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  1. Wouldnt that totally kill crafting as once a ship is built once it will constantly be replaced with a ship note? Unless you mean that a crafted ship gets replaced by insurance and a ship note one does not. Even so it would be almost like going back to a 2 life system on ships. I think the current insurance system just needs tweaking to better reflect the actual costs of crafting the ship including materials, doubloons and labour hours. Not to cover the entire cost to replace the ship, but a generous percentage of it in real game prices.
  2. I think the main reason Nassau PZ is so successful is that there are many nations with ports close by so access is easier. It also helps that the class of vessels that can be used is restricted. The 6th and 7th rates are cheap to replace and usually readily available even from NPC sellers. For many of the other zones if your nation does not have a port close by you end up having to sail from the neutral port close by, you require bigger ships which are not as easily replaced so most times if you do go out you go out in 1 ship and if you lose that then thats it for the day. There are not enough outpost slots to have outposts at all the neutral ports close to the PZ's as well as be active in RvR and production. To improve attendance at other PZ's you would have to ease access to the area by maybe allowing free unlimited tows to the neutral port on the day of the zone, increase the generation of repairs, rum and cannons so people could equip their ships and have the NPC sell more ships of the required class in the area that day.
  3. People would just create alts in the nation that has the bonuses they want so they can get access to those bonuses. It would just give people who run multiple alts a greater edge in the game.
  4. The only thing that changed at KPR was the change in AI spawns, that totally killed any enemy AI fleets in this area. It is not due to GB becoming stronger in RvR, go on the test server and see how many enemy AI fleets spawn around KPR and compare it to the number that spawn somewhere like Gustavia. The lack of AI enemy spawns means there is no point hunting them there and while this may have the effect you desire of forcing people out of the zone it also has the downside that new players have no targets either. Basically GB is no longer an easy nation to start in.
  5. There is a big difference. If you sail out with the intention to PvP and you find PvP then you cannot complain even if you are outgunned or outnumbered, but if you sailed out looking to kill some AI and do some PvE and you get jumped by someone wanting PvP then you may feel aggrieved. Okay it is a server where PvP is expected so you know this can happen and that is the risk you take playing on a PvP enabled server. But my point was that many players who say they are looking for PvP choose to go to the reinforcement zones to find PvP because they say that is where the players are, yet they avoid the patrol zones (where other PvP minded players are) because they might get ganked. In reality all they really want is easy pickings from new and inexperienced players or players that are not looking to PvP. I agree that risk and reward needs to be balanced, and the higher the risk the higher the reward should be, with PvP giving the best rewards, but only if it is meaningful PvP and not sealclubbing or preying on players not interested in PvP. As I has mentioned before in a previous thread you should get no PvP rewards for capturing a player trader but the cargo in his hold as attacking traders is not meaningful PvP. I also agree with the paradox you mention and I think it is going to become very obvious when they do a wipe and most of the so called easy nations struggle to get going because of lack of enemy AI fleets close to their starting port. If you just had AI traders in the RZ then that would give rise to even more complaints as people would just farm their doubloons from them.
  6. You only quoted part of what I said, my statement was that by "using his logic" the PvP players should look for PvP in the PvP event zones, I did not say that was how it should be. The simple fact that a player attacking another player who is not interested in fighting cannot be called meaningful PvP.
  7. That is not the point, the point I was making is that the player says they attack players in the reinforcement zone because "where else are they to find other players to attack" yet they will not go to PvP zones because they may be ganked there, so really they only want to be the hunter and not the hunted. To use your logic a player looking for PvP should go to the PvP event zone and not to the reinforcement zone.
  8. This statement says a lot. You feel it is okay to gank new players in the reinforcement zones because where else are you supposed to find players to PvP, but you will not use the PvP zones because they are a gank fest and you are likely to be the one that gets ganked. Even if the players in the reinforcement zone are rear admirals, the reason they are there is because they are not looking for PvP, not saying this is right or wrong, but the simple fact is that they are not wanting to fight other players in PvP so you hunting them there so you can get your PvP fix is not right, just like you getting ganked in a PvP zone. I agree with what others say that high level players should not be able to sit in safe zones and make millions and farm books endlessly, but they should still be able to mess around with AI without fear of attack if that is what they so wish. As the game currently stands there are very few enemy AI fleets now in the reinforcement zones so this is now really a non-issue, and with the expected economy changes, making millions without leaving the zone should not be possible (although I believe it was very difficult to do this anyway).
