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  1. Archaos

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    I'm not so sure it will turn out as you expect due to the BR for different vessels. If they were 25v25 battles then yes you would fill the battles with 5th rates, but with BR limits a mix of vessels can be good. For example now with the new BR's deep water port battles are not filled with 1st rates, you can get a better team with a mixture of vessels. Hopefully this is how it will work out in shallow port battles as well, if nothing else it will let these classes of ships get some PB action. The other option of course would be to have 3 classes of port battle, small ships up to 6th rate, mid ships up to 4th rate and large up to 1st rate.
  2. Archaos

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    I hope it also explains that a sight of a single body or object only actually gives you a position line and you need multiple position lines to obtain a fix. A noon sight only actually gives you your longitude as it uses the time the sun is at its zenith, to get a noon fix an earlier morning sight is run forward based on time, speed and course to give the fix. So there are still inaccuracies with it depending on how accurate you know your speed and course. With star sights you get multiple position lines within a few minutes so theoretically they are more accurate for fixing position, but you need an accurate clock which as you say was not really available till late in the 18th century and due to cost they were not in general use till much later. (I do remember as a navigation cadet on the 4-8 watch having a race with the Chief Officer as to who could get the star sight on the chart first, I still have my old notebook where on many days I had pre-worked out what I could for various stars but due to clouds could not actually see the stars. My record to get a fix was about 10 minutes for taking sights of about 5 stars and working out the position lines to get a fix.) How to find latitude had been known for a long time and was never really a problem for sailors in the period the game is set in unless they went for a very long period without being able to see the sky. But longitude was more tricky and was not really solved till the later part of the 18th century. Till then dead reckoning and estimated position was used till land was sighted and then they had to identify what land they were seeing, hence the many drawings of coastline profiles to help identification. I know it is off topic but it is interesting and shows that for the time period the game is set in that a vessels position was not always known accurately which is why personally I do not mind them introducing it as a perk and people can make the choice whether to use it or not.
  3. Archaos

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    Just to be pedantic, star sights are not taken at night as you cannot see the horizon, they are taken at dawn and dusk. 😉
  4. Archaos

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    There is also morning and evening star sights that can be taken, not just noon.
  5. Archaos

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    The point I was trying to make that having it as a perk is a good way to have it then. When you are outfitting your ship you choose to spend your money on an expensive chronometer or gunnery upgrades, the choice is yours.
  6. Archaos

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    I think you should read the history of marine chronometers. By the end of the 1700's there were reliable marine chronometers but they were very expensive and lunar distance was more commonly used to get the vessels longitude. Whether the royal navy fitted their ships with chronometers early on I am not sure, but definitely many small traders would not have had such luxuries, especially ones on inter Caribbean trade routes.
  7. Archaos

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    I do not believe that accurate position fixing was as common as you make out in the time period the game is set in as marine chronometers were expensive and not many ships had them. The more common method of finding longitude was by lunar distance and the error could be quite large. Noon sights requires you to have a good idea of your longitude so you can calculate when the sun is at its zenith and make the observation to get your true longitude. So a system where not everyone has precise positioning would be okay.
  8. Regarding increasing RvR the solution is simple, make ports more attractive to own, at the moment they are like a mill stone weighing you down for little reward. Give additional bonus for the number of ports a clan owns. Bring back some form of regional bonus if a nation owns all the ports of a region. More rewards for participating in a port battle, because as it currently stands you can participate and capture a port early in the week, but if the port is lost before the following Mondays maintenance you get nothing. Give clans more control of how a port develops as was suggested earlier in this thread.
  9. For hostility I think a good solution would be to differentiate between PvP and PvE hostility. PvP hostility should not decay or reset and can only be reduced by counter PvP. This way you could slowly build up hostility over a few days with just normal PvP kills in an area, it makes the area sort of a hot zone that will eventually get to a point where it is easy to flip. PvE hostility can remain the same and reset to zero on maintenance.
  10. I doubt this would work. Just look at the drop in numbers because the rumors of a wipe coming up, and now imagine that every few months. The game would become a quick rush for neutral ports after a reset followed by a bit of RvR activity which would die down as you got closer to the reset because why spend the time and resources capturing something you were going to lose shortly after. If the game is going to have map resets it would have to be based on some form of victory condition such as when one nation controls more than a certain percentage of ports they are declared victorious and the map is reset. At least this way people would ally together to stop one nation claiming victory and it would not be a set time for reset.
  11. Archaos

