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  1. vazco

    blame prussia

    They stole our players
  2. vazco

    Price of the Night Timers

    Dude, you're so full of shyt It was Commonwealth which finally killed Prussia - after three battles Prussian decided to not to fight any more and lost Panama. Russia had to negotiate for Prussia to leave them last 3 ports. This was after Barahona was lost. Not everyone complains when they loose a port. People didn't leave Commonwealth when Barahona was lost, they started being inactive during campaign against Britain, when VM's were needed to buy 1st rates. If we wanted to annihilate you, we wouldn't attack Sweden during screening. You're not that important. We attack you when it's fun. Attacking a forum troll is fun.
  3. vazco

    Price of the Night Timers

    Locking certain parts of map to certain timers would solve the issue and concentrate RvR better. It was suggested before, it's a pity it wasn't introduced. Some key ports with monopolies could be excluded (eg Cartagena, Pitts Town etc.)
  4. vazco

    Gunboat prayer

    lol, good to know this works. I thought they're excluding each other
  5. Simple suggestion, yet brilliant @rediii
  6. It'd be even better to give them Sextant perk preselected, with some nice short story behind it.
  7. vazco

    Complete Upgrades Storage + Item Stacking

    This game stopped being about supply lines a long time ago. If you increase this aspect, you will just make it harder and less fun to play, while hoarders will move to hoarding other stuff.
  8. vazco

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    They were quoted by admin at some point, as a screenshot from spredsheet. I don';t remember where though, maybe someone will find a link.
  9. vazco

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

    Overall is an interesting idea, but I'd advice you to focus on other aspects of the game instead... Combat is already great, while other elements are a bit lacking. You will get more happy users by polishing those other elements... ...unless you plan some more combat - oriented gameplay title combat mechanics is great. I believe that even NA Legends would be a big success if you polished incentives and launched it with large marketing. I believe some other mechanics could work well with NA combat as well.
  10. vazco

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Maybe I did. In this case sorry. It was a complement btw
  11. vazco

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    AFAIK Anolytic is best at escaping in NA. His K/D ratio is 89. If you manage to score a kill on him, you can be proud.
  12. vazco

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Commonwealth was destroyed months after I left. Let's now see what you will do. Get others to fight your wars for you, or chicken out?
  13. vazco

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Oh, I'm proud of my time in Commonwealth, we did good for quite some time, against the odds I left a after we captured most of Panama from Prussia. I came when we had 3 ports, I left when we had 12. The one who is not hiding "ports that don't matter" behind night timers. The one who fights, even against odds, instead of chickening out in fear of loosing those "useless ports"
  14. vazco

    Caribbean Invasion News

    To me leading RvR is leading a nation, but whatever, you may have other definition. I never said I led other nations. You're diverting from the topic however - compared to Commonwealth, you're a coward, hiding behind night timers, when you could easily continue a fight. Sure, just like we didn't intend to multiflip your three ports. Doesn't matter though, both nations multiflipped. You did it first It doesn't matter in a current situation though. Teach me, master
  15. vazco

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Just to remind you - you multiflipped Nassau. You did this when you thought HAVOC is dead, when there were rumors Redii left and when people leaving HAVOC probably told you noone is left there You're wrong. After loosing a capital we fought for many weeks more - including at Les Cayes, Bani, Barahona again, and others. Yes, we negotiated with Rubli, but we didn't dodge a fight, like you. We only started withdrawing from RvR when introduction of victory marks made it impossible to field a fleet. But hey, I was only leading the nation, while you are expert on Commonwealth at that time. After all, you were there for a week or so