  9. He is correct the ship mods that drop from mission chests auto stack so if you already have a mod you do not see if you have received another one without checking through your warehouse and noting if you have an increased number of a certain item. It is not about keeping useless items, some of the items are very good but you are not ready to use them. Items such as musket mods that you may want to install on a particular build of ship so you store them in your warehouse till you need them. It does not matter how tidy your warehouse is if you open a chest with the same musket mod that you already have they will auto stack and you get no notification of what you received.
  10. At present ships can sail unrealistically close to the wind and tack with relative ease, this allows the downwind player get close to their enemy to engage even though the ships are sailing closer to the wind than they would have been capable of in reality. In a few posts in this thread people have mentioned making the sailing more realistic (I thought you were one of the people that was proposing that) and I am just pointing out that if ships did sail realistically with big line ships only being able to sail slightly closer to the wind than a beam reach it would make battles drawn out as the downwind player would only really have the option of running with the wind. In game ships can sail a lot closer to the wind than they could in practice and I think this needs to remain so for playability.
  11. I think we need to be very careful about requesting realistic sailing profiles as it has the possibility of making the game nearly unplayable. I agree that sailing with battle sails should bring some benefits in battle or at least less risk of losing masts, and that it should not be as easy to tack through the wind. But if ships sailing becomes so realistic that they cannot sail anywhere close to the wind it would make sailing in battles to engage the enemy very hard. In reality fleets of ships could spend hours if not days working themselves into position to engage the enemy, I am sure we do not want to replicate this in game. If large square riggers could only sail at their realistic points of sail it would mean that at the start of a battle the side that had the wind would have the advantage and the other side would have no option but to run downwind or spend a long time sailing as close to the wind as possible hoping the other side would make a mistake. It may make for tactical battles but battles would be more decided on initial positioning and maneuvering rather than a brawl, realistic but could turn a lot of players off.
  12. In OW outside of the reinforcement zone all you needed to do was tag the AI at distance and kite till the instance closed to ensure you did not get jumped. You sat on the dock and waited till the fleets showed up so you were always in range of the port or under the protection of the forts if the were waiting outside the battle. This is the biggest difference the recent patch made, where you get very few enemy AI around your ports. Dealing with AI was always easy if you knew what you were doing, so this change now only makes it easier. If as you say the 1st rates are so overpowered that they can sail solo then I am sure people will use them to hunt people doing missions rather than 4th rates. When this change goes live I doubt you will see many people solo hitting AI 4th/5th rate fleets with 1st rates as in most areas they have to sail to enemy waters to find them, and a solo 1st rate in enemy waters will be a prime target. The 4th and 5th rates will keep him tagged till the SOL's arrive to finish him off, so unless you have a very fast 1st rate you are most likely going to lose it.
  13. I did most of my grinding of SOL slots from a port outside the reinforcement zone and never once got caught by hunters and most battles were against multiple NPC 4th and 5th rates or a few NPC SOL's and at no time did I ever really feel threatened by them because of the way NPC play. I think with the new damage model you would actually have to be a bit careful facing too many 4th and 5th rates even in a tanked out 1st rate because they like to snipe through the stern and if this happens to take out a mast you could be in serious trouble. I tried it on the test server and although you take out individual ships very quickly with broadsides the sheer number of them means you are always taking damage through the stern which means you are losing structure and have a chance of losing a mast. Also now taking on 3 or 4 similar class NPC SOL's will not be viable as you will take too much damage.
  14. Basically, now the masts go down to the keel so raking shots through the bow or stern are likely to hit masts with more likelihood of losing the foremast when raked through the bow and mizzen when raked through the stern. Broadsides into the hull also have a chance of demasting too.
  15. But is this not a wrong way to motivate people to do RvR, the more successful a nation is in taking ports the more their newer players struggle to find AI fleets to attack? GB is currently the strong RvR nation but this has not always been the case and other nations have held this position. Why should a nation have to drop ports just so they can get AI on their doorstep to attack. Personally I think the changes that were made to AI distribution were a negative step for the game, most AI fleets no serve no purpose and are just a waste of server processing power as they spawn in areas where they will not be attacked and they are not much good for defensive purposes either as the tag circles are small and you literally have to be ontop of an AI fleet to have them in battle with you if you get attacked. Yes, it may reflect more of the reality of how it would have been, but at the end of the day how many other things have been overlooked in terms of reality because they did not fit in with this being a game. I agree that people sitting on the dock just farming AI fleets in the green zones is not what we need in game, but some form of easier access to AI fleets is required for newer players leveling up and farming books.
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