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  1. Perhaps because we had some kind of economy and crafting, and now is all f...ed!
  2. There is only one small problem, the game is no longer in EA, it has been released! Too bad, some good ideas, as there have been so many in the last three years! But the devs are not interested in the ideas and opinions of casual players, they prefer streamers and "pros"! Result? Soon they will remain the only ones in game.
  3. First rates must be very rare and the real final goal in a sandbox game, they must have the whow effect when they go in battle and they must be very expensive and you must pay maintenance for that (so that economy will have a purpose in the game again). But to do that we need PBs with lower BR, so we can decide if we want to join in big ships or we want to use numbers of players. I suggested to fix the PB BR with the money and number of players who has a port in that city. So most important ports will have bigger br and smaller ports are open to small br battle. But I think that now is too late, most players have tons of crap first rates in their docks atm
  4. hethwill this SoL thing is simply bullshit! By now we have left the EA, NA has been released and (should be) a finished game! instead we continue to turn around! The devs don't have a plan, they just make us believe that they want to improve the game, instead their only purpose is to make money by telling us stories! There are so many things that the players asked, but no they do things that nobody asked for! Result we had a wipe and after two months the economy, crafting and RvR are of no use, there is still a bit of OW pvp fum for me, that s all! Too bad this game could be a masterpiece and instead it is an incomplete work by an artist without a precise idea (perhaps the idea is only to make money without investing time and resources). You've been in my clan and I liked playing in your company, but frankly your attitude on the forum I can't understand! too often you look like the champion of the devs even when it would seem impossible! Forgive my bluntness, but you know I am like that. Fair wind
  5. so economy was broken before this patch, Now is useless. Good!
  6. I understand your point of view, but people, even in a mmo need a purpose. so at the beginning they want to understand how to fight, how to trade and how to craft ships. all right so far, except for trade, completely broken and boring (I won't repeat the reasons why we all know them). Here we lose a lot of players (the traders precisely, and I assure you they could be really a lot!). then we want to rank up, and the rank curve seems to me balanced, it takes time, but in two / three months anyone can be Admiral with a bit of dedication. The problem is that at the beginning, when we are inexperienced, as soon as we put out our noses in a lousy frigate we get ganked by players thirsty for CMs. And here we lose other players. Let s give them protection, maybe a month, it happens in many mmo, and please let s eliminate CMs, doubloons or other currencies and let s adopt only one economic system, one currency. when we got used a little to the game mechanics, we want to develop a port, and if we are not a great clan we have no chance! Why must there be ports where there are 55 points and disgusting and useless ports? Developing a port is not a trivial matter, it costs time doubloons reals stones and so on .... why not give everyone the chance to develop a port with good features? Even small clans, with dedication and enormous efforts, must have the chance to develop "their" port! Some will say that in this way the RvR dies, there would be no reason to conquer ports! The problem is that the reasons must be found elsewhere, the reward must not be to be able to craft better ships than the others, because this would cause greater differences between strong and weak nations, without any possibility of reversing the trend (and with the only advantage only for the devs to sell more forged papers dlc!). So the reward must be different, perhaps a title clearly visible to all of which you can be proud, perhaps the possibility of crafting an exclusive ship (but not an OP, only a "rare" one), perhaps chests with exclusive paints and flags. Anything that pushes us to conquer new ports, but that does not create a greater gap between those who have good ports and those who do not! These refits and books are also a purpose, something that keeps us searching, playing ... but they must not give excessive advantages, but they are and remain a goal for many. Port battles (and raids, RvR in general) must be the top of the game, but they must be various! There are captains who love sail Sols, others who prefer frigates, we must find a role for each of them, so many ships present in the game, we must find a purpose for each one. I realize that developing only some of these ideas involves commitment and resources (economic and time), but if we continue on this road we will barely reach Christmas, and then we will be 200/300 veterans again who cry because we can't find anyone in a huge map! As always I wish the best for "our" favorite game!
