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  1. This sounds at first as though it solves the problem, but it creates another with people joining to fill up your BR so your friends cannot join on your side. In the example you give if you are GB and a US player joins on your side to fight a Spanish player then they might even up the BR and close the battle leaving you at a disadvantage if both go for you. I can imagine the complaints raised about this, there are already enough about alts doing this to block BR.
  2. As an introduction to the game it is probably a good intro, but for someone starting who does not even know how to aim and fire their guns it can be quite frustrating, Someone raised a topic a while back about being unable to fire their guns and I think this was the issue, they did not know that they needed to be locked in on the broadside they wanted to fire before firing. The sailing they probably get away with as most games use the WASD keys, but the firing is different. Maybe some sort of intro about firing would be worth adding to the first mission.
  3. At the end of the day is this exploit really any different than people having a complete alt clan in another nation and doing the HDF's themselves for the same outcomes? I hear more and more stories of people acting in two nations with clans of alts. But I agree with the suggestion that the flag should be locked to the nation that is attacking the HDF's before it is picked up.
  4. Can you tell me which ports GB can defend then? The answer is basically none. If GB could actually field a good PB team then the coast from Tumbado down to Great Corn that they once held with crafting ports in Belize and Trux was one of the most defensible areas on the map next to what the Russians have in the Gulf of Mexico. Without the buffer of the Russians SDC and PaP would not remain in GB's hands for long. Personally I dont think there should of been a ceasefire and GB should lose all the ports it cannot defend even if that means being reduced down to uncapturable ports in Jamaica a
  5. The problem is that it is so open to abuse and not just by alts. All people would need to do is load up their trader and sail to be attacked by their friend from another nation, surrender instantly and then their friend can teleport the ship and cargo all the way across the map to their outpost with no risk. It had been suggested that maybe to combat this that the captured ship could be set to sail to its destination under the control of AI so it appeared in OW and could be attacked by other players, but I think they said this was not possible due to load on the server or something like t
  6. From the looks of it if what I suggested was the problem then they really need to put the basic controls tutorial before this mission as the controls are not intuitive.
  7. The F11 notation you see is for reporting bugs, its always there. The square below it with your ship in the center is like a radar showing other ships close by. Not sure why you cannot fire though. This mission is new start to the game so existing players dont get it. If you press the "[" or "]" buttons do your guns fire? If they do fire then you probably are not entering the firing position. To get the cannons you should right click when looking it the direction you want to fire, this should bring up the aiming arc of your cannons and a small line showing the level your guns are aimed at
  8. But you missed the point where he says the ship had no crew. You can even see it in the top right of the picture where the crew is zero yet in the boarding screen it has 861 crew.
  9. You are trying to make the game the way you would like to play it, the problem is that the lobby style game was tried with Legends and the retention numbers showed there. Okay there are probably several reasons why that failed same as there are several reasons why population in OW game is low, but I do not think that your solution will gain the game more players, in fact I think it will alienate a lot of players. There are many games out there that require a lot of time investment and many of them manage to keep a lot higher populations than NA, so it is not just the time investment that
  10. But the reason I would attack AI is to PvE, why should I be forced to PvP. When I attack AI I dont want a real player in my fight. Imagine if they brought in a item in game where a player once engaged in battle by another player could use it and be replaced in battle by an AI, thus avoiding PvP and any loss connected with it. Would PvP players be happy with that? being forced to fight an AI when they thought they were getting PvP. So what you are saying is that the people with time should sail around the OW and attack AI just so that the people who do not have the time can have quick PvP
  11. This is not true as in majority of cases the players that like using Loki runes are experienced PvP'ers and the players doing PvE tend in general not to be great PvP'ers, so usually if the Loki player joins a fight close to the start when they have a full health ship they stand a good chance to defeat the PvE player. Also a lot of players that regularly enjoy PvE like to give themselves some challenge by attacking AI that are stronger than them or multiple AI at the same time. If you then put in a Loki the PvE player is then at a greater disadvantage. Yes, I know there is always the PvE s
  12. As much as I love safe trade runs, I know such a mechanic in this form would ruin the PvP server, as you may as well give everyone unlimited reals and doubloons as they could trade safely all round the map without fear. I play now and again on the PvE server and I never bother accumulating too many reals because I know I can always safely make more if I need them, so it gets boring doing trade runs with no risk. To tell the truth I think you would have it better by creating more PvE and solo content on PvE server and allowing consensual PvP for people that want it.
  13. I do not see what is so epic about the trade run apart from if the whole fleet were alts. It says from one edge of the map to the other and indicates that one of the ports was Saint Georges town in Bermuda, but does not say where the final destination was. If the final destination was somewhere like Vera Cruz, then it would be epic as you would have sailed through some regularly sailed waters and run a high chance of interception. But if it was to somewhere like El Toco then the chances of being spotted are quite remote if you hug the Eastern map border all the way down. Anyway nice video
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