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  1. People asked for some form of exploration to be introduced into the game, well this is a form of exploration. Imagine at game start after wipe when no one knows where the resources are, those that explore and find them first will have the advantage. Also when a resource moves after depletion, it will be up to people to discover where it has moved to.
  2. So why would people think that the review was from you? You have chosen a name that would be quite common in a naval game from this period and there is nothing to stop others using this name. So according to your logic anyone who posts using the name Lord, Admiral or Privateer are impersonating you and posting a fake review?
  3. Then they may as well get rid of the clan resources altogether as the reason they were introduced was to stop alts from other nations getting easy access to rare resources. So if you have rare resources with access to all from a nation then alts will also have access and there is no point in capturing a port when you can just use an alt. Most clan resource ports have multiple clans on the friend list of the owning clan, if people cannot temporarily join one of those clans in order to access the rare resource mission then they are obviously disliked by a fair number of nation clans. The problem is that many people will just not make the effort to do it and they want it easy, or they want to be able to use alts to access rare resources from other nations.
  4. Well if the resources are controlled by such a clan then I think it is likely that the clan is the problem and they are not working with the nation. I cannot see any reason a person who helps their nation would be prevented from accessing rare resources by any reasonable clan. You already see it so many times where a solo player temporarily joins a clan so they can participate in a port battle, so why would such a person be stopped from doing a resource mission.
  5. But it would not be one player deciding, it would be the clan that owns the port and all other clans on the friend list.
  6. Will the points be able to be reallocated as required? i.e. will you be able to change a port from a resource port to a fortified port and vice versa?
  7. The grinding was not too bad until the change in the delivery mission rewards from doubloons to Reals. Playing solo I was able to extract 25k White oak, 10k Live Oak and 10k Sabicu just from doing delivery missions. But now you spend most of the time searching for delivery missions that reward 1k doubloons.
  8. There is no reason now to try and make Reals from crafting and selling repairs when you can make so much Reals doing passenger deliveries. I predicted this would happen when they changed the rewards for delivery missions. There was some form of balance before where people had to find various ways to make Reals and one of those ways was crafting repairs and selling them, now there is no need.
  9. I already disproved this in another thread, but you still like to keep repeating it. The insurance hardly covers the cost of the crafted ship let alone the cannons, while the person who has multiple DLC ships can just redeem and sell one to get Reals for cannons.
  10. But in the opening post Admin said that with the new port upgrades non-DLC players will be able to produce ships with just a few clicks similar to the DLC owners, so my suggestion is to put both sets of players on equal footing, so both can get normal wood ships with the same ease, but if they want rare wood ships they have to put in some more effort.
  11. I think this is a bad idea and it will just make all but the biggest clans reluctant to develop a port. If a port is captured it should be reset to an undeveloped state as the leaving nation would have destroyed as much infrastructure as possible to deny access to the enemy. At the very least the new owner of the port should have to but some development in to bring the port back up to developed status, i.e. simulate the repair of burnt warehouses, destroyed fortifications etc.
  12. Why dont they make the DLC ships the same as ordinary ships then, i.e. you can get the ship with one click if you want it made from normal easy access woods, but if you want it made from rare woods you have to have the rare wood to make it. This way the DLC people will have the same system as other non-DLC players.
  13. The problem at the moment is that the true scale of the changes to ships permits has not been fully realized as many people are still relying on ships they had in stock before the changes came in. Many people have not even bothered setting up their crafting and ship building again as they know there is a wipe coming. I think I understand what the Devs intentions were with these changes but I am not sure their idea will work for the best. I believe they want to get people using some of the lesser used vessels like Cerberus and Belle Poule as you very seldom see players sailing these vessels, so all vessels that were seldom used now do not require a permit. Then you have vessels that were used a bit more and these were put under permits available with combat medals and finally you have the go to ships for most people and these they hid behind RNG permits dropped from chests. But the problem is players do not want to sail these easy to craft ships mainly because they know they are outclassed by other vessels in their class and when you combine this with hard to get rare woods and the ease with which you can get DLC ships it creates problems for players.
  14. The funny thing is that the problem with reinforcement zones that all the people complained about (i.e. Max rank players farming AI) had basically gone away before the recent changes. There was no AI to farm so most of the max rank players moved away and capital regions were relatively quiet, they then reintroduced lower class AI back into those waters and the farming started again although on a smaller scale with mainly newer players starting out. This brought the odd hunter back but they had to be careful not to initiate the attack because of reinforcements. And now with the removal of the zones it has returned to full on seal clubbing and when more experienced players come out to assist it ends up becoming an all out war zone. The problem is that the more nation players that come out to help new players the more enemy show up, because that is where they know they can get PvP. There is now no disadvantage to the attackers as they turn up well prepared in a coordinated group and most times end up fighting a disorganized pick up group. It leads to a lot of disagreements and arguments in nation, because when a new player gets jumped and no one joins to help they get angry, without realizing that others will not join until they have sufficient numbers or are better organized. I remember in the days before reinforcement zones a number of times joining a battle to aid someone only to watch them sail away and exit the battle leaving me alone to face the attackers. Historically home waters were relatively safe and you would not get ships of the line raiding in those water as we have now in game. As with many things in game they have the problem almost solved and then they do a radical change rather than tweak.
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