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  1. So its okay for traders to risk sailing all over the map but a raider cannot. If as the other person suggested traders would be safer with an escort then a raider escorting his prize home should be just as safe as a trader with escort.
  2. This is the usual standard answer from PvP players who do not regularly do trade runs. How much would you ask for to escort a group of Indiamen for a 3 hour round journey? At present the trading is not too bad as smart traders can make enough to afford the odd loss of a few ships, but something needs to be done about fighting trade ships being classed as PvP. The reward for attacking trade ships should be their cargo and not the Combat Medals from PvP.
  3. But what game mechanic is there that allows you to sail with an escort, when you cannot get into an enemy port with a warship in fleet?
  4. Same could be said for any port with forts. The Brits in that battle actually took the fight to the Dutch but not in a fleet brawl.
  5. Again, good work, but surprised the editor did not go into more detail regarding the Dutch loss at Haulover, considering he took part in that battle. The forts in that battle dismasted one each of friend and foe, so were not as instrumental as the editor makes out.
  6. Well the screening out of a PB fleet is a win, and the excellent response from GB players should be a warning to the Swedes, that if GB gets their act together they are a force to be reckoned with. Not many nations can field a screening fleet of 50+ players at that time of day.
  7. Again a good read, but surprised that there was no mention of the Swedish Southern front stalling with the failure of the attack on Great River. It may only be a temporary setback but it was notable because of the excellent turnout of GB Captains, with over 50 ships participating in the screening action which prevented their port battle fleet getting to the port. Keep up the good work.
  8. Its been about 40 years since I read the Alexander Kent Bolitho novels, but I remember them as being a good read at the time.
  9. Thats okay, but how do we know what those routes are and how to work out if a port is vulnerable to attack. We need some indication as to where attacks can be launched from otherwise it makes the front lines system a mess.
  10. As per the title, how are the two closest ports calculated for hostility mission availability. For example at present the two hostility missions available from Morgans Bluff are Williams Bay and Little Isaac Rocks. I can understand Williams Bay, but looking at the map Kemps Bay and Frozen Cay are a lot closer than Little Isaac Rocks even if you count sailing distance rather than as the crow flies. So how is this worked out and how are people supposed to know where they are vulnerable from without having to resort to using alts in another nation. Even if we discount Little Isaac Rocks and look at Kemps Bay and Frozen Cay, both show up on the trader map as being 22k from Morgans so how are people to know which one is actually closer the way the game calculates it. I accept that the game system uses certain parameters to calculate which are the closest ports and this may lead to some errors like pointed out, but it shows that we need some ready indication as to where the threat is from for each port if the front lines system is to work without having to use alts in other nations.
  11. People cannot join the raid battle against you as the battle does not show up in OW. If they see you going into a battle they can only wait till you exit.
  12. I did not say I agreed with it, but that was the response we got from the Devs. They also suggested that you could take an Indiaman with you to the battle to take the loot but did not say how you were supposed to get it into the battle as fleet ships cannot enter. There was also no answer to the fact that if you did multiple battles that the chest from the first battle would probably have expired by the time you finished the last battle or before you returned to port.
  13. This has been raised before and the response was that you can all take the raid mission, so in your case your group of 4 could have done the mission 4 times for 4 times the reward.
  14. He already said that he bought the shed permit because his clan was too small to attack privateer fleets, so how is this supposed to help him. What he complains about is that he now has an expensive seasoning shed that can produce nothing because he does not have the other permits. The seasoning shed should at least produce seasoned oak without needing an extra permit.
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