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  1. Not much to say really, we heard that they planned to flip SDC so a fleet was hastily gathered (some port build others not) and a good fight was had.
  2. Yes people have tried to fight Russia but the server imbalance makes it difficult especially if it is an important port they do not want to lose. From the start the Danes with Havoc tried to take the battle to the Russians but were defeated by sheer numbers making it almost impossible to even get into the port battle. The Dutch have experienced the same more recently and even the Brits yesterday trying to take back George Town had to face 3 full fleets of first rates and were unable to get to the port. The Brits did well yesterday sinking a lot of Russians but in terms of RvR it becomes almost impossible to even enter the port battle due to sheer numbers if they put up a determined defense.
  3. In principle it may appear to be a good idea, but in practice all it does is create an advantage for people who have alts and alt clans as they will just set up in lower nations to produce ships for their mains. Also if there was an exception for GB, France and Spain it would achieve your goal of the game being more historically accurate but all that it would mean in practice is that these would be the zerg nations so that instead of Russia, Dutch and GB you would have the 3 powers of Spain, GB and France.
  4. This is exploitable. Get an alt clan to constantly flip one of the satellite ports as a defense mechanism.
  5. You have to have a ship with the hold capacity for the mission cargo.
  6. Do you have any verification of how you appear to others in OW while doing this? What you really need is a video from a third person viewing you as you log off this way so you can prove that others see you sailing along and then suddenly disappear.
  7. You are preaching to the choir here. I agree with your suggestions as do many others, but we are not the people you need to convince. Many have suggested similar and they have been ignored, so I would not expect any difference now.
  8. Your maths does not work out. If 500,000 others have posted about it how do you get 1 million posts? You have been told a million times not to exaggerate. 😉 Anyway you are correct in pointing out that such topics have been raised many times before and the general response is that it is a fighting game not a trading game and they are not interested in developing trading.
  9. Its quite simple really if you look at it as a ratio 17.5 to 1 (17.5 kills to 1 death) now if it was a death/kill ratio it would be bad.
  10. Did you cancel or delete the contract? If you deleted the contract then all is lost. If cancelled you should get the item back minus the tax.
  11. If your ship is constructed out of the correct woods there is an increased chance of catching fire. You can also help it by installing certain mods such as open magazine (I am not sure of all the mods you can use). Once you have a ship that has a high chance of catching fire when being shot at you then have a fire ship. You then have to try and control the fire while trying to keep your ship maneuverable. This can be done by switching survival on and off while monitoring how many crew are assigned to fighting the fire. It can be quite tricky especially if you are still being fired upon as extra hits can make the fire spread faster than you can control and you explode too early, also when you are in fireshock you lose control of your ship so you have to be heading in the right direction. I once managed to keep a Santi in or close to fireshock for 20 minutes as I chased another ship around the PZ. I eventually sank without getting him but it was fun watching him run away. Fireship tactics are a bit hit and miss and it is not possible to decide yourself when the ship will actually explode.
  12. The whole front line system is a mess, firstly because you can take missions from free-ports and as such towns around free-ports are always on the front line and can be attacked by any nation. Secondly there are not fixed routes to reach a destination as the ports that can be attacked from a certain port change depending on whether you own other ports in the area or not leaving a situation where the defending nation do not know if their port is on the front line. An example of this happened recently where GB lost George Town to the Russians but then do not know which ports the Russians can take missions for from George Town, so which ports are now on the front line. To find out they had to get someone who had a Russian alt to check.
  13. I was not looking for an argument or discussion about good/bad game design, I was just pointing out a flaw in your statement that by joining Russia you got to face some of the toughest clans on the server.
  14. Just pointing out that if you want to face more tough clans then joining Russia may not be the best choice. If you joined Poland you could face tough clans from Russia, Denmark and Dutch. Just imagine the experience you could gain there facing tough clans.
  15. Most of the toughest clans are in Russia, so you are not really facing them.
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