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  1. After Patch 27, and a statement from ADMIN about the direction they are taking the game I created a poll to see if the players on the Forums agreed with the patch and ADMINS statement. In my comments I I explained that I disagree with the direction the game was going. At the end of my statement I said that I do not believe that players want this game to become a World of Tanks sailing ship style. ADMIN quoted that statement, said it had no basis in reality and locked the poll. Tell me why they do not want to know if players agree or disagree with the direction they are taki
  2. How about you concentrate on all the problems in the game that the players have been bringing up in the Forums? A tutorial that would accomplish the tasks in Welcome to the Caribbean is good to teach people the basics. Forcing people to join a clan, and forcing clans to accept people is wrong period. If you would fix the Patrol Zones everyone would lead new players there to get PvP experience. Requiring a person to set up ports where you want them to is simply wrong unless you give us several more. Just concentrate on fixing the problems that we have been bringing up a
  3. In every game that I have played for more than a couple of weeks, you were rewarded for effort. People play that play games want rewards. Remember that the average person has average skill and will lose almost always to players with higher skills. If you want those a average players to stick around and feed you your rewards, then there better be some incentive to keep them playing.
  4. This has been brought up before but now with the Developers new emphasis on capturing ships it needs to be addressed again. Every Captain should be able to have one ship in fleet without using a perk. Fleet control one should give an additional fleet ship for a total of two, Fleet control two give two additional for a total of three.
  5. I don’t know if this is a bug or not. The Btitish took Omoa where I have an outpost. I had an LGV, and a Trader Brig with a few things in warehouse. I loaded the LGV and went to Truxillo and then tried to close my outpost in Omoa. The warning came up and said I would lose any ships and all stuff in warehouse, it had me type close, then it said unable to close because I have a ship docked. So now I can’t close Omoa unless I jump in a basic cutter and waste 45 minutes of my valuable time to do a round trip to Omoa so I can close the output? I am hoping this is a bug a
  6. Since the PvE server has no content, the vast majority of players play on the PvP server. That does not mean that the majority of the players want PvP the majority of the time. I believe the vast majority of players are looking for a game with a lot of immersive content that PvP is possible. I believe that the vast majority does not want”World of Tanks” sailing ship style. I completely disagree with the vision of the game developers
  7. That’s not what I said I think that you missed the sarcasm
  8. Yes, because I am the only person in a battle with 8 3rd rates.
  9. It is just that your statement of “do you expect battles to last only 15 minutes” is just off track. Going an hour and a half with nobody sunk and then players outside the battle waiting to tag when the enemy as they come out is getting old. In these scenarios a battle can last 3 hours. It’s not lasting that long because players are skilled at battle, its lasting that long because players are getting skilled at running and repairing. It is simply wrong.
  10. There is a hell of a lot of time between 15 minutes and 90 minutes. Over an hour that you casually cut out of the conversation. Really?? i expect more than 15 minutes but I also expect that by an hour we can start coming to a conclusion. I don’t know you so I don’t know if you have a job or any life outside of games but I do.
  11. But neither is repairing so much that battles are dragged out past the 90 minutes
  12. This is exactly why it needs to change. When repairs are just as important as how you fire your guns then you know for sure that the system is broken. Repairing in battle is to easy and to effective.
  13. In the patrol zone you gain PvP marks according to the damage done to the enemy. Outside PvP zone you do not. HUGE DIFFERENCE especially to the casual player like me. I feel that sitting outside of the free ports that are closest to the PvP zones and ganking players, preventing them from using game content, is griefing.
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