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  1. FYI if the port wasn't taken this way, it could have been taken by a nation different than Sweden, before Sweden could act. Already earlier another exploit was used by disgruntled clan to pass some Danish ports to Russia. It would be not smart to risk the repetition. I guess sometimes you can protect yourself from exploits only by using other exploits.
  2. Feel free to post a screenshot
  3. I withdraw my statement. They were so bad, that they needed those numbers. It was more or less a fair fight.
  4. Just a standaed WTF stuff. They pretend to prepare for 1 vs 3. Once tag starts, 3 more jump out to join
  5. This time it's different. Port bonuses and investments, expensive 1st rates, large Russian rvr fleet and lowering population changes the standard situation.
  6. We have drones. Radars were invented before drones were.
  7. You would get tons of support tickets then. People would complain they didn't know it's the case. Why not limit CM and doubloon acquisition? It's the simplest way to make whole clans switch nations, and that's the goal. You can't use anything based on gold, as it can be abused by alts. Another option is to limit port bonuses of the most numerous nations.
  8. The correct translation is: Birch has the greenest leaves of any shrub; Loki was fortunate in his deceit. Possibly then eg a flag which disguises you as AI
  9. come to think of it, I also suggested a paid-for feature to detect battles nearby. I wonder if what's being introduced will be also paid-for. I'm sure people would love it
  10. I fought for a feature like this as well (for the area around ports you visit, but with time inaccuracy). I guess you only need to wait to get what you want. In my case, I think 2 years was enough
  11. You could simply make drop of combat marks scale down with number of players. It's not vulnerable to alt exploits, like all other methods are. Another one better than wood limitation is scaling doubloon requirement for ship crafting (however in rare situations it can be vulnerable to alts).
  12. We're discussing why rvr is dying. What better proof you can get than an opinion of clan leaders, who were organizing pb's, and they're not doing it any more, saying that Russia makes it not fun? Do you want to read their brain waves instead?
  13. Fact is that multiple nations and clans tried RvR, and oversized Russia almost always makes it either not fun, or less fun than it could be. No need for other proofs. According to opinions stated even here, Russians are leaving game as well. It's not surprising - lack of good content when you're the large one is boring.
  14. Why the hell would I look at the numbers? RvR because of Russia is not fun and because of this people don't engage in it as they did. I don't have to check numbers, I only need to listen to people and leaders from all the nations, which I do. Of course, you're free to have your own theory. I'm sure on global server clans which killed the game also had theories supporting their actions, up until the end.
  15. NA was pronounced dying so many times, it's already a bit absurd. Still, having so many people in Russia is not great for fun in the game.
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