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  1. The problem imo is that players are not rewarded for participating in PvP unless they actually sink an enemy player. So aplayer that loses a one on one fight gets nothing. It has been suggested to give the losing player some form of reward so that the risk of OW travel is worth it. But the very same players that complain that people will only stay in the safe zones are the same players that strenuously object to players being rewarded for just participating in PvP. They constantly say “if you can’t win then you don’t deserve a reward.” So the Devs in this latest patch decided to force people into OW travel instead of rewarding them for doing it. Long before the inventor the computer and the computer game there was a saying; a carrot works better than the stick. To bad the Devs do not understand what that means and how it would greatly improve the game.
  2. So players running from battle in a Trader Lynx is a coward?
  3. do not care about those people leaving because they do not fight You should listen to the advice and read all the posts. You are completely wrong here. We did do PvP. We participated in ALL of the game
  4. You would be happy to go into the Patrol Zone if it wasn’t broken. This statement from someone that has been crying since I have been on this Forum that PvP was to hard to come by. And here I am, and others like me that prefer a majority PvE experience going freely into the Patrol Zones seeking PvP even though the Patrol Zones were broken. Have you ever bothered to wonder why that is? Maybe if you came down from your high horse you could see that even broken, the Patrol Zones were the place that average and below average skill players could at least get rewarded for participating in PvP. So you and others like you say from your high horse, if you can’t win then you don’t deserve a reward. And then what happens? Those below average players quit the game because it takes to long to get ahead. Then what happens? Average players are now the below average players and are now the ones being prayed on. They can’t get the rewards for PvP combat any more because they are losing all the time. Then they quit. This cycle will continue. The sad part about this is that all you had to do to keep them in the game so that you could kill them every day and satisfy your Ego is let them have a little reward for their efforts. And please do not bring up insurance because that is just a bad joke.
  5. Yes, do not bother to address the point that you are causing people to quit the game because you prevent them from at least getting some reward FOR DOING EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO.
  6. The Patrol Zone needs to be a place where quality PvP happens. Battles need to be limited so that one side is not to much bigger than the other. 1.3 and 1.5 has been suggested. I think it can go up to 2:1 only allow a tag if it is a 2:1 br difference or smaller. When the battle starts close the side with the br advantage and only allow players to join the smaller side until their side had the br advantage. Then close that side and open the other side. battle can stay open this way for 30 minutes. Do not allow basic cutters to join battles in the Patrol Zones. if the Patrol Zones were fixed you would find them full of people as soon as the word spread. on the PvE server you should allow AI fleet ships to join battle so that you can get more than one enemy ship in the battle
  7. Look, you all want more people to WANT to leave the safe areas and go seek PvP. So here is a player that decides a good way to get his feet wet in the PvP arena is to go to the Patrol Zone so that when he loses his ship at least he will have earned some Doubloons for his effort. He is just about to enter the Patrol Zone and you tag him and sink him. He gets nothing except pissed off that when he finally decided to try PvP out you screwed him by hanging around the Patrol Zone and tagging him before he got there. That is the very definition of griefing. Purposely preventing a player from participating in a portion of a game.
  8. Then if you do not care as you say, stop reading the thread and replying
  9. I’m sorry have I upset you? [respect others. comment removed] I know it’s hard to hear people’s opinions that are different from your own but please try and deal with it.
  10. This just proves that you can’t see past the nose on your face. The “Peace” server has no content and is not at all what players like me want. We have been saying the same thing all along. The PvE server is not a viable alternative to those players that enjoyed the game before patch 27. THERE IS NO CONTENT ON THAT SERVER. It has an extremely narrow focus. Now the PvP server has an extremely narrow focus. If the Patrol Zones would have been fixed and the AI fleets left the way they were, most players would have been happy and the server population may have increased instead of decreased. Am I right or wrong on this?
  11. It is to bad that you have such a narrow mind and cannot understand that that people have different ideas of what is fun and enjoyable in a game. You and others like you wanted to force people into your play style. You got you wish. Now we will see if the game ever makes it. And again you just ignore the people that loved the game on the “War server” before the patch. Apparently we are people that enjoy all aspects of the game and you and those like you have a very limited view of the game.
  12. I only see you upset and whining. You and people like you whining that You had to put to much effort into finding PvP. And now you tell me to put more effort into the game. Classic
  13. I still don’t understand why you feel that 1st rates need to be limited in the OW. The only problem people ever complained about was Port Battles being nothing but 1st rates. Simple solution was to limit the number of 1st and 2nd rates in port battles. Devs couldn’t do that. Nope. Had to make them to expensive to replace so that people would stop sailing them taking away the fun factor for a lot of people in game.
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