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  1. Is this the famous underwater cannon of Bellona? It's been there for a long time. That one I assume is for fending off sharks. Once you find yourself in a situation, you wish you had a gun like this:
  2. Danish flag - that'd be mostly me (and partly a group effort) I'm glad you like it
  3. @Iroquois Confederacy In my opinion long-range fights will become meta once RvR with new damage model starts again. It's probably most efficient way to kill less skilled enemy without suffering losses of your own. Nothing needs to change - current model allows for it. Just wait and see
  4. PvP dmg farming gives you nothing now. Besides, alts indeed are there... I think it's not a very critical concern at the current state of the game.
  5. @admin There's a serious issue with being able to bow-rake Santi shooting at angles 0-70 degrees to the hull, killing structure without having to take down sides. Bow-raking is better than stern-raking it seems, as you can distribute damage enemy deals to you when he stern-rakes, while he can still bow-rake at many angles. It seems stern-raking should be the best tactic.
  6. Engagements indeed seem too short now. Demasting is also a real issue. Yesterday in Bellona I fought a herc, two Indefs and a surprise. I downed 12 masts with 70 mast hits, which makes it impossible to counter a Bellona even with many 5 th rates. It feels great when in Bellona, though it's a real issue. New players, having to sail small ships for some time, will have a really hard time leveling up... Please look into demasting, maybe give ships Mast mods by default?
  7. It mostly lowers drag of the wave, which can also increase speed quite significantly (10%+). It works from a certain speed though, maybe a clipper could benefit from it.
  8. ...oh, and mast mods. I'd mount Kirimati masts on all ships in the navy. I'd also order to put Rattlesnake figures on bows of all the ships.
  9. Bulbous bow, Dazzle camouflage ( imagine Dazzle Santissima ). Possibly kite sails. Abomination when it comes to looks, but possibly effective
  10. There's a painfully simple solution to bring everyone out of capital zones and into PvP zones: FIX RoE of PvP zones to COUNTER GANKING!!!! ...eg. by progersive BR limits, which would allow for groups sized from 1 to 10 to find some interesting and meaningful fights in PvP zone, and fight other 1-10 groups regardless of their size. This is however simple and efficient solution. Let's go back to discussing various other solutions - those more complex, or harder to implement, as for some reason dev's don't want to test this simple one, even though it was suggested by most of the community already.
  11. You can dower. It just doesn't do anything, as it doesn't have anything it can depower. Latin sails don't count.
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