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  1. I guess you'd rather advice to wait for one's turn to be attacked? I think I agree. Then fix it - change nation and attack Russia. Content ready. I know we create content as HAVOC. I can only recommend it, it's fun. I'm not sure I'd have fun sitting on the other side, with so obvious economic and numerical agvantage.
  2. It wasn't cowardice, it was something else
  3. vazco

    Bug in group mechanic

    He wasn't. Even if he was, I was in the middle of a group of 1st rates, and noone got pulled in. @Ink I'd appreciate an update. Just a moment ago I had a similar problem - from a group of 4 players, I was on a second position (like above). I started a group mission, yet player on 1st position wasn't pulled in.
  4. Once Russia is more balanced, we could return to this Right now I have a feeling it would be very one-sided - more like a random screening contest, than a good fight of well organized fleets.
  5. That'd be an opinion of a few nations already in a coalition, mate
  6. Unfortunately this was exploited in the past, it would be again. Your other suggestions are interesting and good. Still, I think that a real solution for crafting ports loss making people leave should be to exchange port upgrade bonuses to something that is valuable, but doesn't give such big advantage for RvR fleet. Maybe eg more trade missions, more trade goods, more advanced group missions with better rewards. Large nations should have it harder (or at least even), not easier - then RvR would be more interesting.
  7. No, only pirates can enter on both sides at once
  8. true, someone should probably move 5 pages of discussions to RvR history
  9. Cause it's easy to predict how Russian-GB war will end. After destroying British crafting ports, Russia will go for a next nation, and eventually can take valuable ports from all of them. It's better to unite against Russia now, rather than wait for your turn to be zerged (and compared to most nations, Russia, even when divided, is a zerg), or for other nations to be crushed and deserted. We prefer to fight stronger than us and take on a challenge, especially when it leads to a more interesting RvR.
  10. Well, if we want to have a healthy RvR, we need to keep addressing it somehow also now Even if the same guys fight under different flags, at least nations don't die, and new people have more ways to start getting into RvR. I think it's a good cycle - better than a mono-polar world with no RvR. Especially with current port upgrade system, it's dangerous. ps. I have a feeling that port upgrades maybe could give something else than better RvR fleet. Cheaper ships? Better defences? More VM's?... Maybe it would also help with people wanting to quit once their last crafting port is taken, after they invested X hours into building it up.
  11. This is definitely not true. We're very ok with Russia at the table. We just want to also have a table and other nations there. I respect what HAVOC did in the past. When Sweden was strong, they moved to Dutch. When Dutch were strong, they moved to GB. When GB was becoming a zerg, they moved to HOI, and then to Denmark/Norway. This is good for the game - to have a few nations which can do RvR on even footing. This was one of main reasons I joined them. Right now Russia is reaching a position where no other nation can oppose them alone, even if due to sheer number of screeners. Maybe only GB can have similar numbers, but only due to non-RVR, not seasoned players joining in. There are three solutions to this that I can see: 1. nations unifying against Russia 2. a good commander with a core of RvR players moving to GB, organising and using their numbers, creating a large nation to defeat Russia 3. some clans leaving Russia and joining other nations I particularily dislike option no. 2, as it would make many nations insignificant and in long term will limit RvR. Some of those options will happen though, or soon we'll have much less RvR - and with a new port upgrade systems, probably less players.
  12. I wrote that BF built Rusian nation, and that it would fall if BF left Russia. This still stands, regardless of the fact REDS buffed their statistics thanks to Salamanca battle. Yet again, your pride and inability to respect others, who are better than you, can be your downfall Graf.
  13. if by RvR you mean eg. ability to make friendly clans from other nations join your PB, it could be either bad or good. A fixed alliance wouldn't work though - eg. we have RvR alliances and defensive alliances with a few nations, yet we want to fight each other in PvP. Diplomacy made by players is way more advanced and more flexible than any fixed system could be. This was also the conclusion devs made after experiments with alliance system before.
  14. It would be sad if BF, who built Russian nation, had to leave Russian nation, just to prove who built it. Russia's advantage outside of BF is mostly numbers, rather than quality. Having 60+ players active in RvR operations is hard to beat by other nations. It can be beaten, but only if other nations unify. Alone, they will loose due to numbers.
  15. @admin I believe there are some improvements which are easy to implement, but which would improve the game quite a lot. Those are: remove random fire mode auto-claim patrol zone events 30 minutes before maintenance auto-claim weekly events on week's end when you put ship to fleet, equip it with max crew by default on right-click on ship list, add option for your main ship to go directly to docks allow to scuttle ships in closed outposts by right-clicking on a ship (otherwise it's impossible to remove outpost without sailing there) when in port, show how many repairs a ship uses per repair cycle when game crashes, report is sent increasing time for re-login. It could be sent asynchronously, so that a captain has better chance to save his ship just like ESC is a default cancel action for active window, make enter a default confirm action Some more advanced: reload old book preset when ship is moved from fleet to main add option "auto-equip guns" on right-click of already equiped guns, which equips a given type of guns on all decks, choosing highest possible caliber clan docks, 1 space per clan member Some bugfixes: turning on guns in boarding should re-enable ability to fire boarding guns when two battles are exactly in the same place, put swords one on top of another (to avoid exploits as well) Added by others in this thread: Be able to sell basic cutter without having to destroy their guns teleport button automatically docks your fleet remove option to disable survival during boarding (I'm not adding suggestions I don't understand, or those that would be controversial, or complex, like eg. auto-loot)
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