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  1. MassimoSud

    HAVOC vanished from clan leaderboard

    the strangest thing is that the BASTDs are first! They are all carebears! 😂
  2. If you think you're bastard enough, then contact me in-game and come and meet us in team speak 😉 MassimoSud BASTDS clan
  3. They love the snow 😃
  4. Please fix the pictures in the server selection screen 🙂
  5. MassimoSud

    The brave Dutchmen of Cartagena

    @Thonys I'm sorry I did not want to hurt you so much! I'm not a diplomat, I'm the only King in British Nation, I m the King of Carebears! We carebears are a bit retarded and if we read the word "enemy" we attack. Next time I will try to read better and if I see also written "Dutch" I will load my cannons with flowers. Greetings.
  6. MassimoSud

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    You and me in the same nation? There will be tons of salt in nation chat! 😄
  7. Well, so why not postpone everything after the localization? Why destroy the best part of the game, replacing it with a game not yet developed correctly?
  8. finally I'm not the only one to call things by their name!
  9. MassimoSud

    Little Cayman will open its docks to the public

    Bravo! You finally got it! Nobody condemns you for attacking traders or newbies, the problem is that you do it using only "le broken" (the only ship you sail), and the problem is that you continue to do so by claiming that the "le broken" is not broken or OP! So now you can also understand what I mean when I talk about your "theories". I do not know "if and how" many you have sunk, I'm still curious. Certainly, many or few, but always and only sailing "le broken" Are you a chef? What I remember is that you were demasted in your "le broken" and you were fleeing upwind. I asked you "Where did you go?," You have answered me you were repairing! So you think Trinco VS le broken is a "fair" fight? "The "problem" is that there can be no "fair" fight between a le broken and any square rigged frigate because a demasted le broken can run upwind even with 50% sails from a frigate, a square rigged frigate with 50% sails can not run away from le broken. Now can you understand my point? I'm sure you can not, and even more that you do not want. I never reported you specifically, I do not like what you say and I do not like how you say it, which is why you're on my ignored list. Unfortunately I can not say the same for a couple of your clan friends who insult my mother (who unfortunatly left me a few ago) and sisters just because they are sunk. But I realize that you can not be responsible for the affirmations of others! If you can, maybe, avoid saying "lol" if I get insulted by someone from your clan! I reported many of the insults I received, I do not think any measures have ever been taken! I know @admin doesn t like me a lot (in fact he does not give me any answer when I quote him, but I can survive). What I regret is that unfortunately I must continue to read, during the battles, your comments, which i don t really like, but perhaps I will accept this considering that the devs do not intend to take into account my request to make invisible even in battle the comments of the players on the ignored list). At this point it has little importance, but I assure you that this is the last time I "dedicate" time to you, you're a lost cause, that's for sure. When, unfortunately, we are in battle I try to not write anything direct to you, but I see that you can not really do the same with me (including today when you wanted to discuss about @Lord Kasparov, which for your information played in my clan for at least 18 months before going to vixit, and that I know much better than you). Certainly he does not need your "brokerage" and if he still has something to tell me he knows how to contact me.
  10. MassimoSud

    Little Cayman will open its docks to the public

    Sorry, we were busy sinking Spaniards in the screening fleet, and you're right, some of us were sunk because, unlike some Spaniards, we did not run away from the battle at the begining of the battle. However I have to admit, some members of the vixit clan are very good at following "activities": 1. Defending each other in the forum (alone they feel misplaced poor). 2. Putting each other "likes" in their amazing posts in the forum. 3. Supporting impossible "theories" when their "interests" are involved. 4. Insulting "enemies" in battle and in global chat (even if they know they are in the ignored list). 5. Using "le broken" against newbies and traders at its best despite knowing that it is a broken ship. I'm sorry to have sank you in front of your capital, and next time you come to KPR I will gift you a new one. However, the same day, returning to Key West, we also sank a vixit Bellona, which did not do anything else than sailing downwing all the time (with the result of being sank in 5 minutes).
  11. MassimoSud

    Little Cayman will open its docks to the public

    Could be just because we do not sail " le broken" as you do throughout the all day and even in the PBS!
  12. MassimoSud

    Little Cayman will open its docks to the public

    Where were you @huliotkd in the meantime? You were busy with your friends sinking tlinx and tbrigs in your beautiful "le broken" in front of kpr! Come to screen next time and try to sail a proper ship (if you re able to do) 😂
  13. Feedback on Connie Classic: 1. Connie is definitely "tanky", same thickness as the Bellona, Its hull shape seems to bounce well if properly angled. At the moment it seems to be the most tanky 4th rate. 2. Turn: I find that considering the size and the length, the Connie is a superfregate that turns well, above all it convinces me as it turns well upwind. 3. 18-pound cannons: 4 could be too much, but it may be fine. Iif the Connie can mount 18-pound cannons then even the first rates must be able to do the same (exclusively for a reason of balancing). Ultimately 4 18pder cannons with the "double charge" can demast the masts of some frigates quite easily. 4. Speed: I would prefer it to be faster than Agamemnon (which should have more hull and more firepower with long cannons). Ultimately it is a great super support frigate, but with an adeguate increase in its speed could become a good ship for PvP even in "solo".
  14. MassimoSud

    naval blockade for ostility mission

    Dear @huliotkd what problems do you have?
  15. MassimoSud

    naval blockade for ostility mission

    I will try to explain my idea better to the advantage of all players who prefer hostility generated by PvP rather than battles against AI: This is for the benefit of those who have a real life in the real world, and can not spend the whole day in the game waiting for I do not know what! Example: I log in control where there is ostility, and then I go to the "hot" areas sure to find action, outside and inside the naval blockade! maybe I forgot to add that if you leave the circle it happens exactly what happens in the patrol zone, you sink!. I do not find it right that the circle should tighten because there is no need for the battle to end within 90 min, considering that after 90 min I can decide whether to stay in the battle for another 90 min (if I have time and desire) or I can leave the space to new players (who have time and desire). Moreover the circle that tightens "forces" the players to play only with tanky ships, and I prefer mixed fleet compositions, tanky and fast! The time of 60 min can be reviewed obviously, it must be tested, but what I would like to obtain is a time that gives the attackers (organized for hostility) an initial advantage for having had the initiative, and the defenders have adequate time to dispose countermeasures. What I would like is a hostility that is not reduced only in a race to those who arrive before (today we use two fleets of first rate ships to generate hostility as soon as possible, to the detriment of fun and PvP). Someone has spoken of advantage for the defenders, but today is not it worse? Or do you think that joining a battle and fighting 20vs10 is fairer? I never thought interesting the positional join, I find it unfair, I'm still personally in favor of the tag with the two circles that had been tested and then abandoned (never understood why!) But obviusly that is my personal opinion. Someone is afraid of the alts! If you are afraid of the alts who are in a clan of your friends list then you would do well to change your own clan and your own nation! @Tiedemann i think that you didn t notice what i say about leaving battle and beeing towed to nearest friendly port If you sail out the circle you start sinking Here I can see only potentially balanced battles! Where is "countergank" mode?