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  1. Why do people keep making out that sinking traders is easy doubloons? Yes you are correct that a short easy fight against a trader may net you a nice haul of doubloons, but traders with doubloons are not that common so you may spend hours sinking traders till you find one with doubloons. If you spent the same number of hours doing OW hunt missions you could make a lot more doubloons especially if you stack missions so each kill counts in multiple missions.
  2. Archaos

    Black Veil Griefing

    If there were multiple players chasing the trading convoy why did they not just engage the convoy? If there was not enough BR to tag the convoy then why not send enough players to take out the Trinc, I am sure with multiple players you could have gotten him into a position where he had no option but to fight. People have always said traders should form convoys and stop complaining about getting ganked, now when they do form convoys people complain about how people go about protecting the convoy. Personally I see it as a valid tactic when you look at the what he was trying to achieve. Had he just been on his own tagging and not fighting just to annoy you then it would be griefing.
  3. I would be interested in testing this game.
  4. I think its not so much the cost as that is reasonable if you want to teleport somewhere to do something. The issue is that you cannot see in advance what you have at each outpost so you may have to go to various outposts to check where you left something. I would be much happier if I could at least see what I have in storage at each outpost without having to teleport.
  5. Archaos

    Basic cutters in patrol zone

    They do it because it is easy patrol points for no risk. If you get sunk just get another and carry on.
  6. With so many PvE'ers out chasing traders there are more targets for the PvP'ers. Dubloons from traders is not as prosperous as lots of people make out, most of the time you get trade goods or crafting goods which are useless unless you have a lot of hold space or have the fleet perk to take the trader back to port. I have killed many traders and my best haul was around 900 dubloons on one of them, but since the patch I think I have got maybe 3k dubloons in total from traders, yet 1 PvP kill of a player Hercules gave me almost 3k dubloons. You just need to work out where other players are hunting traders and go hunt them, its not the old hunting grounds around capitals anymore.
  7. What I want to know is how the AI traders manage to get dubloons for selling their cargo in ports, while I can only get reals for selling cargo in ports?
  8. Archaos

    Reward for Enemy Retreating.

    As you say there should be no reason to run from an even fight, but if you start losing then running away should be counted as a victory as you have saved yourself from losing your ship. I am just trying to look at it from the other angle. If I am winning an even fight why would I run, but if I am losing and I get the chance to run I will and I would call that a victory. It is incumbent on the person who is winning the fight to not let you escape, if they do they have lost and should not be rewarded for that.
  9. Archaos

    Reward for Enemy Retreating.

    Personally I think it is more of a victory to escape a gank.
  10. Archaos

    Can't teleport

    And dont forget to add the ship you are currently on, because to teleport you need space in your docks to leave that one.
  11. Archaos

    Can't teleport

    I think if you count your ships not counting the ones you have for sale you will find you have 31 which includes the one you currently are on.
  12. Archaos

    Can't teleport

    When you teleport you leave your ship behind, but to leave it you need dock space. When on my ship in port before teleporting my dock usage showed 28/30 once I teleported and I was not on a ship it showed 29/30. You are correct that the ship you are on and fleet ships are not counted as when I then set a new ship as my main and took another to fleet my dock usage dropped to 27/30.
  13. Archaos

    Can't teleport

    I just tried it and the 30/30 refers to ships you have occupying port slots, it does not include the ship you are currently on, so you actually have 31 ships and cannot leave the one you are currently on because there are no more dock spaces. I think a way round it is to put a ship up for sale and that should free up a dock space.
  14. But most of these traders are closer to enemy ports meaning players have to go closer to the enemy to get these rich rewards from traders and then they have to sail them back to their nations ports, all the time leaving themselves exposed to being ganked by other players. The PvE content of killing AI traders should now be providing more targets for PvP hunters if they work out where the best trader grounds are. Previously people got their PvP marks by hunting new players in green zones, that was hardly taxing PvP, now they have to find out where they are hunting traders. People have been saying for a long time, that if you give the PvE'ers a reason to leave the safe zones you will get more PvP targets, and I think this patch has gone some way towards doing that.
  15. The problem with this type of mission is that it becomes hard to complete unless you have a constant stream of new players joining the game. I get the idea you are suggesting but it will not work in the long run.