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  1. People seem to realy not like this payment part. I suggest to make this payment a real-money, instead of reals/doubloons. People spend their valuable time in game to get reals for ships. I get it that they don't like to spend it to join PvP. Let them enjoy the full PvP potential, that is after they pay and support NA and new GL games with some real funds.
  2. Naval Action was a great skill-based game about gain and loss, with long character and economical progression. Now it's a game about some ships.
  3. Maybe they're ugly, but at least realistic. Since IRL I'm currently infiltrating pirate possessions in the Carribean, I can share this piece of intel with you:
  4. Dude, you don't know what you write about. You're wrong on all accounts, probably simply trolling. I'm not wasting my time on you. HF.
  5. Please don't do this... It can be exploited in many ways: - Screening in those ships would reduce economy aspect of rvr - breaking up those ships would give tons of special woods - fireship suicide screening will probably increase again You can sell this dlc as a reskin, eg a component needed to craft a beautiful ship. I would buy it. I don't want to have an advantage of redeeming a 1st rate daily though, for free, in a wood setup I want.
  6. @admin you can find a post about quality of life changes below. All those changes meet goals you set, and should be relatively easy to implement:
  7. If they do - which also means gathering an RvR fleet able to match the swedish one - they could be a thread. WIthout it, they don't have an option to threat Sweden - they can just slow down how fast they loose ports. It'd be in the good interest of GB to start thinking how to get peace now, when their position is still not as bad. Better yet, it'd be better for them to not start the war. It's a bit too late for this though.
  8. Gregory, like some others, has good contact with many clan leaders from all nations, which covers large part of the community. I didn't hear yet anyone, who is active in planning rvr, to ask for an increased br in PB. Many ask for low br.
  9. It would be nice to see which ports are closest (in terms of NPC routes) to a given port you're in.
  10. As a side-effect of any additional ranking, you would get a lot of moaning as well though, as encounters in NA can't be predicted: when a seasoned-wood 1st rate is attacked next to a fort, it's different than a shabby AI-captured 1st rate being caught in the open when in a group fight a smaller ship doesn't score any kills, but chains everyone and keeps enemy from escaping, he's a valuable player, but invisible for such a ranking when a fireship explodes and wins a PB for a team, it's invisible for a ranking A new ranking would change the behaviour of players. Hard to predict how in detail.
  11. The current ranking is perfect, based on gamification principles. People want to get on the list because of renown, and they want to do better, as it's not only time based - it's time and skill based. Both things are good for the game, and current raking worked well for a long time. If you want to add a ranking, it should be a new one. The only other reasonable one I know is ELO-based (chess), where you get more points for sinking someone with your rank or better. NA is different than chess though, as it's not always a 1 vs 1 game. This would also need to be included in such a rank - you should have no points for ganking a same rank player, and much less points if you have a higher rank already. WIth such ranking, you would have a few advantages: additional progression goals for players incentive to fight non-gank fights. Since they're more fun for everyone, it's good for the game option to reward more for sinking renowned players much higher than you, which would empower new players as well If GameLabs made such a ranking with a help of a mathematician, it could be a great addition.
  12. @admin the last changes to raking are breaking the game. It's not even that it's the best tactic now, it's that it nullifies all other tactics, and makes the game boring. Battles last much shorter, and are less fun. I'd advice to revise the last changes, especially: damage done to structure while raking damage done to crew while raking
  13. With those stats (radius, guaranteed explosion and damage to sails) 100% fireship fleet, or a mix of 50% fireships will still probably be the most efficient screening strategy. If this keeps being the case, RvR will be blocked, as an AI 1st rate can be acquired within 20 minutes, while crafting PB-ready 1st rate requires much more time. I guess we'll test it...
  14. I was commenting only effect exploding ship had on other ships, not on itself. You're right.
  15. Ok then. My feedback is that explosions right now have no counter and remove the validity of all other tactics, as proven in two port battles / screening fightsd today. It's good that you plan to change them. Explosions as we had them before last changes were well balanced - a fireship could turn the battle around, however wasn't reliable enough to be used repeatedly, invalidating other tactics. Just changing timing of explosions, and leaving all other statistics as they were, would be an improvement good enough to make them fun, but not overpowered.
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