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Found 6 results

  1. Just a very short suggestion: As I see the new testbed content currently discussed is having some dynamite effect on the community, as a source of disunity upon whether changes are positive or destructive, I would suggest in the interest of game-labs to apply the changes for some months only on PvP server and then, after people got used to them and some adjustments have been done, as always, you may take them over to PvE server as well. Or leave PvE untouched for another game experience, while observing player numbers evolve around them. Where the trend will go. Why this retention? Because PvE server could work as it always works: for keeping people in Naval Action who would otherwise completely quit. This is only possible when there is a server which continues to function, at least for a while, according to the "old rules". Everyone who disagrees with testbed implementations will then not fall off the edge, but remain in the game by switching to PvE server. At least there is a chance they do so. Game-labs will see in numbers how many will do so, and draw their conclusions upon the statistic material. If PvE server will be ready for being changed too or should stay like it is for accommodating those players who do not consent to the new content. I also advise to read the chat there. By the way, I hear things about testbed content which I partly like and partly dislike. I agree with making lineships expensive (was one of my suggestions anyway), but I find the fee for teleporting troublesome, if even I can understand the motive behind it, to bring people out on OW. In the sum, PvE server will act as insurance for at least a part of the community which is dissenting, against dropping out of game and finding a (temporary) new home on PvE. The alternative is: losing them completely. We all do not want this.
  2. Want to buy 70~100 Edinorog cannon(1 Pood Edinorog Cannon) in PVE server. Can pay 6 victory points in PVP server or 50k each gun in PVE or PVP server. Message me if you want to sell the cannon. And we will discuss the detail(which kind of payment, which port to trade and when)
  3. I'm on the PvE server and as I have done many times I sail past Serena towards Pedro/KPR wait for Carlisle to be closer than San Andres, then click the Tow to Port...I ended up spawning at Old Providence, a county capital...has there been a change? Or was this a bug?
  4. Situation: People are more likely to make their first steps on PvE server than PvP, for learning the basics in a less cruel environment. Or they move there after having realized their fate on PvP server is too much that of being a victim. If they don't leave entirely. -- Here is a suggestion for smoothing the differences between those servers. This idea is about offering a bit of PvP even on PvE server for accustoming players (back) into fighting human opponents. It has to be 100 % voluntary, though. Meaning, one human player can offer a PvP battle instance to another player on PvE server where they happen to come across each other, including their respective fleet ships, if any present. The human player who receives the offer in Open World can accept or decline, to his liking. If he accepts, they enter battle instance as you know it from PvP server. If he declines, they just proceed with doing whatever they were doing before and no battle is initiated. Maybe cooldown time after such request makes sense, five minutes. So nobody gets harassed by an obtrusive bully with constantly repeated demands. -- Pro: - Players can try out fighting other human players without having to move over to PvP server (and getting frustrated there). PvE server wins some more attraction, by having more to offer - Players learn PvP fighting in an environment which stays secure otherwise, equivalent to a "safe zone" often proposed for PvP server - Idea is more likely keeping players in the game, if they find out duels are nothing suitable for them, they will simply not accept new invitations, and stay happy - shifting from PvE to PvP server could be done after testing combat against humans and promises more success thereafter, less remorse having done so (unpreparedly) - experienced players can teach unexperienced players on PvE server the basics in such instances - Players who have already been on PvP server and retreated to PvE server may still have a little human-versus-human fun if they want to try again - each step taken is voluntary and nobody to be blamed afterwards - people on PvE have a use for fast ships (and related upgrades) again, not only tanky ones, which at present are the only ones which count on PvE Con: - PvE concept of 'no PvP on this server whatsoever' gets a workaround hole - related questions; if others could join the fight, if reinforcement zone should work like on PvP server, if each side's strength should be visible or hidden, if his opponent being able to deny when he is in the weaker ship is so interesting to someone used to gank from a superior perspective... - one could be satisfied completely with the polite duel asking option and never move over to PvP server, which I think is contrary to the plans of devs for all players on PvE server, at this time
  5. The Roadmap said something about PvE Content. And in General the PvE Server needs some Work to Function Properly Is there any Information on whats Planned in terms of PvE Content and when we might Expect it ? Also does anyone know something if there is Plans to Fix the Situation on the PvE Server with there being most Ports Neutral etc etc ?
  6. I know the PvE server is not the priority at this time and the Devs are tirelessly working on making PvP game play the best it can be, however, I was thinking about the HUD on the PvE server and may be figure out something to improve game play. As you know, port info does not show up until you are very close (about 5 Km), which would be fine if you did not click on a ship that's barely visible on the horizon and get full details about her/fleet. People would agree that it is easier to know what port you are approaching miles and miles away as soon as you spot some type of landmark, be it a fort, church, particular building, lighthouse, surrounding hills...etc. At the same time, people will also agree that it is quite difficult to recognize ships and their armament at that same distance, especially with the telescopes available at that time. I'm inferring this from my readings of the Aubrey-Maturin and Hornblower series. In my opinion, it would make more sense to determine what port you are approaching at a higher distance than recognizing what ship and all her details at that same distance. I was also thinking about, maybe varying the distance at which a port can be identified: for instance, all port info should be displayed at about 5 Km as it is now, but if you have already entered the port in the past and coming back to it, the name should display at 10-15 km (or more). You've been there, you know what it looks like so you recognize it from a farther distance. As far as ship info, it should be gradually displayed. At max visual distance, the info box should only say whether it's a single ship or a fleet, the closer you get the more info is displayed: Class of ship (s), nation and lastly BR. This will have an effect on the future content for the PvE server, if the Devs do not scrap it after 12-18 months as stated once the PvE-PvP merger was abandoned. There was talk about making AI aggressive and attack players on the PvE server. With the gradual info, the challenge will be that a player has to get dangerously close to an AI ship to learn whether it is an easy target such as a trader or a lesser warship then the player's or has to spin around and run for his/her life because the target turned out to be a warship twice the BR and just turned around to give chase.