    'I will pay if you let me go' situation

    This is the biggest issue with people attacking traders. You should get nothing for sinking a trader the reward is their cargo and if you cannot be bothered getting that cargo to a safe port then you get nothing for sinking it. Traders have always been easy targets their speed used to be their only chance but they nerfed that. They gave them cannons but for a trader brig they are virtually useless against any warship. The whole idea of allowing a trader barter for his life is flawed and open to abuse. If such a mechanic was to be introduced then the options would have to be the trader pays and gets away or the attacker is forced to get the ship back to port or gets nothing for sinking it.
  12. Archaos

    Emergency Repairs, Fires, and demasting!

    I thought they did have possibility of sail damage with fire or at least the used to have it. I have definitely previously see my sails take damage sometimes when on fire, though I must admit I have not noticed it recently. You did not actually see the sails burning but you did take quite rapid damage to the sails.
  13. Archaos

    Ship Crafting RNG, Good or Bad?

    I have seen this type of RNG in other games where you could reroll to get additional slots, but the chance of success got harder for each slot and if it failed you risked losing slots and even total destruction of the item. I do not think the anti-RNG brigade would like such a system. For example you start off with a 3/5 and by using some special gathered materials you could reroll it to see if you get to a 4/5 with maybe a 20 percent chance of success and if you fail it remains 3/5, if you succeed you have a 4/5 and if you get more reroll materials you could take a chance to go for a 5/5 but your percentage chance of success is now 5% and upon failure you have a chance of 3 outcomes, 50% it remains 4/5, 30% it becomes 3/5 and 20% you lose the ship altogether (percentages could be adjusted). Now that would be a serious RNG game which I am sure most would hate.
  14. Archaos

    Ship Crafting RNG, Good or Bad?

    But you seem to be missing the original problem with this approach. The problem was that RNG ships led to an imbalance as you could face another ship the same as yours but they have the advantage because they are 5/5 gold while you are only 3/5, but with what you suggest only the rich would remain competitive while the rest would have to make do with substandard ships and what really ends up happening is that everyone is forced to get the 5/5 gold ships. With RNG even the poorest player has a chance of getting that 5/5 gold ship as long as he can afford to craft it and with RNG the total number of 5/5 gold ships is limited and in order to get more 5/5 gold ships the number of lesser ships increases putting downward pressure on the price and making them more affordable for all. I understand that everyone would love to sail around in a 5/5 ship, but if that happens then 5/5 has no value and we may as well all stick to 3/5 ships. They have to be rare to give them value. Regarding the Doubloons cost I do tend to agree that they may be too high to allow crafting many ships to get the 5/5 but people did ask for 1st rates to become rare and you have to agree that the cost does make them rare. But are they now too rare?
  15. Archaos

    Ship Crafting RNG, Good or Bad?

    As I said such a system would be okay if crafters were only allowed to specialize in one type of vessel, but it would mean once you had a few people specialized in a certain ship it would become harder for new crafters wishing to specialize in that ship to sell their ships as everyone would go to the master crafter for the best ships. So you would still have an imbalance. I think many people would not like to be limited in what type of ships they could craft. Maybe they could have a system where the more you craft a certain type of ship the greater the percentage probability of getting a high quality becomes. I still think some RNG in crafting adds some spice to it, if not you get to the stage where everyone is sailing a 5/5 gold ship.