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  1. MassimoSud

    Just a little bit of French salt

    Fortunately, Manataca today has not been defended, it will cost me only half the fare!
  2. MassimoSud

    Just a little bit of French salt

    My life is hell since @rediii decided to come to GB! And the saddest thing is that he does not even deign to answer when he is called into question! He has an authoritarian and elitist attitude that annoys me. Now that I've found out that he does not charge his little friends, I'm really disappointed! Next time i will not pay! 🤔
  3. MassimoSud

    Just a little bit of French salt

    If it s a joke I want my dobloons back from redii/reddi/reddii!
  4. MassimoSud

    Just a little bit of French salt

    @Lars Kjaer I believe you did not understand the spirit, but perhaps it is too much to demand. However I have not allowed myself to define the honorable French captains "poor losers", but you do it without any hesitation. Usually I do not expect anything from others, so I'm happy when I have to change my mind, but this time it's what I'm finding, "nothing". Enjoy the game
  5. First of all I must say that I respect the french Captains who fought in the Carriacau PB and the battle took place in fairness and mutual respect, this is the battle chat that ends with greetings and compliments each other, and even some joke (that is always welcome) Instead, here is the message I received by a great French admiral (I hid the name because it is a private message) that the day before evidently he did not find anything better to do than try to provoke me (actually he did better , both he and other 15/20 French have had the good taste of being sunk or captured in the attempt to flip Carriacau, which in the end they managed to do even if at a high price). Their success in flipping the port has allowed us to make the great admiral happy (who has not had the good taste of being in the PB and not even in the screen) and this is the result of the PB for his happiness! I also thank @rediii that allowed me (I had to insist a lot though) to lead the fleet, but for this pleasure I had to personally pay him 50k doubloons! So great French admiral, to defend your good name, I am sure you will want to pay me the 50k doubloons, considering that they were payed for your personal pleasure. I thank all the British captains for the good fight! See you at the next PB French friends! MassimoSud
  6. He mostly uses it to sell 🤐
  7. MassimoSud

    Caribbean Invasion News

    What would I be celebrating? It's a week that I m off line and the merit of the capture of La Navasse is havoc, certainly not mine. Again you did not miss the chance to say stupid things. Go back crying and complaining in Tribunal that are activities where nobody dreams of confronting with you (and there are no nigth timers for that too)! See you srupl baby
  8. MassimoSud

    Caribbean Invasion News

    It s me, i like carebearing more than pvp (but i like salt in forum most of all)
  9. MassimoSud

    Caribbean Invasion News

    True, they only fight at Christmas when they can hope for a gift from Santa Claus!
  10. MassimoSud

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Sarazota and Gasparilla from what I can remember. And me and Grundge we can not even maual sail, we only tak, attack, tarn and kill (but in a "perfect" way) 😉
  11. MassimoSud

    Ship's position at twelve o'clock

    I agree on everything except one thing: the only thing you're poor is not your English but your sailing skills. 😂
  12. remember the two circles RoE? That was great! And yes keep it open for the weaker side just to balance the fight!
  13. MassimoSud

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    You did not read my post, when I captured/sunk these "ships" they were all 3/5 teak / white oak and with basic refits.
  14. MassimoSud

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    Excuse me, I have all the three upgrades and it's not true what you say. These ships seem to be done by a different material (steel) and they are too fast, turns too good, reload too fast and repair too much and too fast, even with the three shipknowledge you're talking about!
  15. MassimoSud

    Game inbalances or cheating?

    Well ... many people will say that what I'm about to say are all bulls@#t, but who cares! Others will be silent because they are afraid of being teased (but privately they told me they had at least one doubt). In some battles I have had the impression (certainty often) that the enemy ships had characteristics outside the standards. I'm not referring to the almost impossible impossibility to demast ships, I know very well that almost all mount refits for the masts, so the demasting is no longer my "strategy". I refer to the incredible speed of the ship, its incredible turne rate, its incredible ability to repair a lot and in a short time, at its incredible reloading speed, and all these features present on the same ship at the same time. In some cases I faced ships that with 50/60% of sails ran at the same speed and turned much better than me (of course I used the same ship or even a ship that on paper had similar or even better features). I came to think that someone, to tell the truth always the same players, have discovered how to have all the perks and refits on the same ship at the same time. Then, when, in spite of the incredible characteristics of these "special" ships, I/we managed to sink them and/or capture them, we checked how these ships were built, the marvel of all that they had no particular refit and that they were all teak / WO (exactly as I build my ships). How did I solve the problem? Simply avoiding the players who, being always the same, I'm sure they have discovered some kind of exploit or that even they can hold special credentials for "special" players. I'm sorry to say this, and I regret not being able to provide video (my computer is old and not powerful enough to record and play at the same time), but I have the doubt / certainty and I find it right to share it. Good game (especially when it's honest!)