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  1. This is the story: you (3rd rate) and your friend (wasa) are attacked in front of Baracoa, I think 8 pirates and perhaps more in third and fourth rates. Me and two others (two ingers and one endimion) are on your position. We decide to join your side, although we will be outgunned, but who cares about that, Russians are our new friends 😂. We fight and sink all of them, we lose an inger (us). So instead of "thanks" you say that there is a green vs green? frankly I don't understand all the salt in you!
  2. Dear developers, I'm sorry to disturb you but for the umpteenth time I am insulted, this time also my mother (who is no longer among us). I reported ingame but I am really tired of the attitude of these brave captains who evidently do not have the intelligence to understand that it is a game and that they should avoid personal insults and even worse to relatives (deceased). So I will not accept an apology and I expect you to take action. Allow me to ask to be able to avoid reading the comments of the players on the ignored list even during the battle. This would allow us to avoid reading the comments of rude players and avoid you having to deal with these matters. Thank you. MassimoSud https://imgur.com/a/zdIwaeM
  3. Question: why returning to the rare woods calling them seasoned woods? Answer: to sell more dlc ships! Explanation: dlc ships had become uncompetitive, port bonuses made them too inferior. So these "new" woods only serve to "balance" the dlc ships. Pity that now buying dlc ships has become convenient also for crafting ships in these "new" super woods. In fact those who can afford more alts and all dlc ships can get these "new" woods simply by destroying the dlc ships! Great, Pay-to-win direction almost reached! And above all: which players asked for these seasoned woods? No one has asked for it and nobody has talked about it anywhere! Certainly the game is yours and you can do whatever you want, but you should have the good taste not to make fun of your customers, because the game has been released and now we are no longer testers, we are customers!
  4. I speak for the whole Empire, for the King, the Queen and the Parliament, I implore you to forgive us and as a sign of peace we will soon send you the head of these two unworthy captains so that you can expose it as a warning to all. God save bananas!
  5. For my personal experience Cpt Smile is an honorable and polite captain. I have fought with him many times, always polite and even witty, a player with whom it is pleasant to play
  6. for this reason I should be inside
  7. here we go again! I cannot log in stuck in loading screen 😀
  8. Some adjustments that could improve fun for both large nations and small ones: 1. dynamic PB BR, updated weekly, influenced by the taxes generated and the number of ppl's docks; more tax and more players = higher BR. Big and small nations / clans all happy. 2. Different border management: secondary ports must be conquered, then the capitals. More content for everyone, small and large. 3. Different management of open ports: leave a minor port open in each county, so that more pvp is generated and faster. These ports will become very important because they will become the new Free Towns, here there will be great battles because these ports will generate taxes and have many ppl docks. To stimulate PBs in these ports, it is necessary to guarantee an extra income in reals, justifying it by saying that leaving a port open requires greater risks and therefore a greater return must be guaranteed.
  9. Some of these captains were GB some time ago, they left the nation and forgot how to do a proper gank, now they are learning how to be sunk in a nation of elitists and "pros". 😂
  10. sorry if you got sunk "brave" captain! 🤣
  11. It's nice to know that the lama are looking for new members by fishing in other GB clans, and I'm happy that now you feel comfortable with lama, you probably have more "qualities" in common with them than with us!
  12. Admit it Mr "I don t know who you are", you miss balls 🤣
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