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  1. I now understand: it is impossible for you to respect your enemies if you cannot even respect your brothers in arms. What is your name in the game?
  2. I agree with you, and you did it very well
  3. @rediii the more I read you, the more I like you. Speaking of ganking fleet, did they inform you of your 20 foot licks who chased 3 Danes for two and a half hours the other night? Obviously everyone likes to gank, only difference is that we don t cry in tribunal.
  4. Hai ragione questo gioco non è per nulla facile. Se ti piace e vuoi migliorare devi joinare un buon clan dove possono darti consigli e aiuto per iniziare bene. Questo gioco o lo ami, ma devi comprenderlo a fondo, o lo odi perché è veramente difficile. Giocare da solo è un opzione solo dopo che hai capito bene le meccaniche, e rimane comunque una scelta difficile. Se hai team speak puoi venire in canale e ne parliamo, scrivimi un pm. Fair wind
  5. Here are my suggestions: Port Battle Circles The circles work well, maybe you could add a landing zone where if a enemy trader enter it generates some points (small advantage for those who attack obviously, but it could be an incentive to be active). Enemy traders must be limited in number depending on the BR. Le Requin The problem of Le requin must be solved, a non-dlc alternative must be found. Perhaps it can be resolved by allowing Prince de Neuchatelle to participate. Forts I understand that reviewing the forts requires more effort from the developers, but I think they need to be given a different role. Initially there was talk of the possibility of customizing the type and position of the forts, it would be an incredible step forward. The points for building the forts should be different from those for developing the port. More forts you want built, the more they have to cost. Ports with more defenses, costs that increase almost exponentially. This could balance the game. In the PvP server there are many traders and crafters (the last ones at the moment almost unemployed unfortunately due to dlcs). Let s give the possibility, at enormous costs, to fortify a port and make it difficult to conquer, this would also give a purpose to non-pvp oriented clans. Type of ships Depending on the BR, it would be useful to provide restrictions on participation in the PB. Please find a way to create the possibility that different types of ships are present in the PB. Today the choice is between Redoutable / Implacable - Christian - Ocean / Santissima - Le requin. We have a lot of ships in the game, let s find space for them in the PBs (thanks Devs for the variety of ships in the game) Conquering a port Conquering a port must give advantages, why risk ships in the venture? So when you conquer a port two things happen: Port loses two levels of crafting and forts bonuses. 50% of the corresponding value in relas and doubloons is divided among the winning participants of the PB. If it were possible it would be nice to have the possibility of having flags for each region, better for each port. If you win in that port you can use that flag. If too demanding, special flags for the winners or other aesthetic rewards could be expected. This could encourage PBs and be a fair reward. Personally I think all ports should be at least 50 points, this is because there are many nations in the game, and maybe there will be even more with the introduction of China, and all nations, even the smallest ones, should have a chance to craft decent ships to fight in PB (game balance for small nations). Port Battles BR The Br must be dimanic, possibly on a weekly basis, and must depend on: 1. Reals generated from taxes 2. Players with an outpost in the port Cool-downs PB The cool-downs between the PBs should also be as dynamic as for the BR. The better the port, the greater the cool-down. Thanks
  6. Sorry Lars, but I have to correct you, we use this in the background
  7. Thanks, we always appreciate demonstrations of courage and respect 😂
  8. Welcome to the club! I have had the same problem with Silver many times, especially when He get sank. I believe he only knows two things: "hello kitty you!" and "hello kitty you noob!". I've always reported him but he never loses the habit.
  9. Dear Devs, attached image of personal offenses and name that seems inappropriate and offensive to me. Do whatever you think is appropriate. Regards MassimoSud
  10. dear friend @Botq your boss @Cid changes his mind every 2 days, the fear of a war with the swedes or the russians terrifies him! I imagine his sleepless nights trying to find content for his band of brave warriors without fighting Russia/Sweden. All this is paid with the highest possible price, your honor. As I have told you, you have lost the opportunity to be a great clan, now you are only opportunists without cannon balls. Soon someone will present the bill, it will be expensive. However the lie of our attack on Prussia when he was a dead nation is another example of your penchant for lies. Mediocre attempt to justify your mediocrity. Strange that you have not looked for other lies to justify your action for all the other points of my post, perhaps your clan also lacks imagination as well as lacks cannon balls. I miss battles together, you are funny, but you have chosen the chicken way, we have remained to fight our / your war.
  11. Finally the young ladies decide to come out! Here is the story of the "brave" Prussians 1. They left GB because they were (and still they are) afraid of fighting sweden (perhaps you were right, perhaps we would not have resisted even with you, but what a lack of balls (cannon balls) 2. They promised GB to leave Sant Iago de Cuba within 30 days, after all we must remain good friends. Very correct on your part since many clans have helped you with their resources. 3. They attack the Dutch (a dead nation) to satisfy their ego (congratulations, nice screen shots, but also here as for balls (cannon balls) there would be to discuss). 4 They ask GB money to give back Saint Iago de Cuba. When asked to honor the word given, the answer is that they don't give a damn about the word given. Whow this is what I expect from a good friend 4. They claim to be neutral in the Sweden / Russia war. Why take sides when it is still not clear who the winner is? 5. They try to ally with Sweden because the fear is still too much, and because probably the strongest are the Swedes at the moment. Congratulations again for the balls (cannon balls) 6. They threaten GB to take the region of Trinidad and Les cayes and to close the friend list of Sant Iago de Cuba if the good friends from GB do not "peacefully" leave Trinidad to their good friends (ex cred now in prussia too) who poor guys, after leaving their nation, they "need" a new home in their new nation. So new war with the GB "friends", always for the same reason: absolute lack of balls (cannon balls)!
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