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  1. I notice after today's patch that you can now only take hostility for the two closest ports. Was this announced anywhere and were there any other changes in today's patch? Edit: With all these changes regarding which ports can be attacked from where, can we please have some indication in a port to show that it is able to be attacked. Even if it was something as simple as a red dot to show it was vulnerable and a green to show it was safe. It can be quite difficult at times to work out which ports are vulnerable.
  2. Is that not the whole point of having a front line system? By your logic they may as well remove front lines and let any port be attacked from anywhere.
  3. If that is the case then they are limiting RvR as they become barriers to expansion.
  4. The problem with free towns is that it defeats the whole mechanic of having front lines. Take for example the current situation with GB, they own nearly all the ports along the coast from Tumbado down to Great Corn and with the new front line system the front lines are the three ports to the North (Tantun Cuzamil, Tulum and Xpu Ha) and to the South (Grindstone, Blufields and Haulover), but if GB wants to expand further along these coasts they are limited by the fact that these ports or others close by still remain vulnerable to attack from Tumbado of Great Corn, so they are always on the front line and there is nothing that can be done to stop that. Russia now has a problem in the gulf of mexico because they have El Rancho smack in the middle of their coast line, so they always have a front line there which ties up peoples outposts. Without hostility from free towns we could have a true front line system for RvR. Free towns could still be used for raiding.
  5. There was suggestions put forward regarding this a long while back. All that needs to happen is that a nation with no ports on the map can take hostility from a free town but once they capture a port then this is no longer possible. So basically if you have no ports then you can choose which area on the map you want to start your RvR from and choose the appropriate free port to start from.
  6. I do prefer the new frontline mechanics and I do feel they would be almost perfect if the ability to take hostility from free towns was eliminated, but please do not misinterpret the sudden upsurge in RvR activity that happened yesterday as I feel that most of this was people taking advantage of ports not having timers and poor defenses as they were previously not subject to direct attack. Once this initial flurry has died down I do believe we will return to similar levels of RvR activity.
  7. This will make it worse as it will give a larger range from free towns and allow people deep into enemy territory.
  8. But the whole point of having front lines is so that you know where the enemy has to make their attacks from and concentrates the action around those frontlines. You can take certain ports to make sure important ports are safe from attack, but with free towns you end up with certain ports always being on the frontline and you can do nothing about it.
  9. The one thing that has not changed is that you can still take hostility from Free Towns and this means certain ports are always going to be on the front line and there is nothing you can do to stop that.
  10. I do think the changes implemented today will make it a better frontline system, but is it possible that we have an indication of which ports are available to be attacked without having to resort to using alts to check or physically measuring on the mak and guessing which is closest.
  11. Privateer fleets attract even more people to the capital zones to farm them as they drop privateer chests.
  12. I think he refers to the fact that in a port with the LH discount and tools and provisions available you can craft as many LH contracts as you have tools and provisions for as it only costs you 300 LH to produce a 500 LH contract.
  13. The problem I see with releasing DLC ships as a way to monetize the game is that it has to lead to power creep where each new DLC ship has to be better or fill some gap that previous ships did not, otherwise there is no reason to buy them. At the moment there is still the possibility to release 3rd, 2nd and 1st rates as DLC, but once this is done what next? Do you then release another 3rd rate? Why would I buy it unless it is better than the previous one in some way? If it is better then the previous one now becomes obsolete. Whats the game going to look like to a new player wanting to pick up the game when the game has a base price and 10+ DLC's.
  14. I think you have been unlucky then as each day I have managed to get around 100 seasoned logs from breaking up all my DLC and I do not own the Leopard. Its RNG but I have had 30 logs just from breaking up a Pandora.
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