  7. great! back and forth and possibly in a circle! so the choice was to have first rates with whow effect, somehow a purpose in a sandbox game, and now let's go back again? so everyone back in bad first rates to give the "pros" and streamers a chance to satisfy their ego? so will the frigates and the third rates be useless again? you have made a game with so many ships and now everyone will return to sail only with the biggest? boring! have you introduced the permits for the best ships, but what can I do with a renomee or an indefatigable? Why the permits if they are so obviously inferior and almost useless? instead you should set the br in the PB and go back to the variety of ships of the past, where the tactic made sense, but no the choice is for the stacked 25 first rates! you are losing all the players who love trading because the economy sucks! start by fixing it, the traders are the ones who really should populate the seas, and instead they uninstall! I'm sorry but you don't have a plan, and maybe you just listen to the same players all the time, with the result that the numbers of players are going down again, but maybe this is your real purpose? I always hope to be wrong, but maybe this game will bethe game with one of longer beta testing and a short life after the release (done quickly and without planning). nevertheless I wish you the best!
  8. GB Good: so many new players who want to learn, so many enemies ready to join forces as soon as they see an English flag, so many old fellow adventures. Bad: so many new players who do not want to learn and who are convinced they know everything, so many old players who are only able to complain in chat and ask for help
  9. Two weeks to release! It seems too good to be true! So after almost 4 years of development have we reached the end? Why am I talking about the "end" and not the "beginning"? I will try to explain it ... I don't think that in two weeks the following mechanics can be fixed: 1. Hostility: boring and based on PvE mechanics. 2. Economy: goods to be traded are useless and the only possibility of making money is to go around in tlinxs or tbrigs to make cargo missions or passengers missions! 3. Patrol zones: attempt to transform a sandbox game into an arena game. 4. Reals-doubloons-combat medals: too many currencies and the easiest way to get them is PvE (in a PvP server) 5. Clans: a little explored field that could give a lot to the game, too basic 6. Raids: no one knows anything anymore and it was a chance for smaller clans to have content 7. Elite ships: they simply ruin crafting, perhaps a simpler attempt to solve the problem of lone players? 8. RvR: at the beginning it will be a grinding fest with useless and boring ostility missions and PB vs AIs! We will all sail rattvisans in hostility (who has it)! Then nobody will be interested anymore (except very few cases). The minor ports are almost all useless, the capitals (except some) also. 9. Boarding: couldn't you do better in four years? So it will be the end and not the beginning because for all I said above, and my impression is that you want to release the game to collect what is left and then good bye (because it is no longer profitable) It's a pity because with a little more effort it could have become a "must have game", and instead it will be an incomplete "work" that has not been done well enough! I hope, at least for the sake of your pockets, that once released you will be able to sell thousand of game copies, but I believe instead that there will always be the same players and their numerous alts, which is why the game will languish in limbo for a few months and then it will come to an end, leaving you free to develop your new projects! I hope for you that someone will still have confidence in you (difficult given the importance you give to the commitments made with your testers / customers). Ad maiora semper!
  10. Good fun with our spanish "friends" near Islamorada this evening
  11. If you are looking for a "friendly" clan try to contact us in the game (BASTD), the only requirement is to have team speak (and feel at least a little bit bastard). 😉
  12. Four Noobs (us) against four "pros" (Them)
  13. I reiterate that a decent SoL captain must prevail against a frigate and should also prevail against two frigates. As for me I don't understand how tom can judge my abilities considering that I don't remember having ever fought with him, also I don t remember seeing him in the pvp leaderboard, but being a snow probably all of them "may" be above average skills, and I agree with them regarding their ability to troll in forum and nation chat. Me in a SoL against moscalb and dron in trinco? I don't know how it can end, but I and dron trinco vs trinco I know how it turned out. moscalb? What to say, just "russian magics!" (I'm still waiting for my password) 😉
  14. Sorry but I don't think you're right! If the captain of the SoL is at least decent, surely he has the upper hand over a frigate, two frigates is already more difficult but still likely so!
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