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  1. This is why GB is weak even though they have one of the largest number of players. Many new players join GB and while they are learning the game get farmed by more experienced players around KPR. The smart ones move away from there and many of the better ones eventually move to other nations and when they need combat medals they know where to return to to farm them. GB is actually one of the harder nations to play because everyone believes they should be a strong nation due to the number of players but really they are a nation of mainly sheep there for other nations to farm.
  2. Not really, they are just saying that they have no way to verify reports from other sites as they do not control them. How would you feel if you were falsely accused of gold selling based on some forged evidence from a third party site and the Devs just accepted it as presented and banned you?
  3. Although this may seem a good idea, it would actually make the game less accessible for most players unless something was done about free port camping. A lone or small group of players can basically block a free port with almost no risk by sitting on the dock attacking anything weaker than them or running from anything stronger. Personally I think all freeports should have a fairly large no attack zone around them so they are easier to enter and leave and persons camping them can be caught before they can run back to port.
  4. I was not advocating for accelerated xp gains, I was pointing out that available missions can be difficult for new players. When a player is struggling to get a kill against a single ship of equal rate there is no point telling them that they can get amazing xp from attacking a ship 2 ranks above them. I am sure you would get great XP from sinking a Santi in a basic cutter but how many people would actually try it.
  5. But the problem now is that the high point ports are so valuable that losing one could destroy a nation, so stronger nations hold back on their RvR so as not to kill the game.
  6. That does not work either as they give so much advantage that once one side has a foothold they become virtually unbeatable.
  7. The thing is they are not really easier for a new player, even when matched against an equal rate ship, because until they learn how to angle and avoid damage then broadside to broadside the AI usually wins. Remember new players start out with no slots unlocked while the AI is always fully upgraded with best books, they may be stupid but they can pack a punch. The 7th rate missions from the capital are still dangerous because there is no new player protection and experienced players hunt around the capital farming people on their way to the missions. Koltes has the right suggestion for the option of missions against a rank below, not giving much xp but allowing new players build confidence till they feel they are ready to take on harder targets. Trust me people will get bored of killing targets that are too easy and will then try harder missions.
  8. That is great for experienced players, but how many new players can do this mission without getting wrecked. The game is not currently friendly to new players, most missions are harder than the level would suggest. Even if you go for the 1 star ones the minimum you face is 1 ship of the same rate and if you are unlucky it could be a stronger one than you are sailing. There is no real option of a slower but easier grind for inexperienced players. They can get easier kills in OW by choosing easy targets, but then they are farmed by experienced PvP players who camp the areas where they do that.
  9. I think they believe that making people find out things is part of the fun, not realizing that it just frustrates people.
  10. You may feel that it is simple, but there is no ready indication what the percentage difference in BR is without doing the calculation. There is no indication either in the battle what the status is of the battle in OW, is it still open and which side is it open to? Even the BR check they added when you press tab does not give the true value of the BR because as ships are sunk that BR changes in battle, but in OW it remains the same as when the battle started. So it is not so simple and it still causes confusion for many players.
  11. The battle would have closed to you after 3 minutes as your mate was on the side with the higher BR. The GB side would be locked to you as you cannot join against your own side. If I understand it correctly the Pirates have the option to join on either side but not sure if this applies when one side is also Pirate. Again another issue of unclear RoE.
  12. But in practice this is ridiculous, by the time you have typed in a warning he has looted and left the instance. If you shoot at him before he loots you fall foul of the green vs green, but if you wait till he has actually looted then its too late as he will have left the battle so at most you can get one broadside into him. They really need to do something about loot stealers, but they do not seem to care and seem to feel that conflict between players and griefing is good for the game.
  13. I do not think the conquest timer is the issue as most of the ports in question are not regional capitals and hence they do not need port timers for protection as the regional capital would need to be captured first.
  14. This statement says a lot about the current state of the game. The whole system of port bonuses and the importance of access to fully upgraded high points ports is a major stumbling block. Not only does it restrict people moving to a nation that does not have access to these items but it means that a nation losing such a port sets it back so much that many will give up the will to continue playing.
  15. The difference with the game now is the port bonuses, if you lose your upgraded ports it is almost impossible to recover. Previously even if you did not have ready access to rare woods you could still obtain some by using alts, capturing from traders or sealed bottles, it did not matter where you built ships as long as you got the woods and books you could be competitive. But now if you lose your upgraded port, too much investment is required to start over in a port that probably has less points for upgrade and even if you succeed in fully upgrading a 25 point port your ships will still be inferior to ships built in a 55 point port. There are people who will always remain in GB no matter what the situation, but they will be unable to be competitive in RvR as is the situation with some low population nations at the moment. The whole port bonus implementation is flawed because the port points are fixed and thus to rule the map all you have to do is control all the 45 and 55 point ports. There should be some way that a nation can increase the port points so that they can choose to make any port a 55 point port. There have been so many suggestions of ways to implement port upgrades but they have ignored them for this simplified version that will drive players from the game. Port bonuses has led to a situation where rather than generating RvR for the control of these ports it has become a case of nations holding back on their RvR for fear of destroying a nation and in the long run getting less RvR.
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