the war). Let me be clearer: you and others in your crew are good players, thank you for generating content, and for this I am not ashamed to say that you are useful in the game. But your attitude towards your allies has been disgusting, and above all you cannot lose. It is a pity!
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